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  1. Re Rizzo: Schlossman's article today as well of the statement about the trade from the Vees definitely sheds light on why he's being held back to 2020. It makes complete sense now as I and I'm sure most were completely unaware that he was hurt as well at the end of the year. Time for him to get healthy and when he's completely healed, whenever that is next season, hit the reset button. If you could buy stock in a player, I'm buying all the Rizzo stock right now. I agree with @UND WFO78 and the one thing I continue to kind of roll my eyes at is the term "lack of production", it's true I guess, from the expectations, but the guy was over a PPG in his 17 year old season in the BCHL. Get healthy Massimo and prove all the teams wrong that let you slip to 216!
  2. https://www.nhl.com/news/alexis-lafreniere-headlines-2020-nhl-draft-prospects/c-308003352 Kleven and Sanderson mentioned in this article
  3. I'm going to talk out of both sides of my mouth here. First, I do put a lot of stock in the NHL draft as these guys make a living doing this, doesn't mean they are perfect, but it's a very good indication on the perspective recruit as of this point. Two very important things, (1) They miss, both on guys not being drafted as well as when they should have (2) In correlation, as everyone has seen both at UND and throughout college hockey, draft position (or not being drafted), doesn't necessarily mean productivity at the college level. There's still so many different variables (i.e. Scheel). My perspective on the draft and the eligible player: Pinto - 2nd round (32nd overall): Based on his draft eligible year / first pick in the 2nd round, I think he can be a cornerstone recruit and immediate and will be an immediate Top 6 guy. Moore - 5th (128th overall): This pick probably went where expected, will be fun to watch him progress next year in Juniors. Given that he played HS last year definitely some upside. Blaisdell - 5th (134th overall): He did slide a couple rounds based on projections, based on his body of work should be a Top 6 guy next year. Caulfield - 5th (145th overall): Like Blaisdell, maybe a round later than projected, but will help with an influx of talent. Perfect college 3rd liner. Schmaltz - 7th (192nd overall): This was a surprise, will be tracking him closer next year Rizzo - 7th (216th overall): I'm still stumped with this one. He still had solid production in his draft year. It does now make more sense in him going back for another year. I still think he'll be a stud in college and will be a Top 6 guy as a freshman. Guys that didn't get picked: Scheel: Selfishly, I wanted him to get picked, so that only one team could try to sign him early. He was one of the best Freshman goalies I've seen at UND. Sucks that now everyone can offer him a FA contract. Bast: I get it, based on his size, still will be a phenomenal college player. Rowe: Like with Scheel, goalies can be weird. Numbers wise, didn't have a great year, despite being the 4th ranked NA goalie Budy: Can't wait for him in 2020, I'm sure the freshman numbers scared teams off in Denver, but could be another Jones Overall, 6 were drafted (5 expected) and one surprise. Two who many thought would go didn't. Pinto / Moore went around where they were projected, with the others dropping a round or two. Very respectable showing.
  4. I'm predicting 4 UND recruits go in the 5th round, try to help salvage this draft.
  5. Let's hope for a couple in the next 10 picks or else my predictions are going to start to look really bad.
  6. What's everyone's predictions for this weekend? My guesses will be strictly by rounds Pinto (2nd) Blaisdell (3rd) Caulfield (4th) Rowe (5th) Rizzo (5th) Moore (6th) Bast (6th) Not drafted: Scheel, Frisch, Budy
  7. https://www.sportingnews.com/ca/nhl/news/nhl-draft-2019-prospect-rankings-big-board/4s69mzaevfhq1j6u7jl57kqd0 53. Blaisdell https://www.tsn.ca/americans-set-to-dominate-first-round-of-the-nhl-draft-1.1323878 45. Pinto 83. Caulfield It's going to be a wild Day 2 this year for UND recruits. Here's the summary of the 5 lists, parenthesis over total amount ranked. Pinto - 40 (120), 40 (92), 45 (92), 56 (250), NR (62) Blaisdell - 53 (62), 55 (92), 80 (120), 165 (250), NR (92) Caulfield - 52 (120) 83 (92), 183 (250), NR (62), NR (92) The others only ranked in the 250
  8. 2019 Draft is less than a week away, some final mock drafts: https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/2019-nhl-draft-ranking-the-top-120-prospects 40. Pinto 52. Caulfield 80. Blaisdell https://thehockeywriters.com/2019-nhl-draft-rankings-top-250/ 56. Pinto 94. Rizzo 117. Rowe 157. Bast 165. Blaisdell 183. Caulfield https://www.tsn.ca/craig-s-list-caufield-scores-his-way-into-top-5-1.1316942 40. Pinto 55. Blaisdell
  9. AJS

    2019 Season

    The schedule is tough no doubt and I might not have a very clear view of the FCS landscape, but here are my thoughts. Obviously things change a little on an annual basis, but let's use last year as an example, you have Tier 1 (NDSU), Tier 2 (Handful of teams - let's say 2-8 that are pretty comparable), Tier 3 (little larger 9-17), and so on and so on. What I'm not so gracefully trying to say is Tier 2, last year included Weber State who was the #2 overall seed wasn't this powerhouse of a team that UND had no chance of competing with. They were a better team, but UND was within 1 point at halftime and for a bit led the game in the second half. We'll see how things play out, but like I've said, I don't believe that UND is that far away from being a really solid FCS team. I'm not predicting an undefeated season, but they should be able to hold their own against everyone on their schedule.
  10. AJS

    2019 Season

    My 3 keys: 1) Nose Guard position - Can it be adequate 2) Freund being far superior @ OC 3) Special Teams - Specifically kicking. Can they kick the ball into the end zone I still have nightmares about the ILB position two years ago, that's why NG is my #1 key. Only as strong as your weakest link. I'm not saying the other groups is four deep with All-Americans, but it's a pretty strong unit with as few questions as I can remember (outside of NG).
  11. AJS

    2019 Season

    Replace 8 wins with playoffs and you've got it. I didn't think I needed a disclaimer, but apparently I did, my opinion on Bubba wouldn't be based on just what happens next year, but his entire body of work. Next year, the potential excuse is tough schedule, last year was the Offensive Coordinator / Special Teams, year before was injuries. I expect more than 0 Playoff wins and 1 Playoff appearances in 6 years. I'm optimistic going into next year as I always am, I really do think UND is close to being a very good team. There does come a time when you run out of excuses and that time is now for Bubba and his staff.
  12. AJS

    2019 Season

    I think most people are on the same page as this, if he doesn't make the playoffs this year he should be gone.
  13. Yes, every article on his commitment has him coming in 2020. GF Herald: The current plan is for him to play the next two years with Central Illinois Flying Aces, then come to campus in the fall of 2020.
  14. Budy is a kind of an under the radar really important and big commitment. What an add to the 2020 class. A top four of Bowen, Halliday, Rizzo and Budy is spectacular.
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