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  1. The second referee should be up in the press box with replay with him to speed the process up. And connect the press box official wirelessly to the on-ice referee so the press box official can call penalties in real time. I’ve said this for five years already. It’s simple, it would open up some ice, and we have the technology. http://boardsroom.blogspot.com/2015/02/what-nchc-needs-to-change.html
  2. WMU goalie just knocked down again. Three guesses who they are playing.
  3. Good camera work and Yost Arena seem incompatible. I bet I’ve seen the camera next to the main camera three times in five minutes. #BTN
  4. Not for me ... but hey, if that's your thing ... not that there's ...
  5. Can we get a side-by-side comparison with Elvira Mistress of the Dark?
  6. Go here: https://blog.collegehockeyranked.com/2020/02/04/another-look-at-which-teams-are-likely-to-make-the-2020-ncaa-hockey-tournament/ Scroll down to the heading "How the forecast works", specifically, "Each forecast is based on at least one million monte carlo simulations of the games in the described period." Allow me to translate: Jim's run one million simulated (remaining games) seasons and calculated the PWR after each. He uses that for this.
  7. The Moose are the Jets' franchise? Why Thunder Bay? Why not shop them to Saskatoon? Or Regina?
  8. What folks are missing here: Do want to be in a conference where teams want in , or out? The NCHC is a destination conference. Want in? Make your case, but you'd better bring something to the table.
  9. The Sicatoka


    1998-99 Season, from the UND Media Guide WCHA PLAYOFFS (at Grand Forks, ND) M12 Mankato State L 2-3 OT M13 Mankato State W 3-2 M14 Mankato State W 10-0
  10. I see Burian as a sleeper at WR. (Call him a poor man's Wanzek.) Lennon is at DE. He's a big body and solid BB player (hands). Why not at TE? Or is that because the kid from Mandan is the future TE?
  11. < and now a playback recording from the 2019 presentation > Yes, yes, thank you all for attending. I'm The Sicatoka and I'll be officiating tonight's award presentation. That said, on to why we are all here. Congratulations to the now back-to-back winners of the RS Pairwise Award, given annually to the team that finishes the regular season atop the college hockey pairwise rankings. Let it be known far and wide this award and $3.50 might get you a ham sandwich if there's a six inch special at Subway. Just like in 2018, can I get a representative of St. Cloud State University to come up and get this prestigious piece of metal, the 2019 RS Pairwise Award! < SCSU officials leap to the stage > < obligatory photos of trophy presentation handshakes > < SCSU receiver holds trophy and associated banner high in clenched fists with proud smile, more cameras flash > SCSU officials will be available for interviews immediately after this session. Thank you all for attending, drive home safely, and good evening. And no, we do not validate parking. Good night.
  12. Yup. There's a historical tab here that allows you to look back.
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