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  1. It’s trendy. More teams are starting to do this. Mankato already started doing this and I think maybe SCSU?
  2. I think it’s unlikely, though both clearly have leadership capabilities. I’d say it depends when they vote on captains. Because I’m not sure most of our returning players have even met Ford or Calder yet, and they’re the ones who vote on captains.
  3. Kunz? He was drafted by the Canucks last year.
  4. This is my opinion as well. He’s got a good shot and is good around the net. Can play bottom 6 or top 6. Can play wing or center. I’d bring him in.
  5. LSSU’s transfer portal losses were all seniors except for Calder and according to someone on Twitter, apparently LSSU doesn’t offer master’s degrees so I imagine that has something to do with it.
  6. I think they are insane if they are going to roster 10 d-men. I thought the same this year. Your 9th and 10th d-men will rarely, if ever, play, so I’m not sure what kind of players you’re going to find to fill that role.
  7. The conference schedule was announced by the NCHC for all NCHC teams. What did you want them to do? Not say anything? FFS.
  8. Didn’t Scheel replace Keegan Karki? I think Rowe committed after Scheel.
  9. The USHL site has been wrong on this for years. Jake isn’t even from the same city as Jordan and Nick, so I don’t know why the USHL is going with this. They should Google.
  10. I don’t think even Hrenak is confirmed. I’d have to Google that. I had heard it from some SCSU fans, but not in an official announcement. If anyone has seen one, let me know!
  11. Based on? I think they need seniors to come back to be considered a heavy favorite.
  12. Imagine my surprise that the league with most of the largest schools in college hockey have the most teams on this list.
  13. Do we even know if UND is recruiting him? I know it’s assumed, but does anyone actually know? Maybe it’s a dumb question but you never know.
  14. I had already heard that he was coming back.
  15. Haha I’ve refrained from saying this in that group so many times. Also, someone was trashing Ryan Duncan in the comments section of someone’s post for never playing in the NHL and I know Ryan, so I really had to refrain from snapping.
  16. Isn’t he just a regular transfer? Played 2 years at RPI.
  17. We’re talking about the Jandric who was not in Denver though. The defenseman.
  18. Sounds like the guy who sat in front of me at the Tampa Frozen Four...
  19. Also, in addition to this, I don’t understand why people care who we all cheer for. A UND fan trashed me on social media last night for not supporting UMD. Just weird.
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