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  1. It was clear there would be some casualties of hockey version of #metoo, but Montgomery being the first is a shocker. Will be interesting to hear the details whenever they trickle out.
  2. Sioux loss to UNH in 09 was top 5 hardest to accept ever. Took time for that wound to heal.
  3. Talk trash now...when ASU gets their new arena they will steal our recruits.
  4. And change college commitment to U of M...
  5. Nasty implication to make. Also there's no U in Colombia.
  6. It's not, strictly for the sake of border enforcement.
  7. What direction? I'm in SW. If you skate in beer league maybe we've exchanged pleasantries!
  8. The first one in the PNW just opened last week and the line is an hour plus at all times so far. It would make a killing in the RRV.
  9. Surprised they aren't claiming moral victories.
  10. or at least a decapitated stuffed animal Gopher. Make your own Teddy Bear Toss!
  11. Hawks - 8 District 5 - 0 Watch Motzko enter their dressing room with some egghead attorney. "As an Edina native, Mismash is zoned to attend the U of M, not UND." One more Mighty Ducks reference to boot. Regarding last night's game....
  12. Looking forward to hearing "Lets go Sioux" from the stands all weekend long! Sweep City USA.
  13. I'm on the west coast and can use a Midco log in for everything, but only after logging out of my in law's Frontier info for select services. Maybe have a roku/ chromecast/ etc. for one account and another device for the other.
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