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  1. Looks like we are somewhat in the mix for Zachary Bolduc (Mark Divver tweet). Many other colleges higher up on the list most likely and he’s also a top Canadian kid so Q most likely.
  2. Agreed, NCAA makes way more sense given his age. You never though, may not be into school.
  3. https://www.langleyrivermen.com/stats/roster/17/40/1?league=1 actually listed on Langley’s roster now.
  4. Well that stinks. Would have been a nice overage skilled forward.
  5. Yeah, season needs to start. This convo is close to rock bottom.
  6. Ya i knew about panzer. Someone had told me spicer was trying too. Guess not.
  7. Honeybaked I heard he was going EGF
  8. Jackson Blake having a heck of a 5 Nations tourney so far. He’s tiny but very skilled. I doubt he’ll ever be a bigger guy, however it appears he still has a ton of growing to do. He looks 12 years old and the rest of the guys look 16-18.
  9. That happens at 8 too I’m afraid.
  10. Is section 8 single A tougher than Eastern ND conference? Maybe by a sliver. But there are more teams and the experience and exposure is way better. Also, they are probably playing a Moorhead and few TC teams sprinkled in there. Plus EGF has a solid coach who runs PEP skill work. How many different Fargo teams do you want to play? Again, decision seems easy to me. As I’ve been saying lately, keep ND HS hockey obviously but create a Tier 1 option as well (similar to Sioux Falls power)
  11. In the grand scheme of things, he's still pretty young. I'd be nervous to send a 16 year old away...let alone a 14 year old. This makes sense in my brain.
  12. Agreed, but they should make it and will run into those other teams. Single A MN is a click above ND east, especially considering two cities make up the entire division.
  13. Jeez, I’m in the TC. High quality hockey everywhere. Weather...not so much
  14. Agreed. I’m sure this was the best option for them.
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