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  1. What great news on a TGIF September day!!!
  2. Even if there are fewer schools in hockey, it is still a tremendous accomplishment to receive a scholarship offer. Not everyone is talented enough to get an offer, much less play at the collegiate level.
  3. I saw Bob Zany perform there a few times.
  4. If you can get into an academically challenging school like Brown, then more power to him.
  5. And we all appreciate your efforts. Thank you.
  6. I am seeing way too much of this crap on this thread.
  7. Thank God they didn't pick something connected to that moronic "Sharknado" franchise.,
  8. I had strong differences with Mr. DiLorenzo when he was Provost. But nobody deserves what happened to him. May God bless his widow and his other family members as they grieve during this difficult time.
  9. I think the one on Gateway Drive (U.S. 2), which was built on the site of the old Perkins, is still open.
  10. This x 1000! We are in the SEC of College Hockey right now. Why would we leave to join a conference where hockey is third on campus and sometimes lower?
  11. @Blackheart, once again thank you for posting these old games. They bring back a lot of great childhood memories.
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