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  1. Not long ago the board chatter was it'd take about an additional $2-$4 million annually for an FCS to jump to FBS. Where'd that go? It always seemed to come up if @SiouxVolley even thought the letters F-B-S.
  2. It's not the NCAA you worry about; it's a Federal Title IX lawsuit.
  3. I've long said the west needs the equivalent of the east's FBS Mid America Conference*. A conglomeration of the Montanas, Dakotas, and a couple Big Sky teams could've filled that role. But with reorganization happening, who knows if that role will still be there to fill. *EAST is B1G and SEC and ACC, then AAC, then MAC, then rest of G5 WEST is PAC12 and Big XII, then MWC, then < gaping hole here >
  4. Random Factoid: There's a 231 page (page) thread "Bison Fatigue" at the NDSU board talking about and how too much winning has hurt interest. Winning is a good problem to have, but it also numbs the fan base to just expect it and to lose sight of how extraordinary sustained winning or an NCAA championship, any sport, is.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eats,_Shoots_%26_Leaves Eats shoots and leaves is a panda bear. Eats, shoots, and leaves is Wyatt Earp having dinner and being ambushed.
  6. Holy < bleep > ! Dave Hakstol with an NHL team with an NHL goalie!
  7. You are observing in real time the realignment of the haves and have nots.
  8. "Simone, Kerri Strug on line one for you." Simone Biles, she, she's not a hockey player.
  9. If the B1G holds to the "must be AAU" it's KU and Iowa State, ... or they go poaching the PAC12 or ACC.
  10. Baggage. Pass. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/03/26/deshaun-watson-tony-buzbee-lawsuits-summary
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