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  1. I thought penalty minutes were pretty high league wide. A lot of teams taking a lot of penalties.
  2. We were 1st. Though if you look at overall and not just conference games, UND had 13.9, Omaha had 13.8 and Western had 13.6, so not much difference between the top teams in that stat. Conference games are a different story. (www.collegehockeystats.net)
  3. Schlossman’s comment about UMD’s lack of offense wasn’t well received by the UMD beat writer. (I saw the video version so I saw his facial expression). I think that while they’ve been able to win those low scoring games the last couple years, I feel like lack of offense could come back to bite them unless they start scoring more. Which is valid. 2014-15 UND team was masterful at winning those close games, didn’t always score a lot, came back to bite them in the Frozen Four when Zane has a bad game and we couldn’t score enough to come back. (Just as an example)
  4. It’s available on the bulldog insider podcast feed also if that works better. I listen to podcasts on Apple podcasts and I found it there. Warning: shades of arrogance can be found while listening. If I have to listen to that all season it’s gonna be a long winter.
  5. Are you familiar with the concept “complete sentences”?
  6. I’d rather earn 1st than be picked for it. We’re not finishing 4th. Its a preseason poll. Media opinion. That’s it.
  7. Technically a 5th season. But yeah I cannot imagine they were too happy. I personally got the impression the people he was closest with on that team all graduated with him, so it made sense that he left.
  8. Nick Swaney from UMD was named and he basically had the same amount of points last year as Kawaguchi. So I don’t take it too seriously. Just something to talk about in this boring preseason.
  9. I looked at overall scoring, not just conference games, but: Liam Finley (DU) and Josh Passolt (WMU) , which is kind of funny because I’d say they aren’t as well known as some of their teammates. Of those who made the preseason team, Jack Ahcan was behind them in 3rd and Justin Richards was 4th.
  10. Found it hilarious the top 2 returning leading scorers in the conference did not make this team. I did some research over the weekend on who the top returning guys are stat-wise, and I was surprised at some of the names at the top.
  11. Doesn’t sound like they are according to the graphic that was tweeted out by the athletic department : they recommend arriving early. The athletic department also mentioned on their website in the article about the changes that doors open 60 minutes prior to game time.
  12. Just an FYI, If a member of the general public buys a ticket from the student section that went unused and was released, it’s a general admission ticket, not reserved. I know because I had one a few years back
  13. They will, and they do. I had to show mine, as did everyone in the student line. (I graduated in 2009) . I also had a friend who went to Northland try to use a student ticket and got turned away. I think they might scan them now, or at least at one point they did.
  14. According to the article, student tickets are tied to their student ID number so if someone tried to use a ticket that wasn’t theirs, and didn’t match the ID, they could be turned away at the door. (I don’t know for sure this is what would happen but I’d say it’s possible) They basically really don’t want non-students in the student section.
  15. Exactly- just because you can be all modern and high tech, doesn’t mean you have to be. In my time, (just 10 years ago) I purchased season tickets online, went to REA to pick them up. Boom, done.
  16. Yup, saw this on Twitter. I had been wondering if the reports that he “signed” may have been premature.
  17. Considering it was posted by Schlossman, I don’t think UND had much say, nor should they. He doesn’t work for UND, so he doesn’t need their permission.
  18. The players pick the warm up music so it depends what the seniors are into. I’m hoping this year’s senior class will steer music away from EDM to the more rock based genres. (But we’ll see). When I was in school (circa 2006-09) I feel like the vibe aligned closer with the bands you mentioned.
  19. Yes. I cannot recall specifics but I feel like there was a lot of EDM. Luckily every year they get a chance to redeem themselves.
  20. I book it out of town after work to make Friday games from Fargo because they are cheaper.
  21. Saturday tickets are always more than Friday’s.
  22. I fully expect Berry to keep that line in tact, at least to start the season. Lines that worked the previous season usually start the following season together until it stops working, or something else works better.
  23. I’m more curious why the penalty changed. He committed last summer, and the NCAA told him 1 year, 7 games. A year later the NCAA changed it, when I’m curious what additional info would have changed the penalty. Should have given him more accurate information in the first place if you ask me. Tough break.
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