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  1. It would be great if the NCAA cared enough about hockey for them to make changes across the spectrum based on what happens in our niche sport. Sounds like basketball is a gong show right now.
  2. Ah. Good to know. Explains why that wasn't made clear in the releases.
  3. Were Pinto and JBD's one way? That was never made clear. I suppose capfriendly would know.
  4. Kobe Roth was originally a tagalong recruit to keep Jared Bethune from bolting to the WHL. Didn't work, but Roth is now in a much better place than Bethune.
  5. Social media engagement rankings for college hockey teams. https://www.therinklive.com/big-10/um-gophers/6983248-Gophers-were-college-hockeys-most-popular-social-media-team-in-March
  6. Have any of the crowd shots of dejected Clown fans been made into gifs/memes/etc? There were some great shots
  7. No offense to Micah Miller, but he doesn't deserve a shot out
  8. Any word on links is appreciated. Onhockey doesn't have it listed yet but probably will Edit: it is listed
  9. Will Cullen, who got a 3 game suspension for his hit on Jared Spooner, transfers to Miami for 5th year. I'm all for redemption and whatnot but the league better have him on a short leash.
  10. Seems like a win win situation for Thome and UST. If he's doing an MBA their program is at their downtown Minneapolis campus so the lack of a rink wouldn't matter as much.
  11. Quality get: https://siouxcityjournal.com/sports/hockey/amateur/musketeers/brady-ferner-gains-unique-perspective-by-spending-season-with-musketeers/article_e822f6af-7456-5c01-81bf-e0f792bc1e47.html
  12. Omaha with a good get in Brannon McManus.
  13. Jackson Keane signs with Wheeling of ECHL.
  14. Personally just hoping for a fun game that I don't have to unmute to figure out what is going on. Glad it's non-B1G public schools playing.
  15. Drake claimed off waivers by Buffalo.
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