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  1. You should be required to wear a mask to enter this thread/forum topic and discussion. #Progress All masks aren’t the same, so let’s try and create some standardization here.
  2. I’ve been watching Fighting Sioux hockey for 30 years. Current, past/former players aren’t angels. You might as well quit supporting the program with that comment. If you only knew some stories of probably your favorite players during different generations. We’re human. No one is perfect. Yes, some people have better character and have better judgment than others. Why don’t you ask the USHL team if they had any problems with Miller? Then get back to me, seems like they gave him a chance/opportunity.
  3. Huh? These people are driving by themselves and I doubt the ones I see are food delivery people. Move on, you're just as a waste of space on this forum.
  4. Nobody is telling me to wear a mask at home or in my car, but when I drive around and get outside, people are doing it in Fargo. A bunch of sheep/idiots.
  5. Well, not all mask lives matter. You see all masks aren't the same. If there was a standard for all masks and a requirement standard, I wouldn't have a problem. Ftr, I have no problem wearing a mask at Costco or getting a haircut. Again, though, the masks are a dog and pony sh^t show.
  6. Love how you're all judging a person you never met in real life. Gotta love 2020 and social media/the internet. For the record, I do NOT condone his past behavior at all.
  7. I can respect Costco’s stance on masks. Will I wear a mask in my car or my own home? Not a chance in hell! Getting a haircut? Yep- done it twice. Golfing or restaurant/patio or other - no way! I have been playing hockey too since April. We’ve been just fine!
  8. Yes, the virus exists, no question. What's going to be different given the end of September than now, (currently June 23rd?) , more media blowing sh^t and fear because we need round 2 of the wave because it is an election year? Gawd forbid, we just be patient and see how a. month+ of warm weather washes or lessens the virus? Let's continue to overreact and panic with this dog and pony show. It's comical. Do you guys realize the 2-week recovery timeframe to recover is a myth? Everyone will react differently, healthy people will recover way sooner than a fake subject matter expert and recommendation of 2-weeks. Another 2-weeks, let's continue to move the goal post back again, again, and again.
  9. Columbia mall ideas (not good ones, just spitballing) Indoor dog park and track that people and their pets can use Inline hockey half or full size hockey rink, which can also be used for lacrosse and indoor co-ed soccer. Build a patio with fire pits somewhere to be an add-on for the mall. Don't need liquor or a restaurant per se. Give the people who don't have access to a lake place a fun place to sit with friends, play board games, adult Jenga, large enough grass space to play a few courts for spike ball. Add a few pickelball courts etc. Add two outdoor volleyball courts too. Inside, add 4-6 pool tables and pin ball machines etc. Super random ideas, Bo - give me call, I'll get the creative ideas flowing.
  10. Expand the patio, bring a decent menu (the food and service was terrible at BLVD) make a few more changes inside to remodel, that spot could work imo. Get the environment, food, and service correct in there then people that frequently go to Pour House or Pub West will flock to it. It's not rocket science. However, with that said, who's gonna buy the 1.5+ million dollar building? We shall see...
  11. @Redneksioux But skewing testing/tested data and fabricated results is totally ok in your book? You're very special.
  12. Rumor has it BLVD is closed and done for good in Fargo off of Veterans, is this true? In addition, what is the 7-8 story building being built slightly south west behind Tavern Grill and prior to the BNG building? Anyone know? PS - If we already have a Fargo economy thread topic, I apologize.
  13. 20 years later, 20+ pounds fatter, mental stress and hand and back injuries. Oh, computers, so good and so bad. I've seen so many men and women get sucked in to the trap and in addition, seek out a chiropractor for back pain. Maybe.... just an idea, stand up at your desk, exercise and don't sit all day and not move. Look kids, your body was made to move. It's not that difficult to conceptualize.
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