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  1. Our 2nd pick of the draft and we take a guy who isn't gonna help next year. GTHO Spielman. Could've got a guard to push to start or a really good DE like Perkins.
  2. I was pretty shocked Darrisaw was still there. Still think he should have got more but Darrisaw being there was a pleasant surprise.
  3. Didn't get a great return either. Gave back a 4th and got 2 3rd rounders. Should've been able to get 34 from the Jets. Think Spielman just loves to trade and took whatever was there.
  4. Always does. Rarely seen a move he makes actually work out. This is just some bad news Twins baseball right now.
  5. Get to play again tomorrow. Doubleheader with Oakland starting I think at 5:30.
  6. I didn't get to watch today but looking at the stats I'm wondering why Rocco didn't let Pineda try to go another inning. Think he was at 88 pitches and seemed in complete control.
  7. Hate the extra inning rule but Rocco is terrible with it. Why does he always seem to pinch hit Astudillo? He should be playing the first 9 innings if you think he is the guy you want up to try to score a man from 2nd with the game on the line. Just no rhyme or reason with a lot of Rocco decisions.
  8. Once UND is out I cheer for nobody and really couldn't care less who wins. Whether it is Air Force, Minnesota, Boston College, or St. Cloud. It is either UND or nobody for me. I watched some of the semis Thursday but I'm not completely locked in like if it is a Sioux game, will be the same way tonight too.
  9. Would sure be nice to add a North Dakota logo next to Jimmy Clark as well.
  10. Played for the other team though as Karl was a Apple Valley Eagle while Zach was Eastview Lightning.
  11. EP plays that top line a ton especially these last 2 weeks. If there were some lapses defensively from any of those guys I'd attribute it to that.
  12. EP and Maple Grove put on a hell of a show last night. So much talent on the ice not sure how the championship today can follow that up.
  13. Think Kukkonen has some connection to Michigan Tech and that helped the commitment, thought it was something like an Aunt is an assistant AD or something. I really hope Batchelder opens up after the CC coaching change, he was a guy I really liked before he committed originally and he has continued to improve. Cade Arenholz is another guy from Lakeville South that has looked good that could open things back up.
  14. Another big 3rd period for Lakeville South gives them a 5-3 win over Wayzata and moves them into the AA Championship. Think South has scored 4 goals in each 3rd period in the state tournament so far. Nightcap should be a great one with Eden Prairie and Maple Grove.
  15. Pretty sure we saw the championship today with Gentry/EGF. Gentry beat Little Falls like 8-1 earlier this season. Wish they would've re-seeded when Hermantown had to play their JV.
  16. EGF played pretty decent but you could see the depth take over some in the 3rd period. The depth and a couple big stops from the Gentry goalie one for sure on Parker were the difference. The goal that made it 3-2 was an absolute backbreaker for EGF.
  17. I don't really know the last time EGF had a good goalie. Even their state championship teams it was a weak spot.
  18. St. Paul schools-Breck, Blake, St. Paul Academy, St. Paul Johnson, Tartan, Holy Angels, etc. Didn't help that Blake was down this year for them they did play Little Falls in early February. Added a game with Hermantown late in the year but it was canceled for covid concerns. https://www.mnhockeyhub.com/schedule/team_instance/5690730?subseason=697637
  19. Goaltending has been a problem all year for EGF. Gentry is solid but the Wave are definitely the best team they've faced all year as their schedule is pretty soft.
  20. Feels like they need to at least to me. Bring in someone and make it an open competition for the job. Thome has had some really solid moments but I'm not comfortable just handing him the job.
  21. Kinda figured he would be back. That one hurts a lot.
  22. Really pretty goal from Jackson Blake to make it 4-1. Announcer just said Blake played with a broken ankle through part of this season.
  23. MSHSL decision makers on top of their game again. Still don't know why the teams really have to quarantine because an former opponent tests positive. I'm not sure I've seen any cases traced back to being transmitted from team to team through sports.
  24. It is in Minnesota across the state. Also a free stream on https://www.45tv.com/prep45/
  25. Tony is his dad and Little Falls head coach.
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