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    More than 15 years ago, I used to spend time here defending the program, as it had stumbled after Mr. Blais's two titles. Then I defended Mr. Hakstol, who was a terrific GM and coach who just barely failed to win national titles. I feel that Mr. Hakstol's main problem was that he built teams to win seven-game series, rather than a single-game elimination tournament. With a different format, he probably wins titles in 2004, 2005 and 2011, perhaps also 2006 and 2007, and maybe a few others. But it's tiring defending the program on the internet, so I haven't lately. Now I feel the need again, and it's comical that some of the detractors are the same ones who were on Mr. Hakstol's case, and who probably were Mr. Berry's biggest fans almost three years ago. Also, sadly, some current detractors are long-time reasonable fans that have surprised me. I feel that the state of the program is not materially different than it was under Mr. Hakstol. UND had a run of NHL first-round talent at forward from 2002-2008, and again from 2014-2017. In between, the teams usually looked a lot like this one, with more skill up front but less at defense, but with a similar tight-checking style of play. But "two missed NCAAs!" 2018 was basically no different from a number of seasons under Mr. Hakstol. Pairwise #14 usually gets in, and last year it didn't. From a rational evaluation standpoint, that's the same kind of season UND had a few times during the NCAA streak. This season, although they may still qualify, it seems more likely that they actually miss with a Pairwise finish between 15-20. But a top 20 Pairwise is not a sign of a program in disarray. How has the team played at the end of the year for Mr. Berry? In 2016, but for 25 minutes against Denver, they put on a four-game clinic. In 2017, they absolutely dominated BU and suffered a fate that is exhibit A for how dumb this sport can be. They didn't allow a shot on goal for the entire first overtime period, they actually scored in overtime but had the goal dubiously reversed, and ultimately two future NHL stars combined to score a goal against them. In 2018, they played a very good St. Cloud team into overtime before losing, then beat Duluth in a game that Duluth felt it needed to win to get into the NCAA tournament, which it won three weeks later. UND was basically playing as well as the best teams in the country in March. This season, it just finished four weeks against teams ranked something like #1,3,5 and 9 nationally. They split with SCSU, dominating them 5-1 one night; Lost a "hot goalie" game 2-1, with Denver's goalie stopping 45 of 46, before tying the next night; Split with WMU, dominating them 5-1 one night. Split with Duluth, dominating them 4-1 once. That was in Denver without Poolman, and against Duluth without their goalie and essentially what would have been one of their two scoring lines in Jones, Mismash and JJ. With the "hot goalie" and injuries, you can say "excuses." Whatever word you want to use, a level-headed analysis considers the actual facts of the situation, and those are occurrences that likely affected the outcomes. To be fair, St. Cloud had ill players when they got waxed, and all teams deal with injuries. Even setting aside these mitigating circumstances, the truth, both from the results and the play on the ice, is that UND is playing just as well as the top teams in the country. Could a program in disarray do that? The main things I read here are: 1) They are much less talented than nearly everyone. 2) They are poorly coached. 3) They don't show up. Given that they are playing as well as the best teams in the country, those three things cannot all be true. All of those deficiencies would doom a team, they would be like Canisius (!). In fact, even just one of them probably makes a team uncompetitive against top opponents. Which suggests that actually none of them are accurate. Of course Canisius will ultimately be the reason they fail to qualify for the tournament, if that happens. It is unfortunately another one of those things that happen in hockey. The much-derided shots on goal actually do usually reflect play, and if you drop two games when you outshoot the opponent 82-30, you just shake your head and try to make up for it the next week. I'm personally proud of how they have persevered, the coaches and players. My timing for this post may be off, because I suspect next weekend maybe as tough or tougher than the last four. CC has been consistently good, and at times excellent, since Christmas, and they are hungry and playing at altitude. I still expect another strong effort from UND, both this weekend and for the rest of the year. I also think the next three or four years look to continue the run of excellence that started in about 1996, with only a few dips along the way.
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    I walked up to the dad and apologized for her behavior.
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    34 wins 6 losses 4 ties ”a not great team”
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    .here is how I would like to see it shake out.Atlantic HockeyRIT at Sacred HeartArmy at AICNiagara at Air ForceRobert Morris at BentleyDoesn't really matter who wins this tournament as whoever wins it will not have any effect on any other teams getting in or getting left out(1 bid league no matter how it shakes out), so might as well root for Air Force just for the Frank Serratore Press Conferences.ECACUnion at CornellBrown at QuinnipiacDartmouth at HarvardYale at ClarksonQuinnipiac is a lock for the NCAA tournament so it would be alright with me if they win their conference tourney. I would like to see Cornell knock Union from contention this weekend plus a good friend of mine has a kid who is a D-man for Cornell. Would love to see Dartmouth upset Harvard and Yale upset Clarkson this weekend.Hockey EastMaine at NortheasternBC at ProvidenceUNH at MassachusettsBU at Mass-LowellMassachusetts, Northeastern, and Providence are all in solid position to make the NCAA tourney so I wouldn't mind them all moving on this weekend to avoid any drama. Don't care who wins between BU and Lowell as long as they lose next weekend.BIG 10Minnesota at Notre DamePenn State at Ohio StateGo Buckeyes. Anyone else wins this and that could potentially take an at large bid away. As dirty as it makes me feel I am pulling for Minnesota to beat Notre Dame this weekend to all but remove them from the at large picture as long as the Gophs lose next weekend. Keep this at a 1 bid conference.WCHABGU at NMULSSU at Minnesota State-MankatoPulling for Mankato and NMU this weekend and Mankato next weekend to keep this at a 1 bid league.NCHCMiami at SCSUCC at WMUUNO at UMDUND at DUSCSU and UMD are in so might as well have them move on this weekend. Denver is still likely to make it even if UND beats them this weekend so hopefully that happens. WMU is the wildcard here as they would be in a tough spot if they lose. Since they could still make it with a loss and likely still be ahead of UND I am hoping they win so that if UND does make it to St. Paul next weekend they would have the benefit of playing high ranked teams so that going 1-1 in St. Paul could still possibly get them in as an at large.If everything goes as I would like it this weekend, the pairwise would look like this going into next weekend.1 St Cloud St2 Massachusetts3 MSU-Mankato4 (5) Quinnipiac5 (4) Minnesota-Duluth6 Ohio State7 (8) Northeastern8 (9) Providence9 (12) Cornell10 (7) Denver11 (10) Arizona State12 (13) Western Michigan13 (18) North Dakota14 (11) Clarkson15 Notre Dame
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    Comparing college hockey to “the real world” and being an accountant is such a stretch. Thousands and thousands of people are successful at different levels of being an accountant and they’re not all that special. I know because I have been one. Much fewer people in the world are talented enough to play d1 level hockey, at UND nonetheless. To suggest that because UND hockey currently isnt living up to your hopes and dreams for them this season, they may not be preparing these young men for the real world is proposterous at best. These kids have produced “results” their entire lives or they would not be in the position they are. I feel like a few people on this site project a lot of their desires/emotions/feelings of accomplishment(or lack thereof) on this team. Then, when they don’t produce or fall short of that person’s standards it becomes personal and these people lash out as if they’ve been wronged. It’s similar to a father living vicariously through their son’s accomplishments. This is a game and winning or losing is not a reflection of these student athletes character or your bull$%!# preparation for the real world spiel so save it. This season sucks because cheering for a successful team is more fun than an unsuccessful one but that’s all it is. So don’t make it out to be more.
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    Great end to this game, but can some please explain to Kawaguchi how uncool the jersey popping thing is?
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    This is my recollection as well, but I guess everything bad at UND is now Kennedy's doing.
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    Overall, I think the over-the-hill-beer-bellied-men did a decent job last night. As is usually the case with this group, they didn't cheer a full 60 minutes, giving up whenever the momentum went the other way. burd made some dumbazz comments as usual, making me wonder if he's ever actually seen a game. A couple of times, I thought they were getting so distracted by calls they didn't like that they completely lost focus. But, like I say, it wasn't too bad an effort, given the mediocre amount of talent they have. I thought stoneySIOUX cheered one of his better games. You have to wonder if they will cheer a full 60 next week in Denver.
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    UND has been playing with their season on the line since the Canisius series. We have seen how that's played out to date.
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    Forget this at large talk, let's sweep Denver, beat clown, beat dulute, and take a 2 seed into Fargo.
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    I find it disingenuous at best for Jacobs to call for a "take a breath" moment when he and the paper have been the engine driving the bullhorn clamour in the Engelstad situation.
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    I used to get upset when we would lose now it’s just part of the culture
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    I can't imagine this team doing in 2 games what it has the option to do in 3. Hopefully they prove me wrong.
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    Not even close to the same hit. Watch both hits again. Typical.
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    Attended Saturday and was fun to watch the two minute drill and O vs D on the field. A couple of things really stood out. #1 the green bleachers really popped and look great! Really adds to the HPC. Figure they can seat 800-1000 people there now. #2 - the offense and the plays that they were running. Multiple sets where the QB was in the "gun" formation. Many throws deep down the sideline and down the middle. Just happy to see some new looks and wrinkles to the offense. The offense was attacking the D downfield. #3 - the enthusiasm from the OC! Danny has always been a positive/enthusiastic guy. The players seemed to feed off his excitement and enthusiasm. I know that this is his first rodeo at calling plays, but I think that the players will want to play his style of offense and will work hard to make it work.
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    Berry: "We have a chance to win this game, no one do anything stupid in the last 2:00." Rett: "Hold my beer, Brad."
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    Actually, it DID end there.
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    Some are happy to beat good teams. Some want to be that good team.
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    It’s almost as if you’ve never heard of hot goalies or puck luck.
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    What is astonishing to me is the roller coaster ride that this forum can be. If the Bison lose last night, probably wouldn't see a "complete loser" post from you. The outcome of single games dictate the hyperbole that we see from posters. Overreactions are common. THE BISON ARE A .500 BB TEAM. They got hot, the Rabbits lost, they're in the Dance. Congratulations. Welcome to March BB. Your post is complete emotion, no rational thought. In year 2016, UND won a National Hockey Title, AND Big Sky Conference Titles in FB, VB, MBB, WBB (had never been done before in the Big Sky. It is 2019 --- and you now choose to call our Athletic Dept. "complete losers." Really? Is this rational? No argument that its been a tough year, but "complete loser?" Hard to take you seriously.
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    Well, for starters, Berry’s system wins far fewer games and doesn’t make NCAA tournaments...
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    I was at practice today so I'll try my hand at a brief write-up. First of all, the new seats in the HPC look great. The seats were part of the building's plans, so they should look like they've always been there (and they do), but it was still nice to see them in person. Being elevated with a place to sit or stand with a narrow railing top to lean on was really nice. A lot of the morning was spent in drills. All four QBs got their turn. Boltman definitely gets the ball out quicker than the others but his accuracy was a bit off (lots of low and high throws). London is wearing John's #22, which will take some getting used to. He's got good size and speed. The backfield is going to be fun to watch. McKinney looked quick on both punt returns and running routes, as did Griebel. Tyler Burian had a couple of really nice catches along the sidelines. However, as a whole, there were a lot of drops by the WRs. I didn't watch the defense much in drills, but Canady had a nice pick late in the practice and Blubaugh made a great play and almost came up with a pick on the first play of live sessions. Overall, I can tell you this...this offense is going to have a lot of deception to it. Lots of moving parts to create space, where the skill positions will be giving opposing defenses a lot of different looks on the same play. The plays were called in and the guys lined up without hesitation, so I have to believe the playbook has been looked over plenty. One play that stood out to me happened right in front of where I was sitting. With trips left, the QB sent a WR in motion. It could've been a jet sweep but it wasn't. As he got to the other side of the line, he turned to line up, looking to run downfield, but as the ball was snapped, the WR continued moving right, while curling back for a pass. The play didn't even go to him, but he could've received the ball three different ways. I apologize for my poor terminology, but it was a lot of fun to see. These types of plays are going to keep defenses honest and hopefully prevent them from stacking the box as we so regularly saw in the recent past. That's all I have for now, so hopefully others will add to it.
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    What most bothers me is McGarry is arm-twisting both UNLV and UND. She must be pretty good to think she should be picking presidents everywhere she looks.
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    I feel bad for this dcorps. They’ve done everything they can, but this forward group is beyond pathetic. One game closer to not seeing Gardner in a UND jersey...so we got that going for us.
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    Senden yelling at guys on the bench to keep it rolling. God I love that kid.