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  1. Blues a bit chippy in today’s game....several Sharks including Pavelski and Hertl missed chunks of the game due to St Louis’ physical play.
  2. Mettlers...I mean Mankato State!
  3. They don't play any more physical/dirty than any other team...yeah, they've had a few goons over the years but name me a team that hasn't. Lucic always puzzled me; could not understand why he did some of the things he did. Same with Marchand; except he can really put the puck in the net...Still not sure why you listed Chara; plays hard but not dirty. The other guys you listed are from the 70's and 80s? Different time and different style back then...
  4. Isn’t that about the same distance from the Mankato rink to Mettlers?
  5. What is it you don’t like about Chara? The other two guys are not fan favorites but I’ve not seen Chara play a particularly dirty style.
  6. Bruins PP and depth really show up in 3rd period tonight...4th line was great!
  7. Maybe in a thread for sports that are not retired?
  8. Awesome! So the price of gasoline will go down?
  9. Mouth breathers? How do you really feel?
  10. The Twins win the April title!
  11. Yes he did...Bergeron provided some much needed scoring as well for their top line.
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