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  1. Looks to me like Johnson is indeed a depth player.
  2. They live in the real world where difficult decisions need to be made. It's not like they can just put a tax on rich alumni to pay for programs that are a major drain on the budget.
  3. Zero goals, zero assists and minus 7 for Blake Wheeler against the Canadiens. Not the kind of stats you are looking for in your Captain. When his buddy Scheiffle went out, that is when you lead the team by example. Jonathan Toews he is not. Maybe Toews can come home when he gets his health in order and get them over the hump.
  4. I agree with the commentators that Scheiffle not making a play on the puck will make it pretty tough not to suspend him.
  5. I missed most of the game, so yeah, if they feel he had an axe to grind it clouds the benefit of the doubt angle a bit.
  6. It might depend on how they view the finish. He was racing back to try prevent a goal, so if they think he couldn’t avoid contact he might get a little benefit of the doubt because he has a solid reputation. The finish is what might get him in big trouble. I only saw it a couple times, so I didn’t get a great feel if he should get some slack or not. I think to be safe, the league will probably error on the side of about 5 games because I don’t see Evans playing again in this series, unless most of the paramedics attention was precautionary.
  7. Committed to Colorado College.
  8. So are we offering as a safety or wide receiver?
  9. I meant earlier in the draft than his current ranking, not early from UND should they end up drafting him. Don’t even know draft position and comparisons to other teams recruits is a huge concern for some.
  10. The draft hasn't happened yet. Wait to see what happens. Ottawa might come in and take Johnson early!
  11. I know, I turned the channel for a minute and came back to the news. Not cool when you are watching and you don’t get to see how the round ends.
  12. It worked out before for CC taking a player who didn't produce up to expectations at another school. Since Weight was only a freshman and didn't get top line time, he probably could be a step ahead of Chris Wilkie in that regard.
  13. Boston University guy dumps another BU guy.
  14. Give it up already. How many quarterbacks from UND played in the NFL.
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