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    • I think we have DI talent on this team but they have been failed by coaching staff this year you can see it pretty much in all phases of our game. This group of young players have not been coached in the fundamentals of basketball it shows when we play teams above us. We don’t play as a team it shows in our defensive play with lack of rotation and switching to cover players. The top three teams in conference scored 100 against in final games of the season. Mallory has talked playing team defense but we haven’t been able to do this. Second we haven’t had any offense that involved team scoring concept and we relied on Kacie and then Kiaha Hurst to provide offense and then Pemberton to create offense from her rebounding or fast break points. The worst part is this was acknowledged when we played Bison when she was interviewed. I was very disappointed in this comment because I believe this some of our problem we believe in star system but top teams are working to get balanced scoring from their teams. The next is we have recruited players with some great athletic abilities but if anything these players have gone backward. this team did not improve much over the season and puts us into where do we stand going into next year. Also we’re losing Kacie for next year and I don’t think we can pencil in any players beyond Pemberton as probable starter. Hurst has to much baggage to account on for us to improve on. She does’t play defense and her offense mind of her getting her offense doesn’t make for team concept. Then we have freshman group Horne, Cottingham,Owen and Ibrahim will need more time to develop into starters. Beal has the tools to start but we have not developed her tools where she is ready to start and be counted on to start next year. I think her offensive confidence is all but gone and she has forgotten to be offensive minded when she has advantage. I could go on others but each them can have roles on this team. I believe if we get any openings we need to look to the portal find some talent ready to play and start. The year after that we need to find some players with length and can play as freshmen. I don’t see Mallory fixing this all next year but we better seem some big moves forward in the development of this program. That starts immediately after next weeks loss which is going occur  like clock work and I feel for Kacie and other senior players leaving this team. This year is pretty much lost year and two steps backward for the program.
    • Straw man, that argument was never presented so you’re arguing against a wall right now 
    • Ok there we go again. Conference titles > nattys   im in disagreement. I’d rather have nattys
    • Despite this boards belief that Berry couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag, UND has now won the league title in the toughest conference in the country more times than they haven’t. Thank God he still has some of Hak’s recruits. 
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