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  1. If ARI moves within the central time zone (KC or HOU) you're not upsetting the Central Division. Put ARI in QUE ... who moves west? Don't say DET, they just won their battle to be in the east.
  2. Are you saying "same arms race, new battlefield"?
  3. Back to broadcasting rights discussions please.
  4. According to Sabin, Texas A&M does. Big time!
  5. Random factoids: The Big Ten Hockey Conference played its first season in 2013-14. Through the 2013-14 season, Wisconsin led the nation (Kohl Center, 15k seats) in attendance. UND (REA, 12k seats) leads nation in average attendance from 2014-15 through 2021-22 (eight seasons). Conclusion: Since the first season of BTHC play, Wisconsin's attendance has dropped and North Dakota leads the nation in average attendance,
  6. Claim your L! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-QxhxWTUkY
  7. Not sure of the what/how behind these, but "SEC Shorts" at YouTube are pretty funny. The self-deprecating humor is top notch. A&M and 'bama get sent to time out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6DMS2wEPvw <-- this is really good; they drag on the NCAA too! 12 Team Playoff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eJdzxlgVgk Hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhSu9IWOXVc There's a whole YouTube channel of them.
  8. Player pts atHotSioux 89 Goon 86 sioux rube 82 tnt 82 stoneySioux 75 ShawnO 75 farce poobah 73 petey23 72 The Sicatoka 61
  9. Arizona has the role of the 1970's version of "Hawaii Five-O". The original Five-O was filmed in Hawaii and back then every CBS exec had to "check on production" and take a two-week junket (boondoggle) to the set. When Five-O was reaching it's useful life those CBS exec's paid Hawaiian vacations were going away. But lo-and-behold just as Five-O was going away, along comes a Texan with a fake British accent, a couple Doberman pinchers, a slickster named Rick, a chopper pilot, a Ferrari, ... and Tom Seleck's mustache. Magnum PI kept an excuse for CBS execs to go to the islands to "check on production" for about another decade. And gee-why were those shows 're-imagined" recently? <-- That's rhetorical. For NHL execs, especially the Canadian ones, Arizona in winter is "Hawaii 5-0/Magnum PI. " --> Gotta go and watch the team on the road ...
  10. Yup: "What can't we do" instead of focusing on "what can we do."
  11. That is most curious now that you mention it. If Griz and Bob are the stars of the show, why involve the BSC (and have to share the money).
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