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  1. You mean kids need more than social media?
  2. Hopefully he doesn't go to Omaha with Johnny Tychonick. It seems like any guy that has some kind of UND ties seems to put up nice numbers for Omaha.
  3. Didn't see you railing on the governors of states where the riots were happening to take the situation under control because the lack of social distancing. Oh, and the way you end your post is no better than Trump's twitter rants -- even worse.
  4. I thought Illinois was ready to announce that they would start up hockey. Would guess they could find another one or two besides them eventually. UND would have to have assurances that if charter members take up hockey they wouldn’t be the odd man out.
  5. Which would also be what UND would be doing if they decide to go ahead with it. Don’t know what everyone’s cancellation policies are, but I would guess they should make a decision sooner rather than later.
  6. You best hold your derision for those people that are ignorant enough to be tearing down statues of people that helped free the country from slavery.
  7. If that picture is any indication, everyone should have been fine because they are wearing the masks you worship.
  8. So what social media platform was it that got the information wrong in the St. Cloud shooting and had people marching on the Police Department?
  9. https://lastwordonhockey.com/2020/06/13/stephen-halliday-2020-nhl-draft/ Story about the potential of Stephen Halliday.
  10. I just hope the votes aren’t split between people that want a change from Brown.
  11. Agree, I really liked the way they had it. UND is traditionally a 5 on 5 kind of team, so it suits us well. That said, with guys like JBD, Sanderson, Kiersted, Miller, Moore, and Bast, on defense and guys like Kawaguchi, Adams, Pinto, Mismash etc. you have got to like our ability to control the puck in a 3 on 3 situation much better than a few years ago.
  12. The media won’t make him answer questions more than 2-3 minutes at a time. We are in the midst of a huge conversation on race in America, and Biden hasn’t had to address his “not black” comment that would be interpreted as racist had other people said it. I’m convinced if he made that statement in a debate it would only have lasted the same one day news cycle.
  13. https://abc7ny.com/poll-politics-hillary-clinton-donald-trump/1568931/
  14. Won't change your life much either way being that you will still be holed up in your bunker. Maybe you can come out in a year or so when they have a vaccine.
  15. tnt

    2021 FB Recruiting

    Is that Ethan Kremer at the bottom of the article in the North Dakota jersey someone we have offered? Article finally came up, doesn’t say we have offered yet.
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