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  1. I see that the NCHC tv app has changed providers on the backend. Used to be Neulion and now this year is Sidearm Sports? Anyone have information on this? Not sure if this is a good or bad thing moving forward.
  2. Anyone know the tv options tomorrow? Obviously, it will be on KVLY, how about streaming options? Appreciate any insight.
  3. Be nice if Mismash had a solid year. Weatherby could be a sleeper for production. Has size and skill. Just need at least “1” of the freshman to be a goal scorer as a freshie. Hopefully it happens.
  4. Team can’t be any worse than last year. Only progression and trending up. D-Core should be solid. Peski will play a role and who knows maybe Frisch develops throughout the year to add something to impact the team at some point. Goalies - Scheel is the real deal. Give Thome some games. Scoring? TBD
  5. SiouxForever

    The Herald

    Schlossman should just leave the Herald and be the first college hockey writer on The Athletic. I'm sure the company would be willing to pay Brad. He could also cover some other interesting sports and/or sport topics etc.
  6. Any unique meals or apps at any Fargo restaurants that stand out?
  7. You must have not had their chips and queso. Pancheros is king there.
  8. Wurst is solid. Forgot that honorable mention. Boiler Room is too. Chiptole is played out and their quality is slipping. Actually prefer Pancheros.
  9. Fargo has lot of options, no question, but what really sticks out? Bluemoose spin dip is a staple and no question parrots cay for wings. Now that Grand Forks has Vinyl Taco etc. I can’t think of an amazing spot in Fargo. Porter Creek is very good, I like Franks for their wings too. But best burger in Fargo is still JL Beers or Sickies imo and GF has both. *Taco trompos is amazing for authentic Mexican on 45th I might add Really wish Fargo had Popolinos pizza. Fargo’s non franchise pizza game is brutal. Love to her food/go to items that people prefer in Fargo? I’ve been to them (restaurants) all.
  10. Haven't been to a Dave and Busters in years, but wondered why a themed place like that couldn't take off in Fargo? Be more of a destination and something to do/go to in the winter months. Never worked in the food industry. Thoughts?
  11. Wild headed straight towards a dumpster fire next season. Bank on then missing the playoffs. Great rink, fan base. Horribly ran organization.
  12. Well Pinto was almost a first round pick. I’ll quit bitching.
  13. Still be nice if UND could land a few of these recruits. UND doesn’t win a natty without Brock in 2016. Again, he wasn’t an original UND recruit. Idk how Wisconsin lands a few studs. Program still is average despite Granto being there
  14. I'm still not sure if he makes it on UND campus. I could see him doing okay in the BCHL this year and committing to an inferior D1 team.
  15. Marketing department at the hyslop.
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