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  1. I don't believe Panzer cut the squad this year. Which is fine. Still relatively young. Ausmus did.
  2. All I’m saying is that with the NTDP being located in MI it’s definitely a recruiting advantage for UM (obviously). With how good that NTDP is getting, it’s getting to be a bit unfair if they’re getting every kid. I really don’t even compare them with the BU team a couple years ago. UM is getting multiple lotto picks.
  3. Mcgoarty flipped to mich wtf
  4. If mcgoarty ends up flipping to mich I may call shenanigans
  5. I said it a year or two ago…just wait the Big10 conference will end up tops. YHH is reporting J Clark and O Moore will go big10 route too.
  6. Fantilli to Michigan…not a shocker…but F!!!
  7. Ahh, I get it. Moving around the junior landscape is much easier than ncaa hockey. I’m guessing Penticton will be able to replace him easily.
  8. Will whitelaw to Badgers…not sure if we were ever in the picture but he’s good
  9. Should be an interesting year. If they work hard they should still be an above avg squad. Won’t be like years past, I’m assuming scoring goals may be an issue. Time to hammer that recruiting trail.
  10. Hopefully it's not brining in a recruit who isn't necessarily ready.
  11. It has nothing to do with the kneeling…smh Pinto and Weatherby are two completely different types of players/prospects
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