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  1. You know the game isn’t on CBS sports right?
  2. I think McKay will win also. I also think he should. He’s been great for Mankato since he got there.
  3. Schloss thinks we won’t see Guch or Mismash. Guch has been dinged up, I heard Berry state this on TSN Ottawa yesterday. And Mismash would just be coming back from injury so it makes sense to me to hold him out. But we’ll see! Pinto should absolutely play, for no other reason than to trigger Omaha.
  4. Sounds like that was going on all weekend.
  5. Yeah, I’m good with either playing everyone or resting a couple. I think we can beat Omaha without a couple guys, so whatever Berry wants to do.
  6. On Saturday there were zero tickets left on Ticketmaster. I saw someone on Facebook say they called the Ralph and they were guessing corporates aren’t using their tickets.
  7. RPI players with their season canceled are not impressed.
  8. I thought I had seen somewhere that 3000 was the max they could allow due to the seats needing to be socially distanced.
  9. Where did you see this? Game story from BU’s game still mentions needing to get to 13 games.
  10. I had thought it was because they thought Omaha was going to throw the cheap shots in the third and why chance it. Guch said post game he’s not hurt so it’s not that.
  11. To piggy off the penalty thing... Interestingly, Gaber actually has more penalty minutes than Mismash. The leaders in PIMS this year are Gaber, Mismash and Kawaguchi apparently. Obviously, I don’t think having 3 top 6 forwards in the box that much is ideal.
  12. I mentioned this a while ago and someone borderline bit my head off. Numbers didn’t add up and my only conclusion is Berry must know something we don’t *shrugs*
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