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  1. Agreed, he has a big job ahead of him.....provided he gets more than one year to "prove himself".
  2. Exactly. A lot of tough military guys wash out of SEAL training. Very few make it. That kind of toughness will suit him well on the field.
  3. Our collective expectations have an impact on administration and donors. If they sense the fan base doesn't care if the team contends for championships or not, it will have a negative affect on decisions made (whether to keep a coach or not, whether to donate to the program or not). Our attitudes have more of an impact that most people realize.
  4. This is one of the things holding back this program. Low expectations do not breed excellence or success.
  5. Lots of good bulletin board material in this thread. I hope someone posts this stuff in the locker room.
  6. I don't want cheerleading. But I also don't want doom and gloom click bait either. He says this is the deepest team in the Bubba era and then predicts a 6-5 finish. If he is accurate with his predictions, this program is not going in the direction it should be going.
  7. Sure he's entitled to it. And I am entitled to disagree with him. He makes it sound like the program has one foot in the grave, which I think is a little premature to assume. If all we get is the same old slop as last year, it may be time to make a change at the top (and I am not talking about Schmidt either).
  8. Pretty pessimistic attitude from Mr. Miller overall. 6-5 finish, this guy isn't ready, that guy isn't eligible, two more are injured and on the shelf, no QB ready to play for next year, blah, blah, blah. I certainly hope the team is better off than that.
  9. Hey, either the announcements will be big or they won't. Patience young grasshopper!
  10. She has made it clear that she doesn't have the same connection to UND that Ralph had. She shares DNA with him and that is all. But some people think that gives her the inherent right to run UND from Vegas. I think we are better off cultivating relationships with people who care about UND and want it to succeed now and in the future. And KEM doesn't belong in that category.
  11. Tough cookies. This bridge has to go somewhere and 47th has the fewest drawbacks. That Merrifield Bridge wouldn't get used enough to justify the cost (are truckers really going to go out of their way to drive across a bridge that far south?). As Ken Vein said in today's Heraldo, people will complain no matter where you put it. We can't just not do it because some people will be upset about it. Based on that logic, the Columbia Road overpass would not exist today.
  12. 47th is perfect for a bridge. It does not have the driveways of 32nd and the one school (South Middle School) is set back from the road. Schroeder Middle School is practically right on top of 32nd, which is a serious safety issue. Mayor Brown is spot on here. 47th Avenue South is the best choice going away.
  13. That would make some people on this forum giddy with delight. But don't think for a minute that I would be one of them.
  14. Top candidates for the next Interstate Interchange: -17th Avenue South (next to the Alerus Center). -47th Avenue South (the city is growing in that area). -Merrifield Road (bridge is already there, just need to add ramps). The new south-end bridge (it is inevitable that we will need one whether people like it or not) should go in at 47th Avenue South; it would impact far fewer people than 32nd Avenue South.
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