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  1. Much like our head coachin position it should be a stepping stome
  2. I know it’s high school ball but he just broke some kids poor ankles with cross over being double teamed and drained a 3 my god I hope he makes it to campus
  3. He has a real pretty shot put 20 lbs in him and he will be a great olaya
  4. Thanks for the find! theybhave a real good crowd out there in western nodal for a basketball game
  5. Why’s bison get st Thomas at 7pm and we get stuck with a noon game
  6. Some of us are realists some arent
  7. Don’t question berrys system. You’ll get lambgasted
  8. How can we get them to come back? the ad was probably in wmu or he always sits by himself above the bathrooms on the north side
  9. Agree hope they keep showing up especially against usd sdsu
  10. Is sather losing control? Pressure of d1 ball too much?
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