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  1. Yes locker rooms and video rooms thisnshould equate to wins right? #gamechanger
  2. We only want foreign companies!!! fu feng aldis etc
  3. Per the managers Facebook post they were actually overstaffed
  4. We will fall behind with chaves at the helm monies will be directed to und hockies
  5. Hockey East gets ESPN plus and we get some sub par streaming great move weems
  6. Actually the owners sold the building to ritterman and ritterman filled it
  7. I remember early 90/ he was driving bus
  8. Rip he was a good one
  9. Inthink chapel fighting fires. one former assistant coach at the time said if chapel even put 10% effort into weight room we would have seen him in sundays
  10. Crieghton will be too 5 team next year ninchNce they travel here at all in future
  11. Cause as stoney Sioux says we didn’t want him
  12. Maybe I’m all alone in wanting good local talent to stay at hime
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