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  1. I’m more curious why the penalty changed. He committed last summer, and the NCAA told him 1 year, 7 games. A year later the NCAA changed it, when I’m curious what additional info would have changed the penalty. Should have given him more accurate information in the first place if you ask me. Tough break.
  2. https://www.burnabynow.com/sports/burnaby-s-rizzo-celebrates-draft-trade-1.23866039 I found this article about Rizzo that kind of goes into more detail about his injury and the trade situation. I know some were irritated about him being pushed back to 2020, (Me included) but the more info I get the more it seems like it was a mutual decision, and the best decision for all parties.
  3. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m glad nothing has been announced. I absolutely despise buying tickets for anything over a year away. Higher chance I’d lose the tickets, or a host of other issues that could come up in a year. Or maybe I’m not a fan of spending money on something, seeing the money gone from my account and have to wait soooo long to enjoy the purchase
  4. Yes. Blaisdell, in particular, definitely has similar on ice Intensity as guys like Caggiula and Stecher.
  5. Looks like it’s been a run on Euro’s the last rounds. Lot of Russians.
  6. Wisconsin and Ohio State also play in venues with some of the largest capacities in college hockey. Kohl Center is like 16,000 capacity and I think Ohio State’s capacity is 18,000. Place always looks dead on TV because it’s over half empty.
  7. Not in the contract I would suppose. Personally I would have just moved the Gopher football game to Thanksgiving instead. People already watch football on Thanksgiving.
  8. So. If anyone missed it or doesn’t have Twitter UND plays at Minnesota ON Thanksgiving. Thursday/Friday series to accommodate the Saturday Gopher/Badger football game. Was prepared for Thanksgiving weekend, not actually Thanksgiving
  9. Obviously I meant no disrespect, Western has some good players but I just feel like lacking that solid goaltender might hold them back from taking that extra step forward. They’ve been in the mix the last several years but seem kind of at a standstill.
  10. Additionally Denver went to the Frozen Four this last season with a PP just barely ahead of ours (ranked 47th in the country) at about 15% conversion. If our season had gone well maybe it’s not as big of a deal, but it’s been a point of contention for a while so hard to say.
  11. Not necessarily, Minnesota was 15% in 2017-18. About as bad as ours last year, so it’s not completely a given. I’m more curious to know the PP goals scored versus even strength goals scored for some of these teams with high PP conversion percentages. I know sometimes it’s live and die by the PP for some teams. I want a good PP, but still be able to score goals 5 x 5 too.
  12. The PP that year was 19%, hardly lights out. The 17-18 team’s PP conversion was better (21%) and they didn’t even make the tourney and everyone thought the PP sucked then too.
  13. Funny. Read that article earlier and still missed it
  14. Of course not. But in the NCHC our forward talent compared to other teams in our league is absolutely near the bottom.
  15. A coach isn’t going to fix the power play. The players have to. Im sorry, but did people miss the personnel who was on our power play? Come on. Of course it sucked.
  16. Just saw on Twitter that Cooper Moore is headed to the BCHL to play for Chilliwack instead of the USHL.
  17. I love how they renovated it and it looks all nice from the outside and in the entry by the ticket windows and then you walk up the steps into the rink and it’s like “nope, same old dump”
  18. Any particular reason you’re not enthused on going to Miami? That’s my favorite conference road trip so far, and I’ve heard the same from others too. I’m planning to hit Kalamazoo this year as that’s the other one that’s been highly recommended.
  19. So I’m currently in Alberta on vacation, and made the hour and a half trek to Brooks where the National Junior A Championships are going on. Luke Bast has 2 goals (and maybe an assist) going into the 3rd. His team is up 6-3. Aggressive offensively, but doesn’t play a lot of PK. Not a polished player yet, but fun to watch.
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