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  1. 12. With Seniors / Early Departures, that is how many players the coaching staff had to replace. The Coaching staff has done a magnificent job navigating this. I've said it before, but the transfer portal (being so active), could not have come at a better time for UND. You cannot bring in 12 Freshman and have that lopsided of a class. Ferner is absolutely the exception to the rule, but he makes sense as they needed someone to replace the Rieger roll. The other three fit this really rare formula that I wanted to see. Are they legitimate (1) Top 6 Forwards (2) Top 4 Dman (3) Starting Goalie
  2. Sanderson (L) - Kleven (L) Jandric (L) - Frisch (R) Moore (L) - *Morrow or Johnson* (R) Bast (L) - Ferner (R) That’s how I see it. One spot left and it’s either Morrow or Johnson, you could make an argument either way. Which ever one will be in the Top 6.
  3. Both Morrow and Johnson are right handed shots. It’ll be one of them.
  4. Add Grad transfer Brady Ferner. This appears to be Rieger's replacement. If that is the case, I really like the move.
  5. Driscoll single-handily changes the expectations for next year. What I found interesting about Schlossman's article this morning is he doesn't feel Hedquist or Johnson are ready to come in yet. The absolutely ideal situation is if there's a talented Goalie in the portal who has more than a year remaining. You can sell in backing up Driscoll this year and being the guy the next. There might not end up being a team in the country whose expectations will change more for next year than UND's because of the portal. I'm getting greedy. My updated wish list. Chris Jandric G
  6. Highlights would be. All WCHA Rookie Team Lead Alaska Dman in scoring both years Fr: 15 Points (5th on team) - Leading scorer 24 So: 22 Points (3rd on team) - Leading scorer 33 Coaches Pre-Season All-WCHA Team for 2020-2021 (which Alaska ended up not playing)
  7. Looking into some of the names, he would definitely be at the top of my wish list.
  8. The Forward / Goaltending list was a lot easier to pick out "The big names". Nobody in Schlossman's original article really jumps out at me. Will Cullen was an All-WCHA First-Teamer at BGSU, he might top the list. Are there any D-man in the portal that would be Ford quality gets?
  9. Do you think the Coaching staff feels this way? If they did, I don't think he'd be in the Transfer Portal. Just complete speculation, but it wouldn't make sense if they expected / thought he could be a Top 6 guy next year.
  10. Reminds me of Wilkie, talented, but just never found his groove. When it comes to transfers, my mindset is no current UND player is looking to trade up, like you might see elsewhere. There will never be a situation where a key guy, who is producing and getting big minutes will transfer. This isn't saying Blaisdell isn't talented or can't contribute elsewhere, but what I am saying is it looks like the coaching staff feels like they can overall improve their roster with this move happening. I wish Blaisdell nothing but good luck moving forward! Edit: @InHeavenThereIsNoBeer I lik
  11. Johnson was initially named, but believe he’s injured.
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