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  1. Brad Parscale is in the hospital after a suicide attempt.
  2. @Goon did the deep state get to Parscale?!?!? Was he going to finally spill the beans on Killary? I'll hang up and listen.
  3. Did you notice a few pages ago when you were called out for violating the Hatch Act?
  4. Blurred images of people speaking a foreign language, consider me convinced! At least previous attempts of his gotcha videos had meaningful evidence.
  5. This election is a referendum on rejecting polarization, populism, catering the country's image to the lowest common denominator and giving a voice to white supremacists/ nationalists. Trump promised infrastructure, and has not delivered despite the ease with which he could have at the beginning of his term. Biden is definitely as wretched as you point out, but Trump is accelerating our descent into global irrelevance, and exponentially more wretched.
  6. I'm not weighing in on mail in voting, but since you called me out, why do you keep dodging my questions? Do the words have too many syllables? P.S. please tell us more of your opinions about Kamala. Do you have any more classy nicknames for her beyond "slut-riding whore"?
  7. They called in state troopers to help keep them apart. Would be great to see some success on the part of law enforcement here. Which will of course not be the narrative if it's the case.
  8. https://www.oregonlive.com/crime/2020/09/portland-police-chief-chuck-lovell-speaks-about-police-plans-for-proud-boys-rally-on-saturday-watch-live-at-2-pm.html The rallies are 3 miles apart, didn't realize that was the case until now. I think shutting down the protests at first would have bad optics, but if you give a mouse a cookie...
  9. I was hoping the nightly protests would stop after the forest fires shut them down.
  10. I think the original permit for the Proud Boys was denied, but they still found a way. It'll undoubtedly be declared a riot which then allows cops to arrest anyone still there, but it would be nice to prevent it rather than react to it.
  11. Sounds like the white trash militia cosplayers are coming back to Portland tomorrow in hopes of conflict with the anarchists. Get ready for plenty of shaky videos intended to make the other side look bad.
  12. Digging the tactical rollerblading pads on the dude on the right! It's considerate of him to make sure we know he's a good guy by wearing a patch that says it. "I'm fielding a lot of questions that are already answered by my 'Not involved in human trafficking' t-shirt..."
  13. This is pretty damning. Only Soros could afford to cover that kind of expense for the protestors.
  14. This was the case when we had a draft. Now that average, middle class people aren't compelled to join the military, there's less reason to blindly respect our troops. Do you respect the MS 13 members who joined the military to receive combat training?
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