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    Basketball, racquetball, coaching my kids in soccer and hoops, fishing with my old man, watching the Red Sox, the Bruins, and the Fighting Sioux!

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  1. This game was a signature win. It proved this team can adapt and win playing any style...When focused and dialed in, UND can beat anybody. Go Sioux!
  2. Agree...UMD plays a similar style to Mankato...very physical and finish every check...old time hockey.
  3. Defense and Thome were the difference tonight. Great win boys!
  4. Game being shown on Comcast in Twin Cities on the Fox 9+ channel...channel 807 in SW Suburbs.
  5. Tomorrow's game will tell you everything you need to know about UND's season. Go Sioux!
  6. Wouldn't surprise me if one of their guys tries to run UND...Perunovich would get a game suspension if he does though.
  7. Appears to have been a female... “The agent said she needed to pat down my braids,” tweeted Tara Houska, an indigenous rights advocate and attorney. “She pulled them behind my shoulders, laughed and said ‘giddyup!’ as she snapped my braids like reins. My hair is part of my spirit. I am a Native woman. I am angry, humiliated. Your ‘fun’ hurt.” Houska, who is Ojibwe, added: “When I informed the middle-aged blonde woman who had casually used her authority to dehumanize and disrespect me, she said, ‘Well it was just in fun, I’m sorry. Your hair is lovely.’
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