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  1. Ya I’ve heard that. I get skittish with HS numbers.
  2. Ya I’m sure he’s on our radar. Single A (and all of MN HS hockey) is so tough to judge though. I have never seen him play before but he’s putting up good numbers. I’d like to see how he does in juniors. His elite league numbers were subpar and his numbers last year weren’t great (considering the kids we typically go after). Probably one to keep an eye on though. Local.
  3. Agreed, have to factor in Eur ranking too which normally push players back a decent amount (see caufield last year). But your right, could sneak into the 2nd potentially with continued point production. edit- nm I get it, you already factored in euro ranking. If he sneaks into the 2nd that’s best case scenario and he’ll be on next years team. TBH, not sure how he’s not on next years team.
  4. Miller has to be ahead of Moore...if he keeps putting these points up he may sneak into the 3rd/4th rd. If Halliday doesn’t get drafted I could see them pushing him out until the following year. I guess his skating is a WIP and that can cause issues with jumping from junior to college. But boy...I know Bowen’s been hurt but his numbers are downright awful this year. Tough situation there. I’m guessing there’s more to the story.
  5. Curious was tychonik doesn’t just start on the left side inside of Frisch
  6. Joey Pierce to UMD, I think we were after him. Tough get as he’s from up there.
  7. I thought they played the Soviet Union?
  8. Also have to note that the USHL is a much harder league night in and night out than the BCHL...and the BCHL has more depth than the AJ. Gaber, Ness and Miller have really turned it on lately. Halliday has picked it up considerably too. I feel as though Rizzo, Budy, Moore and Bowen’s numbers should be a bit better. Bowen broke his wrist and Budy appears to be on a terrible team so that may be a reason. Rizzo’s season doesn’t appear to be all that strong. I though he would put up pretty big numbers as an overager while also playing for a good team. You never know the real story though. The NTDP players have a nasty schedule anything around .5 ppg from the point is ok. They also role all the lines for the most part too.
  9. This is a guy who needs to quite drinking, forever.
  10. Was trying to bring that argument up...your post was written better. We’ll see how his season wraps up.
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