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  1. Wolff had more questionable hit earlier in hame
  2. Elbow from wolf there with follow thru we got called for it last week
  3. Wonder why summit Schedule so messed up? Why can’t it be thurs and saturdays like big sky
  4. Schmidt is making more then bubba
  5. Yes bubba diverted some of his salary to his staffs to ensure continued employment
  6. New coach and we compete on the road nicely done with young squad
  7. Spicer boyz usually just plow the river side area and tell the city don’t bother
  8. Prayers to the schweigert family. This is shocking. I’m speechless
  9. Shotgun Sally’s changed names to pour house
  10. Tellman’s bought it. Mexican themed bar
  11. I wasn’t aware mussman was shopping golladay either wtf
  12. Bubba was the safe pick. debore was gamble
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