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  1. It’s the truth, so don’t get upset.
  2. Great negative take on the weekend with only three losses. Now we only need Irish to chime in with his take, but he doesn’t show up as often after a win.
  3. I backed up the footage and it sure looked offside. Glad that missed call didn’t cost us the game.
  4. Our first road loss since the second week of the year and we are doomed! I always thought the formula was to sweep at home and split on the road, but I guess the new formula is win every game or else!
  5. Considering how many teams have won championships lately that barely get into the tournament, does it really matter if you slip a little two months removed from the tournament? We’ll see where they go from here. It is hard to get players attention when they still are winning playing less than their best.
  6. Goodness, our fanbase needs to step away from the ledge. It is still January, and if I recall the 2016 team laid an egg in Denver and still rebounded. There are concerns to be sure, but I think every team has them.
  7. Yeah, we actually won 3 of the last 5. It was before that we were struggling.
  8. Didn’t we beat them twice last year?
  9. Yes, once they got ahead 3-1 they started cheating for offense, thinking everything they touched would turn golden. Hopefully a hard lesson learned and we move forward from here.
  10. Griffin Ness with 3 goals, 3 assists tonight with 11 shots on goal. Guess you have to find some positive on a bad night.
  11. I think Wolff will hit someone from behind, or contact to the head.
  12. Especially when they called it a goal, and Miller did nothing to try and get out of the crease after initial contact. Keep your cool, and I see a five minute major coming to Duluth by trying to go out of their way to be physical.
  13. https://bchl.ca/stats/player/5825/40/cooper-moore Don't know how accurate this is being that I believe Moore signed his letter, but this shows him coming 2021-2022. Don't think him signing the letter this year means it is set in stone. It seems we haven't had all of our defensemen healthy that much this year, and it seems like that is quite common. Doesn't hurt to have that extra depth so you can send messages like Berry did to Bast last weekend after he took a penalty to put us down two men on the penalty kill.
  14. I think I read somewhere that Jamernik was interested in the Aerospace program, so maybe he has minimal scholarship dollars.
  15. Oh yeah, as I was going through the numbers I started after the traditional defensemen numbers.
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