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  1. Agreed. When folks were bringing up Kiersted as a flight risk prior to the start of the season I thought they were crazy. He had been solid but not dominant. I was a bit wrong on him. He wasn’t dominant this year either...played on a super good team. But, his numbers are very solid for a dman and he may have graduated already or is very close. I too could see him leaving unless he really wants to come back. JBD- total toss up. Was a really good dman. I thought he lost a step post WJC but still really solid. Given his age, and if he were my son, I’d try and talk him into one more year. Confidence year to try and put up big numbers and get a ton of playing time in all situations. Sign at the end of the year and get some NHL games in. Mismash - No way. I mean, I’m not saying the Preds won’t sign him, but he’s no where near ready. Has the skill but there is a ton he needs to improve on. He’s definitely not a bottom six forward and his college numbers have never been that good. He’s the type of player that may disappear if he leaves now...the A would be tough for him next year. Best case for him is that he stays for his senior year and has a super big year. Gets a ton of confidence and rides that into an NHL contract.
  2. No way young Bast is coming in next year. Definitely needs another year in the ushl. TBH Moore should play another year too if JBD and Kiersted come back. If they lose JBD and Kiersted, together, we’ll feel it next year. Sanderson will be good...I could see Kleven struggling a bit on the O side. We already lost poolman and peski...4 of 6 is huge.
  3. Spicer made NTDP that’s great!
  4. Decent news for college hockey. I still highly doubt we are a serious option. I would assume Michigan would be higher up on his list IF he decides to go ncaa route. Not only is his bro going there but their pipeline for his years is beyond stacked. Obviously Michigan is always overrated but just stating facts here.
  5. Saw that tweet, mind boggling Nick Pierre wasn’t one of them...maybe he turned it down? Who knows.
  6. I could see that playing out as well. I’d assume it has to do with where he is with his schooling and/or whether or not he really wants to come back. They guys are on a “development path” so I’m sure if he’s graduated or close he’s ready to continue down that path. Some guys are different though.
  7. Completely agree. If he’s graduated or remotely close I’d assume he would sign and play a year or two on the A. Maybe he’ll get a shot. My only worry with him and potentially making the show is his skating and overall hustle. He’s a guy who truly relies on his skill to get things done, especially on the PP. And there are a ton of super skilled guys like that with very limited spots.
  8. Nice find. His HB team was beyond stacked but those numbers are still very impressive. Hopefully he gets the consideration he deserves for the NTDP.
  9. Nazar player in 8 fewer games so he may have been able to catch spicer but either way, agreed he put up great stats
  10. Spicer led his stacked Honeybaked 15u team in scoring...and there are two other “locks” for the NTDP on that team....so???
  11. I believe he got pretty sick in one of his early years of college and that through everything off.
  12. Ya that would have to be a must
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