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  1. How about getting a Costco to come to town and renovate either the Macy's or Sear's building to fit their needs. Plenty of room for parking and a gas station.
  2. I don't know. I suppose we will find out if they will do either.
  3. Coming from someone who is always complaining that more money is needed to compete. Nothing preventing people from donating.
  4. The problem is that there are only so many local businesses that could give in a small community, so the larger cities are going to be the ones that prosper from this.
  5. Regardless, if the Columbia Mall owners don't fix the frontage road, nobody will want to go there anyway. Surprised some of those businesses aren't making a bigger deal out of those road conditions.
  6. So she started out at Denver, are we going to continue to see the same kind of leadership that thinks Denver can do no wrong when it comes to major penalties and suspensions?
  7. Strinden wasn't ripping it up in the playoffs either. I think like any playoff hockey, things tighten up substantially, and you don't see the video game scores you see in the regular season.
  8. Would Vegas be up for that defensive style?
  9. ...and if they did that, people would have been questioning them as to why they picked up an experienced guy like Fluery if they weren't going to use him in the playoffs.
  10. But on the positive side, another loss by the Vikings, and the Wild will match the best playoff record in the state of Minnesota!
  11. Got to say that I don’t remember a Stanley Cup playoffs with so many bad announcers and color commentators. It is hard to listen to at times.
  12. ...and it is a win now or the fans go ballistic situation at UND. Not that it was an either/or situation with Hain, Senden or Spicer, but how many people complaining would say, oh it's o.k. that Spicer made a couple bad mistakes and/or didn't show up for a tournament game in which we lost. No, those people would be all over Berry because we lost a tournament game. Spicer moved on, and we will too.
  13. ...and Caulfield's numbers were better against college teams when he was with the USNDT. Caulfield didn't exactly rip it up his first two season here. In fact his goals against college teams while with the USNDT probably matched his full year total both of his first two seasons here.
  14. Looks like Smilanic is headed to Wisconsin. Rumors are that he isn’t a great locker room guy, but I suspect Granato feels pressure to make some noise this year.
  15. You aren't taking into consideration that Spicer will be pushing his pro team to sign him after he scores 5 goals next year!
  16. I know, just saying that someone who was a top scorer in his junior league, rated a little high, and is a little older than Spicer doesn't appear to be in a rush to make a decision.
  17. So if he is being recruited by UND and decides he wants to come this year, we should meet his demands being that he is projected higher than Spicer!
  18. That was not the decision, it wasn't an either/or situation. Coaches are not bringing in players and ruin their development just because the player thinks he should come in. Like I said, the same people crying over not bringing him in are the ones that say UND has no talent, when in fact it is young talent that just needs to follow the progression. In this case the progression was another year of juniors. Schlossman's article showing how rare it is for players that young to come to campus was very interesting, and I don't consider Spicer to be a rare talent, so why should he be treated like one. Forney, Bishop, Fylling, McKinnon, McLean, and on down the line, there have been guys that came in too young and had to be sent back for seasoning. When you are going to be a late round draft pick, I am sure the teams interested are expecting you to take your time to develop, so why rush things.
  19. Funny, the same people that call a player a bust if they do nothing their freshmen year and shortly beyond and call for Berry to ditch them, want Berry to bring in a guy who they deem isn’t ready, because he could be something a couple years down the road, knowing he most likely will leave anyway because his advisors think he is the next Jonathan Toews.
  20. So you think a good policy is to bring in guys when they want to come in so you don’t lose them? Agree with the premise that if he comes in and sits, he enters the transfer portal next year.
  21. That line was dominant when they were together, but when parts were missing at times, not as much. Spicer will obviously get more playing time with Duluth with their losses.
  22. Imagine if it was the other way around, he would be accusing Berry of taking Duluth's castoffs!
  23. Don't think UND would stop the football team from building a new facility if a football benefactor gave them the money. Isn't that why we are waiting on Phase 2?
  24. Plexiglass started in the 40's, UND didn't get it until the 70's.
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