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    Hunter is an outstanding young man, anyone who has met him can attest to this. This really sucks. I do know, though, that he will attack rehab with unwavering faith, great attitude, and unstoppable work ethic. It doesn’t look good now but he’s the type of guy that will find success in this horrible situation. Give em hell Hunter.
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    So, if you work hard at your job, and a management position in your office opens up, you shouldn't be hired if you're qualified and can fill the position, just because you already work in that office? All jobs should be hired externally? What motivation does that give anyone working toward wanting to move up the ladder? C'mon people... I listen and think that for some of you, nothing is good enough.... Fire Bubba. Freund won't be able to do it. Fire the strength coach. Fire the special teams coach. I will say that there is always room for improvement, but I don't think that anybody in the UND FB program is just sitting on their ass collecting a paycheck and that they want to just be a 6-5 team each year. There are things hindering our program, and the majority of them start with $$$$. Higher coaches salaries, and HPC part 2 would be two big ticket items that could help our program. I personally like someone that has some familiarity with the program. There are many alumni who bleed green and feel connected with that familiarity. The pluses with this hire are that you have someone with some experience as a DC. You have someone familiar with the program and the players. You have someone familiar with the recruits (this is a big one for me as I hope to keep all the recruits that we signed and hope they don't jump ship because a coach left (see our qb recruit)). As it stands, I will support Brett and hope that we make a splash in Missouri Valley. No one is expecting us to come in and be a top dog and I'm fine with that. Let's prove them wrong. It will be a tough conference to play in, but I think that we can compete. With success at recruiting, some tweaking of some of the intangibles, and hard work, we can find success in the mighty Missouri Valley. Rant done.
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    He’s gotta play. TBH 24 hasn’t been himself since he’s been back either. A lot of passengers since the break. Scheel didn’t play good but a ton of their guys didn’t play good. This was an all around melt down. Casual fans typically blame the goalie, that’s fine they know no better. This was a team collapse. They need to figure it out.
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    First time poster, but long time lurker. Thought I would throw in a few anecdotes from a former D2 football player to illustrate just how crazy some of these rules can be. I was personally involved in the first 2, while the third was a teammate. These happened 25+ years ago. 1. Teammate and I were asked to give a short speech at end-of-year awards banquet for our former conference. Driving there, being at the banquet, and driving home took probably took around 4 hours total. They gave us each $25 as an honorarium. We had to turn that into the compliance office so they could return it to the conference. They couldn't even pay us for gas - about 100 miles worth. Obviously, we would not have been invited to speak if not for our lofty status as D2 football players, but the $25 honorarium certainly wasn't anything more than any other speaker would have received. 2. My mother was running a fundraiser for a group at my former HS. It was a dunk tank at a local carnival type event. She needed dunkees. I volunteered, not as a football player, but as an alumnus and as a son. I imagine there may have been a handful people who would know I played college football, but that was not going to be advertised. As far as most people would know, I would just be some Joe Shmoe being dunked. School said, not so fast - that may violate NCAA policy. 3. Teammate appeared in a small newspaper ad for a local store. From what I can recall, it made no mention of his status as a D2 football player. I always assumed he shopped there quite often and that is how he landed the gig. I can't imagine it paid very much, if anything. He was suspended for 1 game. To me, these are much crazier outcomes from NCAA policy than a superstar D1 athlete trying to cash in on his/her image. I realize there is a slippery slope, but there should be some allowance for athletes to do/earn what any other non-athlete could for the same work. Why should they be penalized? I suppose the now allowed stipend on top of the scholarship helps in this manner, but there is still room for improvement. One final anecdote concerning NCAA and money. I did not receive any football scholarship money until my 4th year. I had been receiving significant academic scholarships. In fact, my redshirt freshman year, my total academic scholarships (some one-time scholarships, some renewable) were greater than tuition + room/board. Yeah for me. My 4th year, coach said I would get X amount of $ from a partial football scholarship. Later this was reduced when compliance realized, that, when combined with my academic scholarship, I would have greater than a full-ride. My academic scholarship was about 80% of a full-ride. I know, I know, poor me with my full-ride scholarship, but why couldn't I fully benefit from what I earned - especially considering the academic side was so much bigger than the football side.
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    wahlstrom's acting is embarassing
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    I don’t think there will ever be a man who loves and supports UND athletics more than Lowell Schweigert. But more importantly, he was an even better person. He will definitely be missed.
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    Link: https://youtu.be/bqCOIw834Ac As usual, please don’t share stream elsewhere as it is for SiouxSports. Hopefully it goes smoothly....!
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    I think I agree, but this is pretty funny. We're 3-1-0 in 2020, ranked No. 1a in the polls, No. 2 in the PWR and the game we lost, we doubled the team in shots, allowing just 13. We got spoiled in the first half if this four-game stretch is to be considered adversity
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    Listening to Ferraro trying to legitimize a goal where the goalie took an elbow to the head with his feet in the crease is an all time great moment in WJC broadcasting....
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    Depending on the work they are doing, especially upper level and grad students, they generate millions in grants and donations to the University. A good portion and in some cases most of the research is done by students under the direction of faculty. Not only does that generate grant dollars, it generates additional millions in donations for Academic programs. Think of all the kumquats you can buy with those dollars.
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    I suppose it’s possible schools like ndsu would have multiple opportunities for student athletes to make some money doing advertisements/testimonials for leading juice brands. I think the whole idea being discussed is a slippery slope that’s going to be impossible to regulate. Wealthy donors are just going to end up paying athletes regardless of any real or perceived value they might get out of their likeness. Eventually the NCAA will put a cap on how much each athlete can receive, and it will basically become an FCOA amount provided from the private sector. The schools with large alumni backing will organize and provide the max donation for every athlete on the team. The competitive gap between the haves and have nots universities will continue to widen.
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    I used to fall mostly on your side of the discussion, but now find myself advocating more for the student-athletes rights. Most people who haven’t been NCAA student-athletes don’t understand the extent to which the university you play for and/or the NCAA truly own your name and likeness. Sure, we all see the high profile cases where the university is making millions off of an individual eg. free publicity gained from an athlete winning the heisman. But what they don’t see are the simple examples. Say a UND player is from a small town and has made a name for himself and wants to run a camp with their name attached to it in their home town. They can’t. Another example, I worked at a bar to make money while playing college football. One day I showed up and they wanted to take pictures of me interacting with the bar patrons for a new menu, they wanted to pay me a few hundred bucks for my time and to use my likeness moving forward. This is an NCAA violation under the current rules and I would have had my scholarship revoked for profiting from my likeness. These smaller examples is where I really side with the student athlete.
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    They need to stop that at every arena.
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    Yes Brett is a former player, but he's only been on staff for one year, so it's hardly an "inbred" hire in terms of having a coach being brought up through the program and only having coaching experience within the program. He's pulling from experience that he has gained from a Big Ten program, a very good defensive coordinator at a perennial power at the D3 level, and coordinator experience (both DC and ST) in a very strong D2 conference. Pair that with the pride that comes with coaching for your alma mater, Brett will do a great job in getting the guys organized and playing good defense. Advantage for him as opposed to an outside candidate is that he knows all the guys on the team and what they do well and what they need to improve on, huge advantage going into a coordinator position as opposed to "New Blood". Looking forward to seeing how Brett does with the defense and I wish him nothing but the best!
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    Only thing that is going to prevent it from happening is ejecting players from the game like they do in College. Even of Clowney would have been flagged for it, it is probably worth it if he has to leave the game in his mind. Eject these players from the game and they will think twice about doing it.
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    Condolences for the Schweigert family. This sure hasn't been a very good Christmas break for UND Athletics
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    Seems like a fun game to see in person
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    UMD is a very physical team however physical teams shouldn’t dive. It’s like an oxymoron.
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    I'm fairly new here, but one thing I have seen with this team is that when we do not have last change we are at a definite handicap. Against Miami we could not match Sendin's line with the Miami top line and we were very handcuffed because of it. Our other lines have just plain and simple got to do a better job defensively against the opposition's top line. Let's face it most of the teams we play skate one usually really good line, maybe two and when we lack last change our lines other than Sendin, Smith and Hain haven't gotten the job done shutting down the opposition's top line.
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    Our first road loss since the second week of the year and we are doomed! I always thought the formula was to sweep at home and split on the road, but I guess the new formula is win every game or else!
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    This team, maybe Berry for the first half and Hakstol for the second
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    I think it’s @NorthDakotaHockey followed by @Wilbur and then the current goalie for @Godsmack ‘s “Train Wreck” squad.
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    Apparently I'm the unlucky < bleep > here who is salaried exempt and doesn't get paid to travel on Sunday to end up still working a 50+ hour week.
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    Again with the “people like you” You have no idea.
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    Now this is the kind of reputation and program we need. Congratulation to the staff.
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    Be careful what you wish for, even in jest. Don't believe me? Go say "Institutional Control" three times into a locker room mirror.
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    All 3 QB's are already on campus, so that is huge.
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    End of the day, I think this is a good loss. If I'm coaching, I remind the boys that first half championships occur 300 miles southeast. You have to work and play hard. It isn't devastating to any of our season goals. Its a good reminder. It looked like Omaha was chirping a lot too...tomorrow we will learn a lot about this year's edition.
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    I don’t think we should. It would be much easier to recruit for a 4-3
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    Final UND 83 Dons 69 UND is 2-0 in the Summit! Bring on Omaha for a big Wednesday night tilt at the Betty!
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    Tough to make the argument he is not.
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    I love that everyone forgets about the 20 win season, Co - Big Sky championship(15-3 in the league) and WNIT berth.. that was in 16-17 .. so to say he hasn’t done anything since 2014 is crazy! Another win today by the way ! 11-4 2-0
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    I am hoping to see Hunter with his teammates on the sidelines at home games next year. Heck, why stop there.....I hope to see Hunter WALKING across the field before the game with his parents on Senior Day!!
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    We will be ready this weekend. No team in the country has played in more " must win " games, this season, than us!
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    I thought he'd accidentally crossed the border into Slovakia.
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    This honestly isn't a terrible idea, I'm starting to believe fans hate the Fighting Hawk name as much as they loved the Sioux name.
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    Yeah, that’s when it got inappropriate, lol.
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    Haha I have a strategy that has not let me down yet!
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    All the rules and policies come from the universities at their annual convention. Representation at that event is by schools (usually presidents or their proxy). These aren't executive policies made by the leadership at the NCAA office in Indianapolis. So the collective members decide what rules they want to play by. All the crazy recruiting rules? The same people complaining about those rules are collecting creating them to keep their competition honest. That doesn't mean everyone agrees with everything, but it's important to understand what the NCAA actually is.
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    Hedberg went to NDSU in 2014. His primary QBs were Wentz (junior) and Stick (freshman). But I still say Hedberg should be buying the OL coaches a lot of meals; they make his QBs look good because they're protected so well.
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    3 goals on 5 shots is worrying.
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    It’s not a game as much as it is an event.
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    Knew I shoulda been on the first line tonight, eh @Oxbow6 ?
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