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  1. gfhockey

    SH Game Day

    Wow gobc pumped the f up shxuser for president
  2. Win and they wil come
  3. Heard lots of sss chants at bars after word
  4. Our offense play calling sucked yesterday
  5. Will give Fargo props for game day experience hiwever i never had as many threats shoulder bumps in my life as yesterday.
  6. At the game. Our offense sucks!!
  7. Tailgate update lots of fireball
  8. Pouring rain in Fargo. We are drunk
  9. Schloss is waiting till the fcc starts Charging before he gives the scoop
  10. Possibly but u no how the ncaa likes Und
  11. Word from my insiders is ketteringham out for year. Sad way way to end.
  12. Told u. Been chatter all week about lake weekend
  13. Not good for ket initialnword is up in the steamatic lounge
  14. Sinplot freeZer is very cool. Yes eye sore but lots of money.
  15. Labor Day weekend. Half town at the lake. I’ll say 8900
  16. Win and they will come
  17. https://www.barstoolsports.com/boston/sidney-crosby-told-us-where-he-would-have-played-college-hockey-and-the-team-would-have-been-loaded think Hak would have won a natty?
  18. I said the new turf long time ago and I got railed on.
  19. gfhockey

    New Coach?

    Haven’t seen the new vb out and about much. Needs to be promoting the program like bubs and bubs and paulie
  20. Top 6 would satisfy us
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