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  1. You mean the World's Best Insomnia Cure, don't you?
  2. The off-season is officially here. Only seven months until October.
  3. What I love is the Little 7 (opps, I mean B1G) has ZERO teams in the Frozen Four!!!
  4. The worst thing about this is it makes the NCHC look bad, when it is the best conference by a country mile.
  5. My bracket went down the toilet after day one.
  6. East coast suck-up time. Just be glad it isn't one of the Boston's.
  7. Careful what you wish for. I was worried about UMass when we were still in the tournament.
  8. I don't know, UMass looked solid in their regional. I am not surprised they look good tonight.
  9. A rule the Fargo Screwjob helped make happen (yeah, I am still sore about that).
  10. Blake has skills and instincts you cannot teach. He can learn how to play defense in Juniors. I cannot wait to see him in Sioux/Hawk green.
  11. Watched the end of the Class A Girls final which went to double overtime. When it was time for the captain of Gentry to accept the runner-up trophy, they had to prompt her to go get it. I can't blame a team for not being interested in a 2nd place trophy, but I have never seen that before in either boys or girls.
  12. What about their first two titles? Was that "luck" too? It doesn't matter how it happens; in the end, we come off looking like a program that underachieves when the chips are down. And that is what people remember. And that is not good.
  13. If they three-peat next week, it becomes a pattern. One that makes us look stuck in the mud by comparison. People can talk all they want about "puck luck" and "parity", but one team three-peating disproves both of those ideas. Nobody wins three straight titles by being lucky. And nobody wins three straight titles if there is true parity. Those words are what people tell themselves to make failure more palatable. I would rather face the truth: We are playing second banana to someone else.....again. It was Boston College (and I am so glad they got knocked off last week), now it is Dulu
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