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  1. Maybe gf hockey is that good as egf is 2nd rated a team
  2. Almost or as worst of Judy’s shut the doors basislly from what I heard cops were too thick on north end
  3. Got to give sather at least 4 years. Firs year he pieced together a recruiting class quickly last year was his first class but it was during a pandemic but every coach had to deal with it
  4. Could be good anyways we had to postpone governer signed order sounds like we can now have 5000 people at a game
  5. Gas goalie was on fire. Plus it didn’t help the refs didn’t call any delay of games on him when he would knock the net of its Borings intentionally.
  6. Didn’t make any of the games tonight but was the gf schools really that dominate based on shots on goal or was the stats guy on crack
  7. What more can we say about grand forks hockey we reload and pump out kids to be playas
  8. So where do we go from here? Losing lots of ground
  9. If we go 1-2 I would say good weekend. 2-1 excellent weekend 3-0 extend sather
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