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  1. Link: https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6966785-Jasper-Weatherby-to-return-for-his-senior-season Guess this was a load of bs. He in fact DID NOT think enough about it.
  2. Weatherby is a forward and Morrow is a defenseman. How would that have helped? Either way though, absolute dick move by Weatherby.
  3. @snooty89 I remember @Sweethockey mentioning this.
  4. I would've thought he'd give it one more year since WMU has a real shot of making some noise this season based on players who decided to return for them.
  5. @gfhockeyYou are never satisfied with whatever Berry & Co. does. You should go make another thread about your crush, Sandy. I'm sure if you write him a letter, he'll mail you a Bulldog jersey!
  6. Murphy Stratton committed to UND despite playing playing 45 games in the WHL. He was led to believe the penalty would only be a year and 7 games but it turned out longer so he changed course. Swankler didn’t play hockey in 20-21 season so I’m guessing that counts as time served? Not sure iit’s a huge change yet? In Swankler’s case, the NCAA must’ve determined the amount of time he’s sat out was enough to be eligible to play in 21-22 season.
  7. Nate Benoit gets picked by the Wild in round 6, 182 overall.
  8. This thread is for UND. Go find out yourself. Jackson Blake gets picked by the Hurricanes in round 4, 109 overall.
  9. Brent Johnson gets picked by the Capitals in round 3, 80 overall.
  10. Expectations are astronomical for Michigan. Gotta see if Power, Beniers, and Kent Johnson actually stay first but going to be a good watch to see how Michigan’s season goes.
  11. They have a good schedule in my opinion. Cornell, Lowell, Quinnipiac, and Clarkson will be tough series’ as well.
  12. So that’s Tampa’s weakness? Having to play in OT.
  13. A person on hfboards posted in prospect thread for Mitchell Miller that he’s in the NCAA transfer portal. If true, I wonder if there’s any realistic chance any school will give an offer. If a school does, I hope their PR department does a better job than UND. Which shouldn’t be that hard. Just have to be proactive.
  14. Big nope to playing those Michigan a-holes until they finally grow a pair and willing to schedule a home/away series vs UND.
  15. As long as the CHL player doesn't sign a contract with any professional league, they should be able to move to the NCAA and vice versa. A non-signed player shouldn't be punished because the CHL allows a NHL-signed player to play in their league.
  16. All forwards. Mistakes by a forward can be more forgiving vs a mistake made by a defenseman. Considering Berry was a defenseman prior to coaching, I trust his decision on the matter. But yes, still sucks that Morrow decided to go elsewhere. C’est la vie.
  17. I guess I thought it was because the coaches didn’t think he was NCAA-ready. Morrow seems to have only played 10 or so USHL games. Majority has been prep hockey. I know there are instances of players jumping straight to NCAA from prep hockey but there are also examples of players struggling with the transition.
  18. Berry & Co. has done a wonderful job in nabbing the right combination of players from the portal. I'd say it's been a success. I was a little worried about the turnover UND experienced but I'm excited again for the 21-22 season. Guessing backup goalie would be the last portal grab for UND?
  19. And so do you. @gfhockey #obsession #restrainingorder
  20. Morrow ranked 36 in Bob McKenzie’s midseason draft rankings. Brent Johnson at 84. Link: https://www.tsn.ca/owen-power-the-unanimous-no-1-in-tsn-s-mid-season-draft-rankings-1.1626057
  21. Their top 5 players in points are all returning. WMU should be real good in 21-22 season.
  22. Emphasis on highlight. I use my phone 90% of the time to visit SiouxSports. I happened to visit on my work computer during a break.
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