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    Top Ten Reasons the Gopher fans didn't come: 10. Too busy rowing at the football game. 9. There's a lot to do on Saturday's in Minnesota; hockey just doesn't matter. 8. There was a Wild game on Thursday. 7. There's an election coming up in 10 days. 6. Vegas isn't any fun anyway. 5. Mourning the departure of Lucia. 4. They are so stoked for Big Ten season that nonconference games are just meh. 3. Their most dedicated fans were told by Twin Cities police not to leave town. 2. There's beer and gambling in Minnesota too, doncha know. 1. Maybe all their fans did come.
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    NDSU lucks out and has an away game when 1/3 of their fans will be in Vegas for UND Hockey.......
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    That’s what she said.
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    Hayden Meacham Rachel Maddow
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    I was having a good start to my day and then you triggered me with this!! My most hated people on the planet list goes like this.. 1. The "I'm a UND hockey fan and a Bison football fan" guy. 2. ISIS 3. People who use the phrase "at the end of the day"
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    Considering your name is boozehound, I don't take your comments 100% seriously but I'll respond. Every fan base has "bad fans", that is a given. Gopher fans are no better than UND fans. I have seen many Gopher fans cuss out the refs and yell obscenities towards the players in front of children. My wife and I have even been threatened at the Final Five in the past by Gopher fans, I've also witnessed it (especially with the younger crowd). So please, don't stand on a soapbox and pound your chest as being holier than thou because you are not. The fact that you came to a fan forum to "chastise" us, just shows that you are here to be a troll but you are also part of a fan base that is just as (or at times worse) than any other fan base in the country.
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    This is one of those games that makes me wish I was still playing. My body couldn't handle it, but my brain doesn't really understand that. I'll be in "game face" mode while driving up I-94 tomorrow morning...
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    I'm calling on all Air Force vets to buy tickets for some Airmen or Airwomen. As a former Airmen I tink this is a great way to give back to vets and help the program at the same time. I'm working on buying 10 tickets to be given to some vets and families. Let's fill'er up
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    Jawian Harrison's hair Moldy bread
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    If you didn't overreact to almost everything, you wouldn't get called out on some of the ridiculously negative things you post. Most are. Please, join us in having a positive attitude and optimism towards a game played by 18-22 yr old kids.
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    Are you bipolar? Just asking for a friend.
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    Thoughts on the game: - I'm glad to have gotten through this game without Kett letting his emotions out of hand. Hard to know if his INT was the result of the WR stopping his route or Kett overthrowing it but that was his only major error. That's pretty good because it could have been way worse considering his emotions about yesterday's return to Sac Town. - Jaxson Turner and Donnell Rogers were studs yesterday. I have been waiting for Donnell to take the next step to become a dominating defensive force and he did that yesterday. And Jaxson really stepped up in Palmborg's absence. - We were missing 40% of our original starting OL and our All American RB was not been much of a factor yesterday - and we still ran for 480 yards. When our opposition knew it was coming. Yes, Sac State isn't good against the run but we nearly doubled the Hornets average and ran for one of the highest yardage totals in UND history - let's give credit where it is due. - How about JJ's speed. Holy crap. - And how both JJ and Brady just POUND people. Boy is it fun to watch them. - Our WRs are excellent blockers. That's coaching - both in intention and execution. And the players believe in it. It's great to see. - Kudos to Aplin and Ngyun for their flexibility - moving positions on the OL and having excellent results. As Geaux Sioux pointed out, what a luxury to have Nate so easily slide between positions. I know they recruit OLs with the thought they they be flexible, but my goodness Nguyen can play well at T, G, and C and he deserves a ton of credit. - Great to see Carl Engwall swat that pass that led to Donnell's interception. - Penalties have not been a major issue of late. - 20 Points in the third quarter, people. 20 POINTS IN THE THIRD QUARTER! That's more like it. - The defense was again outstanding, making a back up QB look like a back up QB and holding Sac State to FGs opportunities. Great job. - To have 3 turnovers and atrocious special teams play and still win by that margin tells us how good this team can be. - The special teams have been atrocious. No doubt they should immediately recruit both a kicker and long snapper (who has largely escaped criticism but has not been good enough, even before the snap yesterday). At this point in the season it does not appear that we will be able to kick a game winning FG of any length, so we will have to adjust our 4th down offensive mindset going forward. The best we can hope for is to clean up the punting game and kick return game because place kicking is too far gone this season. - Our DBs have been great but it drives me nuts to see they tackle with just their shoulders, not their arms. We saw it with Cole in previous seasons and the tradition continues (except for Holm who understands form tackling). Stick and wrap, boys. Stick and wrap. It's football 101. - Our strength of schedule took a hit yesterday with both Sammy and Idaho State losing. - I woke up this morning feeling great about this team. They are improving and heading in the right direction. HUGE game this week. I'm already pumped.
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    If I win the lottery next week, the first thing I’m doing is buying the Forum. Then I’ll intentionally F up every bison game day article.
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    Mark Senden has to be the unsung hero of the short season so far. That kid is the whole hearted grinder this team has need and just seems to make good tough plays. Big things to come from that kid. Pool man is a stud. I like Thome and what he has shown in some of his opportunities, but Scheel has come in unintimitadted and been tha much smoother and better goalie. So awesome that he is a Freshman and playing at this level. First weekend was a little rough, but tonight, this team played great.
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    So...who is freaking excited!!!???
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    KNOX Radio (1310 am) in Grand Forks is doing its part to try and get the Alerus full. They are promoting anyone who has tickets and isn't going to use them (going to Vegas) to call the station and they'll give them away. Or you can drop them off at the radio station and they'll give them away. They also mentioned the $15 tickets.
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    The number 4 team in the country (stats media poll) is only favored by 1 point. That says a lot about this UND football team right now.
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    It will be fun reading about this game in the newspaper Tuesday.
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    Zero sacks for UNC and Montana.
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    As usual, and like others, I was disappointed with the student turnout, but not surprised. UND really needs to move the two student sections from the center of the field to the North side of where the band sits. Those center sections are prime real estate that paying customers would happily use. And it just looks terrible to have that huge void of empty seats in the middle of the field.
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    If Montana was a statement game this game is “a statementer” (a bigger statement than Montana) game. Today will go a long ways in telling us if we are contenders or pretenders. I think we are contenders! Enjoy the day Hawks fans. Enjoy being at the game to those lucky enough that can be there . Special call out to all those In Vegas who will be watching and cheering from afar - we will be doing the same tonight.
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    My guess is Darrell's son probably is pro Hawks. My daughter still loves the "Sioux" logo and nickname. They'll both be at UND next fall because it's.......UND!
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    3 points by the offense in the second half aint going to win many games.
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    Trey Hoskins Chris Rock
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    Screw 7-4, screw 8-3, I want 9-2 and a first round bye. #justwinbaby