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  1. It is what it is....he's typically on a 4th line. I believe he's been a healthy scratch a few times and yes, it appears he's struggling a good amount. His skillset is still through the roof. I'm not overly worried about it. He played 15O last year so this jump is fairly intense. Others on that team are simply adjusting at a quicker rate.
  2. This is the first year I have had issues. Once before and now tonight.
  3. ....no clue In all seriousness he’s looked a bit better than both Frisch and Bast. I’m sure Moore is a lefty. Tough to sit Bast as he’s skilled and a sr. Bubs and the coaching staff seem to really like Frisch. Moore has looked very good though. Has that flash to his game. I don’t like using dmen as an extra unless you know someone else is dinged up. I would have Ness in for Keane easy. Ness was a pt/gm guy last year. Plus he plays a rugged game.
  4. On tonight’s lineup...how Moore is not in the lineup is mind blowing. He’s really looked the part. Ness also needs to be in the lineup over the new guy.
  5. Me too. This could be the case. UND didnt have a ton of room this year however Halliday has had a decent start to his USHL season. I will say this...every time a recruit decommits or has his scholly pulled, they rarely shine elsewhere.
  6. Agreed...York is not that great in his own zone and is probably put in positions he is not comfortable with. I mean, it's not like UMich is a "shutdown" team. They basically play wagon wheel hockey. Knight has been interesting too....he receives tons of accolades and while good, I have never really seen him steal games or make some sort of ridiculous save. He'll need to play off the chart tonight.
  7. Agreed. LaCombe will definitely play. He's a bit iffy in his own zone however last night was easily his best game. Prior to last night he was definitely the liability on this team. With the offensive defenseman in the lineup...Kleven definitely should play. He has also looked very good in limited minutes, clearly there's more at play here. Again, LaCombe is a very good dman, he's just not playing very well right now. Hopefully last night's good game carries into tonight for him. One of the players we don't seem to hear a lot about is York. His point totals are good but holy moly is
  8. Sanderson has just been ok....that's fine he's an 18 year old. Kleven needs to be in tonights game.
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