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  1. The author is an Arizona State grad who still works in AZ. I question whether he’s been to half these schools, or if he’s been to very many others that didn’t make the list.
  2. I read that this morning too. Only 5 NCAA schools with hockey have aviation programs, so he had limited options.
  3. You forgot Casey Johnson’s spot.
  4. When what probably happened is UND paid for FSN to run the ad a certain number of times at a specific time slot. They’re really freaking out over a simple business transaction.
  5. Mine just keeps repeating the same pregame audio.
  6. It is on NCHC.TV stream starts in 20 minutes
  7. Jake’s brother is probably thinking “ I wish I could go to UND too.”
  8. This 2 second video by an uno guy does not show what provoked Pinto to do this. This guy is also still complaining it was only a one game suspension when I cannot recall for the life of me any multi game suspensions in the last decade beyond Aaron Marvin’s back in 2009-10.
  9. The Senators GM came to UND this week to try to get him to leave by the sounds of things over on Twitter.
  10. They’d need to find another winger to play with them because they’ve tried multiple guys there and none of them have done much there.
  11. It was in Montreal. Shane was still in Austria a couple hours ago, according to Instagram, so any thoughts on him playing tonight is delusional. Might not even get to America until tomorrow depending on layovers and what kind of flight he has.
  12. They do, actually. I don’t think they have qualified often in the past though.
  13. Here’s how I see things: Getting Michaud lessened the blow of losing Jones. Because like you said, this team the previous 2 years would have been pretty brutal (even worse than they were) without Nick around.
  14. It will be on hockeytv. I’m not sure if they have per game pricing. $30/month. I tried it last spring for a month so I could watch some of the junior hockey playoffs.
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