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  1. Brees is a football-ist; I'm a hockey-ist.
  2. When's her peaceful sit-in at Fargo City Hall? Hint. Her case took nine months for charges (better yet, note the charges), and the trial sentence came down two years after her death.
  3. We now go to a press conference led by Surgisphere's spokesman explaining their methodology ...
  4. Pick your number; but, I'm still taking the over.
  5. We say it all the time in the sports fan realm, so let's say it: We can not judge all < group identifier > by the actions of a few rotten apples in that group. Let's stop judging people by a color, or a profession, but how they behave as a person. I swear some guy said something like that one time ...
  6. I've been the only Caucasian in the restaurant in the Arbor Hill neighborhood in Albany, NY. I've been the only Caucasian in the room at a nickname discussion at UND. If that's a glimpse, it wasn't something I'd like 24-7.
  7. My fear is they overcharge the cop and he is acquitted. They can prove murder three easily.
  8. Justice takes time. And patience. And fortitude. And belief. Sadly we live in a world of immediate gratification, where violence is confused with strength, and moral ambiguity is lauded. What the Minneapolis cop did was wrong. Harming others by mayhem is wrong.
  9. Can we at least agree on some basic tenants: Don’t murder people. (A knee on a neck for nine minutes.) Don't take or break or bake (in a fire) stuff that isn’t yours.
  10. RE: The I-35 truck. First time I saw the video I half expected it to either: (a) not stop, or (b) burst into flames. I cringed; and then I cringed.
  11. And bleach, don’t forget the bleach. With a Lysol chaser.
  12. Send four cops to arrest a guy who passed a fake $20, but send two deputies to evict a guy with a record that includes assault of a law enforcement officer. I only say it because it fits here in this thread full of expert hindsight.
  13. The Sicatoka

    The Herald

    Seems the Fargo Forum is going two days per week. And mail delivery. https://www.inforum.com/incoming/6507086-Von-Pinnon-The-Forum-will-soon-print-newspapers-twice-a-week-and-move-to-all-mail-delivery
  14. The Sicatoka

    The Herald

    So they’re both right or both wrong for golfing.
  15. Being afraid to say “I don’t know” is the curse of the “expert”.
  16. The Sicatoka

    The Herald

    How dare a Commander in Chief go golfing on Memorial Day? https://newsone.com/1274645/just-curious-was-obama-wrong-to-golf-on-memorial-day/ People gonna find something to complain about no matter who. Please note article date of my link.
  17. I get erring on the side of caution, and learning as days go on, but those are complete 180 flips. I suspect they were afraid to say “I don’t know” when they didn’t know and just took a SWAG at it.
  18. Covid-19 will do to college athletics what it does to humans: Go after the weakest and most frail. The strong may feel some affects or be asymptomatic. That said, maybe this will force the NCAA to look at sport sponsorship requirements in a world of declining enrollments and sagging budgets.
  19. If we are going to ask the Covid-19 question on deaths, the question holds here too: From or with?
  20. Before (Fauci): A mask doesn’t matter. Now (Fauci): Wear a mask! Before (CDC): Highly transmissible on surfaces! Now (CDC): Not so transmissible on surfaces. And we keep going to them for expert advice. Finally weathercasters have someone to point at and say, “We’re more accurate than them!”
  21. Just saw an interesting sentiment: All lives are equally valuable; all life ends in death; but, all deaths are not equally tragic. As I’ve already said I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s in March in a home that is now infected. I’m happy I could be with her to the end. A week later and she would have been alone because of full lock down. The folks dying in homes, the tragedy isn’t the death, but that they died alone.
  22. Random thoughts: CA saying all mail in election because polling stations would not be safe. So why not put polling stations in Costco and grocery and gas stations and Walmart? They’re safe enough to be open ... right? I have two close relatives on the front lines of this. One is intern in Boston area hospital; one is nursing director of ND care center for elderly. The one flew back to ND recently and back to MA and said why not. She said demographics matter and she’s not in a target group and doesn’t work with target groups. The other looked at me and said based on my age and health status find something else to worry about. But both say this virus is “lazy” meaning it’s taking the old and the weak, and not much else. Would it be wrong to say Mother Nature is doing some pruning? Before you jump on me, I still have two close relatives in ND memory care facilities. I don’t want them to have to go alone. To me that’s the hardest part of all of this is the loneliness, for both the isolated living, and the dying.
  23. Folks, I put no belief in a good working effective safe vaccine in under 18 months. It is herd immunity or bust. And yes the virus will take some. Virus gonna virus.
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