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  1. The players pick the warm up music so it depends what the seniors are into. I’m hoping this year’s senior class will steer music away from EDM to the more rock based genres. (But we’ll see). When I was in school (circa 2006-09) I feel like the vibe aligned closer with the bands you mentioned.
  2. Yes. I cannot recall specifics but I feel like there was a lot of EDM. Luckily every year they get a chance to redeem themselves.
  3. I book it out of town after work to make Friday games from Fargo because they are cheaper.
  4. Saturday tickets are always more than Friday’s.
  5. I fully expect Berry to keep that line in tact, at least to start the season. Lines that worked the previous season usually start the following season together until it stops working, or something else works better.
  6. I’m more curious why the penalty changed. He committed last summer, and the NCAA told him 1 year, 7 games. A year later the NCAA changed it, when I’m curious what additional info would have changed the penalty. Should have given him more accurate information in the first place if you ask me. Tough break.
  7. https://www.burnabynow.com/sports/burnaby-s-rizzo-celebrates-draft-trade-1.23866039 I found this article about Rizzo that kind of goes into more detail about his injury and the trade situation. I know some were irritated about him being pushed back to 2020, (Me included) but the more info I get the more it seems like it was a mutual decision, and the best decision for all parties.
  8. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m glad nothing has been announced. I absolutely despise buying tickets for anything over a year away. Higher chance I’d lose the tickets, or a host of other issues that could come up in a year. Or maybe I’m not a fan of spending money on something, seeing the money gone from my account and have to wait soooo long to enjoy the purchase
  9. Yes. Blaisdell, in particular, definitely has similar on ice Intensity as guys like Caggiula and Stecher.
  10. Looks like it’s been a run on Euro’s the last rounds. Lot of Russians.
  11. Wisconsin and Ohio State also play in venues with some of the largest capacities in college hockey. Kohl Center is like 16,000 capacity and I think Ohio State’s capacity is 18,000. Place always looks dead on TV because it’s over half empty.
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