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    To be fair, I was incorrect in that statement, as I saw the "Masks on for the vaccinated and unvaccinated", but missed the adhering to CDC policy of "recommending" masks.
  2. tnt


    Absolutely. I had a couple in my group back out.
  3. tnt


    Having reread it, I see after they say Mask on for vaccinated and unvaccinated guests, they add the CDC guidelines and indeed do have recommended in there. That changes things for me. Hopefully that will be the case for establishments as well.
  4. tnt


    Bridgestone Arena policy also shows face masks will be required. Explain that to me. If everyone is vaccinated or has a negative test, why face masks. Money back needs to be offered.
  5. tnt


    Are they offering ticket refunds, because the tickets weren’t bought under those premises. I have the shot, but don’t want a vacation not knowing all the places that are going to have stipulations.
  6. So this is what fans do. Utah State is saying they were shocked into playing and then after they were behind 21-7, throttled us 41-3 the rest of the way. UND fans say, if we only wouldn’t have taken down our own player it would be a different story. We need to get over the moral victory stage of our program. FCS teams are beating FBS teams more consistently, and teams a step above Utah State. Even mid level FCS teams can draw moral victories against FBS teams. Getting outscored by anyone at any stage of the game by 41-3 should not be something we draw comfort from.
  7. I look forward to the day when we are confident enough in our offensive line that we don’t have to rely on trick plays to score. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have them in your back pocket, but would be nice to use them in game on the line situations. Those same plays that worked tonight can lead to getting in second and long or third and long situations if they get blown up, and we see how we performed when we get behind the chains. Obviously we needed them tonight to get the touchdowns we did get.
  8. So you’re good playing well 25% of the game. Usually the mantra is, we didn’t play a full 60 minutes.
  9. If UND beats the Bison, all is forgiven. If they don’t, well, it will just be considered business as usual.
  10. Hello Bubba, get your starters out of the game. If someone gets hurt now, it’s on you. Trying to be respectable now is dumb.
  11. I watched when we were at midfield and punted. Utah State turned and covered without even looking fake. I think at that point you try something to turn momentum. Bubba doesn’t get that. He thinks we are in Division 2 and can rely on our defense.
  12. You’re ahead 21-7 and you aren’t even in it at the end is disappointing to say the least. So we’ll hear we weren’t disciplined and missed some assignments.
  13. The fact that we don’t have any expectation against a team that was 1-5 last year is telling. Yes, they remade their lineup, but our experience should account for something.
  14. Hate staying up late with optimism only to end up with major disappointment.
  15. Wow, throwing the ball beyond the first down sticks, what a novel idea!
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