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  1. Don’t have access to the story, but is this being considered without fans? Unless we were a month removed from new Coronavirus cases, I would think it wouldn’t be prudent for people to come here when we haven’t been hit that much so far. Would think Schlossman would be making an argument that the NHL doesn’t care about anything but the bottom line and keeping their season alive. If people are still questioning football in the fall, would think this wouldn’t seem realistic.
  2. I thought UND lost interest in Rowe when he started talking with Major Junior teams. I actually think the Big Ten is poised to take a step forward next year, as teams like Western and Duluth have lost some key guys. It will still be a battle, but a lot more even than in the past.
  3. When Keane is in the lineup, he is another motor guy.
  4. Which is why win or lose it would have been nice to get that experience this year. Most guys have had post season experience in Juniors, but not in a one and done situation.
  5. Remember when Rizzo was the prize recruit everyone was excited about? Frankly, I have no idea what to expect from him. He could struggle to be consistent at what it takes at this level to be relevant, much like Adams the first few years, or hopefully his nagging injuries are behind him and his skill level is such that he works well playing with top end talent. Hopefully it’s the latter, because I don’t know if he would be the type of role player Blaisdell was before he moves up in the lineup, but then again, the coaches probably already have a good idea where he will plug into the program. I think we have the depth if there is a bit of a learning curve.
  6. Nashville opponent Penn State loses Barratt early. https://www.blackshoediaries.com/2020/4/2/21204653/penn-state-nittany-lions-mens-hockey-evan-barratt-signs-entry-level-deal-with-chicago-blackhawks
  7. We’ve seen loaded teams struggle out of the gate and never quite live up to expectations. The gophers were heavy favorites to threepeat but never quite put it together. We’ve seen how team chemistry can change from one year to another, but with a solid core of leaders coming back that have seen both ends of it, I like our chances for the chemistry to stay strong. If Berry is anything like Hakstol, he has already talked to the guys on the fence of coming back about the commitment required to have another great year, because sometimes when a team is loaded with talent they can assume it is going to come easy. The guys have seen what that kind of commitment can do with their turnaround last year. The players and fans should both be super excited, but I’m sure the coaches will remain all about the process, especially when things aren’t going perfect and fans are freaking out.
  8. I can see this scenario, as Blaisdell really impressed at the end. It depends on the fits they are looking to achieve. If they are looking for a hard line, Rizzo doesn’t fit the bill, but if they are looking for a balanced line, this could be the way they go, with the Senden line remaining the grinding line. Rizzo seemed to be a good set up guy, so I could see him setting up Pinto’s one timer as well.
  9. I know there are still a few people that have to make decisions but gotta like the looks of the lineup. What are thoughts on lines. It is hard to know based on junior numbers who will jump in and impress. A year ago I would have put Budy further up the lineup, and perhaps it will all depend on roles needed, which is why I think Ness has a chance to play. It will be interesting to see if Bowen is going to play another year of juniors. Mismash - Adams - Kawaguchi Gaber - Pinto - Rizzo Blaisdell - Weatherby - Caulfield Ness - Senden - Hain Keane - Budy - ?
  10. Yeah, and as mentioned by others, defense could be a work in progress if we lose both the candidates for leaving early, having already lost Peski and Poolman. If Kiersted stays, I could see him in the mix as Captain as well, for sure in the leadership group.
  11. Meaning Berry liked Fleming tweeting the same thing, or Fleming liked Chesley's tweet?
  12. https://www.mprnews.org/story/2019/08/09/minneapolis-bans-new-drivethrus Guess a drive thru isn't such a bad thing now!
  13. So he says 40-80 percent are going to get this regardless, and it might be for a couple months rather than a few weeks, and it still appears he is going to do this anyway? First of all, how do you throw out completely random numbers like that, and if you actually believe them, why would you make this move -- for the remaining 20 percent?
  14. Since finances aren't an issue, I'm curious if you are sheltering in place the next month to help save lives?
  15. Duncan stayed all four years.
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