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    Don’t take this constructive criticism the wrong way, but, you guys suck at running things.
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    No matter how hard some try to push SDSU as our true rival I just cant digest that one. When I played they were just another game. Mankato State was given higher regard than SDSU. Now--granted SDSU has a much better FB team. The only thing that get me excited is its good competition. The Marker doesnt mean squat to me. When it comes to UND it matters not if you are good or bad , we need to kick your butt and be done with it. Its that simple. UND will always be our rival. When we start playing each other again I dont think it will take too long for the youngsters to catch on. They are going to have some very good teachers.
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    The gobc has given us 5 years of Bubba and now this? - Time for them to fire themselves.
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    This team doesn't own business suits. Those were funeral suits. Old time North Dakota hockey has died.
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    Well, Brad did report that the rink was on the 6th or 7th floor...maybe we just weren't prepared for a game at altitude.
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    Because it's in San Francisco. 2000 miles from their schools. And California.....
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    “dominated Canisius” Maybe the Pairwise can adjust the formula to account for “dominating” opponents but getting swept anyways?
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    It makes no sense. None. It’s like being a Michigan football fan and Michigan st basketball fan.
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    Sorry folks, had some difficulties getting the right YouTube link to share out. Source web stream quality isn't the greatest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQXYdKZiqjE PS Please don't share elsewhere. This is for SiouxSports folks.
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    I'll see about getting a YouTube Live stream going. I don't get off work till 6 so it'll be close to the wire.
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    BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sweaters!
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    IIRC, from '90-'95 (not exactly the glory years of UND hockey), we had seven players participate. From '97-'00, maybe four of the most dominant years of UND hockey, we had exactly zero participants. We had a bunch of players go in the early '80's, when the team had success in the NCAA's. We had a bunch of players go during the first handful of Hak's years at the helm of the team and our lack of success at the end of the season caused many to argue in favor of the coach's dismissal. I don't view participation, or lack thereof, in the world juniors as a bellweather for the health of the program.
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    10 games over .500 in 2 1/2 seasons is NOT something to brag about.
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    So under your definition of "in-bred", when Sam King was hired the first time as a GA, Bubba went outside the circles of UND Football to find him in the first place and hired "new blood". But after Sam coached at UND for 2 years, then went to Duluth to coach running backs under Noah Pauley for 2 years in UMD's high octane offense, he's now considered an in-bred hire and not new blood or new-fangled ideas? Got it.
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    He should have flown to Mexico and just walked across the border. Would have been easier.
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    I also wish for a ceasefire amongst UND fans. Respectful differences in opinions in 2019 and years going forward. And yes, I wish all a Merry Christmas. I wish all are surrounded by those that matter and peace amongst all during this sacred period.
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    They could win 100-0 tonight and it won’t matter. Last night’s game was a Pairwise severed artery...and the NCAA Tournament Grim Reaper will be stalking UND the rest of this season.
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    Ever since Dad left for Philly, the fun Uncle has been running the family into the ground
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    Iowa's record should have no bearing whatsoever on whether or not he is qualified. All I know is that Iowa pumps out top of the line offensive lineman year in and year out. I like the fact that he played a lot of college football at NIU and learned for 3 years at an OL factory like Iowa. I hope he's our guy. The interview will hinge not only on being an OL coach, but also his theories on being a running game coordinator and how that meshes with Danny's offensive style, so that will likely make the difference in interviews for who gets the job.
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    I think it's pretty simple actually. Put a good product on the ice and attendance will take care of itself.
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    HOPE Church. They’ll play at the Grand Cities K-Mart (RIP) Compoud, and the goal lamps will be blue. Parking will be plentiful, and there’s already a lounge and skate sharpening on-site.
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    You ever get tired of your own bullshi+?
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    Will you say the same thing when UND starts playing NDSU multiple times per year in multiple sports (one of which will be football) with conference standings and potential conference championships on the line? That's the way it was until 2004. That's why we care. NDSU historically has been the biggest thorn in UND's side (and the reverse is true as well) to accomplishing those standings or championships. That's why we care. The fact that it's the in-state school means you know people who went to, go to, or root for the other one, so it's a point of pride among friends and family. That's why we care.