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  1. Anyone got an illegal stream for the game?
  2. Enjoyed his game a lot last year. Wish he had more ice time last year tbh.
  3. Minus Gaber and Sanderson, who is making the biggest jump and progression this season?
  4. http://na3hl.com/news/story.cfm?id=31889 Seen this logo before in here. The designer/creator getting paid/licensing on this?
  5. I’ll give it kudos for a creative idea for the K-mart space. Overall, with the asks/requests seems like a snake oil salesperson. Ha! GF should look hard at the concrete data/numbers if they pursue this.
  6. What a bunch of bs. Unreal. Team could have been much better. Still plenty of room in cap space to sign free agents. Who wants to go to Seattle though? Not I.
  7. UND needs to get the USHL playoff MVP. That would be a good pickup.
  8. Ha! Und had a ton of Seniors on the squad though and some very good ones...
  9. Who had St. Cloud playing for the natty at the start of the year? I would say they’d be a top 10. Would have never guessed... Look at St. Clouds roster and then look at UNDs. Goodness. If St. Cloud wins, quite the teams they’ll end up beating to win it all. Give them credit.
  10. A lot of college hockey teams lose key players early. Happens every year. This years end result stings as UND had depth but didn't have a healthy Mismash and Seden for the final games. Pinto leaving... Another year would have been nice, but he'll do just fine in the NHL. He's ready. Can, shoot, win faceoffs, solid two-player etc. Looking back, too bad he did't win a natty and he only got to play in one national tournament at UND because of Covid. That's what really sucks. UND just needs to land a few guys in the transfer portal, making sure they're the right fit. For next year, you never know. Duluth continues to win and play deep into the playoffs year in and year out with less talent. It's about time for UND to start doing that.
  11. A healthy Senden and Mismash would have been nice. Can’t believe Duluth played UND close and tight all year in each game And the fact that they keep on winning those close games grinds my gears. I’m assuming BC and Minnesota win tomorrow. Add Duluth already in the frozen four and have those 3 teams at the FF makes me sick.
  12. Next week will be interesting. Need to beat Miami. That’s a must. In theory, want to win all games next weekend. If they lose, oh, well. Back in the real WCHA days, very rare if a team won the WCHA regular season, WCHA Final Five followed by the National Title. Can’t recall a team top of my mind... Really wish we could just fast forward to the west regional.
  13. Believe 3-4 of their D are only juniors too.
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