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  1. Bizarro world where MN drafts our players and Ottawa does not.
  2. Assuming a marquee game in an arena's first year could be. They've only announced season ticket info
  3. What's your plan for getting tickets to the CC games? Likely gonna be at a premium on the secondary market. If I lived in Springs I'd get season tickets and pay for them by scalping the DU and UND games.
  4. Defenseman Sam Rinzel out of Chaska has to be on our radar. Selected to the U17 tournament team and a high USHL pick. Anyone know anything else about him?
  5. If he wants to play pro (likely overseas)/coach high level, he should come home. If not, he should take the keys to the kingdom out east.
  6. At least two prospective recruits on the Blue roster
  7. Fair enough, I didn't consider admissions, just whether or not the program could explain why they brought him aboard (to whip his arse into shape).
  8. While his decisions were awful and he clearly wasn't remorseful until it all came crashing down, he has likely learned his lesson. Army would be a good destination for him; punks get the Private Pyle treatment at service academies.
  9. At least it's not Imminent Death Syndrome
  10. *hurting the school's athletic department If I donated to UND (as many in my family have), it would be for academics.
  11. Speaking of bookies, will the early line on the game factor in the thousands of guaranteed UND bets? Hahaha
  12. 1) please please please yes 2) likely sell out their allotment 3) if not, consider helping out fellow SS members.... 4) Seattle, Staples Center/Honda Center, Amalie Arena, Texas?
  13. Discuss here. Will they schedule it Halloween weekend? Will ASU fans show up? Will non-Champions Club fans get tickets this time? What destination is next?
  14. The monthly stipend is the other issue, but that's likely to not matter any more. Interestingly, neither Oregon or Alberta ever passed minimum wage exemptions for CHL.
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