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  1. Amazing thread! Being a UND fan is truly something special. Other teams don’t have anything like this. Siouxsports is quite the community. Fun to look at the jerseys.
  2. Why don’t we just wait until selection day. This seems like the Ryan Duncan season all over again. Let’s just wait and see.
  3. Note to self, thread topic is "Best" not "Worst" Sioux Memories. I got it SS users. My bad... I'll do better.
  4. @Blackheart Any interest in uploading 2005 NC championship loss to Denver?
  5. Someone refresh my memory. Lee Goren played 2 games in the WHL. How was he able to play college hockey again? I forget the story when I was only a young buck back then.
  6. Is it too early to do a projected lineup and lines for fun during this slow time for next year? Obviously, the team doesn't know who's all staying and who's coming in yet, but we have a pretty good idea.
  7. Amazing, thank you! Siouxsport users - who wants to order Blackheart some much earned Pizza or some decent food etc. ? Guy deserves it for his efforts on this stuff! @Blackheart What's your food of choice? How can we help and return the favor?
  8. Whoa, the AHL is not a development league? I'm gonna respectfully disagree with you Stevie-Y... Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Tyler Toffoli, John Carlson and Kyle Connor top of mind for a sample size will discredit your view/opinion.
  9. I agree 100% and don't disagree. Grand Forks doesn't have anything special when it comes to the food scene. In addition, I still think they have too many restaurants and nothing truly unique. Relax. When I am in GF, I go to Blue Moose, and that is in EGF, MN so....
  10. I don't think this thread is bad in particular. Grand Forks (my hometown) and Fargo have too many restaurants in general. In Brandon Bochenski, I hope to trust him to jump start Grand Forks. It needs it, big time!
  11. Ice cream kid is the only thing that can save the Ralph's game-day experience imo.
  12. Nice ad hominem article Fargo Forum -- https://www.inforum.com/sports/hockey/5018253-There’s-no-going-back-for-NHL-NBA This is why I'll never pay for your content. I'll bypass your paywall every time minus streaming sports at during Feb (no work around for that). Hot garbage!
  13. You copy my statement, just re-word it? :-)
  14. Decent coach, crazy college hockey atmosphere at their home rink. They’ve had success developing NHL players in the last 10 years. Good for them, good for college hockey.
  15. I’ll donate (I’ve donated multiple times, great kid) more money again to the Hunter P. Go fund me account if someone can get me the 2011 Michigan vs. UND frozen four game when the frozen four was at the Xcel Energy Center. Last time beating a dead horse.
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