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  1. Pretty easy to run them outta town
  2. It seems to me the gf edc is so concerned about manufacturing and other plants that are costing the city money like that red river bio refinery nothing but trouble out there I’ve read in city council minutes
  3. I don’t think that drone park has developed as was promise yes it’s good but we haven’t seen the influx that was talked about
  4. I know that we have more state titles then Jamestown does having appearances in any state tourney for hockey
  5. The gf schools don’t want to play Bismarck so this is a good move on everyone’s part
  6. Brewster was good but got complacent and got weird last 3 years
  7. He’s living his best life with Windsor and the lake
  8. Sucks to loose elite talent like morrow but like our d group
  9. Haven’t been there in a while
  10. Maybe leave the info reporting to the insiders
  11. By end of year sorry just takes time on these things to get a building donated along with proper i dotted and t xrossed
  12. You’ll find out my little girl was hopper inhave signed a non disclosure
  13. Hearing of some other buildings in future being donated to und
  14. Lmao can’t make this up
  15. This seamore crap about Atlantic hockey is old. Don’t they have their own board to post on
  16. All seniors can come back? who leaves who comes bCk
  17. Just a question. Any should be fired off that debacle? I honestly don’t think so but I think maybe comer back coach could use some help
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