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  1. Traitor! Traitor! Masterb..! Fits well with the diving corp.
  2. https://twitter.com/rdeics/status/1517956271248445441?t=hYLpSUNur6VIePACmgPyEA&s=19
  3. Is the breakdown of scholarship allotments available? FOIA request?
  4. looked to me like the DU player had the guys stick clamped down under his arm.... still need to keep a cool head
  5. I can handle the bias... but talk like adults.
  6. I guess if Goofers win it all.. imagining Lucia pet mumbling "well, !@#$" will be a bright spot
  7. My favorite part so far is Barry forgetting to speak for like 4 minutes, he should teach the 12 year old girl beside him that trick.
  8. should have kept them together for the last few weeks....
  9. Wonder if Carter Savoie is tired of hearing.... Bobby, Bobby, Bobby?
  10. Apparently Connor Ford is great at face offs.... and plays for Notre Dame, no wonder this is hard.
  11. Is it my end that has stream stopping and starting alot?
  12. I always picture a cheesy scene from Grease where you are singing "Oh Sandy...."
  13. I can just see it, Fanti finally lets in a goal in the final minute of the Championship game... Dalloott trying to end an 0-0 tie when Super Soft Sandy pulls him for a 6 on 3 and Senden banks a blocked shot off the boards into an empty net.
  14. At this point, they have to be trolling wth that sheet.
  15. KLEVEN SCORES!!!! glad to have that in my clipboard.
  16. Is the Mich Tech coach Koberinski's cousin?
  17. I use on hockey.tv a lot... used to not have nchc streams but thar changed this year, I assume the streamer tech has got the lead on the security tech. I only use your stream as a last resort, thinking less viewers less attention from the internet popo. I feel bad for depriving you of revenue and viewers.
  18. Hope ESPN leaves you alone, or your using an safe method to hide your internet connection.
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