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  1. We have been very busy interviewing presidential candidstes I can be the middle man for the w-2 debate. Please pm them to me. Highest one wins!
  2. Can’t we just compare w2 and be done?
  3. gfhockey


    Wait doesn’t baukol have a beard
  4. gfhockey


    Ohuckin team is yelling at each ither ketterham has lost it
  5. Boosters cancelled just got a call from lowell
  6. Nice to see fire in ket for jawing back.
  7. gfhockey

    2019 Season

    Shsu win looking better every day
  8. gfhockey

    We got lucky

    I’m a no bs type of guys
  9. gfhockey

    We got lucky

    U guys think we honestly had good coaching and special teams played well? my gawd
  10. gfhockey

    We got lucky

    Special teams sucks odefense was torn apart offense was good till 2nd half
  11. Need to clean house bye bubba
  12. Special teams sucks
  13. gfhockey

    EWU Game Day!

    I’m pretty sure e get screwed on this one too thats trapping
  14. gfhockey

    EWU Game Day!

    My god is our offense dump motion so they can review it
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