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  1. This. Shut him down for a few weeks.
  2. Really? I would say absolutely ideal. The more talent the deeper the talent, is what every team wants.
  3. @as15 I've had the same line of thinking in the past. My fears were more focused on potentially losing recruits which lead to I wouldn't say hoping someone leaves early, but in a way kind of. Keep the pipeline flowing. I've done a complete 180 in recent years. Hypothetically if the choice was between keeping a proven commodity for one more year or potentially lose a solid recruit, I would take the proven commodity for one more year. The more competition the better.
  4. Like this post. Not specifically Jamernik, but it's so crucial having the guys that are ready to come in if needed, but also are ok going back another year. I look at someone like Mitchell Miller as a prime example. Halliday / Bowen would also fit that mold. I know it's early, but the potential early exit chatter is very promising. It's so fun watching a great team and on top of that know that it's not a foregone conclusion that player X and Y will leave early.
  5. Next year more than most, I find who's in and who's not fascinating. The numbers don't add up. 5 Senior Forwards. I know you can't only go off of who has signed their NLI, but I feel confident saying that Gaber, Ness, Rizzo, Budy and Bowen would currently be the 5 that fill those spots. What throws me off is you would have to have thought that Halliday was slotted for next year at the start of this year. Then someone like Jamernik commits as well. Edit: I would rather have 7 to chose from for 5 spots than not having enough. Whoever the coaching staff feels can help comes in, hopefully the others can either defer or find a spot elsewhere.
  6. Not terrible by any means, but definitely embarrassing. So are you saying that if UND would have been in a conference McKinney would have been 2nd team? Wasn't he the 3rd best RB on the team? Not something to get an argument about and I knew better than to say anything, but oh well.
  7. I'm not worried at all long term about UND's goaltending situation, but in the short term I am. You need to go with Scheel and if he's over .900, UND wins, under, they lose.
  8. It's really embarrassing UND puts that out.
  9. Stephen Halliday has really started to produce since December. His overall numbers are solid for his age, but below what his expectations were this year -- 7G 15A - 22 points (29 games). Since December his stat line is 6G 8A - 14points (11 games). Will be very interesting to follow his progress the rest of the way. I would say if he can finish the year around .80 PPG (currently at .76), he could make an argument to be here next year.
  10. Disclaimer: My thought process is unfair to Schuster. He performed admirably against SHSU and I don't even know close enough to judge, which I'm about to do. I look at Schuster as a Studsrud. Steady, Effective, slightly above average. I have my fingers crossed that it's either Neal or Vaughn out of Fall Camp (particularly Vaughn). Why? If they are better than Schuster, then I think there's real potential they have "the guy". Especially if one of the true-freshman really take over before the season.
  11. AJS

    UND @ Miami

    Very very important weekend after splitting with Omaha and before heading to Duluth. With the goal of a #1 seed / conference championship, splits on consecutive weekends against below average opponents would be less than ideal starting the second half.
  12. No predictions here yet as I'm waiting for Spring Ball to try to get more of a feel on some positions. I do like the schedule though.
  13. Central Scouting midterm rankings have been released. https://www.nhl.com/news/central-scouting-north-american-midterm-nhl-draft-ranking/c-313771208?tid=277764372 N/A rankings: 11. Sanderson 44. Kleven 48. Miller 77. Bowen 113. Kunz 178. Halliday A lot can still change, but this is the first real look at where players line up for the draft.
  14. AJS

    Omaha @ UND

    After last weekend we are officially done with the "must win" games for the remainder of the regular season. That doesn't mean that expectations should change. Omaha is an average team, to keep up with the Top teams, who are all fighting for #1 seeds as well as for the #1 spot in the NCHC they need to be thinking sweep. You don't need to or will win every game, clearly, but take care of the games at home you should (which they've done all year).
  15. These are the two most important games remaining in the regular season and I don't think it's close. Only two must wins.
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