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16 hours ago, scpa0305 said:

We’re we even after him? Other than a big 5 nations, his production doesn’t necessarily pop 


16 hours ago, siouxforce19 said:

I don’t know for sure, but I kind of feel like it was just assumed we were. But considering we tend to recruit mostly out of junior hockey these days and he’s at Shattuck I never really thought he was considered a high priority.

This very well could have been a Shaugabay situation. What that would be is UND is interested, but would like to see more before an offer is extended. I don't know if they offered Zellers or not, I'm guessing not, but they didn't offer Shaugabay when he committed to Duluth. Obviously there are select players that will get offered before they play Juniors (Boisvert / McInnis / McMorrow). Those all will be playing Juniors this year though. Time will tell with Shaugabay and potentially Zellers if that was a mistake to take the wait and see approach.


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8 hours ago, scpa0305 said:

Ya…Jackson was an honorable mention. Author could have easily been a Sioux hater. #1 was a Mankato guy…Denver has two in the top 10 I believe 


edit- it was actually Cory Pronman. Not sure how much he knows about college puck but he is a high end hockey sport writer for sure.

Todd Knott from Mankato?

From my hometown, dad coached him in high school, and his brother is married to a cousin of mine. Great guy and has had opportunity to be a head coach but it will take a special job/location. Thought Augustana should've went with him.

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8 hours ago, tnt said:

Are they taking into account, how easy/hard it is to recruit to certain programs?   Maybe Mankato is #1 because they don't have all the built in advantages.  Minnesota fans would say Mankato is #1 because they are all 25 year olds.  I would say they do a great job at finding guys that will fit their style of play and have a great work ethic.  

Just read it. They surveyed "people around the hockey world" including  NHL scouts, USHL executives, agents and fellow coaches in college hockey. 20 voters and each voter was asked for a top five, with five points being awarded for a top-place vote and a single one given for a fifth-place vote. “Best recruiter” meant different things to different people, and some pointed out that recruiting is a team effort, but voters were asked to combine the coaches’ ability to identify talent and to convince the players to commit while incorporating the caliber of program they work for when considering the talent they bring in (to prevent this from becoming a list of the premier schools’ coaches).

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On 9/27/2022 at 9:13 AM, SiouxForever said:

I’m sure some recruits will trickle in over the next for months or there will be a slight off period. 

Leagues/hockey started up, will give the coaches time to review some players and get a sample size of data.

UND’s season starts too soon, so I like to focus on the team and the present. 

This team “should” be good. We shall see. 

This is year two of the new NCAA hockey recruiting rules, but here's what happened last recruiting cycle (not counting transfers).

  • August 21 - 3 Recruits (Strathmann / Perron / Livanavage)
  • October 21 - 2 Recruits (Slipec / Klee)
  • November 21 - 1 Recruit (Wiebe)
  • December 21 - 1 Recruit (McLaughlin)
  • April 22 - 1 Recruit (Croal)


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This might be confusing to explain, but by my tracker we have pipeline names for all the 5s (e.g. Senden), 4s (e.g. Frisch), and 3s (Moore) on the roster. We've had that basically all summer. (The last 3 covered was by Boisvert's commitment.) 

So to be in that "all covered" position a year from now, all of todays 2s (next summers 3s) need pipeline names next to them.

Who are those 2s names? 

D: Johnson, Bast
F: Monty, Schmaltz, Costantini, Portz, Kunz
G: Johnson, Hellsten

We have one of them covered (at D with McInnis). 

That tells me between now and say September 2023 they're looking for a D, 5F, and 2G to be in the same "5s, 4s, 3s covered" position a year from now. 

Yes, that means they are already on the lookout for recruits to come in the fall of 2025. 

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some of our younger recruits had a solid showing at the USHL fall classic. 3 of the 15 guys in this article are (at least for now) planning to don the green and white. Not bad for a coaching staff that doesn’t get blue chippas and doesn’t crack the top 10 recruiters ;p

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hensler is this special high-end type of recruit that Berry has not been able to land the last few years. These recruits don't necessarily have the same exact story, but the examples of them have been (Fleming, Nelson, Chelsey, Eiserman, Cooley). The pattern is either a high-end player that picks Minnesota over UND or a high-end Minnesotan that goes elsewhere. 

Let's win one of these! Based on recent history I'm not optimistic. 


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55 minutes ago, Kevin G said:

Curious about a couple of players recently mentioned in Rink Live articles--Nick Moldenhauer and Attila Lippai--both uncommitted, as far as I can tell. Are either of these guys legit college-hockey prospects?

(Attila, obviously, would make the all-time great name team, captained by Ben Blood.)

Moldenhauer can go anywhere, guessing that’s the reason he hasn’t committed. 

I have seen that second name you mentioned play. He’s solid, I’d like to wait until he plays juniors. Hensler is the kid Bubs needs to get.

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