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  1. Bubba said at a watering hole he expects to announce this week or next 5 sr returning
  2. Recruiting dropped off a bit st cloud even has one in top round
  3. Where’s schloss the crusader
  4. Never heard of either. Good luck to them
  5. Can’t believe they are close on sundays. Big missed chance there for bidness unlesd the church is helping them I don’t see them surviving
  6. At least it didn’t sit empty and become an eye sore
  7. Restaurants are still hurting. Albeit many flush with cash but all govt money
  8. What’s so wild about getting an offer from bama
  9. A good 290 lb in the middle would helo
  10. Base pull out really hurt
  11. How much does learfield pay us vs ndsu
  12. Feeny got playa of thenyesr
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