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  1. Gotten notice for your six month booster yet?
  2. Herald says "cousin". https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4439021-jake-schmaltz-cousin-jordan-and-nick-commits-und
  3. So you're saying they could have really used ... "... a quality loss ... " (c)UNI Somebody had to say it.
  4. They did ... by not raising prices.
  5. I like your words, but unless you can tell me this year's "Stogies, Scotch, and Smoke-filled Room" selection committee admittance password (to the backroom at the BreakWind, um ..., WindBreak, at the Fargo Flying J*) I'm not believing until Sunday morning and the release of the bracket. *defending champion always hosts the smoke-filled room selection committee meeting in a most glorious locale
  6. Earl Weaver looks down from above and smirks.
  7. I get the frustration and the desire to play, but it's too late to get MoState to GF for Saturday. Honestly, it was too late at noon Monday. MoState has done no prep; they probably have been doing light drills and little contact this week knowing no game. It would not be fair to them on Wednesday night to tell them be in GF for a game Saturday afternoon. Put the blame where it goes: if YSU was going to bail they should've said so noon Sunday. If YSU had done that, it would be up to the MVFC and fair to both teams should the league reschedule MoState @ UND. That said, there's no
  8. Last time we had that much time between games we won four in a row.
  9. Unbelievable. It's not even Covid, just weak sause. https://valley-football.org/news/2021/4/14/football-mvfc-cancels-youngstown-state-north-dakota-game.aspx Then again, also in that link ... Hang it.
  10. Looks like the one-transfer (with no sit-out year) rule, and the transfer portal, are becoming the new reality right about now.
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