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  1. WALSH That should ring some road trip to Maine bells.
  2. OK, I'm going to be the wet blanket. Pass. It looks right out of 1970. <-- Not compliment.
  3. Who knew Evander Kane posts here.
  4. Not buyin' MSU-Mankato making a moooo-ove. Not at all. What say you @bale31
  5. Or the converse: The Sun Belt could pick apart the remaining C-USA bones, namely SoMiss, Marshall, and ODU. C-USA remnants (8): FIU, LA Tech, Marshall, MTSU, Old Dominion, USoMiss, UTEP, WKU.
  6. I thought grumpy bears go hibernate this time of year, and not come out.
  7. The AAC pulls all SIX new members from the current C-USA. Already leaving AAC: UCF, Cincy, Houston AAC remnants: East Carol, Memphis, USF, SMU, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa, Wichita St Six from C-USA to AAC: UAB, FAU, UNC-Char, UNT, Rice, UTSA C-USA remnants (8): FIU, LA Tech, Marshall, MTSU, Old Dominion, USoMiss, UTEP, WKU. <-- Who will those eight go after? Footprint says ...
  8. Watch some of the kicks Simmering puts out right here.
  9. Looking through the media guide, here's since last century. Brady Leach 2018-20 Reid Taubenheim 2014-17 Zeb Miller 2010-13 Brandon Hellevang 2006-09 Jeff Glas 2002-05 Camerson Peterka 1998-01 Peterka was a machine. Given the choice would I take him or ... Glas feels like the last weapon. <-- 52 yards for the win? Nothing but net. Hellevang was steady and reliable (but still not Peterka/Glas). The dip started with Miller. It got a little better with Taubenheim, but it's back down with Leach. Data from p 67/161 here.
  10. Can we put this one to bed and focus on Western Illinois?
  11. If C-USA is reaching out to JMU ... there's the rock in the pond to start the FCS ripples.
  12. Rice is presently Conference USA. The AAC isn't much more prestigious. That's why Rice surprises me, unless it's to get back in a conference with U of Houston ... but wait ... Houston is headed for Big XII in 2023. Is this AAC trying to stay relevant in the Houston TV market (uh, no).
  13. After last week, if this (kicker committing) is coincidence, gfhockey is a teetotaler. And if this lad is as advertised, may he be the first in the next long line of outstanding UND PKs.
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