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  1. No non conference road games will be on NCHC.TV. Streaming rights for home games belong to the home team’s conference.
  2. Cloud is only ranked high because of last year’s results. They started out high at like #6 and will continue dropping like flies if they don’t get it together. While we did beat up on a mediocre to bad Canisius team this weekend (as a good team should) , I do think this team is better than people think. Just gotta keep racking up the wins.
  3. I believe it’s streaming only (unless someone knows otherwise) and have heard the streams suck so... yay! This was a contributing factor in deciding on making the trip down....
  4. Yup. This was announced by multiple people connected to UND both on TV, and on Twitter. The big series this weekend in Mankato had a lot to do with that decision also and making sure everyone is fresh and ready to go this weekend.
  5. Wouldn’t shock me if none of them are at the Frozen Four.
  6. I would put one in Friday and one in Saturday as the extra skater and keep Casey Johnson in a suit in the stands.
  7. What we are not going to do is complain after wins. That is just stupid.
  8. You can only stream it on NCHC.TV since the NCHC has exclusive streaming rights.
  9. Fixed your post since clearly you can’t count, in addition to your punctuation issues.
  10. I was trying to think of what Sioux player Michaud reminded me of all summer and All I came up with was If Troy Stecher was a forward. Also, it seems like half of the team seems faster than last year.
  11. Agreed. Additionally several lines have more than one guy that can play center. Just a lot more options.
  12. If I recall he turned some heads at a showcase event out east that UND (and other schools) were scouting so I wouldn’t say he had little interest, but just came seemingly out of nowhere.
  13. He actually wasn’t a major prospect when he was being recruited. He’s a late bloomer that only started playing hockey seriously a few years ago. No one had heard of him when he committed. I vividly remember the reaction on this board
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