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  1. I have the same final standings. I don't think either SCSU or Duluth will catch UND though. If I had to highlight one reason why for each. St. Cloud runs out of games. Duluth, it's hard to sweep on the road (that clearly goes for every NCHC team).
  2. I think Omaha is a solid team, but I'm not worried at all about them finishing with more points than UND. Looking at both teams, splits work as UND has 2 more points (that's giving Omaha a sweep against CC). I find it hard to believe that Omaha will take more points than UND in those games, although I think it'll be close. We'll be taking this week by week, but I am worried about SCSU / Duluth's remaining schedules. If they can but together some more weekends against Western / Miami taking all 6, while Omaha / UND split, they will be able to make up ground in a hurry.
  3. It'll be really interesting to follow Portz the rest of the way. Last year he was just off a PPG pace in the USHL at .90 PPG. Started off this year going scoreless in the first four games, picked it up a little, but before his trade was 10 Points (5G / 5A) in 16 Games. Tri-City currently does not have a PPG guy on their team, but have 2 that are relatively close (now 3 via trade). Also if you look at Gopher recruit Matthew Knies who was a PPG last year as an underager, huge talent and he's at .53 PPG this year. Portz is a key piece to next years recruiting class. Only one game, but what a
  4. Shaugabay: 5 Goals 7 Assists - 12 Points (3GP)
  5. Per Greg Cameron "Colorado College head coach Mike Haviland says F Grant Cruikshank will not be available for this weekend's series at North Dakota. Cruikshank got his appendix removed earlier this month."
  6. Not knowing how they will award NCAA Tournament spots, I really do believe the Regular Season Champion will be one of the automatics. You need to Sweep teams at the bottom of the standings at home. That simple. Some other keys to this weekend. Will Cruikshank be available for CC? He's an elite NCHC player. Not having him is a huge blow to CC. Travel: When games started to get pushed back, you knew someone would be losing a day as they try to correct and get back on Friday / Saturday (not there yet). CC plays tonight (at home) and then travels and plays on Saturday. UND gains a da
  7. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6845425-Commentary-You-could-see-UNDs-loss-to-Denver-coming Right on the money.
  8. You figured there would be a team or two whose play in the Pod wasn't indicative of the team they really were. I thought and it still could be Denver. It's becoming clear that Western is another one of those teams. Very impressive sweep and going back a week before, that's 11 of 12 potential points. This development was crucial for the group of four UND is in. It would have been tough having the clear two worst teams on the other side.
  9. I would say last year his name was brought up as much if not more than any other Freshman in the State of Minnesota last year. I read an article recently talking about the WHL draft and his dad made it sound like he would be going the college route. Quick search of social media and it's clear from a fans perspective which team he and his family cheers for. Doesn't always translate of course, once offers start coming in. He'll be one of the most sought after 2005 recruits in the country. Going off MNHockeyHub, he has 4G 5A 9P in 2 games this year.
  10. Absolutely huge. For me, this weekends (or next series) results (Omaha / St. Cloud / UND) will really shed a lot of light on the points race. I have St. Cloud in the drivers seat after taking 9 of 12 points against Duluth, with their next 8 games against Western / Miami. Last nights result opens the door more. I still think UND has to match St. Cloud / Omaha for points this weekend. Anything more and they are in the drivers seat. Every point is crucial. Western got what I was hoping for, so they are playing with house money tonight. I cannot emphasis enough how important it would be
  11. With the revised second half schedule, opening with two weekends in a row in Colorado, I would have been really happy with 8/9 combined points. With them getting 6 in Colorado Springs, I'd be more than happy with a split in Denver. The road in the NCHC is tough. Sweep at home, split on the road. @Wilbur I think it's time to turn our attention on the other Pod of teams strictly to St. Cloud. Taking 9 from 12 from Duluth was extremely impressive. UND is going to need some help from Miami / Western. This weekend will be very telling. If UND can equal the point total St. Cloud picks up (this
  12. Schlossman's article today. UND's upcoming series at Denver has been pushed back two days and will be played at 8:07 p.m. Sunday and Monday in Magness Arena. Sunday's game will be on Midco Sports Network. Monday's game will be on CBS Sports Network.
  13. Reading comprehension problem on my end at first. Like I mentioned, I might be in the minority, but I'm really happy they are selling for the prices they listed.
  14. I was pretty quick to also assume they clearly meant it would be $90 for the series. Now I'm not so sure. Given the limited seating, more importantly the financial hole they have to be in this year, I don't hate it. In fact, I'm all for them trying to somewhat salvage their balance sheet.
  15. Berry's quote in todays article confirmed that. Sunday/Monday, but Denver has to get through one more round of testing.
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