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  1. The way the world is headed, you’re not wrong.
  2. I always like that one. Do they mean to hire a successful criminal? But wouldn't a successful criminal not have a record? If they find a record wouldn't that be an unsuccessful criminal? So confusing ...
  3. John was miserable to try to contain on a 53.3 x 120 yard (counting end zones) field of play. Now imagine 65 x 150 yards (counting end zones).
  4. So does STL get to budge in front of VGK in the NHL reparations line or is it first-come-first-serve?
  5. They can look at offsides with fuzzy, pixelized images from 60 feet away, but not a three-angles, high-def replay clearly showing a hand pass directly to a teammate.
  6. When will people realize that the old name and logo are like a '59 Cadillac. If that doesn't clarify it for you, try this instead.
  7. Not. Gonna. Happen. The amount of outside national pressure the SR Tribe would take to not budge would be nearly immeasurable. And Heidi will not be the next president of UND. That's merely a distraction and disruption put out there by a click-baiter.
  8. The B1G tournament playoff atmosphere feel!
  9. No, no you won't. But you'll wish you would have.
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