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  1. Berry basically alluded to this after the exhibition that Budy’s injury was a factor in putting Senden with Ford and Calder. Sounds like Budy is getting closer to a return.
  2. Lafontaine shouldn’t be taunting anyone with that .872 save percentage he’s got going right now if you ask me
  3. Well I know he doesn’t have 3 goals. Uscho also says Caulfield doesn’t have any goals and we all saw he scored that goal last night.
  4. Those stats aren’t correct. If you got them from CHN, they credited him with Caulfield and Kunz’s goal from last night. I don’t know where to get correct stats anymore
  5. Can’t say I remember seeing a goalie get a penalty like that before…
  6. Because Pairwise means nothing until a bigger sample size of games are played.
  7. According to the line chart on the Herald live chat, Ferner is injured. Not sure if it’s accurate.
  8. Guessing they’ll put Hain on the line with Jamernik. Since that’s where he was in the exhibition. Unless they decide to get crazy and try something new.
  9. Yeah, that’s his brother. I saw him play a few years back with the Chilliwack Chiefs.
  10. He was set to be in last year’s freshman class and randomly de-committed from what I recall. Surprised he ended up playing college hockey at all to be honest.
  11. Oh I always have things I think may happen based on how each team’s season is going… but whether they actually happen is a completely different story.
  12. I have multiple back up options for streaming games. 1. Roku 2. I have chromecast and will cast from tablet 3. Chrome cast from phone 4. Watch on my tablet 5. Watch on the website on my laptop 6. Watch on my phone … usually something works
  13. The number of current UND players who played those games at Mariucci is in the single digits, while Minnesota’s roster from that game is more similar. Because of this I have no idea what to expect out of that series.
  14. That’s probably over since Ewell took a new job.
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