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  1. Is there a way to see how much is dispersed by sport from television in the big 10? Notre Dame isnt a good metric since they have their own TV deal. If B1G offers enough it's worth listening to, but in terms of intangibles the status quo outweighs a move. That said, I'd regularly rotate trips between MSP, Madison and AA if it happens.
  2. I wouldn't miss playing Duluth. Denver would need to be a frequent non conference opponent though
  3. That ship sailed almost twenty years ago with the new mayor of Grand Forks. It's pretty heartbreaking to see that the other kid involved used to have sleep-overs with the victim. Miller should have to publicly address (if not atone for) it once he arrives on campus.
  4. Can't tell if his attorney is a chump, or felt he was indefensible. To go on the record for that saying boys will be boys looks awful. Sounds like he was the instigator too. Surprised Schloss hasn't covered this yet, and also curious if this had anything to do with his decommit from Miami.
  5. Had a ton of flights booked for the summer and cancelled them all. Sun Country: wife called early on despite me telling her to wait. Credit rather than refund. They cancelled the flight so we would have gotten refund had she listened. C'est la vie. Virgin Atlantic: refund, but I booked with points so not sure what they would do with cash fares. Delta: refund on international first class fares. Would have been too much credit to spend so thank *redacted*. American: refund, flying with in laws and said they're high risk due to age was the reason. Based on conversations with friends and some posts on flyertalk.com this isn't the norm. Have a good story and back it up. Alaska: refund, but again with points.
  6. Leagues that receive big money from television advertising will find a way to broadcast. Gate driven leagues (definitely junior hockey, debatable on college hockey) aren't likely to start on time. If the next stimulus round passes with the discussed provision that absolves private property owners, mass gatherings, etc. of liability, fans could be allowed to enter at their own risk.
  7. Word is BCHL games will be in person for STH only. Curious if the Ralph is exploring the same approach.
  8. Did you feel stupid having to look up the definition of innocuous?
  9. Does he pay you to defend him from innocuous jokes or do you do it for free?
  10. Considering your willingness to put out articles that show the reading and writing comprehension of a middle schooler, you're in no position to mock anyone else's cognitive abilities.
  11. It's going to be tough for ASU or either of the Alaska schools to convince anyone to come to their barn for a series this season. At least the front range schools have each other and Omaha within a reasonable drive.
  12. Very possible considering the guys in the chat as well as the Zajacs are all from Winnipeg.
  13. Good luck to anyone trying todefund all the police pensions. There will be a federal bailout.
  14. Sounds like Navy was the unnamed team 'close to announcing' mentioned in the article about Illinois delaying their announcement. Took them over a decade since they hosted the frozen four.
  15. Yep. Hopefully Frontier buys Sun Country and honors credit/points. Sounds like SC is in rough shape even after the bailout. Edit: turns out they got news today, maybe it'll be the other way around.
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