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  1. In Glendale AZ like the SJS Sharks.
  2. If the P5 get their own sandbox I could see what is "DI" FB today becoming three-tiers: - the P5 - the G5 and the top half-ish of FCS - the rest of FCS (non- or low-scholarship)
  3. https://www.fiveforhowling.com/2020/8/29/21406412/arizona-coyotes-not-renewing-contracts-of-video-coach-and-assistant-coach
  4. He didn't play but worked with UND Hockey. Grant an exception (like Chipman)? I'll say yes.
  5. Do we go so far as including folks around the NHL team ... like broadcasters who (used to at least) travel with the team? Jay Caufield works as an analyst on Penguins Pregame & Postgame on AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh. Troy Murray has been doing Chicago radio color on WGN since about 2003.
  6. ... and later his name on the Stanley Cup with Pittsburgh ... twice! Currently, Caufield works as an analyst on Penguins Pregame & Postgame on AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Cup_winning_players
  7. Jost shows up in the COL box score from last night (0-0-0, no shots either).
  8. Chairman of Ownership Group: Mark Chipman (honorary, Mark didn't play hockey at UND, he played football at UND) Coach: Dave Tippett (EDM) Assistant Coach: Dave Hakstol (TOR) Sr. Director of Player Development: Ryan Johnson (VAN)
  9. ... or is it just the 2021 season ... either way, Welcome to the 2020-21 Edition of the All UND-in-the-NHL Team. To be eligible to be listed the player must have appeared* in one NHL game during the 2020-21 season and have played college hockey for the University of North Dakota. *Goaltenders get special dispensation: If they dress and sit on the NHL bench as the backup for a game it counts.
  10. Small field (16 teams, 11 autos, 5 at large) is a high bar. You have to assume it's going to take exceptional performance to get an at-large. Alternatively there's the autobid option: just win the MVFC ... which again requires exceptional performance.
  11. Pretty sure the Thompson Tommies could beat both those numbers.
  12. Seven wins. Maybe six if one is over the MVFC champion.
  13. If the Honda is bad, well, the Scotia isn't much better for travel. (I can handle helmet ads moreso than cheesy division sponsor names.)
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