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  1. It will be interesting to see how many Penn St fans attend. I would set the over/under at 1,000 as they play Iowa at home in football the same day which will greatly deteriorate their attendance.
  2. Agreed Caulfield has come along way in a little over a month. Nice to see and could be quite beneficial to the group as he gets more and more comfortable out there.
  3. I agree. Getting a year older and stronger and sprinkling in some nice freshman sure helps. College hockey is tough and it takes some talented players a few years to figure it out which is why it was nice to see a guy like Adams not bail when many thought it was possible he would (ala Murphy and Wilkie). I know it could have been partially a coaches decision with WIlkie and Murphy but you can't tell me those two the last few years wouldn't have helped our scoring challenged teams as upperclassmen. Also, having seniors like Bowen and Smith in energy/3rd-4th line/penalty kill rolls is massive. I really feel our forward depth can wear some teams down and score from all lines. This is certainly something we haven't had in a while even on some of our really good squads.
  4. Has to be hard to sit Keane though as he has been pretty good as of late.
  5. I thought we might see Reiger tonight but for Tychonick who was awful last night.
  6. I agree I thought Adams was our best player tonight. That had to be #6 worst game of his career and #17 should be in a suit right now. He has got a long way to go and easily the odd man out of the top 6 right.
  7. I totally agree with this. My biggest argument against CJ, (other than his foot speed and low offensive skill) is that he stays in the lineup supposedly because he is defensively responsible with zero offensive upside on teams the past couple years that simply couldn't score. Like I mentioned previously, I think the 19th skater is perfect for easing a freshman D in the lineup and not for dressing an extra forward which we seem to do more often than not recently and I think it's because they want CJ as that extra forward.
  8. To me this is the best place to utilize the extra skater you can dress now. Being able to dress a 7th d-man every night and work in a freshman D slowly to me is ideal. Unless someone is playing a little dinged I don't get dressing a 13th forward. Maybe that's just me because I've had enough of watching #5 dress ahead of others over the years!
  9. Really? I thought Frisch looked ok but not great and seemed to struggle with position at times (mostly on one PP he was out for) but was pretty solid defensively. I could see he wasn't too confident with the puck but that will come with time/experience. For Caulfield, he couldn't have played more than about 5-6 shifts and it was evident to me that his feet/skating is what is holding him back (funny to say that when Casey Johnson continues to play though).
  10. I've been meaning to ask this question after last week and now again after last night is anybody worried about Caulfield? For him to be behind Casey Johnson on the depth chart is scary to me. I know for some reason Berry loves him some CJ but yikes!
  11. It's going to be one big cluster trying to figure out which D-men come to campus next year! I have to imagine any of the ones that get pushed back will be looking to go elsewhere. Sanderson, Kleven, Miller, Reid, Moore and Bast could all be ready for college hockey next year and we lose only Poolman and Peski for sure and possibly JBD.
  12. I thought it looked much brighter and was very noticeable to me.
  13. And pictures don't do it justice. You have to see it in person to truly appreciate.
  14. Yes it is. I walked into the game last night And was amazed. That baby is nice and huge!
  15. I had heard this the day of his death and I'm amazed it took so long to actually get out. I wonder if this will be another case of CTE?
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