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  1. There we go! Great commit! From what I can tell 3 other FCS offers, SDSU, WIU, SEMO.
  2. I'm going negative in an attempt to eat crow, a little reverse jinx situation. There have been two points during this recruiting cycle where I felt real momentum. (1) Teiken commit (2) Saturday night of Camp #3. Both times nothing happened following that. The last two commits have been incredibly underwhelming. It's just really hard for me to get excited over a late one offer guy. These guys have been camping with no other offers. With only 9 commits so far, 2 is an ok chunk of that. I feel like the wind was completely taken out of the sails. Here's hoping a game changer comes soon.
  3. Being realistic, you'd think they would take a step back. The key to the offense is how much. Two things that will help, 1) Kilty getting two playoff games as a starter. Those reps going into the shortened offseason will be incredibly valuable. 2) PSU transfer. A veteran with experience who will be in the mix. Those two things instantly make the replacing 3 starters from the regular season not as daunting.
  4. It's hard to deny that NDSU isn't ready to make the jump. If your argument is fan support / waiting lists, then you really have nothing. Let's all agree they have the talent / fan support to make the jump, that's undeniable. It all comes down to getting the invite. I'm hope I'm right here and others have said it, but it ultimately comes down to geography. You start to go down the list of MW schools and just ask your self, why would they want NDSU? Outside of Football dominance, you'd need to start over on your list @ndsutibig12 as the rest nobody cares about, truly. It's a really weird situation, they are clearly ready in almost every aspect they can control, but geography is the big one. I would say the stadium situation is an issue as well, to a lesser degree, enrollment. So it's not necessarily a one issue situation, but there's no denying they are light years ahead of UND in the conversation.
  5. Of course they would be private. Kudos, you're definitely part of a very small, connected circle. I would keep the big information pretty close to the vest, no leaks over the past 6 months until you.
  6. Context is important, my original post was based off of Izzo’s tweet. We all know Larsen wouldn’t be foreclosing if he was in talks, but based on the quote, I was surprised by the clip.
  7. How so? Couldn't agree more about UND having to get its act together. I'm very jealous that NDSU has the Fargo media machine who is so engaged with this. Consistently a topic of discussion, I've never heard it once from the Herald staff.
  8. On Dom Izzo's show today while speaking to NDSU AD Matt Larson. "NDSU is well positioned if a call came from an FBS Conference" Thoughts? I realize it's all fluid, but I've always thought the worse possible scenario for UND would be NDSU jumping to FBS and UND staying FCS. That would be devastating.
  9. We can turn the page, but the following was Retweeted by Noriega. If indeed it was PWO to PWO he didn't try to clear up any potential confusion.
  10. Has nobody heard anything differently on Hegerle? @siouxfan512 is definitely correct (this is just me speculating as well), but the only logical reason he hasn't committed yet is he's waiting for potential P5 offers. As his offers stand today, this is fourth hand too, so who knows, but I think UND has a better shot than anybody here is giving them. I think they are very much in the mix.
  11. It's a bad look for UND, no doubt. I don't think you'll see either side get too excited (NDSU) or disappointed (UND) about the actual player when evaluating their freshman classes. Always need to put up the disclaimer that he might turn out to be an All-American, but forgettable with his current offers. A nice PWO for NDSU though, congrats!
  12. His dad played at NDSU. He doesn't have any P5 offers currently, but I think it's fair to assume that is the hold up in him announcing. Wait and see mode if any come.
  13. No inside source here, Canady posted on his Instagram a picture of his Medical Referral Form.
  14. Looks like it’s a go for Jordan Canady. It’ll be interesting to see how they bring him along now that he’s available for full activity.
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