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  1. Agreed cruel but unfortunately true and you didn't even mention the forward that looks the most out of place on this roster (given he wasn't suppose to be here this year).
  2. Honestly I have been thinking the same thing all year. I don't think he is at the level he was at the end of last year. In that marathon regional final, it looked like he could have played the entire game getting better as the game went on and should have ended it multiple times. To me this season he seems like he doesn't have the same stamina. Obviously an enormous talent but I was hoping he would be able to control the game much better like Perunovich did for UMD. He does it in spurts but not nearly as consistently as Perunovich did.
  3. And also hoping he comes back on a mission like he did after the World Juniors last year. He was night and day better the second half last year compared to how he looked in his limited time in the bubble.
  4. I'd say it's more likely that Senden and Hain become "super seniors" than play in the NHL.
  5. I'm not surprised. I don't believe he played much if at all after his first shift last night. Behind the back pass at your own blue line that went directly to a St Cloud player for a scoring chance.
  6. From what I've heard, Rizzo's decommitment caught the staff off guard. They weren't expecting it even after asking him to play another year of juniors.
  7. Berry I would agree with but to say he does more than Hak did is downright comical! Hak took some teams to the Frozen Four and Final Five Conference Championships that had no business talentwise (injury wise) being anywhere close to that. And how did Sandy do with less his first 10 or so seasons? Yes he's been great these past 5-6 years but a lot of the UMD alumni wanted him gone before 2011 occurred.
  8. If it's as bad as last night I don't think I will make it through the game. Absolutely brtual and embarrassing feed!
  9. This has me confused as well. I really thought he was slated to play wing with Ford and Calder once healthy and Senden was just the filler there until he returned. I'm wondering if he just isn't fully healthy as of yet as I was hoping he was going to be one of the forwards stepping up to help out the scoring this year.
  10. Do you have any insight on the othe U17 Sawchyn I'm assuming we should be in on?
  11. Was just lookng at Heisenberg's recruiting website to look up Thomas and noticed that Halliday is still uncommitted. Anyone else find that odd? Is his skating that bad that he still hasn't been picked up? Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about him lately? Seems to really have fallen in the past few years.
  12. That is what I would think. In my opinion, I thought Kunz looked the furthest behind and a step (or two) slow on saturday. I think he's got a ways to go to solidfy himself as a regular.
  13. I agree with your take. I hope they really emphasize the play just inside and outside both bluelines this week. Tons of turnovers in these areas on both sides of the ice. Lots of times tonight I saw the puck either needing to be dumped in or banged out and instead we tried to get cute and turned it over. As far as Jandric, I agree he looks like he could be a good one. I made mention that he was really confident with the puck and will only get better game by game. Remember he hasn't played a game in something like 18 months. Driscoll looked really good. Solid positionally and ate up a lot of pucks with great rebound controll. Lastly, this is going to be a team that struggles to score like most of us predicted. I think if we get 3 we have a chance to win most games but I'm not sure how often we are going to get there.
  14. Just my guess is that Senden is in a spot Budy might be penciled in for and Ness is where Senden will go?
  15. I'm assuming Budy and Moore are two of the guys that are dinged up which is why they aren't playing.
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