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  1. Not if we want to get him experience. Which at this point seems prudent.
  2. I wonder when the last time UND played a game in which the only goal scored was a SHG?
  3. When I turned the game on, it said #9 UND and #4 WMU. Now it says #10 UND and #3 WMU.
  4. This is why I think Bubs has to give Hellsten the net.
  5. It will be Hellsten's net tomorrow night. The coaching staff has no choice IMO.
  6. UND had a 47-game winning streak when leading after two periods. Snapped.
  7. UND drops from 2 to 8 in the Pairwise.
  8. It is, and here's why. The University of Vermont's mascot, the Catamount, is a species of SHORT-TAILED lynx. Now take a look at a picture of how they render a catamount. It's got like the longest frickin' tail ever. In fact, for years I thought their mascot was some sort of monkey--no lie--cause all I saw was that tail. Messed up indeed.
  9. Sherrif Brady is Michigan and Emilio Estevez (Billy the Kid) is hockey karma. Young guns gif Reap the whirldwin sherrif brady.mp4
  10. If Sanderson goes to the Olympics--given its timing, length, and the uncertainty about being permitted to leave China--Team UND's chances of winning a national championship may take a hit. There might be a trade-off. That's all I'm saying. Pointing that out does not make a fan selfish, unempathetic, butthurt, [other emotive trigger word], etc.
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