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  1. Mismash has 4 points on the year. That’s not very good at all, he could’ve moved off that line and put with Michaud/pinto’s line unless there is position overload. Jasper had never been on the second line, only PP.
  2. Ty Smilanic to Quinnipiac. Fairly certain we were after him. Must be something off with him, won’t accept that we lost a recruiting battle with Quinnipiac Ty is a potential first rounder
  3. Potentially. But 28 needs to play. That no look pass last Saturday was a beauty. Get a big kid like that some PT so he becomes more comfortable. 14 needs a top 6 spot too.
  4. Who knows, but the group is another year older. That’s helps immensely and we had a nice crop of freshman come in.
  5. 20 looked a bit lost there...f group didn’t help either
  6. That’s the worst 5 I’ve ever seen
  7. Yep agree. To many D breakdowns (which includes forwards not helping out) and not enough from our forward group in the ozone.
  8. I think we’re better than that. Tomorrow’s important. It’s been awhile since we’ve been really good.
  9. They’re better than we are. Our D coverage is weak tonight.
  10. Bast looks as though he’ll definitely need another year of juniors.
  11. Some of the local talent havent quite developed into UND quality players, other have. The number of decommits is shocking though. Randklev made sense, I’m thinking Mancinelli and Reid May have bolted due to being pushed back a year, that’s just speculation though.
  12. I'm guessing these were the guys who were getting talked into playing another year of juniors. Randklev/Costello probably just don't cut the squad.
  13. Really? From a numbers standpoint he has struggled in the ushl (never know though may be more defensive). I don’t recall this many decommits from our program ever. Poor recruiting obviously but we look a bit like Michigan this year.
  14. Isn’t he already committed?
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