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  1. Jamernik will be 27. I'm surprised it took so long for this to get out. I had heard about him coming in over a week ago.
  2. I'd like to see Guch back with Adams and Mishmash and try someone else with Pinto and Gaber. That line has been our best from the start and Guch hasn't really moved the needle to make it much better. Sad to say but the Hobey Hat trick finalist is the 3rd best player on that line. Need to find some scoring throughout the lineup as I thought coming into the season that depth would be our strength but that hasn't been the case as there is much generated from the other lines as of yet.
  3. I've deleted and re-downloaded multiple times and still no dice. I have no clue why. Guess laptop it is.
  4. Agreed. I thought they would keep for 4 centers the same as with the way these games come in bunches depth will play a huge factor but I'm surprised Hain is in the top 6 although they tried him there early last year as well. Thought he would stick with Senden and add Ness with them.
  5. Anyone have any issues using the app from an iphone? I have an older iphone but have the latest updates and when I click the app it quickly opens and collapses. I can't get into it so had to watch on my laptop. Any suggestions?
  6. No let's play forwards at forward and D at D this year. I think he will get his opportunity at D when Sanderson is gone for World Juniors.
  7. Sorry but no on this. Let's not move a D to forward unless we absolutely have to. I think we have enough forwards to fill out the lines properly and much more talented than Reiger.
  8. Yes I saw that as well and have said all along Jost left too early and that is basically what the analysts were saying. Button even went as far as saying the NHL can chew you up and spit you out in no time and basically said that is what you are seeing with Jost. I never would have expected this after watching him for an entire year in Grand Forks.
  9. Nice to see. I've been surprised at how slow the commits have been since August 1st. I thought we would have had some lined up but maybe the whole Covid thing is the reason.
  10. Anyone know if Halliday de-committed? Heisenberg doesn't have him listed as a UND recruit anymore.
  11. Sorry if this has been stated already but do we know the entire roster yet? Is Moore on campus for sure?
  12. I was thinking Mankato as well. I would imagine you can pick from a short list as to who the opponent would be: Mankato, UMD, St Cloud, Bemidji and then I'd throw in possible Michigan Tech and Northern Michigan. It's going to be someone who can bus. I would imagine they would try to get someone from out of conference if possible as well.
  13. Would Louis Jamernik be a possibility? Won't he be too old for another year of juniors?
  14. I know they did some work last summer/fall but not sure how much they have left to make it playable.
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