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  1. Saw he wasn't there...must be hurt or a conflict.
  2. Well...boeser has the better numbers if you ask me (looking past the goal stat only), played on a worse team, was a rookie, and did solid on the Hlinka (which Wilkie never made). But yes, Wilkie had a nice overage year. I don’t knock Wilkie, he had 19 pts in 20 games last year. We could have used him big time.
  3. Yeah they were, as far as what he was touted as being.
  4. Oh sure, the team will be fine. Was just a messy morning, as far as UND hockey news goes.
  5. J Kunz with 1 assist in 5 games at the US Select 17 camp. Not the strongest statistical showing obviously. Would be shocked if he made the Hlinka. D Montgomery wasn’t there this year, odd as he made the 5 Nations last year. Wonder if he’s injured.
  6. Lack of production for the type of prospect he is (was), given the league he was playing in. Agreed with a lot of the other things you said though. The thing with massimo is he was an extremely talented youth hockey player. He has found juniors (a high scoring junior league) to be much tougher for him. Obviously not a deal breaker whatsoever but it appears he may be coming a bit closer to his ceiling (depending on the type of injury he has been dealing with, etc). Which 100% does not mean he won’t be a nice college player or will never play in the nhl. It simply means he has to find that next gear or may have to slow his development route (which he has).
  7. Has Brad posted a consolidated listing of which current players/commits are attending NHL development camps? I know other team are starting to post theirs.
  8. Agreed, I mean look at Stecher and Cagguila? Let's just get those undrafted players who will go right to the Show. Forget about these drafted kids.
  9. Rizzo traded. Interesting
  10. I know he visited und last winter
  11. Agreed. Draft picks show talent/skill (at a point in time). Players will continue to have to work/develop to reach the ultimate goal. Should have a decent crop coming in. Shocked rizzo fell so far but the fact he’s going back to juniors raises some questions. Still has a nice skill package, just has some maturing to do. I thought Rowe would be taken, that was somewhat shocking.
  12. If rizzo doesn’t get drafted that will be some kind of fall.
  13. Ya hasn’t been very good whatsoever. All are falling outside of pinto
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