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  1. Based on the thread title, I figured it was going to be an impartial analysis of their hockey team.
  2. I applaud the effort to keep resuscitating UAH's hockey program, but no program can survive continuous instability.
  3. "...life essence..." Now I'm going to have to rewatch Dr. Strangelove.
  4. I understand but my friend is a little slower. So you're saying that Mike, Marc, and Monte are brothers?
  5. Losing seniors Kobe Roth (13g) and Koby Bender (7g) as well would mean a loss of 79% (66 of 84 goals) of UMD goal scoring. Their highest returning goal scorers would be a quartet of skaters with 3 each.
  6. Thanks for sharing this article.
  7. CCHA currently has seven teams; Lucia would like to have eight (or an even number). If an NCHC team were to leave for the CCHA, I bet it would be Miami. "..[I]f we can get that eighth team, it's extremely important," Lucia said.
  8. Here's a College Hockey News article on Don Lucia becoming the commissioner of the newly reformed CCHA. Lucia Jumps Back In, Named New CCHA Commissioner : College Hockey News
  9. Keeping the NCHC streak alive would be cool, but for me, I lived in the St. Cloud area for awhile and know some die-hard Husky fans who also happen to be good folks. So I'm hoping St. Cloud wins.
  10. Okay SCSU, it's your time now.
  11. The spell is broken. Someone finally out-clutched Duluth.
  12. Melrose: "You can score 30 goals a year tipping in pucks like that."
  13. But remember, you can only grab that stuff if you're wearing silky mitts.
  14. Johnny Walker returning to ASU for a fifth year. Not exactly a portal move, but it's the first I've seen of a player committing to a fifth year. Maybe that will nudge a few others into returning for a fifth.
  15. I can't find a UND forward with a name that would complete the Ford - Pinto - xxxx line. If we can put a defenseman on this forward line, then Ben Blood might fit. The Ford + Pinto = Blood line.
  16. Yes, this. That game reminded me of the stories about the golden age of boxing (Ali-Frazier, etc.).
  17. Speaking of needing another forward, the longer that Cruikshank goes without confirming his transfer to BC, the more likely it seems to me he's going elsewhere.
  18. Welcome aboard, Ford! Ford was BGSU's best faceoff guy by far, like Pinto for UND. It will be interesting to see how Ford fares in the NCHC. Ford: 354-227 (581 total) 60.9% Pinto 388-239 (627 total) 61.9%
  19. We had some friends whose daughter played the harp. Apparently the girl's harp teacher would have prospective students sit up to a harp and put their fingers on the strings. The teacher could tell immediately whether or not this prospective student would ever be able to play the harp well. I wonder if Karl is like this with respect to goalies.
  20. I'm already confused about all the guys named Jackson/Jaxson in the Sioux pipeline. Then I find this picture of Jackson Blake. I think. I mean, I just give up.
  21. Ditto. Wish they could have won a natty together.
  22. Bad ice isn't an excuse for losing, but for pete's sake, in the most important games of the year, why can't the NCAA honor the integrity of the game by making sure the playing conditions are satisfactory? For player safety AND for our viewing pleasure! Meanwhile, there are excellent ice-hockey facilities sitting unused all over the place that can't be used because they happen to be on campus. Makes no freaking sense to me.
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