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    Basketball, racquetball, coaching my kids in soccer and hoops, fishing with my old man, watching the Red Sox, the Bruins, and the Fighting Sioux!

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  1. Ulterior motives? You mean like cleaning the house?
  2. Had a couple decent years with the Panthers...I remember him as a Gofer, didn’t care too much for him then.
  3. Bruins with monster comeback to beat Carolina 4-3.
  4. No love for Suter I guess...it’s like people expect his production should match his contract.
  5. Fiala is their only pure scorer and you could see his frustration when the Canucks decided to pay him a little extra “attention”. Did we ever find out what was wrong with Suter?
  6. Exactly! What was your favorite playoff memory for this year’s Wild?
  7. Election? Oh yeah...that thing over in the Dumpster Fire thread.
  8. Hopefully they will be allowed to have a full season this year.
  9. Mods, Can we shut this steaming pile down yet? Asking for a friend.
  10. Any relation to former DU player Gabe Gauthier?
  11. 2016 postgame press conference from Tampa...
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