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  1. Root against Wisconsin; they swept Duluth, so any time they lose it hurts them both. Which of course means rooting for the Gophers next week...
  2. It takes a real scumbag to mock people for what their profession pays. As if Schloss won't get a fat payday for his eventual book deal.
  3. Bochenski running for mayor of GF will be interesting.
  4. Giving him this kind of attention is exactly what he wants. Keep this in mind: his sociopathic obsession with Brad will be used against him in divorce court, and against his children when they are trying out for travel teams.
  5. Kleven is from Fargo, and his dad is from Bismarck. Can't imagine we'd lose him. Frankly, it's a good problem to have such a loaded pipeline. Let it work itself out.
  6. T. Poolman and Wolanin played forward at various points, and with the extra man available now there's room for 7 defensemen. Moore and Tychonick are likely candidates for D playing up.
  7. Schloss' article about misconducts does a great job highlighting that Perunovich already has two this year. Not sure if it was Brad's intention to harm him, but it will certainly be hard for him to make the Hobey Hat Trick with that article reminding everyone he's not exactly a class act.
  8. And a little revenge by seeing one of their future NHLers (only Perunovich qualifies) would be the cherry on top.
  9. The optics of the drop were bad, but the media (including social media) poured gasoline on the fire. It's not like it was the only sport on the chopping block. I'm curious how many people still criticizing UND for the drop think UND fans need to "get over" the nickname changing.
  10. Who is Nicole Haase? Hockey feminist a la Duluth Donna?
  11. There was an article saying Kawaguchi's shooting % is due for regression (I think by Ryan Lambert, who is a 3rd-rate east coast-biased writer) and I remember thinking "I'll take that bet." His shot selection is a big part of his success. He's got his pivot back too, he wasn't doing it the first few games of the season. Won't embarrass opponents like Cagguila's stick work but very effective for creating space.
  12. that's going on his hobey candidate highlight reel.
  13. Standards really fell off the continental shelf there after the last few Friday nights. Agreed that it's time to give Thome some ice.
  14. Any word on a ss.com exclusive stream?
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