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  1. lol, player taunting "How do you like that Bobby" was a fun point of last season.
  2. 90siouxfan

    UND @ ISU

    Looks like Iheart radio for me, ESPN has a paywall for this one. and following on here
  3. Thanks, I thought the announcers said SDSU, didn't make sense with the clip of the CSU coach getting iritated.
  4. Which coach got the personal foul?
  5. thanks for acknowledging my propensity to be different
  6. Idalski ruined the program.... change my mind.
  7. perhaps a bovine mascot would be better received....
  8. Salty Mike putting the chase on that bleacher creature thing might be some good entertainment
  9. YET!!!! lets start a pool. Thong, goofer toque, sign, etc
  10. When do the transgender boys whoop up on the girls?
  11. I wish something to do with dinosaurs would have been chosen, the Ralph filled with those Trex suits would be epic.
  12. I think the current logo is a sacrificial lamb... Knowing the hatred and rejection that would be given to any logo, this is destined to take the abuse, then be moved to a secondary logo when a bit better logo makes its appearance.
  13. lol, don't take my observations to any betting windows
  14. Vasilesky looking beatable here.
  15. I feel I must cheer for the underdogs. Wish it was winter.... don't get to say that very often
  16. Bruins... licked their last...
  17. Jets never left the tarmac....
  18. Jost with a nice PP goal, was it ever decided Yoe -st, or Joe -st?
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