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  1. That’s what I saw too. Gaber not playing with Pinto was very noticeable.
  2. Two shifts at the end of the period, and not one word from Heinert or Brandt. You would think our leading goal scorer would be noticeable when he isn’t playing, especially how active he is.
  3. Funny, it turns out every single goal had two assists.
  4. Thought it sounded very strange. I would guess the app will update it at some point.
  5. In the CHN app it shows all 5 goals as unassisted. If true, when is the last time something like that happened with that many goals.
  6. Portz named 1st star in his first game with Muskegon with 2 goals, 2 assists. Looks like Dane Montgomery played his first game with Waterloo in quite a while. I assume he was injured, anyone know the circumstances?
  7. That's why I found it so funny when Ben Clymer was bragging up Minnesota before the Notre Dame series like nobody could skate with them because they had barely lost since the year prior before Christmas break. Funny how that coincides with playing non-conference games before Christmas and conference games after Christmas. And to think, he had made that statement about us rubbing it in just after Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I think Minnesota is a very good team and has a defense that is top 3 in the country, but the way he made it sound, people would be lucky to skate with them.
  8. Wonder if Ben Clymer is disturbed that Minnesota is “rubbing it in” , like he accused us of last year.
  9. I completely agree. I even recall a few times where Mismash tried stick out his leg in reaction to a guy slipping by him. I thought how lucky he is that he barely missed. It is dangerous for both parties. I'd like to think that the coaches get on players on the bench when they see episodes like that both out of concern for safety of everybody involved and just how easily a five minute major and ejection can completely change the outcome of a game, and if it happens at tournament time, a season. Even if Chrona was trying to sell it, the officials look at intent as well, and Mismash looked l
  10. If Chrona wasn't bracing for it, I would agree with you, but I find it hard to believe that Mismash at 6'1, 195 could send a goalie 6'6, 216 without pads spinning that out of control even though he was standing still. You see guys trying to deliver hits all of the time on guys standing still and many times they find themselves on the ground because the other guy is more solid and bracing himself. Guess Magnus might be the only one who really knows if he was trying to put one over on the officials.
  11. Once again, I ask the league to be transparent and explain why that egregious hit by Pionk doesn’t get discipline despite not being touched by anyone, yet Mismash gets supplemental punishment after getting pushed. While you’re at it, explain why Todd Anderson didn’t review Mismash getting slashed by I believe Schuldt, when he was down on the ice in pain, putting him out most of the second half of the season.
  12. We will be watching NCHC to see if you are consistent with this. If I were Brad Berry, I would send footage of Pionk plowing into Cam Johnson and find out why that was not worthy of getting booted from that game, much less a suspension after the fact. Let's not forget, that in that same game, Kotyk injured Tucker Poolman causing him to miss the NCAA tournament by drilling him into the boards from behind with no repercussions either. Of course we are in Don Adams world, where Robbie Bina's injury didn't deserve a major.
  13. https://www.muskegonlumberjacks.com/news_article/show/1141281 Portz traded for Pitlick. Sounds like Portz is quite the team guy.
  14. The reason the no-show on Sunday was so frustrating to me is because of games on the road like last night where you can get railroaded by bad or borderline calls and not get reciprocal calls. You can play at the top of your game and still have trouble winning because of that. How many times are you going to kill off a 5 minute major and a 5 on 3, much less in the same time period? So thankful they fought through all of that.
  15. First goal early was huge, as it put Denver on their heels and took the wind out of their sails right away. No surprise that the person that filled the Cole Smith character role was Senden. Doesn’t have the size, but really sticks his nose in there. Good call by the coaches to put that line out first to set the tempo.
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