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  1. Wife asked why I was laughing when I saw this:
  2. Tychonick and Berg both out of the lineup at Omaha.
  3. Motzko saying that against any other opponent wouldn't be as big of a deal, but to insult his former program and the brother of one of his current players is incredibly poor form. Anyone worried that they wouldn't hate the Gophers as much with Lucia gone breathes a sigh of relief!
  4. Any pics/video of garbage on the ice or LaFontaine taunting?
  5. Dare I look at UND football's record this year for losses to schools I haven't heard of?
  6. I was unhappy at first mainly because I didn't think he was ready, but also selfishly since we got burned and could have grabbed another player out of the portal if he signed in April. Clearly I was wrong about his place in the NHL. Still stings but definitely not "addition by subtraction" as was said by some here in the heat of the moment.
  7. Weatherby scores in his first NHL game.
  8. .....Who is Tommy? It's a casual observation based on a few years of seeing you harp on individuals. To your credit the coaches seem to feel the same way and they've often transferred out.
  9. Death, taxes, and Oxbow singling out an underperforming draft pick...
  10. Do they charter? Hard to justify when you're that close to a major airport, but then again they have $$$ to spare. Let's give Mel a little longer before assuming he feels the way Red did.
  11. Didn't get to watch much last night, but did Johnson struggle enough to deserve a suit tonight? Ouch
  12. Grand Forks isn't easy to get to. Ann Arbor to Boston is a short drive to Detroit international (easier than most of the Detroit metro) and direct flight.
  13. UNH back up goalie seeing his first career action. Shoulda gone D3 kid, sorry.
  14. Gonna be an awesome arena too. Let Miami walk and add them to the NCHC.
  15. Didn't get to watch until the last few minutes, was it audible from the broadcast? One of our players taunted the student section after the final whistle.
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