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  1. Multiple misconducts this season will make it tough for Perunovich to win.
  2. Tychonick leaving is probably best case scenario at this point. We would only get one more year out of him most likely (top 40 pick), so to keep recruits and existing player(s) higher up the depth chart is fine by me.
  3. The article says he hopes to get a release from Berry to play immediately. No conference opponents or rivals/future non-conference opponents if that's the case. EDIT: maybe I misread it, was the waiver agreed upon, or just requested?
  4. Did Miller sign a LOI? If not it might be hard to convince him to stay committed and wait another year after already dominating the USHL.
  5. The same types of studies you cited say year round training is a big part of repetitive stress injuries. They are open to interpretation; we clearly focused on different parts of the findings. Playing so many sports doesn't leave much time for instruments, scouts/outdoors, travel, language camps, and other extra curriculars that are enriching in different ways. Smith making a career out of sports is great for him, but not realistic for parents or kids to strive for. This also doesn't really account for the nature vs. nurture aspect of it, or the 10,000 hours to mastery philosophy. But at the end of the day, I just wish we could be watching the Sioux march through the playoffs right now.
  6. I knew kids forced to play multiple sports that were athletically gifted but had no heart in it, potentially taking a spot from someone who loves the game. Baseball was notorious for this, and the disdain for it likely fueled lacrosse's exponential growth. If you love the sports you play, by all means, but don't let it intrude on academics or do it to boost your college application. Injuries increased when summer became about training for sports rather than letting kids be kids. Take the summer off and you'll be much less likely to have issues.
  7. In theory, yes, but it's a lot harder to make varsity teams at Eden Prairie or other schools with huge enrollment numbers compared to Branierd. Smith didn't become a D1 prospect until he focused on hockey in juniors, and it took some time. It's one thing to specialize at the age of 9 or 10 and another at 15 or 16. EDIT: Branierd High has much higher enrollment than I thought. Learn something new every day...
  8. WHL does its US draft separately now: https://www.eliteprospects.com/draft/whl-us-prospect-draft/2020 Shaugabay drafted in the first round along with some NoDaks.
  9. Hahaha wow. You would take a bullet for the white trash Pat Buchanan, wouldn't you? Trump's biggest bootlickers would never go so far as to call him selfless.
  10. Next you're going to tell us you don't vaccinate your kids because it causes autism.
  11. It's pretty much in areas that you wouldn't want to visit anyways. I visit regularly and have only encountered it in/near the Tenderloin and parts of downtown. Also, a good amount of the homeless on the west coast are vets from working class families in the Midwest/south who were lazily prescribed opiates by the VA to deal with the gift that keeps giving. Support our troops.....until their PTSD gets the best of them.
  12. It is human nature to overestimate short term implications and underestimate the long term. Think about what this could result in after the dust settles. If you're a small government advocate, the CDC official trying to explain their piss poor response by saying he expected more interest and investment from the private sector basically ruined your position for the foreseeable future. Beyond that, short commercial real estate. More jobs are going to go full telecommute.
  13. it sucks no doubt, but we are right there often; sucks more for teams that don't have our sustained success. not gonna dwell on it, and hopefully we pick up where we left off next year.
  14. Can someone sum up the article?
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