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  1. Playoff beards...Ryan Duncan with multiple goals...Jordan Parise tourney MVP...Yup, it's the 2006 Final Five championship against Bob Motzko and the SCSU Huskies!
  2. Well there’s not much else going on...
  3. Led by Brandon Bochenski's 5 points, the Sioux get their first win against the Gofers in the new REA.
  4. That and a burned out pump.
  5. Frozen Four Semifinal against DU in 2016
  6. Thank you....this whole thing has been very therapeutic for me...I get to clean out my old VHS tapes and people are happy that they can see these games. It's definitely a win-win!
  7. Was that when the net got lifted off the ice and Genoway fired it from the side and it went under?
  8. Yeah, it would be nice if UND had a video library that was available to fans. I had the postgame from the championship game in 2016 bookmarked but it's no longer available for some reason. I did find the DU press conference; you have to fast forward to about the 10 minute mark to see the actual interviews...
  9. And here is Zach Parise's debut against the rodents back in 2003...
  10. Just want to say you're welcome and I'm glad this has brought a little bit of joy to my fellow Sioux fans. We are so lucky to be fans of a program with such a great hockey tradition and culture...and something my Uncle Bill always told me...all Gofers are dirty.
  11. I didn’t think those EZAC teams started their season until January.
  12. Right! This is UND we're talking about; not St Cloud State!!
  13. Found a couple...here's round 1 against Northeastern
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