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    UND should see a substantial check in the mail from KEM any day now!!
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    Sounds like Harris may have been signed by the Redskins after the mini camp.
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    The UND program was so important to them that instead of committing to their hometown team right out of High School, the decided to go to an already established program at Minnesota so they could better their chances of making Team USA. The fact that the team had little notice when the program was shut down falls all on Idalski. Everyone at UND knew about the budget cuts that had to be made and every coach at UND knew that cuts had to be made in the Athletic Department and that there was a big possibility of programs being cut. Heck, even some bums on a fan message knew what the costs of every sport at UND was. You can't tell me that Idalski didn't see the WIH program being cut was a very realic option. The fact that he didn't prepare his players for that outcome or even discuss that is his fault. When the Lammy Twins went out and made public statements to the media ripping UND, Kennedy, etc, I lost all respect for them. I get it. they were part of the program and the knew most if not all the girls on the team. But there is a mature, respectful way to respond and then there is the immature, childish, temper tantrum way the Lammy twins responded to the entire situation. I respect them as players and what they have accomplished on the ice. But as far as them as people, they have lost all my respect and likely many others with their behavior.
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    My donations to the University I love have remained the same because I'm not a hack.
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    hopefully the gobc will step up and bump pay towards the top of the Summit.
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    As far as I can tell, Deion is wearing No. 23 -- at least at rookie camp he was. That may change. Good for him to get signed!
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    Should we talk about what a jackass Idalski is on twitter? That's related and might be entertaining
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    I will admit that Kennedy had some faults but I am able to over look them due to his honest assessment of the University as a whole. He made a lot of tough decisions and I believe he put the University in a better position for the future. KEM is just a spoiled B^&*( who doesn't care about the betterment of the University as a whole.
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    I would actually argue it's the people who have blind loyalty to the Sioux logo that seem to be upset with MK and putting the blame on him, mainly due to the athletic department's insistence of the new logo being at center court of the BESC as being one of the issues that triggered KEM's visit to the GF Herald. The Sioux-for-ever crowd isn't going to turn against the Engelstad's because they are still convinced Ralph would have prevented any name change despite someone well respected within UND and close to Ralph stated the Ralph floated the idea of a process to retire the nickname over 20 years ago. The Engelstad Foundation isn't "paying the bills" outside of the "donations" for upgrades. The large majority of the revenue from the REA comes from UND. As for a new president's relationship with KEM, considering she hasn't gotten along with the last 3, I'm not sure how anyone would expect anything different unless they are willing to give her carte blanche in all decisions.
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    What did he honestly contribute that any other guy can't step right in and provide?
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    Santiago to the Blue Bombers.
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    I don’t think you could pick anyone more out of touch.
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    Definitely should have kept the interlocking ND because that was original and never got confused with another team...
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    They should start an player-owned league and pay themselves the big bucks that they "deserve".
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    That's funny. And it's not.
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    Because he always comes here with innuendos and half truths but then will claim it isn't his place to actually offer any substance on what it is or that it is not his place to do so. Let's him troll with no worries of being proven wrong. Still waiting for all the news to come out on his contractor buddies that never got paid by UND.
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    Kansas and Kentucky's players make more than our coach.
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    I think I heard that somebody somewhere has to be on skates in order for an announcement of this magnitude to take place.
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    Oh man, sooooo close to using the word “you’re” correctly twice in the same sentence.
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    This could be addition by subtraction here. Nothing against Hoff, but he never performed to a high level or consistently at UND, there has been plenty of talk about how that recruiting class was a miss in several areas. This one doesn’t bother me at all. that being said, best of luck to the guy!
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    there's probably a good book to be written about how much the focus on a name and logo are hindering the university and its athletic programs
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    We are getting into what we asked for. let’s do this
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    He travels overseas to recruit below average burger flippers.
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    Baloney! These two kids were 2 of the best in the world in their sport. If you can’t understand where they were coming from then I can’t help you. Their hockey program was as important to them as the men’s program was to any of our former players or coaches. When they transferred here they increased the chance UND women’s hockey would become a national power. They felt the same as a men’s player would have had the men’s program been shut down with little notice to them and lack of communication. They deserve our respect and we should cut them some slack over their anger.
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    I can't make a sustainable living playing in the current state of co-rec broomball, either.
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    And the carousel goes round and round. What’s your pleasure - swooping bird or cartoony bird? Full-body or head? Profile or down-the-beak? Wings spread? Talons out? ND or none? Simple for reproducibility or complex for aesthetics? You say it’s not rocket science, but it ain’t exactly easy, either. Dozens of people on here have debated the questions I just asked for years now and often until they were blue in the virtual face. Each question is maddeningly polarizing. I’ll save you the trouble: THERE IS NO ANSWER. NOTHING IS GOING TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. THE PERFECT LOGO DOES NOT EXIST. ART IS INHERENTLY SUBJECTIVE - ALWAYS HAS BEEN, ALWAYS WILL BE.
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    We should have scrounged up some money and sent @Teeder11 to Vikings rookie camp for updates!
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    Dear Ms Engelstad McGarry, Congratulations! What you asked for has arrived! You are now free to give without reserve or restraint as Mark Kennedy is gone. I look forward to your signed press releases, as follows, in the immediate future. Talk's cheap; back it up. In closing:
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    Congrats Brady!
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    Confusing that this angst over Kennedy wasn’t shown nearly as strident over Kelley. The students even unfurled a banner for Kelley’s ouster at the REA. Kennedy made tough decisions that some of the faculty hated (dropping WIH and M/W swimming, laying off staff, dropping academic programs, suspending a golf course) while the only thing that Kelley did was finagling a way to drop the Sioux nickname where he didn’t get the blame but let every financial issue fester.. Its rare the the students recognize the real problem.
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    Correction Und is going to win this one
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    That would be a harsh dose of reality. Title IX, meet Chapter 7.
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    I'm not following, at all. Sorry, but I grew up in the Gunther and Glas eras, where .467 basketball over 13 years doesn't cut it. We need to expect more, demand more. Can the guy recruit? Guards, yes. Has any coach in the five state area done less with more with said recruits? Arguably no. If the gig is $95K a year, does it really make any difference?
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    Who cares? !@#$ em.
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    "Brad Berry liked" Comically pathetic at this point.
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    All the next guy or gal has to do is not piss off donors or call the state racist, and they'll be ahead of the game! Kennedy set the bar pretty low for the next president.
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    Everyone in 2006: Craig Smith! Great coach at Mayville. UND: Not even a finalist. Fast forward to 2019 and Craig Smith is head coach at Utah State. Leads them to their first March Madness appearance in eight years in his first year there. Similar circumstances with the recent hiring of the UND football coach....why is the obvious so hard?
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    Considering they have never done any of these things before, this is okay with me. Now for a program like ours, Denver, Duluth and so on, it would be a bit puzzling.
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    Been a Sioux supporter for years and recently turned onto the chat room for Sioux sports! Attended games of all sports, but loved the days when the Old Hyslop Sports Center was packed watching Jerome Beasley tearing it up! Have heard the rumors for the past week about Coach Jones, if the rumors are true, he lead UND through the transition. Whether you cheer for him or not, we all wish him the best of luck.
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    Thanks Buzz Killington. We know how it works but are also very excited for these guys to get a chance. We apologize.
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