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  1. Fargo to get huge new amazon facility. Leave grand forks enter Fargo seems to be name of the game fed ex and amazon whose next
  2. Ground breaking date for college of businesses
  3. If we want to help the budget and treat the playas to a memorable deal hawaii is seeking opponents for this date in hawaii
  4. If ground round takes that over what happend to ground round
  5. Per source hearing a small outbreak in our team
  6. He’s proud of 660 jobs in 4 years? Lol that’s not very much in my opinion. All it would take is one downsize by Lm and that would clear thst away
  7. Drone park is a ghost town. Lot of empty promises by Lund and swoyer
  8. I remember in 1993 taking down the posts just hammerd mcmenamys in morning then tailgating Whole town was a big party that night all the empty shooters in bathrooms schnapps in parking lot not nearly as loud as alerus has gotten but just something about playing outside in September was nice and then in November seeing the Omaha boys freezing their tails off
  9. NCHC is sustaining cause of us und fans we need to be the big brother to big ten and help them out and get their conference back on track
  10. Bo is making some moves ehose next
  11. Bo with his first few moves! opened up city hall right away tomorrow! If private businesses are open so should city be said apparently also hearing news city attorney
  12. I don’t have a beef. It’s just what Knox was saying
  13. Just what happens when your in the know. I know stuff before it comes public.
  14. Hearing city bus also cut
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