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  1. Big get for UW. Was wondering when he was gonna commit. Better to UW than UMN.
  2. I don't see how it would be a bad look for us. Unless he lights it up in college at UMass and Johnson doesn't do well, then I'd say I'll trust the coach's decision to bring in Johnson instead.
  3. National Champs UMass picking up some nice dmen pieces for next year's team... Yesterday they got Slava Demin out of the transfer portal (from DU) And today they get Morrow from UND recruits
  4. He sounds like one of those kids that leaves at mid season if his dad determines he’s not getting enough playing time on the PP units. Either way, we’ve known about the “issues” surrounding him for awhile. I’m trusting the coaches on this one, and either way the d-corps is a strength of next seasons team, especially with the best dman in the nation returning.
  5. Strauss Mann, Michigan goalie, announced that he is moving on to pro hockey...he was a junior. Interested to see if any other Michigan players move on too.
  6. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/7005284-UND-picks-up-goaltender-from-Sweden
  7. The Sicatoka can now rest easy. The third goalie for next season has been found.
  8. Brad Berry after winning a third straight Penrose next year with help from portal transfers: "are you not entertained?!?"
  9. Few transfer updates today from Schloss: Union F Jack Adams to Notre Dame Lowell D Chase Blackmun to Notre Dame Northeastern F Neil Shea to Sacred Heart WMU F Brett Van Os to portal LSSU F Hampus Eriksson to portal Couple nice pickups for Notre Dame...Adams has yet to show any consistency, but could find his own eventually. Blackmun is skilled though. LSSU has been hammered by players entering the portal after their trip to the NCAA's this season. I have a feeling this transfer portal (although it will be less crazy in future years) is going to be very tough on "smaller"
  10. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6995440-UND-lands-commitment-from-Lake-Superior-State-transfer-Ashton-Calder?fbclid=IwAR2uec932TXYED2z1nYu7gfoxq1gzXMyM1fOqPKIiBgVhxlaGWXbVZIFDpk I didn't realize that Calder was a Sault Ste Marie native playing college in his hometown.
  11. That's a big one. Plus he's got 2 years of eligibility left as well. Now we'll see how well these big goal scorers from the WCHA (Ford and Calder) translate to the NCHC.
  12. I agree on the bottom three. I think UND and UMD flip spots in your rankings, especially if UND manages to pick up another good experienced portal forward. And then DU with their large freshmen group and WMU with all their returning seniors fight it out for the last home ice spot.
  13. Their 5 game win streak at the end of the season made their record look a lot better than what it was.
  14. WMU and SCSU both returning nearly all their players (seniors coming back):
  15. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6992247-The-Daily-Skate-Top-players-in-portal-begin-to-thin-out?fbclid=IwAR1-4_wu_Jyt4coFUpmQDjBxN6iVSBfleyMI_YECElU-6u5jQ0pRDkRinCg Schloss lists the best remaining forward options for UND should they go back to the portal for another forward. Calder from LSSU is at the top of his list.
  16. Yes they will be a very good team for sure. Especially playing in the B10. I would put their defense a level or two below UND's last team...and I would even put it a level below next year's UND team. But still a very solid core especially with LaFontaine returning. Offensive they lose some key contributors...it will interesting to see how Lucius does as a freshman, he has the potential to be a very good goal scorer for them. And Cruikshank will do very well on the big ice. Then it will just depend on how many (if any) players that Michigan loses before next season. Should be a
  17. Catching up on GPL reading, it seems like next season's national title game is already set between Michigan and Minnesota. Although to do that, the B10 teams would have to be able to get past the first round of the NCAA's, something that has proven difficult for many of them.
  18. Cruikshank to Gophers and Brown (Lowell) to BU. Big adds for both teams, both players have two years of eligibility left. Now we just have to cross our fingers for Calder.
  19. DU dman Mendel transferring to Quinnipiac.
  20. I keep waiting for some of the Michigan studs to sign but none of them have so far. If they all (or the majority) stay, they will be very good next season and the favorites in the B10.
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