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  1. Yeah, those B1G schools are really cash strapped. Their refusal to come here is tied to their conceited belief that a little school like North Dakota doesn't belong in the same conversation as a "big time" school like them. So I say screw them.
  2. This team is a work in progress, but there is potential.
  3. That's just an excuse. They don't respect our program. Screw them.
  4. Mods, please lock this thread down before it completely devolves into this:
  5. Which would probably morph into a formally-established conference (like College Hockey America was in the late 1990's and early 2000's).
  6. Finally, someone NOT going to almighty Michigan. #suckitbigten
  7. And what are YOUR credentials, Mr. Football?
  8. Why are we always "rebuilding" on the O-Line?
  9. Would Ralph have run to the Heraldo and spread bald-faced lies about Kennedy's office not contacting her to discuss the situation? Kennedy's office produced e-mails that proved he indeed did reach out to her. I don't think you build a business empire like Ralph did by doing stuff like that. Trust is the coin of the realm, no matter what business you are in.
  10. But people act like she is the reincarnation of Ralph Engelstad. She shares DNA with Ralph. Nothing more. People need to stop talking like they are one and the same. Also, her dishonesty in her dealings with Kennedy mean she cannot be trusted.
  11. I certainly hope you are right about this.
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