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  1. There's no way they go from no hockey to NCAA D1 in such a short timeframe. It has to be club with the goal of going NCAA eventually. It is likely in the same vein as Jamestown and Mary adding ACHA.
  2. Blake makes the U-17 select roster: https://teamusa.usahockey.com/page/show/5086417-2019-under-17-five-nations-tournament-u-s-roster
  3. Why would they add hockey with seven, but not six?
  4. It was encouraging to see Stratton commit since it seemed NCAA was loosening their ridiculous stance against MJ. Too bad they apparently reneged. I love college hockey, but absolutely despise the governing body that is the NCAA.
  5. Can't blame them for doing what's in their best interest, but the execution was pretty shady. If you can't look someone in the eye before/while/after screwing them over then don't do it.
  6. That's a nice rink for them to work with. Thanks for sharing.
  7. USCHO just released a podcast about the announcement, and in it they said Navy is working to form a team and join AHA. Navy flirted with the idea before (hosting the Frozen Four in 09) but I don't think they would mention it if they thought Navy was crying "wolf".
  8. Trying to get Brett Murray is the only reasonable explanation. He was supposed to go to Miami but decommitted and has yet to pick a school. Might just sign with the Sabres though.
  9. Taylor Ward skating at Oilers camp. Omaha offered early and it paid off.
  10. BU has to be setting some draft records this year. Seems like every other college bound draftee is one of theirs.
  11. Senators don't have the pull the Rangers do. Nobody visits Ottawa and wants to move there ASAP.
  12. At least they haven't told them to go the MJ route like the Rangers did with Miller.
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