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  1. I want some money back from the NCHC. You gotta deliver.
  2. Judd’s best game of the year so far. 4th line playing well.
  3. When CC gets that new rink, they should update their stream and production. Nice to be able to watch but this stream isn’t great by any means.
  4. For next next year I would assume? Guess UND isn't good enough. What an odd deal.
  5. Is this Duluth commentator seriously wearing a mask while calling the game on the NCHC app? Sounds terrible and you've got to be kidding me if he is.
  6. History. They shutout 19 Canadian first rounders. This will NEVER be forgotten. Salt in the wound. Unreal game by the Americans! Flawless. It’s why you play the game. And in 1 game, things happen.
  7. And Alex Newhook (BC) and goalie Devon Levi (Northeastern) have done exceptional for Canada. Dang, those college hockey players, right?
  8. They sure did. 14-days not enough time for protocol for their guys? If they have to play short-handed, they should have to play. Big deal.
  9. It appears the YouTube link got shut down. Anyone have another? The WJC is awesome to watch, to be able to watch on the NHL Network is a joke.
  10. Might be an over confident win for USA. A good win but hopefully, those 7 goals don’t go to their head.
  11. Goodness. Bring back bubble play in 2 locations. Omaha and Grand Forks.
  12. Hopefully, he makes a quick impact. I am sure he’s excited for his first practice today and to start playing more hockey.
  13. Good time to bring a guy in. He won’t use up eligibility, no? This year it’s waved. Smart move by Denver.
  14. Berry didn't play Judd hardly at all and then the camera zoomed in on the bench as Berry was talking to Judd. Unless still injured, gotta get Judd out there and get his confidence back up. He has a role somewhere in the lineup.
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