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  1. So Lenny Nelson IV didn’t play against SHSU. Echos of Zach Arnell.
  2. In today's world, it's not what you say, it's how I interpret what I think you might have said. If just one person hears that word and interprets it as toward the D/L/Nakota Nations you're wrong. Welcome to America 2019.
  3. But it was flagged, penalized, ... illegal. You may not think it was a blind side, but the guy with a yellow hankie and striped shirt thought it was.
  4. Sep 9: Minnesota 88 55 (19 games remain) Cleveland 83 61 (18 games remain) Twins magic number*: 14 If the Twins stumble and go 8-11 over 19 games as speculated above, Cleveland has to go 13-5 ... and that's just for a tie. *Calc'd by taking 163 - MIN wins - CLE losses
  5. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Alerus getting turf in summer 2020 isn't already tied in before those. Alerus seems the only sure date (as you say next summer or the following). And if there's "regional volume discount" shouldn't all have jumped aboard West Fargo (Packers and Mustangs) installing turf summer 2019?
  6. No, but it's staring end-of-life in the face.
  7. An illegal blindside block and corresponding bench penalty, OK, warning, was issued to NDSU on the same play in the second half. Who took the brunt of that illegal* hit and what's their status? I'm asking for a friend named Zach Arnell ... *It was penalized, and thus, by definition, illegal.
  8. Find a station that'll work. https://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/locate?city=Minot&state=ND&locid=85706&dx=1&sort=freq
  9. Johnstone, Fulton, and Bek should be brought down. Probably Smith too. They were decrepit in the 1980s. The unoccupied one that surprises me is Swanson. However, with the Union being rebuilt next door idling Swanny for a year makes sense as its food service was in the Union. I hope they're using the time to refresh Swanson. And before folks ask, with Walsh idled, ... the hockey team is at U Place (and that's directly from one of the freshmen).
  10. Can NDSU keep Lance? You have to know some P5 FBS program is going to come sniffing.
  11. I had 31.5 points. Knowing that, my only concerns: - How's Lenny Nelson IV? He took a bad downfield block in the first half. Seems to happen to UND safeties on that turf. - How's the health in general? Why was Grover not listed as the #2? - What did the team learn in that game that'll make them better for the remainder of the season? - What did the coaches learn that'll make them better? What' did I learn? I learned I'm right when I say "offensive linemen" and "win up front" (defensive linemen).
  12. Tell me more. Signed The Fighting Hawks
  13. The world today. https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13661
  14. Bison06: Watch the Drake game. Who would you start week two? Your answer is your answer.
  15. Entz would be fine with that outcome. He'd bonus. I'm talking Bison fans.
  16. NDSU could hang the third in a row, make it eight of nine, ... but a loss to UND would make the season a failure. (Tip of cap to Rocky Hagar.)
  17. Why do I envision a Johnboy/VMeister encounter something like an SNL skit where John is "Trebek" and VMeister is "Sean Connery"?
  18. As long as it's a W it won't matter after Oct 15.
  19. Well, I’m previously on the record saying buffalo and bison are Native religious symbols and would be easy targets. They'll just march down the list of offenses. Sooner or later we all show up on it.
  20. Boltmann will run for 7 on the play, but the downfield glance will keep on giving. Somewhere PCM smiles. Ten years ago he wanted an offense where a second legitimate passing threat could be out there. Enter Boltmann, the WR converted from QB.
  21. That's cruel ... to used car salesmen.
  22. I predict, just to get it on tape, ... a bubble screen to Boltmann where he pauses long enough to look at the near TE running an out route across his eyes*. That'll slow down safety support on screens in a hurry. *or the far TE/WR running post.
  23. So the guy claims his name is "Hung Wei Loh"? In his dreams. Must be like the old XFL where you could plate anything, like "He Hate Me".
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