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  1. I think the coaches did an incredible job this past year navigating the Covid year situation. The group that was hit harder than most was the RS Junior class that was able to graduate, that were not impact players. Because of that, UND has a relatively small Senior class. 11 Deep, I would break them into. Gone Waletzko (Draft) Ghadaksaz (Going over his career, I think he's out of eligibility. That being said, they classified him as a Senior) Fenelon (Depth) Specialists Hinders - Hopefully come back if there's no replacement (1 Scholarship Position) Peterson - Hopefully come back if there's no replacement (1 Scholarship Position) Other 6 Hope they all come back. I would say that the defensive four are all high priority, "need" to come back type guys. Maag / Boltmann are at a position with some depth, but still, when healthy difference makers. Getting starters and impact guys to use that extra year is so crucial.
  2. Season on the line in Springfield this upcoming Saturday. A win and the train gets back on the tracks, the program gets back to neutral. You don't want to sound too overly dramatic, but what does a loss do? Ends almost all hope if not all hope of making the playoffs. Then you can start to go down the rabbit hole a little bit about program momentum and where that is. UND has a good team, but it's a results driven sport. They need this win really bad. The major story lines for me: Red Zone offense. They have been almost inexplicably bad at getting points at times. They can move the ball between the 20's. If there ever was a week to turn that corner it's this one. Injuries. I did write before the Western game that my hope was anyone who was dinged up would sit. Double down on the fact that you can beat Western while getting guys healthy that were banged up. The amount of players that didn't play was startling. Hope there are a handful that will be ready to go this weekend. NDSU let down for MSU. UND saw it vs USD. Maybe that just is a thing, especially if you play them tough.
  3. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe the plan is for any FR to use their redshirt. I can’t remember the last time that has happened. Finally building depth.
  4. Blake is leading the USHL in points, Singleton is Top 5 in the AJHL.
  5. Yes, with the possible exception of Baba. Not sure on him.
  6. Red zone issues aside, an incredible game all around. To do what they did defensively with a lot of injuries was extremely impressive.
  7. The road back starts today! One week at a time!
  8. Hellsten starts tomorrow and leads them to victory and you might see me singing a different tune.
  9. Yes. UND will improve, but the NCHC looks even tougher than usual. Don’t see them as a home ice team.
  10. Fair, still would like to see what the Freshman has to offer. Driscoll has not proven he can “steal” a game, so tomorrow is a loss with him in net. Maybe Hellsten has that.
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