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  1. I’ve heard Berry on the radio 3 times since the season was stopped. I get the impression the departures will be minimum if any at all. But I don’t want to jinx anything by mentioning any names as returning because I could be interpreting things completely wrong.
  2. This website ranking recruiting classes before they are finalized is dumb. Teams might not even know who is in their classes.
  3. To be fair, Pretty much a lot of the fans of top teams have been claiming the championship for their team. I’ve seen it from both Cornell and Duluth fans. So everyone looks pathetic. I even saw a tweet from a Duluth player essentially making the claim. I’m guessing he just worded it badly. (Or my reading comprehension skills suck today) It was a tough day for everyone. I think everyone just needs time to process. The crazies will crazy either way.
  4. I cannot even get into a headspace to think about this.
  5. Good thing I edited my post long before this comment from you.
  6. Harvard is not allowing team to play, forfeits.
  7. Games in Alaska, Hall of Fame, and Icebreaker tourney games are exempt. Ivies play less games than everyone else because they start later. So for the teams you listed, DU played 2 exempt games in Alaska, UND had the exempt Hall of Fame game, and Mankato played 2-4 games in Alaska that were exempt. And Cornell is Ivy.
  8. From my viewpoint, it’s not a ballot for “favorite” rookies. I’m not sure, as a voter, how you can venture over to college hockey stats.net or whatever stats site and see the same kid leading most offensive stats for rookies and determine “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” I deduced the 2 voters are from Omaha. Every other Coach seems to have a bit more integrity. I mean, I haven’t heard anyone else in the radio insinuating UND is cheap on our radio pregame show so....
  9. But does ppg stand for points per game or power play goals?
  10. I considered that also. Ultimately with UMass being essentially the same distance from Worcester as BC, I, personally, found it unnecessary for attendance purposes.
  11. Pinto is also 2nd in faceoff percentage in the league. But Paul Washe cheats.
  12. Considering Caulfield didn’t even make the trip to Omaha, I think it is obvious he’s fighting for a spot on the 4th line. You can have your opinion, but it seems unlikely to happen.
  13. I do not think they are putting Caulfield back on that line. I also don’t think Weatherby is going off that line. It was the only line they didn’t change on Saturday night.
  14. CHN has DU at 5 and BC at 6. So I have OSU and BSU switched. Also Maine is out and Western Michigan is in.
  15. I made a bracket last night. Straight up bracket integrity, with one switch to avoid an inter conference matchup. Left me with Albany and Worcester as options. Picked Worcester for UND’s region as to not reward 2 seed BC by placing their regional (with Cornell as the 1 seed) in Worcester.
  16. Some UNO fans seem to think their Coach is doing a great job because some CHN writer ranked their freshman class one of the top recruiting classes in the country. This same writer picked UND to finish 6th in the NCHC. So not sure he’s someone to take seriously anyway. Other UNO fans agree with Berry’s comment on how “it’s all about leadership.” Don’t t seem to be a huge fans of the guy.
  17. Please screen shot for those of us blocked
  18. I just saw this too. Natural bracket matchups would put UMD in Loveland vs Bemidji, which I hear UMD fans will LOVE. If BC stays a 2-seed I’m interested to see what they do in Worcester.
  19. If I’m me, I’m hoping Denver hangs on so we get an SCSU/Western first round match up with one of their season’s ending in Kalamazoo.
  20. Well. That’s literally what he said. They wanted to shake hands but Omaha refused. Also followed up by saying their coach refused to come to the fan luncheon in GF.
  21. Berry on Omaha’s after the whistle antics: “it all comes down to leadership”
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