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  1. To me Guch is a much more offensive player than Drake ever was. Drake obviously had a big senior year but his line was heavy. Drakes junior year he had 36 in 42. Jordan is going to blow that out of the water.
  2. Oh sure. I agree, I was more referring to the posts on this forum last night.
  3. Nope but there’s more to giving up goals than just the goalie. Stream is great so I’m not going to comment on tonight’s goals. But last night the 1st and 3rd goals were total D meltdowns...no one on here seems to understand that. Sometimes those go in.
  4. Definitely not the same team as the first half. Tons of defensive mistakes so far this year.
  5. There we go, was waiting to see if anyone would say something about Thome. Not directly but this has to count
  6. How were the first and third goals Scheel’s fault?
  7. That last goal was the furthest thing from his fault. But this team needs a jolt.
  8. Michaud has been pretty quiet lately
  9. If he goes in the first round (which seems like a lock at this point) we’ll be lucky to get him for 3 years. 1st rounders don’t hang out in college for 4 years anymore, really they never have. Only a couple examples I can think of.
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