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    Basketball, racquetball, coaching my kids in soccer and hoops, fishing with my old man, watching the Red Sox, the Bruins, and the Fighting Sioux!

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  1. I’m guessing he’s comfortable with this week’s outcome. He’s also a tremendous tool.
  2. Stats from all-time Sioux roster... 1959-62 Defense...86 games played...12 goals, 10 assists, 22 pts...14 penalties, 28 penalty minutes. Captain 1960-61 and 1961-62
  3. I think they are having a special presentation for Durflinger’s moustache.
  4. MN and Mankato are likely 1 seeds right now.
  5. Well Minny has a distinct advantage this season...they're been playing in front of Covid-sized crowds for years.
  6. That reminds me; I hope they don't forget to attach Scheel's goalie tether.
  7. Well, you don't want to go to Albany anyway.
  8. Well they didn't do a stellar job keeping the puck out of their net. That's on the whole team; not just Talbot.
  9. It's the 'new' Wild...everybody has to earn their playing time...unless of course you're buddies with the owner. After last night's game they should healthy scratch the rest of the team.
  10. Wild don’t put up too much of a fight while getting smoked by Vegas. Wonder if Parise will play Friday night against Arizona...
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