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  1. Wow, if so, that was a poor decision. Seems odd because it seems he fair catches almost every punt.
  2. I think he thought he was fooling them into focusing on him and that the ball would get into the end zone. What yard line he was on I don’t remember.
  3. tnt

    SH Game Day

    Happy to win, but you can’t win consistently at any level of football if you can’t run the ball. Funny, but we are predictable the other way this year. You would think throwing the ball so much would open up the run. Having the o-line lose weight seems odd to me. You still win by controlling the line of scrimmage. That has got to be better if they want to win consistently going forward.
  4. tnt

    SH Game Day

    Sam Houston basically stopped themselves the whole first half including the receiver falling down by himself the last series.
  5. tnt

    SH Game Day

    What is the difference between the knowing what we were always going to do on offense like with Rudy, or knowing what the other team is going to do but still not being able to stop it with your defense?
  6. You’re not taking into account NCAA sanctions for Brock Robbins type scenarios that repeat themselves.
  7. Got an email from the Ralph saying they will be using metal detectors this year. I sure hope they open the doors a little earlier. There is always a huge logjam in the lobby as it is waiting to get into the arena.
  8. tnt

    2020 FB Recruiting

    We talk about getting guys here and there by being an educational fit, well this appears to be one of those players. Seems like he liked the facilities as well.
  9. Can't wait for his logic getting called out on this.
  10. tnt

    Twins ?

    I realize some of the entitled attitude is fostered in college, and in some cases the supplements encouraged, hhhNDSUhh, but I wish more teams would just agree those guys aren’t worth dealing with, but it seems most fans will excuse any behavior if they are playing for their team.
  11. tnt

    Twins ?

    Pro sports are always going to be hugely popular, but I wish more people would support college athletics instead, and maybe then the outrageous salaries these guys get will take a downturn. Between this and the Antonio Brown saga, I have had enough of these overpaid divas and cheaters!
  12. I didn’t think so, I only saw Boltmann and Grover.
  13. ...and this is the type of thing that Bubba and company doesn’t understand. They have people captivated early on, only to lay an egg. If they want to get the program back on track they need to seize the moment and keep the excitement level high. They could have done that in this circumstance by at least being competitive. Maybe their new motto should be “seize the moment”!
  14. Their third down defense again needs to find a way to get off the field. No answer for NDSU’s play calling. Also, how about a few back shoulder throws against their defense with big receivers like Wanzek and Toivonen. Again, it looked like they just wanted to try and keep it close, no really aggressive play calls.
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