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    If you get a chance, take a few minutes to talk with Coach Pawlak. You'll be ready to run through a wall for the guy and not in the PJ Fleck way (not that there is anything wrong with that). Between him and Danny, there will be a different attitude with the offense this year and I think everyone will be happy with the results.
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    I view the preservation of the logos in the building as a sort of homage to Ralph. When someone comes up with a spreadsheet that explains how a lamp being on the bottom of a scoreboard is having a negative effect on the financial situation of UND, or the competitive ability of the UND athletic teams, I'll consider joining those who seemingly won't be satisfied until every seat in the building is obstructed view due to a hawk logo being in your sightline. Until then, let's find something else to complain about.
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    I could care less where their are drafted, give me players who give it all and want to be here, Caggiula wasn’t drafted at all , neither was Stecher.
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    If arguing amongst ourselves was a scholarship sport we'd be going for about a 15-peat.
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    In a related move, St Cloud State will be moving their increasing number of NCAA participation banners closer to the end of the arena that has two shi++ers.
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    What reason does one have to bring this comment to our recruiting thread when we have just had an excellent start to the recruiting season? Do we really need all of us to make the same lame comments about coaches for and against in June? It’s a pointless discussion and our opinions aren’t going to make a lick of difference in June, July, August, Sept. We have a staff in place and they are working very hard to move the program forward. Committed recruits and prospective recruits don’t need to check this page to see who else is committed or offered and read someone here wants to discuss getting rid of coaches (one of which the kid and his family may have made a great connection to). Your or my lame opinions about coaches belong elsewhere.
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    Our 6 million dollar scoreboard is too big and will block the view of our 8 National Championship banners. What a fantastic thing to complain about!!!
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    R.I.P. Greg Johnson. One of the greatest to ever wear a Fighting Sioux jersey, and an even greater person. Our thoughts and sympathies are with your family.
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    Pretty sure the Lamoureux twins were not involved in this lawsuit. Also, I am pretty sure that you are the one who brought the Lamoureux twins into the discussion.
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    You’re welcome; but it really doesn’t take much effort to get the hall monitors from Jan Brady State riled up when someone’s opinion doesn’t line up with theirs.
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    So, this is just an observation and not necessarily directed at anyone specifically (Goon, your post just happened to be the one I quoted). There is a certain irony that this sentiment is posted on a thread that is dedicated to "College Hockey Expansion". I was just reading over on USCHO that one of the positives that people have liked to point out over the last 7ish years is that the breakup of the old WCHA and CCHA and formation of BTHC and NCHC created all sorts of supposed opportunity to spawn new programs. Fast forward 7 years and no one wants to allow anyone new into their conferences. Big Ten has a superiority complex. The NCHC has a fear of others bringing them down. The WCHA has real financial issues. So, what opportunity is really is there for expansion? To go independent? I guess this just leads me back to the point I tried to make in my original post.... college hockey lost it's innocence when all of these changes started. There is no "greater good of college hockey" any longer, if there ever was. Many of us idealized what college hockey was and it isn't that any more. It's all about how much money can go into each individual college's pockets. It's just unfortunate.
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    This^^^ A big cause of the nickname controversy are those who get unreasonably triggered by the sight of a Sioux logo and can't let it go. "OMG, there's a Sioux logo hidden away, underneath our new $6,000,000.00 scoreboard!!!" Why is this even an issue? These people would probably also turn down a free $6M mansion merely because the seller wanted a bathroom closet to remain painted green.
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    Given the ineffectiveness of the hockey program’s special teams’ play, I think it’s safe to say he already does.
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    This spot on. I think the REA realizes that the bulk of alumni/donors that have had time to work hard and donate their hard earned money are the Fighting Sioux crowd. The Hawks logo is still in its infancy and doesn’t have a lot alumni that has only known the Hawks logo. Give it time and it will slowly shift. I don’t think we should ever rid the REA of the Fighting Sioux logo as it is an important part of our history. Plus it’s just fun to hear about all the people that get so butt hurt about seeing it.
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    Here is why using a single year as a data point to show whether a sport is "fully funded" or not isn't all that accurate as just because it is available, doesn't mean a coach is going to use it (which you alluded to in previous comment). Looking at NDSU, using your methodology, it would show that MBB (90%, 12.6 out of 14) and MG (81%, 3.6 out of 4.5) along with WBB (84%, 12.6 out of 14), VB (78%, 9.4 out of 12) and WS (92%, 12.8 out of 14) weren't "fully funded" in 2017-18. In fact NDSU reported only giving out 91.4% of maximum available scholarships to females. Now I'm not saying those sports aren't fully funded, but just pointing out the hole in how you presented UND's numbers. NDSU left somewhere around 10.4 scholarships on the table for 2017-18. Total scholarships given out in 2017-18 for NDSU was $4.7 million scholarships with $2.9 million to males and $1.8 million to females. The only sports that wouldn't be considered "fully funded" at UND right now (90%+ of possible scholarships given out) are MGolf (32.4%, 1.5 out of 4.5) and MTrack (63%, 7.8 out of 12.6) and technically MT (84%, 3.8 scholarships out of 4.5 possible) because its less than 90%, but they are 3/4's of a scholarships from being at 100%. All UND women's sports gave out over 90% of available scholarships. Also fair to note that UND is still paying some scholarships for athletes who had their sports cut, funds that will be able to be diverted once those obligations are completed. Given that and considering UND is around 8-9 scholarships from being "fully funded" out of around 200 maximum available scholarships, I think the talking point that UND isn't funding its sports is a pretty weak argument and nothing but an old talking point (and clearly the original poster who brought it up is absolutely clueless in the details, but I'm sure he heard it in the tailgate lot or something so it must have been true). For comparison purposes, overall UND paid out $5.2 million in scholarship for the 2017-18 school year, with $2.9 million to males and $2.3 million to females with the total being $559K more than NDSU. -source for these numbers are the 2017-18 NCAA financial reports, prepared and submitted by each school
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    Or it could be a corner stone win.
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    Re: Memorial Union This seems like a very odd thing to do based on the fact that it was voted on and approved by the students. If he's so concerned about raising education costs why not freeze tuition, room and board?
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    that title seems to sound like a lot of those people's titles that were let go at UND and not replaced and no one even noticed that were gone the next day.
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    Matt Foley has been unavailable for the last 20 years or so, so makes sense.
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    Regarding the Jan Brady reference, here is what it means: despite SU having among the best football programs in the country some SU fans find the need to monitor UND's fan site and make sure that nothing said by their fans goes unchallenged. They are oblivious to the fact that by nature a school's fan site is going to have comments that are optimistic, and in some cases unsubstantiated. That we as fans are allowed to be positive about our team, and that a fan site exists to provide fans of that school with a place to enjoy discussion and share thoughts. These "Jan Bradys" feel the need to challenge nearly every comment and continual try to downgrade UND because they subconsciously have an inferiority complex (oh and they hate it when that truth is pointed out - which they are proving just by being here constantly). It also kills them that UND is and always will be the Flagship University of the state. History has shown that Sioux Sports has an abundance of SU fans who hover and/or comment on our fan site - in their mind to just "add to the discussion". But it is seldom a discussion and almost always the need to question our natural optimism or create topic drift or UND bash. So when we see someone new join the discussion and it is quite obvious that another SU fan feels the need to "state facts" excuse us for rolling our eyes and not rolling out the welcome mat (by the way it's been shared here that Bison-Swille doesn't allow non-fans to join and "share facts" that question "the herd". I can't verify that because I never go there I have no interest in SU sports and do not feel the need to waste time on something that does not interest me. Hope that clears things up.
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    Had the name before the change, and unlike our current hockey players I actually played under the Fighting Sioux nickname.
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    I actually believe they should have moved the old underscoreboard lamp to the concourse somewhere, or on the ceiling of the hallway between the olympic and ice level of the REA. Would have fit nice with the old Ralph seats and pictures there. It does not fit well with the new scoreboard.
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    UND: Please transition away from the Sioux logo. UND: Come buy our new Fighting Sioux merchandise now available at a Scheels near you.
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    Is the REA under any obligation to start putting up the Hawks logo? It doesn't seem that difficult to understand that REA wouldn't even exist, if it weren't for RE. It's not surprising that they aren't in a rush to wipe out a logo that was loved and supported by the man responsible for the whole arena in the first place.
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    So B1G wanted prestige and NCHC wanted national hockey titles. Seems to have worked out for UND and other NCHC members. I’ll take it.
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    Serious question: Are those people who "had time to work hard and donate" going to give up their support of the hockey team because the logo changed? I mean, are they supporters of the team (and University) or the fancy picture on their jerseys? I would counter and say the bulk of alumni and donors are University of North Dakota fans. If what you said was true, there would have been a significant drop-off in donations when the FS nickname/logo was dropped and an even further drop when the FH nickname/logo was adopted. Yet donations continue to rise. There is just a vocal portion of the fanbase that seems to hold the FS logo as some sort of deity. I mean, it is literally the definition of pandering. They are consciously making decisions to minimize the FH name/logo and keep the FS logo to cater to a subset of the fanbase. They definitely aren't doing it on behalf of the Athletic Department, you know, the thing that is the sole entity that the REA's mission statement says it is supposed to support. You should watch from the other side sometime. You get to see a large group of people live in an alternate reality, supporting something that no longer actually exists and getting incredibly worked up when that is pointed out to them.
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    Massimo Rizzo - Because of some injuries and "lack of production" he falls from a projected 2nd Round draft pick to the end of the 7th round! IMO this is a win/win for the University of North Dakota. "Lack of Production" is a bad choice of words; the kid did have 40 points in 37 games on the ice this year - not too shabby (Win). Also, he is staying in Penticton (just saw he was traded closer to home to rehab) for another year. This gives him many games to grow up, mature, and play his game of hockey (hopefully healthy) before coming to campus (Win). Plus, being a 7th round pick in Carolina, he will not be pressured to play immediately. This will help us keep a more mature Rizzo into his 3rd year (hopefully 4th) of college (Win). Should he have been a 2nd round pick, they may have been pressuring him after 1-2 years of playing. Maybe we get a top 6 forward for 4 whole years (Win/Dream).
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    Maybe you should actually read the article.
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    More importantly has KEM written a big check yet?
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    I apologize for not submitting a formal proposal, however I am fine with not throwing completely random scenarios against the wall, stating matter-of-factly that it is exactly what is going to happen and then try to run down anyone who offers any realistic criticism to those pie-in-the-sky scenarios. If you presented your ideas in a different way, the criticism you got would be completely different. Instead you choose to state your opinions (at best) secret, behind the scenes things going on and claim others aren't able to see these things only you can and then are somehow surprised when they don't happen. There are plenty of people who are actually at least somewhat plugged into what is going on, at least with UND directly, yet you continue to brush those aside. Even when you were told UND to the Summit/MVFC was a done deal by multiple people, you refused to believe it. I'm not sure where you get the thought that I'm somehow against a merger of the top Summit and Big Sky teams. I think it would be a fantastic conference. I also realize, at this point in time, it isn't going to happen. Full stop. The interest isn't there from either side and the Montana's have no desire to leave the Big Sky. None. I also have no argument about the Summit having stability issues. I've always been less than impressed with Douple's reactionary MO. Not stating I have all the answers on what he should be doing differently (nor am I going to pretend by concocting unrealistic scenarios), but getting waivers from the NCAA doesn't seem to be the most ideal route to keep autobids and my guess is that is the current plan if the baseball or soccer numbers fell below the requirement. It seems they keep waiting for a seismic change that I'm not so sure is going to happen.
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    It was a game against the Russian National team.
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    It makes no sense. Is he trying to protect the students from themselves? Just dumb, it’s needed and they clearly want it.
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    Everytime I see the black and white logo on a green background, I wonder why that version of the logo is not on the football helmets. Would lood so much better than the green logo.
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    Sounds like a kid with the kind of character that any coach would love to get.
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    Loving these moments UND social Media is posting. Helps pass the time during the dog days of summer and no football. This was an unbelievable play. Second best play by UND football I have seen live behind the Kleinsasser catch and run at the Fargodome!!
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    I like how the coaches pulled his letter of intent. You show that you aren’t 100% committed to this program, we don’t want you here. Give that scholly to someone who no doubt wants to be here.
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    Speaking of logos...........Nike's new shoe that will hit stores tomorrow just in time to celebrate our nation's Independence Day. #Kaepernickapproved
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    6th year - a .500 coach with no playoff wins - but hey - what a great logo guy. Personally, I loved the Fighting Sioux but saw that we had to change. I'm not very excited about being "The Fighting Hawks" but I can live with it. I can't abide by the new logo though and really have a tough time wearing a poor man's Post Office logo. If I could make one change it would be to get a decent logo design - people would be much more likely to adopt it.
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    Every time you post, you do such a great job of pretending you’re not a turd fan. Have you considered working for the Secret Service ?
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    “Throughout the locker room.”
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    Can we, though? Because it seems you and the rest of the turd thought police show up here like clockwork to tell everyone how to think, even though you all have no idea yourselves what it was, and are making just as many assumptions and inferences as we are. As I said several pages ago, ndsu could have made an official statement explaining what it was, which would clear up all speculation. They chose not to, which in itself speaks volumes.
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    I don't recall UND bragging up their internal piss test protocol like SU. With budgets so tight, why have an extensive $$ internal testing program? Is it all sports or just football, which could be more telling if it's just football. But we'll never really know with the media in Fargo. You guys cover and hide things so well it makes the Clintons envious!!
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    Stop picking at the scab would be a good start.
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    Pretty well done hype video made by one of the players Alex Cloyd #88. This gets me excited for the season!
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    Exactly we want to win the NCAA’s not the Stanley cup.
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    Not a peep on the Twitters from Brad.
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    Are you serious? The minute UND hired the law firm that specializes in Title 9 issues to come in and make sure they had their ducks in a row I think most everybody saw the writing on the wall......or should have. When it was announced that they had hired the law firm my first thought was holy sh!t, they are actually going to cut the women's hockey program.
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