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  1. Turned a profit. Not bad not bad
  2. On post he said assistants taking other jobs
  3. Nsu prolly would have beaten us last year
  4. Mccolum has much better record without nd ties
  5. U made my point. Coaches with non nd ties are loved to be hated on
  6. Yup exactly about blais. He had ties. What’s sather got
  7. Non Nirth Dakota ties don’t fair well at und
  8. gfhockey

    New Coach?

    Thought we would have better applicants
  9. So chaves didn’t have his own list? Disappointed to say the least
  10. Probably old news but saw a pic of the new alerus center turf going in this summer. Looks good
  11. I think it’s grwat for newbies word is herbst applied
  12. What happens to the $2mm that we saved when we dumped women’s hockey?
  13. Heard all that !@#$ before
  14. Kem should have a kegger at the ralph
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