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  1. The Sicatoka

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Don't tell me. I'm just quoting the coaches ... every week.
  2. The Sicatoka

    REA Banners

    That costs one bottle of Tito's and one bottle of tonic. I'll supply the limes and ice.
  3. The Sicatoka

    REA Banners

    Stop by my fire pit sometime to check some out.
  4. The Sicatoka

    Scoreboard change

    When game time temp is projected at -10F and -15F at end of game and there's an pretty good round trip drive involved, will this be part of the upper deck season ticket package I have or an extra you pay for?
  5. The Sicatoka

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Does he battle and battle?
  6. The Sicatoka

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    So what's book on this new goalie Harrison Feeney? Anyone gone to practice to see what he has?
  7. The Sicatoka

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    "If they never leave" kinda makes "waived entrance fee" moot.
  8. The Sicatoka

    Scoreboard change

    Did you look at that mug shot. YeeeEEEeeesh.
  9. The Sicatoka

    Scoreboard change

    There's an original price tag $113 million facility sitting there. Having a long term repair and replacement reserve fund in place makes sense. We can argue all day about what size that fund should be. But knowing things wear out I'm guessing the fund should be maintained in the 2-4% of original facility price range. That said, I wish there was more revenue to go everywhere.
  10. The Sicatoka

    WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    Wow, those school districts look like gerrymandered Congressional districts. Yeesh. https://www.nd.gov/dpi/uploads/171/map.pdf
  11. The Sicatoka

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    That's only half the equation (the entrance fee).
  12. The Sicatoka

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    I didn't know you know me. I'm not that old, but I'm that guy: 215 +/- 5 off the tee down the middle, driver (or 1 iron depending on wind). Scrambles have me drive first (so the others can load up and rip) and putt last (as I get a full read).
  13. The Sicatoka

    Found on Mafia's iPod

    Given Mafia comment about "Tawny" in the new scoreboard thread, look-ee, look-ee what is squirreled away on Mafia's iPod ...
  14. The Sicatoka

    Scoreboard change

    Taz Boy, in the back of his mind, thinks to himself: ... here I go again ... That said, clearly Taz and Mafia don't know about Tawny after she met MLB lefty Chuck Finley ... ... the cool kids would say "she done gone cray-cray!"
  15. The Sicatoka

    Scoreboard change

    Wasn't the story at one point from some quarters that the Engelstads would be upset if UND dropped women's hockey? Seems they had $4 million ... that they chose to spend on electronics, and not to save women's hockey.