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  1. Youth, and diversity. The Ds had both on stage during the primaries, and yet they end up with the 78 year old white guy.
  2. Oldest candidates in history. The young one is 74. Instead of the usual bottle of water, the podiums tonight will be supplied with Ensure. Debate sponsor: Depends ...
  3. You said: St. Mary's in Notre Dame, IN? The locals have heard of it ... maybe ... Notre Dame is in South Bend, IN. St Mary's College in Notre Dame IN ain't, just flat ain't, University of Notre Dame in South Bend IN. Your historian source is from a private Catholic women's NCAA DIII college. He's maybe a very bright fellow, but then why isn't he working across the street in South Bend at ... U of Notre Dame.
  4. Wrong. I've been told there's nothing in Trump's brain.
  5. For a fellow so knowing, you'd think you'd know that St. Mary's is not Notre Dame. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Mary's_College_(Indiana)
  6. https://www.wired.com/story/testing-wont-save-us-from-covid-19/
  7. Two years and a day of term is my guess on when he'd official step out. Why? A22 says if you serve less than half of a term of President (meaning VP had to move up) you can still be elected twice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-second_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution
  8. Packing the Supreme Court is not a move of stability. Calling for a $4 trillion tax increase will not stabilize the economy. And hearing his VP candidate talk about "a Harris Administration" is a clear tell of where they believe they'll be.
  9. Two letters. Three color scheme. Simple layout for reproduction. If you know the team moniker you see the logo/mascot immediately. North Dakota? Los Angeles.
  10. Unless you can show me: - balance sheets; - income statements; - cash flow statements; and - statements of equity; you can not tell me any entity's financial condition. I'm not an accountant and yet I know that.
  11. ... and delay procedures that are clogging the hospitals now.
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