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    UND fans in or visiting Las Vegas: Join us Saturday, October 26 at Buffalo Wild Wings, 4280 S. Hualapai in southwest Las Vegas to watch the game. Montana State has a private room at B-Dubs and Fighting Hawks fans are welcome to join us any time. Game time is 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Tell nevadacat1 you saw this post and he'll buy your first beverage.
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    Wisconsin, Minnesota and maybe Michigan would bring more ticket demand. Anyone who thinks Penn state ohio Michstate or Notre brings more is delusional. For God's sake the B1Gs own attendence issues prove this point emphatically.
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    Westin Michaud just said "Fighting Sioux Hockey" on the radio.
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    Trusting no one was hurt jumping off and on the bandwagon.
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    Canisius was awful but you play who's on your schedule just like last year. I'll take 2 wins vs 2 loss every weekend.
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    If we can outscore them, I like our chances..
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    What an incredible wealth of knowledge in this board. Football, psychology, diet, travel. I hope Bill Chaves is paying attention. It's all right here.
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    If UND doesn't turn the ball over 6 times at EW they win that game - see what I did there.
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    I want to see us hang 70 on UNC
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    Why do we pick finalists that were pushed out at other institutions ? curious how good they are at fund raising and public relations
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    I guess I gotta say 72-2 UND so I can be on @Stockdamhockey's team!
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    Today was our best offensive play calling in years. Danny is starting to really figure out what his guys are capable of and he’s putting them in positions to succeed. He’s still got work to do but there were some absolutely beautiful wrinkles today. Also, brass balls baby.
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    I will be at the game. There will probably be around 8,500 again unfortunately maybe lower. Even with the low attendance, the crowd has still made a difference this year so let’s continue to cheer loud. Lets win by 30
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    Even though I miss the NCHC broadcast on the big screen, it is great to hear Hennessy on the radio feed. That guy is an institution.
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    Does the US Postal Service have a jingle?
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    Ever notice it’s really only when you complain about the placement, or lack of usage of the portals of prayer dove logo that you get these responses? Perhaps you could take your own advice when you tell others whom you deem “idiots“ when you instruct them to silently complain, when the reality is you are the person bringing up the original complaint?
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    In addition to what others already responded, I don’t think the claim of UND being a tough sell to recruits holds water when you compare to ISU. Their football stadium is a twin brother of the valley city winter show building.
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    Coach football at UND?
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    Completely agree but what in the committees thought process was that bubba was a better candidate than Deboer? I would venture to say it was the und ties. Bubba was able to show the committee he had a 22-21 d2 record and did absolutely nothing at S Illinois as a DC. Kalen deboer had a 67-3 record ...3 national titles. Hopefully Chavez can change the ways
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    I appreciate the post. It’s nice to see there is some chivalry and class left in this world. We’re a bit more bitter around here. Justified or not.
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    Whoa, I agree this team has problems with big moments. Doubtful they would go far if they made the playoffs. Yet, if your a fan of a team and call them losers what does that make you?
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    Ticket prices are 100% a factor. This limits the number of games I, and others like me, am able to attend. Yeah, if people want to attend they will, but everyone has limits of how often this can happen.
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    It's on Pluto.
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    This may be the impetus to remove intercollegiate and inter scholastic athletics from from educational institutions. Being a college athlete isn’t a “full time job”. At UND/NDSU full scholarships for instate kids are around $21,400 instate and 33,000 out of state. Throw in free travel, hotel and stipend clothing/gear it’s at least $25,000-$35,000 per athlete per year. Many in the media are pushing for the NCAA changes. What will that do to the team culture. The star QB, RB, CB, LB, WR can negotiate for tens of thousands of dollars at schools our size and, in some cases, millions at the big time schools. What about the Off linemen, Def linemen who don’t get recognition but are an important part of the success of the star athlete. What about the back ups or scout team players who make the star athlete better? The NCAA caved to media pressure, political pressure and lobby groups. I don’t think it is in the best interest of colleges and universities nor intercollegiate athletics. How soon before HS athletes demand money?
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    The problem with Weber is they have more size than us and they also have better athletes than us. It’s a tough matchup
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    I know the offense didn’t score a ton of points today but, make no mistake, we lose this game by a lot with Rudy calling plays. Freund has been a shot in the arm to this team in most games. When he is feeling we shred people.
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    Hard to blame the defense on this one special teams is a joke.
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    How about in English please?
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    The crazy part is Penn State getting a 1st place vote despite narrowly beating Sacred Heart Friday night. I guess Buccigross got a vote this year.
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    Well the school did build him a new arena, practice facility, provided cost of attendance and is shelling out for charter flights to places like Macomb. His coaching has been above average at best but the school has given him whatever he has needed. Kind of makes the point about it being all about football dumb. The sports that struggle at NDSU are because of poor hiring decisions and not due to a lack of support. That said I think UND FB is in a similar spot, just bad hire after bad hire.The Bubba hire was just awful, he had a resume that screams nothing by mediocrity. A retread brought in simply because of the past. Your AD needs to look for some fresh blood.
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    Last year, was never more up this team than after they pounded Sac St on the road. Thought playoffs were imminent. Sac St went on to a horrible finish. But now, after a coaching change, Sac St might be the best in the Sky. Their only two losses were to Ariz St and Fresno St by under two touchdowns, they have demolished other lower BSC teams, and have beaten EWU and MSU. A coaching change obviously paid big dividends. Granted, ISU just might be better than anyone thought, but coaching can pay dividends.
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    That’s what good teams do to bad teams...they beat the brakes off of them
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    If Davis gets in over UND I will lose my sh-t.
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    I get the frustration. Should have had this one. But put this into perspective. We played a game against the #3 team in the nation, on the road, and we should have won the game. Compare that to the last game of the year against N Arizona. This team is heading in the right direction. We have two games left at home that are must win games but games we should be favored to win. Win out and we are 7-4. Definitely on the bubble. But we are putting us in a position to make the playoffs. Although we didn’t win, this team sure went into Ogden feeling like they could know i if the number 3 team in the road. And they damn near dis it. Sometimes statement moments aren’t always wins. Damn proud of this team today win or lose.
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    nice story on the Bengals team page.... https://www.bengals.com/news/a-jim-leclair-appreciation-god-made-him-to-be-a-football-player
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    We’ve had some luck on our side this year, too.
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    What a great quick sequence from Adams to set that whole thing up. Puck steal followed by a quick beauty of a pass behind him.
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    https://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/columns/4746654-Jacobs-Bewilderment-in-UND-circles This firm should be blacklisted.
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    CBS wants to go "younger," chasing an impossible demographic IMHO. On radio yesterday, McCord said that the Tour is nixing all existing contracts after 2022, and every network will be bidding anew. All media options - and platforms - are expected to be in play. CBS will apparently keep heavy-hitters Nance/Faldo and will rely heavily on brothers Mark and Trevor Immelman. Bill Macatee is also out. I wouldn't mind having McCord and Kostis join Feherty as CBS refugees over at NBC. Fox's golf coverage has been horrendous the past couple of years, and nothing can save that.
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    TD!!!! Great call Danny!!!!!
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    No, not working. Not sure if this is from the UND end or not. It better not be a limited resources issue because of ice puck tonight versus bemidji fricken state. Need to have people working on this.
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    This color commentator is a moron. I hope UND wins and he explodes afterwards. What an embarrassing homer. That sack by Donnell Rodgers was completely legal, hit him low while the QB has the ball.
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    Missouri State is excited..........
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    My point was against the teams we have most recently been competing against, they don’t hold major facility or funding advantages over us. and yet, we have averaged being a middle of the road team with 2 wins against teams that made the playoffs these last six years.
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    Looks good. I'd prefer Caulfield over CJ. Glad Tychonick back in. IMO he was really good last Friday. Pinto's line will need to put up a few points tonight to give UND a chance at a win.
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    I think both sides need to calm down. I am an alum, it was Fighting Sioux then and will always be to me. The issue is people on both sides of the issue are thumbing their nose at the other side because of the stance they have. The university has changed their name and its never going back. The more people degrade the other side because of their stance only makes it worse. If people want to go by Fighting Hawks, more power to them. I am not going to get mad at you, you have that right. I choose not to use that name as I was a Fighting Sioux when I was there. The hawks side shouldn't yell at me for not conforming either. Let each side work through it at their own pace. The more you shove your point of view in their face, the worse it makes the situation.
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    After you read a Mcfooly clickbait.
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    Looks like a very patient runner with some good moves and vision. Hopefully we have an OL capable of creating some room for him.
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    Sounds like you guys are jealous you don't get to sit in the press box and get lots of access to our favorite team. You two need tissues? Maybe a bandaid? My bad, bandaids don't help hurt feelings. You do you, Goonie.
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    He was never a coach in GF (und). He was surrounded by und connections at s Illinois and maybe was bogged down because of that. He has more than proved himself once he was left the und connection
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