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    • 30-35?...  So Noon.  You just had to say "at noon"  
    • Thanks for that.    BTW, if I need to be set straight, direct it at me.  We would all benefit from being set straight now and then.  
    • This isn’t directed at you but this shows how far behind many are in understanding nil. From a non profit standpoint, caveman days billboards cost me $900/mo. What is a local star player’s 10-50k engaged social media followers worth? Answer, whatever the market bears. If someone Is paying a kid 1M to sell air then they will answer to the IRS at deduction time. So I have zero concerns about “laundering”.   Regarding charitable collectives, they are run by BODs well known to the community and are open to IRS audits and have IRS rules, such as the pay must be in line with services. That’s regulation by current laws   if a UND charitable collective asks a highly visible, marketable enrolled athlete to raise awareness for Anne Carlsen, Development Homes, or Community Foundation via events, appearances, fundraisers, social media etc, is that worth $10-50k? Yep. Can they openly say they will only work with UND athletes? Yes they can.   Can the school help athletes be aware of nil opportunities? Again, yes, and they should.   Not complicated,  It’s just business. If I had a semi-local business I’d advertise via my favorite player’s instagram, but instead I’d gladly contribute $400/month to a charitable collective. A kid could afford to be in college and I’d be doing good work. Most collectives allow you to ACH as low as $20/month tax deductible.    Now multiply that by thousands, focus it toward hockey, and we are in business         
    • Yep. It’s an option to sign up for as a subscriber to the Herald. 
    • All in on PSU. Shows other P5 schools they can add D1 hockey and get good quickly.
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