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  1. SiouxForever

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Boston University has had a ton of talent upfront and even in goalie and a few D the last few years.... How'd that work out for them? How many nattys? UND will have a loaded D-core again next year and an unreal sophomore goalie in Scheel. Just need to score a few more goals. UND isn't that far off people. Please travel outside of Nodak this winter and get some Vitamin D and/or sun or get your meds. R-E-L-A-X
  2. SiouxForever

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    Alright this is odd. Loose lips sink ships, what’s the true reason here?
  3. SiouxForever

    UND at Denver

    Well the sun came up (or is about to). Good effort like always last night. UND had a chance or opportunity to win, whatever you want to call it. They played well against a decent DU team... If you know much regarding that DU goalie, he's a solid goalie recruit. Give that goalie credit, he deserves it, he played well! The frustrating thing again is lack of offense. I've watched ~ 95% of UND games this year. Why can't they get some garbage or lucky/gift goals? This team needs some crappy/lucky goals every now and then. However, this team never gets them! The why? I still don't think collectively as a team they go to the net strong enough. Still a lot of perimeter play too. Jackson Keane did go strong to the net and then that Ian MItchell (I think it was him) illegally (I thought) sent Jackson on his ass. Kudos Jackson, you're a freshman and one of the few that go strong to the net. Keep being a leader as a freshman! Play him more. Gavin Hain too, job well done. Play Hain more!!! Congrats, C. Adams, you scored your second goal of the year. Let's start rolling here moving forward. You should have 10-12 goals by now. You weren't penciled in as a top 6 forward to have only 2 goals so far during your sophomore campaign by Feb 1st. He's playing well, start scoring more and that will help the O. I think he gets hot here. Come hell or high water (97' flood reference) the UND squad has to win tonight. Win or bust! Fing' get it done!!! P.S. Senden redeem yourself tonight. I have you penciled in for a goal. Gardner too, you're due for a goal again. ***Lastly*** Enough with the Donovan talk. No way that kid takes college hockey by storm next year. Been watching UND hockey for too many years. Only freshman and some true freshman to take the college world by storm @ UND that come top of mind were the following: Parise, T. Zajac, R. Spirko, D. Stafford, Oshie, Brock B. Kristo (had a good freshie campaign) Brock Nelson (decent freshie stats) Ryan Duncan, Toews, Jason Gregoire, Brett Hextall (also had a solid freshie stat line, not bad). I'm sure Donovan will be a good college hockey player, but it's not like UND lost out on a Jack Eichel, Dylan Larkin, or a Kyle Connor etc. Move on.
  4. SiouxForever

    UND at Denver

    So he's a healthy scratch? Lol. He can contribute on the PK and maybe a 3rd/4th line role moving forward. Berry and staff have him in the doghouse?
  5. SiouxForever

    UND at Denver

    What's the water cooler talk on Janatuinen, Joel is he ever going to play again? What is he injured with, lower body issue(s) ?
  6. SiouxForever

    Scoreboard change

    Well-said. And the sad thing is, UND leadership could have mitigated a lot of this dumpster fire, had the majority of the representation been able to pick the nickname or properly vote and give their input on logos that the agency produced. However, that was not UNDs leaderships AGENDA at hand and focus. The minority controlled the outcome. It doesn't take a rocket science to see the fallout. The toxicity and divided culture you now see is the responsibility of UND leadership. Period. You reap what you sow!!!
  7. SiouxForever

    REA Banners

    Great statement! I concur. I’d loved to skate and/or play a 1 more game in that rink. Good times!
  8. SiouxForever

    Hockey Day North Dakota

    Any recap video of the day/success? I think it’s a great thing for Nodak hockey. Kudos to all the people that worked their tails off for this event!!
  9. SiouxForever

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    I’ll still support and watch but damn this dumpster fire gets frustrating! The team has to play with so little marginal error to be in a game to compete or even when actually winning the game. It’s tough to watch. That blowout game against the USNDT was sure nice to watch. however, again, that was an exhibition game for cripes sake! Positives: Scheel - Couldn’t ask for more from a freshie goalie. He’s gonna have an amazing career. Selfishly, I hope he stays for 4 years JBD - Couldn’t ask for more from a freshie defenseman. #Stud #APlayer he gone after 2 years, unfortunately. He’s too good Matt K. - Elevated his game this year to another level. Gawd he’s good. #Stud UND can’t be upset with his progression at all. He reminds me of past U of M defenseman studs that UND would never get. He’s gone above and beyond this year Wearherby, Hain, Keane - Effort is there, they’re progressing well and doing the best they can as freshies. Sad your supposed to be top 6 studs aren’t producing and these young fresihies have to press and carry the weight on their shoulders. Poor leadership from your top 6 minus Jones and Rhett efforts Rhett and N. Jones - Rhett is a warrior! Could you imagine how this years team would be if he didn’t come back for his senior year? I bet he was ~ 50/50 on leaving too. Unreal on face offs, unreal on the defensive game and can chip in enough on offense and is super difficult to play against Rhett will leave a legacy at UND. Some “idiots” on here rip him on his decision making regading “dumb” penalties. He’s done more than expected regarding his contributions this year and his UND career. Think how bad UND missed Corban Knight when his 4 years were over? Nick J - Effort, energy, attitude is always there this year. Sucks he got injured in the first half...Could you imagine if he didn’t go back to juniors to open up to transfer to another college team? Could you imagine how !@#!$ UND would be without this guy the last two years? Keep doing what you’re doing, Nick! Negatives and the toxicity Hoff - need to put some pucks in the net. Great kid, person as whole, but damn he needs to bring it and step up. I cringed on Friday night when I realized he’s still only a junior... Mishmash - all the talent and skill there. Get out of your head. Period. I don’t know if he lacks confidence, he’s angry at something or someone, but holy buckets figure it out. Change your stick, lie, curve, use white tape moving forward etc. you’re suppose to be a top 6 forward and to score goals. Period. If he played on a stacked UND team (like the 2007 team) he’d be a 3rd or 4th line player. Go take the polar plunge or something to have a new omen or positive vibes moving forward. Adams - all the talent in the world. Energy and effort is there. You’re suppose to be a top 6 stud. Score dammmit! Also, go take a polar plunge etc. too. change your stick, curve, lie, use white type etc. do something right, do something wrong, figure it out. Please do something Joel J - Injured, it super sucks. This team needed you to pot at least 12 goals this year. Can’t be hard a on a player that’s been injured. But the UND coaching staff didn’t draw up this outcome for your senior year. Neutral player C. Poolman always been a fan. Effort and skill is always there. Great kid, person etc. can he lead? Idk... need a little more from him in the second half. Started the year out super strong he was my dark horse for the hobey baker prior to year. Need a little more, do more. Think it’s midnset and action + execution moving forward at this point. One more thing, coaching/coaches. Play Josh Reiger at forward on 4th line and/or even over Casey Johnson. WTF aren’t you?! Alright, move on. St. Cloud next weekend. I’ll support and watch. Been a fun series regardless of the outcome. NCHC conference is a wagon. So good and so tough!
  10. SiouxForever


    Greetings all, Still looking for a “Large” green Rebook Sioux head jersey. Replica not authentic. I do frequently check Facebook marketplace in the Fargo and Grand Forks area. Been a few on there once in a while...maybe 2 months ago, there was one for $75 and I didn’t pull the trigger. Please DM if anyone stumbles upon one.
  11. SiouxForever

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Ahhhh. Dark times... Sure miss Greg Johnson, Jason Blake, Jeff Panzer, Bochenski, Duncan, Nelson, Frattin (his veteran years) Boeser etc. You know, guys that were pure snipers and goal scorers. How the hell do you expect to win hockey games scoring 1, let alone averaging 1-2 goals a game? Look, Duluth did it last year and made a run. Checks the mirror..., this UND team is no Duluth (last years team or current Duluth’s team). Can’t get any worse... that’s the positive thing or can it?
  12. SiouxForever


    Are you 100% positive the authentic one is legit on eBay?
  13. SiouxForever


    Still looking for a "green" Sioux logo Reebok jersey. Size Medium or Large if anyone is selling...
  14. SiouxForever

    Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    Amazing! Didn't take a free handout and took initiative and made himself accountable. Please support his business. I don't live in GF but when I pass through, I will def. make a stop. Great leader and person for the Grand Forks community! Great story too btw. Thanks for sharing!
  15. SiouxForever

    UND vs. DU

    I agree 100%. Find a new goal song and don't copy the Chicago Blackhawks. Create your own unique experience. And yes, let's bury this song it has played out. I know that will upset a lot of older ticket holders at the rink though. Screw it, they don't run the music system.