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  1. I think portz and schmaltz have to come in...didn't they age out of juniors?
  2. I thought we were going after the other one. He has two years left correct?
  3. He's solid you just never know when kids jump conferences. Jandric is a name tied to us a bit. He put up great numbers in Fairbanks however last year in Denver was fairly avg. I'm assuming he was a PP guy in Fairbanks and not in Denver.
  4. Agreed...that's why I added "if there's more to it". He could have had a poor attitude and wanted him out.
  5. That's what happens when a kid sits 4th line year two. Not sure he necessarily deserved a higher spot....but man....he would have had the chance at a top 6 role next year. Super dumb decision unless there's more too it.
  6. Definitely not tearing up the USHL right now
  7. Given what we lost and what’s coming in. This is a solid get. Need a goalie, D and probably one more F
  8. Definitely a bad year, but no he didn't play in all games and has been known to be a scorer in the past. He had 12 pts in his frosh year which is ok as well. Underclassman are underclassman....with your thinking Adams would have been cut too. 15 total points his first two years in more games played. My point isn't that Blaisdell will tear it up next year, it's to not write off underclassman in college hockey. He has a decent motor but was buried on the 4th line all year. If he's around he should get a look in the top 6 next year. He has that pedigree.
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