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  1. scpa0305

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Triston Broz....lock the kid up. He’s tiny but whatever
  2. scpa0305

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    Agreed, the should be a top 5-7 team in the country. We’re bringing back a lot. Clearly our seniors will be 100% role players but that’s fine. Juniors and soph need to take that jump. I don’t think we’ll be a high scoring team but we should score much better than this year’s team.
  3. scpa0305

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Ya, he’s been super hot. His numbers should be very respectable by season’s end. Hopefully he has big season next year as well.
  4. scpa0305

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    They’ll be a lot better next year. Hopefully the PP starts clicking. But they’ll definitely get in next year. The only thing that worries me is that senior class. Would be huge if poolman stuck around for one more.
  5. scpa0305

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    No a “potential recruit” not already committed
  6. scpa0305

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    ...heard ASU is dipping into our “prospect pool” again
  7. scpa0305

    2019 Early Departures

    I would be shocked if he stays given his age, but I sure do hope he stays. He definitely wouldn't play in the NHL next year anyways. He may want to have a big senior season and get an NHL game or two in next year.
  8. scpa0305

    2019 Early Departures

    Good for him. Great kid.
  9. scpa0305

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    haha yeah. But 19 points in 20 games at the D1 college hockey level is good....especially considering he sat out last year. I'm simply pointing out the fact that you said "he may not be that good." It's all good. I was disappointed he left after his soph year. I knew the skill was in there he was simply a very inconsistent underclassmen. I don't want Bubs to get in this mold of forcing unproductive underclassman out unless they clearly are not college material. I can see a guy like Adams taking a jump next year and a bigger jump as a senior.
  10. scpa0305

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    I can’t tell if you’re joking or not...but he has 19 pts in 20 games....he would be (by far) our most productive player. Haha
  11. scpa0305

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    No he didn’t. Haha. Had a decent year though
  12. scpa0305

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    Thanks, ditto. I was noticing the recruiting trend (lack of talent) a long time ago and many called me out. I saw these guys were struggling on juniors. What they’re doing now is not a shock to me. Im not confident either. But I think Bowen , Hoff, yon, etc could carve out 4th/fill in roles. Hoff may even figure something out by next year. I strongly doubt we’re going to pull in overagers from the NA (or worse, the SJ) at this point and have have them be more productive.
  13. scpa0305

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    I get that, but those players aren’t getting cut. You don’t cut all your upperclassman. At the very least they turn into role players.
  14. scpa0305

    The Name-'em Game: 2019-20 Edition