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  1. You are correct. And Richman will have to have sustained success going forward if he wants to stick around. But they took advantage of their opportunity.
  2. If all we want is to focus on hockey and let everything else go to crap, then we should just drop back down to Division II. Having a bunch of crappy Division I teams is bad for the university and everyone connected to it. And since you seem to care about hockey and not much else, why don't you go back to the hockey forum and comment on how we should have scored more goals this past weekend vs. Canisius. Because we seem to have much different ideas of what UND athletics can and/or should be.
  3. Last time I checked, NDSU MBB had quite a run in the Men's tournament last March. NDSU's cash cow is FB, but that isn't the only sport they care about.
  4. That is very concerning. I do not want to become Rutgers with hockey. Sadly, that is where we are headed right now.
  5. They shouldn't have put him out there after that. How can you focus on stopping a puck after something like that? He gave up two quick goals and was yanked.
  6. The time to drop FB was back when we first moved up to Division I. Then we could have adjusted our budgets accordingly and probably would have more success in both Men's and Women's Basketball than we have currently had. But you don't build HPC Phase I and then drop FB. We have put too much time, money and energy into this Division I move to do that. There is simply no excuse for our athletic department to be in the sorry shape it currently is in. None. I don't want to hear about how big Fargo is getting. I don't want to hear how cold and desolate it is here. I don't want to hear how this is as good as it is going to get. Those are all excuses. And that is what you get from an institution that has lacked strong leadership at the top for 10 years now. A turnaround has to start with the hiring of a strong UND President who believes that athletics are an essential part of any four-year liberal arts university in the United States and can be used as a powerful marketing tool, especially in the age of social media. Without that, Chaves won't be able to do the things he wants to do. And it won't really matter who is in charge of what program on campus.
  7. Considering the bad grammar on this forum, I think the "standard", whatever it is, isn't very high to begin with.
  8. So we should just drop FB, continue ignoring MBB and WBB and focus entirely on hockey? Sorry, that is not the answer. It would be better to go back to Division II. Either we do the Division I experiment right or we drop it. No in-between.
  9. You, my friend, are what is wrong with UND right now. We'll NEVER do this, we'll NEVER do that. This isn't "realistic", that isn't "realistic". Blah, blah, blah. Have you ever heard of the term "self-fulfilling prophecy". Because that is what is happening in Grand Forks right now. You start accepting mediocrity and adopt low standards, then you get mediocrity and low standards. That perpetuates mediocrity, which starts the whole vicious cycle all over again. This monster feeds onto itself. And the only way to kill this monster and restore the tradition of excellence we used to have around here is to hire a strong UND President who acknowledges that academics, athletics and research can and must coexist for the entire campus to move upward and forward. Not downward and backward.
  10. Well, we found the money to buy out Mussman. So I think it is very possible.
  11. I don't believe that. It's the lack of leadership on campus that has caused this. That is why the upcoming UND Presidential hire is so important.
  12. And everybody loved their juice boxes.
  13. In other words....the same old drivel.
  14. Probably the usual drivel.
  15. I don't think our alumni base likes this at all. But in order to raise more money, you have to build relationships with potential donors. We haven't been doing that and the results speak for themselves. Aside from HPC Phase I, our facilities are the same or worse as when we were D-II. And we are now 10 years into the Division I experiment. Unfortunately, too many of our own people think as long as the student-athletes do good in the classroom and good in the community, there's nothing that needs to be fixed. And that mentality has to change. And it has to start with our next UND President.
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