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  1. AJS

    Hobey Baker

    Great point. Completely forgot about that.
  2. AJS

    Hobey Baker

    Generally interested why most think Perunovich will win. Not saying he won't or he isn't a better hockey player (I do think he has a bigger impact on each game), but based on the numbers / how things went this season, I'm not sure where Perunovich has Kawaguchi beat (outside of 4 more assists). Realizing he is a D-man, but he only had 6 goals. Comparable +/-, but Kawaguchi has him beat there as well. If this is based strictly on what happened in 2019 / 2020, Kawaguchi will win (which it should be). Will voters be swayed by though by the career Perunovich has had, which we can all agree is better than Kawaguchi. I guess we'll see.
  3. Just to clarify. Berry named the following. Defense: Sanderson / Kleven Forward: Gaber / Rizzo / Budy / Ness Based on Jonny leaving and the Senior Class graduating five, there's a need for one more dman and one more forward that he did not name.
  4. I will trust the coaching staff with not only the construction of the roster, but also the line up they feel will give this team the best chance to win. Some might disagree, but it's very clear they think it was a distinct possibility that he would be in and out of the lineup again next year. If this goes how I believe it will, with those returning / coming in, I don't see it any differently.
  5. Good luck to Johnny moving forward, the talent he has is evident and I would say more likely than not he's going to turn out to be a fantastic college player wherever he lands. No inside information, but I would be mindful talking about a players mentality / not being willing to fight for playing time. Not saying this wasn't a mutual decision, but it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't slightly slanted one direction (coach staff). Why? It's apparent that there are three Defensive recruits coming in this year no matter what. At an absolute minimum. Sanderson - Kleven - Moore or Miller. As others have said, this means that either JBD / Kierstad will be back, potentially both.
  6. Too early. Kawaguchi staying is huge, but Brad also listed five others that he felt had a realistic chance to jump that we still don't know their plans.
  7. No change at all since I posted this last week. How is everyone feeling about this? Lack of information is a good sign, bad sign? I don't really know how to feel.
  8. This has always been my line of thinking, I love the Valpo type games.
  9. Good news for college hockey, but from a recruiting aspect, his brother being a Michigan recruit really took all the excitement out of it. With the new rules hopefully we'll see more hype around recruiting. The Jost / Fabbro type situations are always very fun to watch.
  10. Updated List: O'Conner (Dartmouth) Turcotte (Wisconsin) Miller (Wisconsin) Swayman (Maine) Mackey (Mankato) Rueschhoff (Western) Chaffee (UMass) Returning: Caulfield (Wisconsin), Newhook (BC), Ranta (Minn), Beecher (Mich), York (Mich)
  11. Last night on Twitter Youth Hockey Hub (YHH) tweeted about 7 area players they are hearing will be on next years NTDP. Spicer is one of them.
  12. Here's hoping for some good news this week on the UND front. Realizing the unprecedented times we are living in, I'm still kind of shocked of how little information has come out about which way UND guys are leaning. As I've written before, need the # to be 2 or less.
  13. I think it's important to note that he not only lead his team in scoring, but the entire league. Only one other person was really even close. https://www.eliteprospects.com/league/midget/stats/2019-2020
  14. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/5000890-Who-are-the-potential-early-NHL-signings-from-this-years-UND-team I say it every year, but there's such a fine line with early departures that effectively tips the scales one way or the other. Each potential early departure is so important to the roster construction. These are very general predictions in terms of what happens with #'s that leave. 0: Maybe not better record wise, but talent wise will be better than this years team. Would be truly dominant team. 1: On par with this years team 2: Fighting for Conference Championship (Low #1 Seed / # 2 Seed) 3: Look at Year after they won in 2016 -- #3 or #4 seed in NCAA's, Finish 3rd or 4th in Conference Over 3: Fall off a cliff I've been in the I think they'll lose one camp. I just hope there's not more than two.
  15. It'll be interesting to see if having their season cut short will have any impact on a guy who was on the fence. I think it will and more players will return than would have otherwise. My guess is we only lose one player early (either JBD or Kierstad).
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