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  1. Mismash needs to realize that he is a potential All American if he can get his motor running on a consistent basis.
  2. tnt

    REA Banners

    It’s actually adding some logos that have been a part of the past.
  3. It is funny, as some have stated most people were thinking and/or hoping that Keane wouldn't come in, and now wish he wouldn't lose a year of eligibility. Don't think a lot of people were screaming for Senden to come in before Huber backed out either.
  4. Greg Johnson, Chad Johnson, Scott Dub, Marty Schriner, and Scott Brower all gone far too early. I feel like I am missing a few as well. Really makes you realize how short life can be. My heart goes out to all their families for such early losses.
  5. Yeah, was curious if it had to do with the hereditary heart abnormality the article said was his reason for retirement.
  6. Would be nice to make room for Brett Murray this year should he decide not to go pro.
  7. Bruce McCleod was a joke.
  8. I agree. Doesn't UND try to get that trip as often as they can because they get to play a couple extra games on the schedule because of the Alaska rule.
  9. I find when people say “it’s not me it’s everybody else”, it is most likely you.
  10. I just find it funny that the people that are so insistent that the logo be prominently displayed had no problem when the Sioux logo wasn't on the field in football or were barely noticeable on uniforms and such in other sports.
  11. Some people who are not big hockey fans just are looking for any reason to dump on them.
  12. Yes, apparently the moderators too!
  13. They need to "get over it", as finding a reason to whine over a spectacular new scoreboard seems petty.
  14. Wow, the instigation sure did work!
  15. I guess if there is another stretch of rehab to be done, I guess we can see why he dropped so far in the NHL draft.
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