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  1. I was told the pilot got sick, so they had to find a replacement.
  2. Dan Terhaar (Play-by-play announcer ยท 1993 to 1996) Now he does the games for Minnesota United FC of MLS. https://www.mnufc.com/schedule/broadcast-info/dan-terhaar After he left Grand Forks, he went to call games for the Gophers from 1996 to 2005. Boy, was his timing bad!
  3. Please, please, please come back underclassmen. Give it another shot once this pandemic is over.
  4. Yep. Kids were falling asleep in their seats.
  5. Want to look at the positives from 2011? Then ask for the 2011 WCHA Final Five title game vs. Denver (an instant classic). But please don't dredge up that debacle in the X.
  6. Anybody have the NCAA Quarterfinal Series at home vs. St. Lawrence (March 20-21, 1987)?
  7. Thank you so much for this! You are making a difficult time easier to deal with.
  8. Ironically, this was the last year of the two-game total goal format. The next season (1988), the WCHA switched to the format the NCHC now uses (first round playoff series on campus, followed by a league tournament at a neutral site).
  9. This could be a motivator for guys on national title contending teams who were robbed at the chance of a title this year to come back for at least one more season.
  10. My girlfriend and I have tickets to the Def Leppard-ZZ Top concert in October at the Alerus Center. I really hope this pandemic doesn't squash it.
  11. Unless he had a good chance of playing in the NHL right away, he shouldn't leave. He could very well get buried on the depth chart in the minors and never be heard from again. Also, he has had one great year; he could use some more seasoning and so he can prove that this year wasn't a fluke. Which I don't think it was.
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