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    But that is more than 72 hours, which supposedly is the guideline.
  2. Thought you were about Natty’s! None of those guys have Natty’s, unless Sanderson gets one this year. And you realize when we first recruited guys like Sanderson and Pinto they weren’t considered elite.
  3. ...and we’ve had plenty of guys that were thought of to be top end recruits when we got them and they didn’t develop later. Guys like Rizzo, Ryder Donovan, Ethan Bowen and Halliday were big time recruits at the time they committed. I wouldn’t trade a Donovan for Judd Caulfield.
  4. Hope you're right. Take it to them!
  5. tnt


    My question is, why is the Ralph doing testing on Wednesday, 10/27 beginning at 7 a.m. if the standard is 72 hours?
  6. UND had a problem with idiots throwing stuff on the ice years ago too. Their answer was to take the bottle caps from the beverage when you bought it, so hopefully it wouldn't be full of liquid. How about getting all of the eyes that you have around the arena for surveillance and find the idiots that did it. That is probably the reason they don't do it anymore, is because they can just pick the people out who would try something like that.
  7. Certainly wouldn't be the first time that Jim Rich was wrong. He takes being a homer to another level.
  8. I can picture a scenario late in the season when someone is fighting it out in the pairwise with other teams and they are tied late in the third, that they may need to pull their goalie because 55% in overtime isn't going to cut it. You either have to win in regulation or bust. I also can see some teams being very conservative down the stretch just to get to overtime and that 55/45 split.
  9. Why did his own player stop, waiting for them to call it, if it was a dive?
  10. UND fans should serenade him with “Michigan reject” even though he left because of lack of playing time.
  11. I hope St. Cloud gets Minnesota in a regional and remembers Lafontaine taunting their bench!
  12. And we’ve got you down as your definition of Blue Chippaz as Shaugabay and Clark, so we’ll see where they end up.
  13. Let’s see, the person always crying about blue chippaz is wondering why a team that loses a large percentage of college hockey’s defections to the NHL is going to take some time to come together with 14 new players.
  14. Agree, but those that are of the “Weatherby who” crowd need to realize guys like him succeeding and talking about UND on the NHL Network is good for UND and their future recruiting.
  15. But I would bet for most of us it wasn’t 20/20 hindsight. I said what are you doing when he shot it. If you look at 3 on 3 in the NHL, many times the offensive player will even throw it back to his goaltender to keep possession of the puck. I wish they would still have the 5x5 for 5 minutes, then go to 3x3.
  16. But I would argue, that is why we need few non conference losses, because we may go .500 or a little better in conference and then you are in a dogfight with other NCHC teams in the Pairwise. But yeah, we just need to focus on playing hard all the time and getting the right chemistry in our line combinations. Some of the young guys are doing better earlier than I thought they would.
  17. If they start out next week like they did tonight, we get swept. I don’t think anyone on this team knows how bad Pecknold will be wanting to have his guys ready to beat us next week.
  18. Exactly, you don’t just give away the puck 3 on 3, and that isn’t a 20/20 hindsight thing.
  19. Duluth also playing Bemidji State, Alaska Fairbanks, and Northern Michigan. Denver playing Air Force, Alaska Fairbanks and Arizona State. Neither schedule is a better Pairwise booster than who we are playing.
  20. Way too passive when Bemidji State pulled their goalie, even after the Bemidji guy had to go to the bench for a new stick. Expected it to be tight, so good experience to go down to the wire in a hard building to play in and still come out on top.
  21. Even though he played well last weekend, I wonder if Berry sits Constantini tonight and puts him back in at home. That whole line with Kunz and Portz did work well together though, so who knows.
  22. I understand the want from fans to schedule old rivalry games more consistently, but I think that the NCHC is a huge grind on its own, and I would guess the coaches want a little chance to catch their breath and experiment with lineups without the backdrop of a huge rivalry. Of course, we have seen that even if you schedule a team that could be considered "a break", it can really hurt you in the pairwise if you take them lightly or their goaltender steals the game. Also, don't know if we give guys like Gavin Hain or others that are banged up a rest day in a rivalry game. I like the fact we are playing Minnesota every year, so I guess I would rather do that than rotate with another old rival.
  23. I have two tickets for Saturday vs. Bemidji State. End where UND shoots twice. $50 takes both. Call 701-330-8439.
  24. http://www.collegehockeyinc.com/commitments.php Now it looks like Braccini committed to Minnesota again. Seems strange.
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