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  1. But you never know, as the layoff might not help with Rask being so incredible right now. It doesn't take much for things to turn in the other direction, as I'm sure not many people would have suspected that Martin Jones would be playing as well as he has based on the first few games in the Vegas series.
  2. But if they are hoping Joe Thornton wins it, should they not have called a penalty on St. Louis when Thornton was complaining that they shot the puck into the net above the plexiglass, which replay confirms? They might have never got to overtime had they not missed that obvious call.
  3. Don’t know how they missed that hand pass. That was worse than the call against Vegas because Vegas just was inept at killing a 5 minute major. In the same token, the refs missed an obvious delay of game penalty in the second while the Sharks were still leading that would have given them a chance to take a two goal lead. Just goes to show you that professional officiating isn’t much better than college. Cross checks to the back of the head, and dangerous hits that resulted in injury. Interesting to see if the refs apologize again, because horrible non calls both ways.
  4. Not trying to convince you of anything, just saying that if you want to support a saintly team, you should cheer for the gophers because they have never done anything beyond reproach. Of course I am being facetious.
  5. Sounds like the same thing people say about the Sioux, playing on the edge. Marchand is an idiot, but beyond him you have guys that play physical and play hard. Most of the guys you mentioned played in the 80’s during a different time in hockey. Remember Dean Dachyshyn, Dan Brennan, Howard Walker, Cary Eades, Jim Archibald, etc.
  6. It's all a matter of perspective. You tell me your favorite team, and I'll pick out some from them as well over the years. Heck, let's pick the Sioux -- Prpich, Hextall, Blake, Schriner, etc.
  7. I wonder what kind of impact Kleven will end up making. After watching a few of the games with the U.S. National team, I can see him spending a lot of time in the penalty box, as college hockey seems to be wanting to take the punishing hits out of the game. We're getting to the point where anything that looks like it hurts will draw a penalty. I can see him getting a bunch of unwarranted penalties like Matt Greene and Andrew MacWilliam. It sounds like he is progressing offensively nicely, so hopefully that will offset some of the attention I think he will garner because of his aggressive hitting.
  8. https://www.milehighhockey.com/platform/amp/2019/5/11/18535859/2019-nhl-draft-prospect-profile-alex-tucotte-scouting-report
  9. Inherently better could encompass one position -- goaltender. Ben Bishop compared to the list of goaltenders Hakstol had at Philly. It wasn't until after he left that they brought up Carter Hart, who performed much better than the cast they had before. That said, how many points out of the playoffs were they when Hakstol left, and how many did they end up out of it? Not really sure about that stat, but people were giving the new coach props, but I don't think they moved up, even with the improved goaltending.
  10. Yeah, not sure what the thought process was there. His brother is at Wisconsin, and even if he didn't like it there I would assume he could go to Major Junior as a stepping stone to the NHL.
  11. A team took a crack at Cole Caufield in the 20th round too, so you never know.
  12. What does butter our bread? Just curious because people seem to be complaining about money quite a bit around here.
  13. ...and how Cale Makar seems to have transitioned seamlessly to the NHL, having already played against 24 and 25 year olds.
  14. The point is that he dictated how he wanted the land to be used. UND didn’t have to accept the donation if they didn’t like the purpose.
  15. So you were pretty upset with Ray Richards then huh?
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