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  1. Is it a great pickup...maybe. But someone has to be the highest uncommitted player at any given point in time and a ton of '02s are already committed. Either way, he's projected as a mid round guy. Works for me.
  2. At this point...if you're under the age of 60 don't even get tested. If I was a college student I would never get tested.....I would also never bring my kids to get tested. Too much to lose at this point.
  3. I’m honestly done reading that guys stuff. He’s been over the top negative (and yes I realize he’s back pedaling I this article) but he’s been doom and gloom since end of March
  4. Goon - you listed Moore as a F...this accurate?
  5. I thought we were 1? i was looking out a couple years with my op
  6. Michigan and Notre dames upcoming classes are out of this world
  7. Maddox Flemming to Notre Dame...huge blow. We were a favorite from some of the folks I know
  8. Yep top 10. It is what it is. High ender
  9. Ryan Chesley announced Und is in his top 10 final school list. High end 04 dman
  10. I don’t see that happening barring a ton of injuries.
  11. I think miller is going to play, he’s really good
  12. They actually do it daily. This has been going on for years and years, we’ll before covid. Coding audits occur and fix at a later date. This is a well known issue in the healthcare industry. #coding4dollars
  13. What’s the avg that someone over 90 makes it through the following year? 100?
  14. I strongly doubt the CHL was in the mix here....his numbers in the BC were pretty avg given his age/hype. He's definitely one that needs 3-4 years of college. He'd only have one year left in the CHL.
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