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  1. I'm still not sure if he makes it on UND campus. I could see him doing okay in the BCHL this year and committing to an inferior D1 team.
  2. Marketing department at the hyslop.
  3. 5’5 115 lbs. start eating burritos kid.
  4. You really screwed us on that prospect @Goon you had one job!
  5. Ice girls would a nice touch like the NHL. Then on the marketing side, need to find something unique to do - ie. dance cam etc. that again is strictly unique at the Ralph. Just gotta have some marketing minds get creative. Lets go with unique goal song. Goodbye Chelsea dagger. It’s been overplayed.
  6. Fun topic, anyone with some photoshop skills, let's see your ideas. I do like the Dallas Starts jersey as a template
  7. I would love to see the million+ organ get used more at the REA personally. In addition to the experience, just have the marketing staff research and watch what happens at NHL games during the regular and playoff season and incorporate a couple ideas. Video projector on ice would be a good start too.
  8. I say bring in Rizzo for next year. Won't hurt or make the team any worse and maybe he becomes a 4-year player.
  9. Guchi was a Denver recruit too, so very fortunate there. In addition, UND benefited getting Nick Jones for a few years. Could you imagine him not being on the team the last few years? I can’t imagine recruiting is easy and not a every player wants to play at UND or live in Grand Forks. However, with that said, UND has dropped the ball with forward recruits the last ~ 3 years. Goalie and D-situation should be very solid for pipeline. Just need to score 3 or more goals a game next year. :-)
  10. Bring in everyone that you can. If you have to cut a player, so be it. We want to watch some goals scored next year!
  11. Who wants to provide a YouTube stream to this game?
  12. Boston University has had a ton of talent upfront and even in goalie and a few D the last few years.... How'd that work out for them? How many nattys? UND will have a loaded D-core again next year and an unreal sophomore goalie in Scheel. Just need to score a few more goals. UND isn't that far off people. Please travel outside of Nodak this winter and get some Vitamin D and/or sun or get your meds. R-E-L-A-X
  13. Alright this is odd. Loose lips sink ships, what’s the true reason here?
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