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  1. First off, neither actually needs each other. If given the opportunity and the $ was right, UND would jump at the opportunity.
  2. Spicer wouldn't be eligible for a couple different reasons (1) Too young - Hlinka would be 03' birth year (2) NTDP players aren't eligible.
  3. Of course, it'll take more than 2 Games to get acclimated to college football, but from a Win / Loss perspective, the schedule is pretty ideal for the QB to get his feet wet. From a % chance, those are the two most "sure" games on the schedule. Start with the easiest and go right into the hardest. Then a Bye week to really process the first two weeks.
  4. In most situations, I would agree. This situation has a few wrinkles though. 1) Position - One of the few positions where players aren't routinely substituted. 2) Class: Both being Freshman (one RS). My comment was based on a pretty specific scenario playing out. I'm biased as I do like Schuster and who knows he could be it, but I like many are waiting for UND to finally "hit" on a QB. Not average or solid, but a Top Tier guy in the league.
  5. Not just this, but unless one is clearly the front-runner, I hope the top two have equal reps the first couple weeks. Game reps. Schuster having a year of experience in the program and limited game action should have the upper hand going into Fall camp. The extra layer this competition brings is a situation where Schuster has a slight lead out of camp, but they feel Vaughn has a much higher ceiling. Both will have a learning curve this year, so do you go with the higher ceiling, even if that means a slightly bigger learning curve?
  6. It definitely was his and he's since deleted his Instagram. Going through the screenshots I only saw two messages from Jackson. Neither were anything bad. Embarrassment of being involved is more than enough punishment for me. Hope UND just issues a statement that they will handle it internally or to appease the everyone needs to be punished regardless of their actual involvement crowd, give him a game.
  7. Kunz will only be a Senior in HS this upcoming year, so unless he accelerated his schooling, he wouldn't be an option. I put Halliday in the same boat as Bowen.
  8. I'd like someone to clarify, but I don't think he'd be too old for Juniors. I'm guessing they go off Birth Year for the cut off. 1999's would be too old, 2000's would be on their last year. If they do go forward, I would think Jamernik or Portz would be at the top of the list. I do realize Bowen has signed his NLI, but that injury he had completely derailed his season. Not only that, but for his development, next years Forward group is going to be a tough one to crack.
  9. With Mitchell Miller announcing today that he'll be part of next years Freshman class, we are getting closer to finalizing the Freshman class. We know for sure. Budy Rizzo Gaber Ness Sanderson Kleven Miller One Forward spot remaining. I look at the pool of recruits that can fill that last spot and it's clear that Moore (Defenseman) is at the top of the list. I still like the idea that someone had of moving Rieger to Forward (claiming the last Forward spot) and bringing in Moore as well.
  10. That's a great idea. I do remember seeing the suggestion of moving Rieger to Forward, but I never took the next logical step of then only bringing in four forwards. Sign me up for this.
  11. Is there any doubt that Mitchell Miller will be the 3rd Freshman Defenseman brought in this year? I've done the comparisons before. Experience: Miller: 2 Years Junior Experience International Experience Hlinka WJAC (X2) Moore: 1 Year Junior Experience Performance: Miller: USHL 1st Team Draft: Miller: 3rd / 4th Round (Most Likely) Moore: 5th Round I think Moore is a great player, but Miller's resume is better in every way. I don't see any way if it's one or the other, that Miller isn't the guy. Now, I do hope they get creative, because I don't want to lose either.
  12. Cue the you need to be realistic responses. I am a little conflicted as is everybody. You need to plan for the worst clearly, but I can't help but finding what you put in bold incredibly frustrating. You say reward, I've thought of it as this backwards badge of honor that they wear. As @scpa0305 mentioned, the UConn AD has it for Athletic Directors. You know there's a handful that are chomping at the bit to "cancel" Winter sports as well.
  13. That's where I'm at. Let's use the new Ralph as a starting point. Let's also pretend that each player has a video game type rating. Next years forwards wouldn't have the high end (Take the highest 6 ratings), from honestly a fair number of teams that UND has had since that point. Wouldn't be the lowest, but not the highest either. I'll say slightly above average. What I do think is if you look at the #10 guy and down (4th line / extra skaters), that next years team will be the best we've seen since the new Ralph opened. Given next year the high end depth will be like something we haven't seen in a long time, there shouldn't be an emphasis on Top 6 / Bottom 6. Weatherby will not be surrounded by normal 4th line guys. There's no need to try to fit players into certain lines. Play them at their position of strength and roll four lines.
  14. Kawaguchi had pretty spectacular numbers, obviously, Adams were solid, Mismash ok. I like them as a line, but imo, they didn't produce to the level where you at least don't give it some thought.
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