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  1. Miami and UNO with only one each. At least Miami got us as an opponent, WMU vs UNO won't draw random eyeballs or many butts in seats. Early start for the Miami game suggests they have a PAC-12 basketball game on CBSSN afterwards. Speaking of which, hopefully some ASU games get on PAC-12 Network.
  2. Article in the Gerald (by someone not named Brad) blames it on Ticketmaster. Drop their greedy asse(t)s.
  3. https://theathletic.com/1195443/2019/09/09/key-to-coyotes-fortunes-may-rest-with-nick-schmaltz-that-other-madison-guy/
  4. Another issue with starting to charge so late is subscription fatigue. People are already subscribing to so many services these days; I'm always leery to add another given how under-utilized some of them are in my household. It's also hard to justify subscribing if you don't live in the area. The only articles not about hockey I read are the WaPo ones they have in syndication, which saved me from having to subscribe to that. Guess which of the two I'll probably subscribe to now. Also, will there be some free articles monthly, or 100% paywall? Most are like the former, but with the poor decision-making at Forum, the latter wouldn't surprise me.
  5. I literally followed the observation up with "not sure what can be deduced from it". He's the only journalist I observe wearing his employer's logo so it sticks out to me. That's also the least important part of the discussion. Not sure why that got such a rise out of you. The team's coverage will soon be much less accessible to the public, and that is what matters.
  6. He always wears GF Herald gear when being interviewed, not sure what all can be deduced from that but it's definitely a sign of loyalty. Forum may employ the beat writer but they don't control the feed. I'm not paying more to read about it than to watch the games and highlights.
  7. Not long until he starts tweeting cryptic lead-ins to the articles behind the paywall.
  8. We pulled Rowe's scholarship for less, curious what was different here. Didn't really make sense for him to play one year in the W, especially given their overage player limit.
  9. Mecca has 2 defining characteristics these days: over-commercialized, and dangerously large crowds. Motzko is...half correct given the ill-conceived name change.
  10. Fair enough. That's news to me. Surprised it wasn't mentioned/discussed on here.
  11. Doesn't mean it won't be updated at all. Stopped before the first round of NCAAs.
  12. Word on the street is Forum papers, including the Herald, will be subscription-based access in the near future. Probably why Brad isn't updating his areavoices site anymore.
  13. They look like they went for the 8-bit aesthetics but forgot to pixelate it.
  14. https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/crime-and-courts/4621788-Miracle-on-Ice-forward-ordered-to-undergo-evaluation-following-assault-in-Lutsen
  15. We can only imagine how civil and understanding Duluth's fans would be if a former Sioux had done what Pavelich just did...
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