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  1. They also lost two D in Pashchinuk (sp) and Mansicalco that tilted the ice in their favor. Harder for Walker to score off cherry picking when they don't possess the puck as much.
  2. Bowling Green getting swept knocks them down a notch.
  3. Jost runs into the goalie and LAK score on the ensuing PP. Brock Nelson cut himself badly on an awkward collision with PK Subban but came back and scored later in the game.
  4. https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2021/01/21_St-Thomas-Navigates-Move.php Having a private school in MN go D1 ruins the narrative of Midwest college hockey being more accessible than east coast where it's dominated by $75k daycares, but it's not like UST is opening floodgates.
  5. And Boeser just scored late in the 3rd to tie it up vs Montreal.
  6. Drake dished one to Schmaltz. https://www.nhl.com/video/schmaltzs-onetime-blast/t-277350912/c-7290893
  7. If they'd announced the additional game the next day and said it was due to the short amount of time left in the game it would be better received by UND fans. My recollection is Perunovich didn't receive supplementary discipline last year for his checking from behind, is that correct? That was worse than this.
  8. His unnecessary use of "surmise" is telling about his personality too. Complete tool. But Brad isn't objective enough in his coverage of UND, according to their fans.
  9. LetsGoDU has a dog in the race; can't fault him for getting worked up about the team he follows. Ciskie is making a fool of himself for no good reason.
  10. Bruce Ciskie posts this: Only a few minutes after "liking" this reply to a previous post of his: UND fans are awful, but it sure was awesome when Pionk ran over their goalie!!!
  11. He found video. Watching it again he deserved two, and I won't lose sleep over the major, but supplementary discipline is absurd. All time goofy flop too.
  12. Oh man, this guy is going to have to eat his words once someone shares a video of it.
  13. Mismash suspended 1 game. Ridiculous. Too bad he didn't dole out a crime worth the punishment.
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