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  1. If I recall correctly he was a walk on like Matt Henderson.
  2. Let’s also not forget that UND has a history of guys that were not highly sought after, that were cornerstones to Championship teams. Yes, they were supplemented with some high end players, but sometimes those guys became the high end players while highly touted recruits didn’t pan out. Guys like Panzer, Sykes, Henderson, Gaarder, Caggiula, and even Sanderson have been huge at tournament time. Some of these guys are probably similar to these guys in that they won’t be starting out with high scholarship dollars, some maybe only books, so they will need to prove themselves to gain more scholarship money.
  3. Didn’t he also say something in the article about what the guys would think about something that had no diagnosis. I am sure fans questioning him didn’t make it easier to say he has this problem that can’t be identified.
  4. Not the people that thought he shouldn’t be on the team.
  5. Was going to say the same thing. I remember the DU announcers lamenting the fact that they couldn't muster any kind of attack against us last year, but when they did, they finished . Hopefully we have more people that can finish this year too. Of course it all depends on who has guys take the next step. DU I'm sure will have a few like Stapely and Guttman, and hopefully guys like Adams and Mismash continue their progression as well.
  6. tnt


    It would open up such a can of worms of who would have to make the trip to London late in the year when bodies are already exhausted, nevermind those players in London having to make a trip every other week. Doesn't sound realistic to me. It really could become a players association issue.
  7. It shows Grand Forks on their website as a "Coming Soon" location.
  8. Losing that second game against Miami last year really put us in a downward trajectory. Hopefully we recognize this as an opportunity to get off to a good start in the league and continue our momentum before we hit a challenging stretch.
  9. ... and it is too early to tell if those losses can be offset with a little time to gel. We always talk about not winning championships in the first half, so who gives a rip about dropping in insignificant polls. Let's just hope they don't get well at our expense in a couple of weeks.
  10. So now you are using Hakstol as a comparison for positive talent, when you were always railing on him?
  11. Show us the quotes that reference that someone said it would hurt Penn State football. So a sport that seats 5000 to 6000 is going to hurt a sport that seats 100,000 plus? I would like to see the quote that claims that.
  12. Go to page 199 of this thread and read about another recruit that didn’t put up huge points. I thought that guy was going to be a role player. Not that you don’t need role players, but we tend to pigeon hole players based on their stats. Players develop at different paces. Great role players are essential for great teams. You are exactly right, you never know!
  13. I really liked Players Sports Bar and Grill in the day. Good specials.
  14. tnt

    2019 Attendance

    Doesn't seem like there is room. See players running into the walls as it is.
  15. I can do without McCord, but Kostis kind of surprises me. McCord tries too hard to be funny, and often misses the mark. I imagine if they are trying to go younger, he misses the mark even more. Silence sometimes is a lot more effective in certain situations, especially in golf.
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