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  1. tnt

    Former Players

    I don't think most people were criticizing, only stating that our coaches don't have this wish to keep talented players off the field and generally can evaluate talent and capabilities that fit their scheme.
  2. tnt

    Former Players

    I don't think most people are knocking the kid, but most can be objective about his talent, because we all wanted him to do well. Many, including myself wanted him to get more touches, but it's not as if every time he touched the ball you expected something great to happen, as with Santiago. Just to be straight, are you saying he will be playing in the NFL?
  3. https://nypost.com/2020/09/24/covid-19-mutation-may-be-evolving-to-bypass-masks-hand-washing/ I thought masks was going to end it.
  4. tnt

    Twins ?

    One of the announcers last night said if it was a three way tie, the Twins would hold the tiebreaker.
  5. Funny we haven’t heard of a destination for Rizzo. Wondering if he is on campus anywhere.
  6. After losing a name like Massimo Rizzo, they felt they needed to fill it with another name that flows off the tongue. Thankfully it looks like he can play hockey as well!
  7. tnt

    2021 FB Recruiting

    Hopefully they don't abbreviate.
  8. Thanks, I thought it was odd nobody brought it up.
  9. I see the Herald said Charras and Tequila will open in the old Ruby Tuesday in 2021. They have one in Devils Lake, has anyone eaten there?
  10. Maybe the SEC, Big 12 and ACC aren't the only greedy ones then, if the lawyers are praying for this to happen! Typical lawyers!
  11. Did anyone explain to him what “down to five” means?
  12. This isn't the Dumpster Fire thread.
  13. I thought I saw the Kegs was going to reopen next summer.
  14. Are these the same "experts" that picked the arbitrary 6 feet social distancing rule?
  15. You mean like in the assisted living facilities. Yeah, that has worked wonderfully.
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