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  1. Mn’s issue was that they only recruited MN players and that they only took true freshman from MN. But you are correct, their focus was more the skilled kids from their state I suppose. Who’s knows if those “skill players” would have been skill guys nationally (it’s not overly hard to tear up MN HS hockey). But again, times have changed. Skill is winning out, even at the pro level bas they are pushing the hitting out of the game.
  2. Different league…different collection of players. But agreed, expected more given their age.
  3. Interesting take…I completely disagree. He only recently got moved up to a top 6 role, before that he was on the 4th which is next to impossible to put up points, especially on this team. Give him time, he’s a true freshman. If you want to call out players, call out the upperclassmen. But to be honest, not sure it’s the player’s fault, it’s more the collection of players from my angle. The game is changing a bit, if I were recruiting the kids (and I’m not) I’d be focusing purely on skill. You may miss out on the grit, but take skill and never look back.
  4. They went elsewhere…or we’re committed to bringing in the kids we initially gave offers to. Morrow and Rizzo lost spots.
  5. Tough sledding considering Sanderson is leaving soon. Curious what’s going on. Typically even when they lose and play like !@#$ they bounce back a sneak out a W. But 5 straight losses?
  6. First half was solid…terrible start to the second half. This team is pretty average (at best). They’ve obviously lacked serious skill but this latest stretch is definitely concerning. Hopefully they can turn it around. They don’t pass the eye test though.
  7. I know right…he’s the first one I thought of after seeing the Rizzo/Morrow post. Interesting decisions for sure. We’ve brought in some solid players and we’ve committed a couple more. But we aren’t pulling in the high enders in bunches like some other schools so it’s tougher when we whiff on some that were already committed.
  8. Yeah tough sledding into next year. Shocked panzer and ausmus didn’t get at least C grades
  9. 2-2 actually. Carvel just mentioned he’s as good with the puck as anyone he’s ever had at UMASS. I’m not going to state the obvious.
  10. Man I wish Scott Morrow was on our team.
  11. They’re basically a brand new team together. Ups and downs were definitely expected from my end. They were missing Sanderson, Driscoll and jammer….and haven’t played i a while. The NTDP has been playing this whole time. There’s definitely a lack of skill on this team but I’d be lying if I wasn’t a bit shocked they’re ranked 5. Todays game stunk though
  12. Crazy how much more skilled they are. Younger but way more skilled. We dump and chase and they maintain possession.
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