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  1. I think we can relate more to a guy who had a nickname uncle Andy vs honorable Mark
  2. He should hire his own provost so lorenzo can retire
  3. We had bigger lineman in the d2 days
  4. Body’s by baukol stleast he has a goatee
  5. Sioux head flag on gameday
  6. GFC by a long shot davies century rest is a crap shoot expect rrhs to be way down. They have maybe one line that can skate.
  7. I know several told Chaves to open up as we would have covered it
  8. I’m willing to bet a days worth of wages we were last team in they specifically mentioned us on why we got in vs others
  9. They bid about $90k i bet Chaves did slightly over the minimum. my god
  10. We were the last team in. Little to close for comfrot
  11. This seitz guy is something else
  12. Students boycotted cuz of the harassment they had from the pd
  13. Never seen tailgating this dead before my god
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