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  1. Watch all four East Region Boys Tournament Games by going to www.knoxradio.com. Click on the Sports Tab at the top of the Home Page. Then you will see two links:KNOX TV 1KNOX TV 2One station will carry both games held in Fargo, ND at the Farmer's Union Ins. ArenaOne station will carry both games held in Grand Forks, ND at the Purpur Arena.Fargo games are at 5:15 and 7:30 pm. Grand Forks Games are at 4:30 and 7:00 pm
  2. So just to confirm, game is on CBS only tonight and not NCHC TV, correct?
  3. This thread should have more comments. Toronto and Oilers game was insane. NHL is the best to watch!
  4. I have interest as long as it's not Minnesota too.
  5. Interesting. Wonder if he stays through with that Northern Michigan verbal. I’m not condoning UND to poach him. But as we no, players get better and develop and bigger schools will come in and still have that conversation with the kid.
  6. Nice to see Mismash score, JK continue his run and stay hot as well as Adams continue his play. Hopefully, Hain scores tomorrow. Would love to see him start getting a few goals and get that trend going. Anyone in attendance, how’d you asses Bast’s play against a college hockey team again?
  7. Pinto had a really good World Juniors despite the loss today to Finland. Had more points in the WJC than Brock B. did I believe. Future looks bright for him and his NHL career. Might not score as much as Brock in the NHL (he could) but see him as a potential very good Patrice Bergeron type player. Has more speed than P. Bergeron and Brock too. UND is lucky to have Pinto. Looking forward to watching him at UND for at least one more year. 3 if UND is lucky.
  8. Pretty simple on Pinto. Give him a choice. If he wants to sit out Friday and play Saturday. If neither, UND will be just fine beating UAH. Rest isn't a bad thing. However, he'll miss out on some stats probably. Team first though.
  9. Is he one of our recruits?
  10. Can't win with Freshie first rounders. College hockey, there's too much disparity in regards to weight and strength with 18 year olds compared to 21+
  11. This series is good to get back into things and gear up for the 2nd half. Get Thome some playing time. Maybe give him 1 whole game on Friday and he and Scheel can split the game on Saturday. This is the right opponent to split playing time for both goalies in 1 or both games. In addition, be nice to get Mishmash scoring some more goals this weekend, toss in Hain, Bast too. What else am I missing?
  12. Not Grand Forks, but Fargo related, tried Bird Brew (chicken place) in Fargo over the weekend. Very good and fun place. Anyone try? Chicken sandwiches this day and age are selling more than burgers. Places like Chick-fil-A etc. are striving. Bird Brew is more of order and sit down place. Not fast food, more fast causal.
  13. Anyone know the annoying kickoff song Nicolas St. had? Interested in the name of the song. Gosh, that was annoying.
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