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  1. The 99s and 2000s will age out of junior eligibility. There's a problem. Bowen and Halliday are 2002s. They'd better show they are truly special to come in at 18. (For every Jon Toews there's a Michael Forney.) As I stare at this more, I wonder more about Randklev, Costello, and Mancinelli. I say that because I started pondering not 2020, but 2021 forward in total (now to then): Need 9, but which 9 from the pipeline.
  2. Then you're having a nightmare: This year's freshman class was the oldest YOBs on the recruits list (except for injured Randklev) back-filling open roster slots.
  3. Here's one for all y'all to ponder: Fall of 2021 the defense could be ...junior Ethan Frisch and seven sophomores and freshmen. Yes, Poolman, Peski, Bast, Rieger, Kierstad all graduate; JBD (first rounder) could jump after a junior year, as could Tychonick. Best case is JBD, Tychonick, and Frisch plus five. I'd say most likely is Tychonick, Frisch, and six.
  4. I'm the guy that says look at the YOB (year of birth). Unless a guy is a Toews/Parise/Oshie type you won't see them underage. Players we've been bringing in are at least 18 upon arrival and probably 19 early in the season (e.g. Frisch). 1999: Randklev, Gaber, Ness 2000: Budy, Costello, Portz 2001: Rizzo, Mancinelli, Schmaltz As has been noted there are five forward departures (Bowen, Michaud, Smith, Yon, Johnson). Randklev is very slow recovering and that is concerning. Costello is showing in the BCHL what he showed in the USHL (which is disappointing). Mancinelli is reportedly now decommitted. That leads me to believe that the most likely five are Gaber, Ness, Budy, Portz, and Rizzo. (If Randklev gets it going maybe Rizzo stays in juniors another season.) If they need a sixth (via early departure) and assuming Rizzo in, it's a healthy Randklev or maybe Costello, or Schmaltz.
  5. Polls are human opinions. I prefer analytics like Massey ratings or Bradley-Terry* or hockey Pair Wise. *Best known implementation to fans here is the KRACH college hockey rankings.
  6. Remember: The world revolves around NYC and JFK airport. It's 8 hours from JFK to London; it's 7 hours JFK to LAX. No big deal.
  7. Why not just go all-in and say ... ELEVENTY-BILLION to 2 Miami.
  8. Electrolux. Sucks. C'mon ... I get nothing for that. Really?
  9. What is that massive structure going in immediately north of Simplot? Are they expanding? Is it this? https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4508346-simplot-seeks-help-58-million-expansion-grand-forks-plant
  10. This is massive and yet it garners few comments.
  11. Um. Yeah. At least I have above ground discharge options on both my discharges. One neighbor's discharge line exists his house two feet below grade. He's looking at punching a hole in the side of his house in case his underground freezes up while the sump is still active. (We're both on private septic so no "dump it to the city sanitary sewer" option.)
  12. If your sump pump hammers away at 20% duty cycle the constantly flowing water doesn't freeze.
  13. The first time I met the man he was introduced to me as " ... the mayor of Mayville." I found out the rest after that.
  14. Not sure for those, but I believe it's Nov 12 for the Moorhead Spuds.
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