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  1. the actual 6% that had Covid of 200,000 and math guy here, that is 12K give er take. I’ll take my chances. Science can be wrong. Not math, not my math! Fact.
  2. I don’t know one person, personally that died from Covid. Hbu?
  3. MN has had a mask mandate for how long with more rules and regulations in bars and restaurants. How’s that working out? I rest my case.
  4. Decent sized outdoor Johnny Holm concert in Fargo last night. Crowd wasn't too large. Nice to do something normal again. Covid what?
  5. I’ve drowned out the NFL in the last 5 years. Don’t miss it one bit. More active on a Sunday and will tune into any NHL games on. NFL reaps what they sow. BTW, Drew Brees is a coward.
  6. Watch the Big Ten start up in mid-October. Just wait.
  7. Hometown kid. Worthless pickup.
  8. So let’s say they start in November instead of October. What changes? Nonsense continues in 2020. Worst year ever.
  9. Anyone see the Big Ten news yesterday was fake news? Of course. 2nd round of Covid hysteria, schools resume, more testing than ever dems and libs want to continue fear up until election or even longer. Regarding the claim that 30-35% of Big Ten athletes have been discovered to have heart conditions linked to Covid-19: It was incorrect. Here is some clarification from Penn State. "Dr. Sebastianelli wishes to clarify this point, and apologize for any confusion." pic.twitter.com/ATUc2FxDrU
  10. And there goes your intelligence or any point you had from your lens. Your thoughts are superior evidently which debunk logic. Typical, lib.
  11. I don’t understand your narrative and logic. Let’s pretend he wasn’t shot, prior to that incident, given any of his actions of those or that day, which were acceptable? I‘ll wait. My lens sees his actions and not complying = his fate/result.
  12. What a joke. Here's a dumpster fire. I dare/welcome any of this garbage to ever come my way and in my face. I won't be as nice.
  13. I’m not all pro Trump on the things he does. With that said, given the silent majority, you’re going to be awfully disappointed when he’s your president again for another 4 years.
  14. How is this stupid? Video not fit your narrative? Thought you’re always fact checking things. Funny how you pushed this incident just like the media before facts or other videos/evidence came out. Move along. Let’s see you spin this one
  15. You’re a joke. You’re a media puppet. Always two sides to a story. “Most” cops don’t just kill people unjustified. You’re a loser, man. Hate to say it
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