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    The only people who need to be tested are health care workers, the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions. If you are young (under 50) and healthy and are taking up a test kit, crowding the ER, or otherwise taking up the health systems time and resources you are an a$$hole and part of the problem. Stay home, self quarantine, ride the illness out. If things start getting worse for you then seek help, otherwise use some common sense and don't be a strain on the system. Oh, and the media lies, they are a bunch of liars that push their narrative and it has been that way for a couple decades now. The Trump administration, they lie too. So did the Obama administration, do did the Bush administration, so did the Clinton administration, etc., etc. It's all a game of gotcha and spin, and that folks is the F'ing problem, we can't believe any of them. Rant over.
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    This country is being bright to its knees by fear....not the virus. Recovery from getting the virus is a couple weeks. Recovery of society from this hysteria will be years.
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    I want to offer a hearty thanks to Ira, Keikla and the others on here that are in the health care industry. We rely on you to keep fighting the good fight.
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    Dear team, Please win tonight so we don't have to cheer for St Cloud. Sincerely, Your entire fan base
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    Gooch is returning for his senior season! Huge news! Bring home the Hobey and National Title in 20/21!
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    If we had a different President from a different political party right now and the W.H.O. and CDC reports were exactly the same as they have been, the media reports and hysteria would be a complete 180 from what they are right now.
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    I think the NCAA should grant an extra year of eligibility for all student-athletes no matter the sport. They are being cheated out of playoff games and post-season tournaments because of something completely out of their (and their school's) control. Push the reset button on eligibility and give these young men and women another year.
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    Funding.......funding? That's the fix for everything right....more dollars? Lack of funding and lack of preparation is what's behind this nonsensical coronavirus hysteria that none of us can get away from 24/7 in the media? Do you honestly think that those are the reasons that we are "here"??? Go fan your ignorance on this issue somewhere else.
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    This is the worst thing that they could do. UND fans would be bashing the crap out of any other school that did something like this. They need to pull this shirts and not even sell them. They are dumb and anyone who buys them should get ridiculed by their own fanbase
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    Recently...a 9-3 curbstomping of those sissies from Minnesota.
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    UND used hot shooting from 3 to start and dominate defense in the 2nd half to come away with a semi-final victory over the Dons. Now UND finds themselves in new territory, in the Summit League Championship for the very first time.... they take on a very familiar foe: the defending champions from NDSU. For one team, they were expected to be here. NDSU was pointing to this season being the year they made their move in the conference. That plan got sped up when they won the Summit Tournament last year as an underdog. Now they play the role of the favorite and more than expected to see a SoDak school in the final. Funny thing about March.... its Mad. UND finds themselves in a brave new world, back in the conference championship game for the 3rd time in their D1 history, but the first in the Summit League. It would be hard to find more than 5 people who would have though UND would be at this point: playing for a chance to go to the dance. In what should be the biggest clash between the 2 in-state rivals in their history, it is quite fitting that this would be the 300th time that they will meet to play basketball. These two teams split against each other, each winning on their home courts. Key Player: Tyson Ward He has given UND problems all year long and this game and he has played very well in the tournament. UND is going to have to solve this puzzle in some way shape or form to have a chance. The Fallen: Fort Wayne: Its hard to say goodbye, but the Dons just didn't get it going against UND and now will be send packing to the Horizon League. They should have a good guard tandem and their big guy Carl will be solid as well. Should have a good 1st year there Oral Roberts: Tough way to finish for a team some thought could win it all. Lose all Summit Nzekwesi and a solid player in Burns, but they return Obanor and Abmas and a solid soon-to-be junior class. They could compete again for a top 3 spot. Keys: 1) The Fatigue Factor 2) Vinnie vs Marlon 3) Can UND solve the Ward problem? Milestones: DAE is 15 points away from the freshman record. This is something that is well within his reach. If UND were to win, he will most likely break it. Stewart has 166 assists this season, which is good for 7th place in the single season record book. He would need to get 1 to get to 6th place. His 361 assists are 8th best all time at UND, and would need 4 to pass Aaron Anderson for 8th. Also, his 1247 career points at UND is 18th all time in scoring. The Call: Lets be real, NDSU will come in as big favorites. They have the experience of last year and the extra day of rest. UND lacks depth and will be playing its 3rd game in 3 days and fatigue will play a factor. So you think the Bison will go to the dance right? Well if I went with my head... yes. I'm not a head person, I'm a heart person. UND knows they can play and beat the Bison, they showed that a few weeks ago in Grand Forks. They cannot allow themselves to let the moment become too big. Play the game in 4 minute increments. At the end of the day..... Marlon and company will do enough. The damn slipper still fits.... UND go grabs their dancing shoes for the 2nd time ever. UND 74-72 Game is on ESPN2. ***Even though the stakes are MASSIVE.... my expectations are still the same: KEEP IT CLEAN on BOTH SIDES.
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    The only thing I will say is that these professional sports leagues and the NCAA aren't going to make decisions that cost them millions or 100's of millions of dollars based on media hype or overreaction. Before they start costing themselves milllions they are going to consult with the highest levels of government and the CDC. They have access to more information than you or I. My take is that when these businesses start shutting down operations costing them millions then this crap just got real, it must be real. It's really happening and it's not just because of "hype" or "overblown" or "hysteria".
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    There should be no banner, except for the Penrose one. Don’t hang second place or what if’s. Recognize this team on the wall somewhere else in the arena, but not with a banner.
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    Why is this on here and why is it allowed mods??? Damn do some of you like being boisterous and put down others with crap like this because they don't party think like you. Mafia I met you way way back in Joe Sensor's days and you didn't act like this in person back then, but people do change over the years. Should I post the white nationalist march pictures? Nazi fascism posters to represent the Republican party? People are entitled to their opinions but many of you are trying to bully others into submission or into not posting. I've voted for both parties in the past and neither in last presidential election (I'd like an official 3rd party on ballot). What many of you that act like this don't realize is you actually make a middle of the road guy like me disgusted and want to vote the other direction. I also don't understand the party of pro-life being so callous in essentially wanting others to die. Sure many things kill people and we don't know the final numbers of this. And that's part of the problem. We don't know. It might be hundreds of thousands or maybe less than flu. Also on the flu how many died that could've been saved if they got the shot? I am one that doesn't get the shot. And yes other problems will arise from this shutdown like suicides. But if you're all of a sudden so concerned about suicides then maybe you should be worried about guns since they are the leading choice to commit suicide. (and I've had family commit suicide). Personally I do think closures started too early and unnecessary in areas that haven't had a case yet. Then I hear as Walz said today Minnesota only has 235 ICU beds. If no bed and you have this virus he said you are 10 times more likely to die. I believe all these facts coming from the U of MN. If that's true then dang kind of important to make sure more infrastructure is in place. And maybe federal and state governments should have gotten moving in January on this to avoid shutting everything down??? I haven't been able to confirm this but saw where this is more contagious as it stays on surfaces way longer. Flu spreads to 1.4 people a day. So even if you were contagious for 10 days it goes to 24 people you infected. This virus a person averages spreading to 3 people a day. If true after 10 days (and isn't it contagious longer) you have spread to 59,000 people. Again haven't confirmed this, but even if it's 2 a day it's a jump of infecting 1024 over 10 day period. This sucks on all fronts and will be debated for a long time after. Hopefully we learn from it and are better prepared on how to manage this better next time. Feel free to reply, but I won't be checking. Following Keikla's lead and out of this thread.
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    I’m told America would be less racist, but I digress... Back in a time period we now spend about 30 minutes a year in high school history class even bothering to discuss, our forefathers had the guts to sign their name on a for-certain death warrant called the Declaration of Independence. A bunch of rag-tag rebels then went out and defeated the world’s mightiest army and put an end to tyranny... ...until less than 100 years later, when half of the country decided there was no “us” in the United States anymore. When all was said and done, a wise President chose not to punish traitors and instead welcome the south back as Americans. The good in America had defeated the abomination of slavery. Our grandparents were asked to save the entire civilized world from the devil’s henchman, Adolf Hitler. It took our Allies years of waiting for the US to even get fully invested in the project. Eventually, we joined in and together we wiped the earth of that stain - and rather than punish West Germany into submission, we rebuilt that country brick by brick. Same with Japan. Our parents survived the Soviet Union seemingly winning over minds and hearts - whether by propaganda or military force - from the 1950’s thru the 1980’s. A “Miracle on Ice” made many people stop burning our flags and start waving them proudly. 11 years later, I remember watching CNN of all channels - back when they REPORTED news - and tearing up while seeing the Berlin Wall being hammered into bits. Good was once again stomping out evil. On 9-11, we watched in horror as we were attacked by terrorists commandeering our own airplanes. I would like to think that while on a plane and faced with the knowledge that the pilots are dead and evil men are going to slam it into a building, that I’d have the guts to be among a group deciding to “let’s roll” and thwart those efforts. I pray that I never find myself in that situation. Again, America’s best came thru in the clutch. That plane slammed into a field...and not the White House. Today is another great challenge. I pray that we get back to seeing what is important in life - God, country, family. Respect for others. Patience. Kindness. My favorite team ever making the Super Bowl again is a hell of a lot less important to me now than it was two months ago. Driving a nice car is a lot less important to me now than it was two weeks ago. When I see my mom and dad again...and I WILL see them again - I will hug them like I’m 5 years old and it’s Christmas morning. I hope and pray we all now realize what’s truly important in life - and it’s not Lebron James, the New England Patriots, the latest and greatest iPhone, or a Snapchat filter. It’s us. We are Americans and we are in the latest fight that we cannot - and will not - lose. We. Will. Beat. This. God bless you all. Enough typing, it’s time for me to pray. For all of us.
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    You've obviously made sure it is very clear you don't agree with the steps/precautions being put in place. I'm honestly curious what your alternative plan of attack would have been and what you would have deemed acceptable as collateral damage? And understand that if you're wrong, the cat is out of the bag and there isn't a do-over on containing it. Or maybe you're just venting? It is an incredibly tough situation for everyone but continuing to criticize the experts who are leading this (or trying to) isn't going to magically make it better.
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    Thome needs to be our guy from here on out. He earned that right.
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    Have to register now to open any article in the Herald? Ridiculous. Continue writing your own obituary...
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    As requested...Sioux vs BC Eagles in Frozen Four final at the Providence Civic Center. Was able to attend with some friends and it was a blast.
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    Actually, I have one more thing to add. The other day NY put out a call to all retired or currently unemployed healthcare workers and also those in other states who would be willing to come help. As of this morning, over 40,000 HCP have volunteered. AMEN.
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    Once people quit focusing on trying to compare the numbers of COVID-19 to other diseases and realize this is about slowing the spread as to not overwhelm hospital capacity, it might finally click with some. If not, the spread will instead drive up death numbers of medical issues across the board due to lack of care available, particularly as it relates to ventialtors and ICU beds. There is no herd immunity or cure at this time. Social distancing is the current best option to slow the spread and hopefully prevent that overwhelming.
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    Who can’t love that guy, bigger and stronger than he looks, great motor and am sure he’ll succeed at the next level or die trying! Never flashy, but one of my favorite players over the last four years!
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    Hockey has been cancelled, the moose out front should have told you that...
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    I don’t listen to Trump cuz I can’t stand to listen to him. You seem to think when I expect normal intelligent people to act civilized I am making any supportive/critical comment about Trump or our other politicians. I’m not because it’s not the time or place. The issue is how best to deal with this virus. You have zero basis to claim we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in if not for him. It is divisive and counterproductive. In answer to your question, yes we can be tested. One of my colleagues was tested last week because of possible exposure. One of my patients was tested yesterday and we didn’t ask the state for permission. We are setting up a drive up testing station and will soon be able to do the testing in our small rural hospital here in Minnesota. I have no idea what people in the metro area are doing, but if we can do these things in rural hospitals in Minnesota then the big city physicians should be able to figure it out. There is no indication for everyone to be tested. We follow the guidelines recommended by Infectious Disease specialists and the CDC. I’ve only taken care of over 100,000 patients over the years. I have ER, ICU, Combat experience and I don’t know how the response team acted and reacted. How do you know so much. How many patients do you care for? Are you on the Trump team with first hand info? I don’t have all of the answers, but I’m learning. I will attend a briefing at 7 am to update our local protocols and evaluate what we are doing well and where we need to improve. I am going to log in to a live Mayo Clinic presentation tomorrow afternoon that includes an Infectious Disease update. My sister in law is a recognized world authority on tuberculosis and has a lengthy list of publications on TB but also other Infectious Diseases including Ebola. She has done contract work for the CDC and speaks to government health departments all over the world on tuberculosis. I get my info from those sources not the Star Tribune. With all of that, you seem to know more about all of this than I and other medical people. We would be happy to pay you to come here and give us a presentation on COVID-19.
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    I provided you with the facts of the ‘hoax’ situation. when proven wrong, instead of admitting you were misled and wrong, you just move the goal posts. Neither you or the president can admit when you’re wrong. The WHO and democrats admonished the president for shutting off travel from China on February 1st. It turned out to be an excellent decision. If the U.S. would’ve taken all those test kits, you would’ve complained orangemanbad took resources away from 3rd world countries that do not have the ability to manufacture their own test kits. This is Siouxsports, not a political site. If you want to continue spreading lies about hoaxes, and bitching and complaining about things you have no idea if they will make a difference, go ahead. Just don’t breathe on anyone.
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    Jesus H Christ can we please close this thread? I try not to come back here but it's like driving by a massive car wreck - can't help but peek. Many people think this is baloney, many people think it's an existential threat. You think anything a bunch of puck heads says on this site will have any substantial impact on events, or bring back the Frozen Four? Can we all just agree this is an incredible sad event for Sioux Hockey and especially the players, and most notable the seniors. This is a HOCKEY site may I remind you. But have at it...
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    Saying this way too soon and not because of the result of a game... A small silver lining is that this 2019-2020 UND hockey team did win some hardware at least. Obviously not the ultimate prize but still an achievement. I just wanted to say thank you seniors for making it a mission to turn the fortunes of the program around. You were successful! Still feels surreal....I’ll probably add more later.
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    Would feel pretty stupid not to have touched the trophy at this point. Glad they celebrated the way they did.
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    To date, swine flu killed 12,455 more Americans than corona has thus far. I don’t recall any talk of banning the public from large events during the swine flu. The liberal media is currently doing a stellar job of creating panic; I don’t recall near the same level of hype while swine flu ran its course.
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    Thank you....this whole thing has been very therapeutic for me...I get to clean out my old VHS tapes and people are happy that they can see these games. It's definitely a win-win!
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    North Dakota takes on the top ranked Badgers in the 2000 WCHA Final Five championship game. Sconnie is led by Dany Heatley and Steve Reinprecht.
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    Stop bickering. Before writing a post, take a breath and think "how would I explain this difference of opinion if the other person was my grandma" and then continue. Thank you.
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    Having hope and being optimistic is irresponsible when Trump says it. When Cuomo says it, it is inspiring, calming, and a demonstration of great leadership.
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    Yeah I can't deal with this thread anymore. My tolerance for the endless debate has rapidly declined to nothing. If someone has a medical question related to covid and our experience here please just send me a private message. Hopefully I'll be back (and sane) on the other side of this.
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    16 years ago today!! Happy Anniversary! (The radio call by the Holy Cross guys is something I will never get sick of hearing)
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    I've got the file for the game uploaded; I only loaded from the second intermission to the end of the game; quite a big file...Nice to hear Sweeney getting all fired up again! https://youtu.be/ghy8gwG-IuM
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    No, he didn't. The fact you don't know that by now tells us all we need to know.
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    Way off the rails at this point but is therapeutic and full of information, both good and bad, but informative. A thread like this is probably necessary in a time like this. People need to vent, share, inform, just need to feel like you're doing something.
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    This crisis just created another level of new government dependence.
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    If this happens, my sympathies go to all the seniors across the country. That’s a terrible way to end a collegiate career.
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    UND playing with house money. NDSU expected to be in this position. Not many people thought UND would. But you damn well know that Sather thought they could be here and he convinced the team as well. The pressure is all on NDSU. they are the 1 seed. They had not looked dominant in either one of their games. UND has shown they can beat the Bison. If we play relaxed and confident, we got a chance. With a trip to the big dance on the line, our boys should be ready. It's been a crazy year all over college basketball this year. Upsets almost every night. So why not have the 6 seed punch their ticket to the dance out of the Summit!! Go HAWKS!!!
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    Omaha is the 7th most penalized team in the country. UND sits as the 37th most penalized team in the country. But in no way could I see that watching one team lose its composure time and again last night......
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    The only reason attendance will suck again at the regional sites is because they are off campus. The best regional I ever attended was the Holy Cross regional at the Ralph. Probably the best college atmosphere of any sporting event I've ever attended.
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    Just want to say you're welcome and I'm glad this has brought a little bit of joy to my fellow Sioux fans. We are so lucky to be fans of a program with such a great hockey tradition and culture...and something my Uncle Bill always told me...all Gofers are dirty.
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    Siouxsports admins trying to enforce the “no politics” rule on this thread.....
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    CDC and NHI findings were not cut.. Now let's get back to hockey talk!
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