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  1. That rink in Bend is awesome, personal favorite I've ever skated on. Ducks have the best owner in college sports, but supposedly he is still bitter about Nike's 8 figure loss on acquiring and selling Bauer.
  2. Reminded me of the Miami game a few years back with a 3rd period collapse. This one: https://www.collegehockeynews.com/box/final/20170113/mia/ndk/ USCHO has a weekly article discussing the betting odds of games. Twice this year I've thought Vegas was way off. One was Western vs Michigan, which was +400 for Western (bet 100 to win 400). The other was last night, +225 Cornell.
  3. Wodon's article mentions that this is not the first time it's happened this year, just the most egregious. Anyone have an idea of the other cancelations he's referring to?
  4. Only uncommitted player in the AAPG is Cole Knuble of the Force. Anyone have a scouting report on him?
  5. A friend of mine lives in China, having been there since prior to the pandemic starting. The acceptance of authoritianism required to be a foreigner there right now would be daunting for anyone. Also, the usual sexcapades that take place in the Olympic village won't be happening. He should wait for 2026.
  6. Gage was always a terrible interview; couldn't look at the camera, stuttered, speech peppered with "uhs". Glad he can feel more confident on social media.
  7. Yikes. Not likely to send his son here then.
  8. glad to see they didn't give Tambellini a shout out along with those two.
  9. Gavin Reed, son of former Sioux Jace Reed, looks to be a college prospect. Jace was before my time, did he leave on good terms?
  10. CC is already playing better under Moyette. Frankly, nobody affiliated with that Blackhawks coaching staff from their scandal should be employed; not sure if that impacted their parting ways with Haviland or not, but their play tonight was encouraging. Wouldn't be surprised to see them steal more points than expected in the second half. Yesterday's game never really felt in question after the first period, but they responded well and kept it close tonight. Another strong team in the conference is always welcome, and while they aren't there yet, their fans have something to look forward to.
  11. https://www.therinklive.com/nchc/und-fighting-hawks/7317246-The-Friday-rundown-Could-the-NCHC-eventually-fall-underneath-the-Summit-Leagues-umbrella Doesn't mention the possibility of some sort of affiliate/sub-conference, which would be the best approach. The NCHC brand is too valuable to dissolve, especially for a no-name basketball conference.
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