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  1. If the kid can come in, contribute and make the team better, then we should welcome him with open arms. I don't care who he played for.
  2. Maybe having a bunch of freshmen in important roles would have something to do with not winning a title?
  3. I am not there yet. However, if he keeps losing recruiting battles and settles for grindaz (Copyright @gfhockey), he will find himself without a job at some point.
  4. Are we going to get any good news on this topic anytime soon? Btw, I hope that kid likes losing because he'll be doing a lot of it at NMSU.
  5. Yeah, they went downhill pretty fast.
  6. I think that injury back in 2017 has limited his potential.
  7. Technically, Berry is in charge of everything, but I imagine both assistant coaches do some recruiting as well.
  8. Good point, but at least that was on the road.
  9. His constant slobbering over UMD is what irritates people the most.
  10. Bottom line, we should not have been swept at home by Cornell. This weekend was an unmitigated disaster.
  11. He should lose his starting job. Period.
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