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  1. Agreed... his pts per game was consistent if not better than a decent amount of players. Again, I'm assuming he'd get better into his senior year and provide good depth as a veteran in college hockey.
  2. He was ok when he played. Again, I'm speaking specifically for next year, being a senior and a veteran.
  3. Agreed, he never quite played like many of us thought he would.....but far from an addition by subtraction. He would have been a senior, he's still developing. Having another senior to play a 2-4 line role would have been a plus.
  4. Spicer appeared to score a goal yesterday. Not sure how accurate the stat sheet is.
  5. He'll play one year and bounce most likely.
  6. Agreed, but your kind of missing the point. First, $100k isn’t that long. Second, the only way said player gets that education package is if he stops playing hockey immediately after the O. What if (at age 19-20) said player isn’t ready for the NHL (or even AHL for that matter)? They then have to decide whether to continue their professional career (in the Coast potentially)...or take advantage of that education package. The CHL is great league, but it has its flaws. Some players haven’t even developed by 19-20. US college hockey lengthens the development cycle. That’s why more and more higher end players are choosing this route. More flexibility.
  7. That’s very interesting
  8. Agreed. He was definitely one who rushed it to the ushl. Should have went to the NA or BC for his senior (and +1) year as opposed to the ushl.
  9. Ausmus is doing very well right now.
  10. Sure...but they are completely different age groups. You see how teams like BU did the past two years in college hockey...having 16-19 (and a couple 20) year olds go against 19-23 year olds is apple and oranges really.
  11. Agreed, the $ they get is nothing
  12. Kai played two more games
  13. Abosutely….Bubs will have to alter his recruiting strategy. Especially since the other MN team are getting better MN kids. This will probably hurt us and DU the most.
  14. There has been multiple 05s going this week. He’s an 04
  15. Bowden Singleton committed...Dub “ranked” first rounder.
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