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  1. I will say yhis potato bowl is a nice community rvent rumors going around that simplot wants out
  2. Lay eggs attendance suffers win games more $$$
  3. Donate another few hundred and you’ll get ticket printed
  4. Schloss to busy reporting in covid to say no third place game this year in nchc
  5. He’s been a disappointment in our book since being hired. Nothing new just same old same old
  6. Who is even the sid anymore? Hate to say but after the 21st man of the Und hockey team left the sid has taken a crap wheres chaves
  7. Winning cures all fsn base needs to be energized a big win will do that winning ndsu will fill stands. Lay an egg attendance will hurt more
  8. If they didn’t lay egg against usu place would be near sell out
  9. gfhockey


    Do we just bring our covid cards as proof or is there something else I need
  10. If we would have beat usu guaranteed over 10k im thinking 9300 due to the egg laid unless the students really come out
  11. Title probably won’t be coming out of GF for a whike
  12. What’s Utah state average attendance?
  13. This was one of the first times I never got nervous about und giving the game away
  14. gfhockey

    UND @ ISU

    Our prevent d sucks. Need more pressure im sure they see this in film and would take advantage
  15. The alerus sign on it looks dented up already
  16. It’s the new famous daves google it neat setup
  17. Saw on some social media sites gfc got whacked 44-0 by gfrr in freshman football sgtion my source also tells me gfc freshman team had gfc sophmores on it maybe with the new missions at the base they can pick it up
  18. http://amp.awfulannouncing.com/high-school/espn-img-bishop-sycamore-hs-blowout.html kind of funny espn gotndouped
  19. Per source molly yeh opening up a place to eat there
  20. Why would we want blue chippaz the consensus seems to be we want grindaz
  21. We don’t want blue chippaz remember
  22. Seems like ndsu freshman numbers are always up! ?
  23. I remember the days of und being #1 anyone care to elaborate on the 1 and 2?
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