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  1. I understand we lost a lot off a loaded team last year my issue is why didn’t we have a couple stud freshmen in the pipeline? Those should be the guys stepping into the big roles lost by nhl signings not guys like Calder and Ford, those guys are the supplemental pieces. It just feels to me like we aren’t consistently bringing in the talent we should and that goes on this staff. I’m really not sure the issue because you have the history, tradition, facilities, amenities everything a top prospect could want so I don’t know if the staff is just getting out worked, slow on the process, lazy, not identifying talent, bad relationships or what.
  2. We get a team that scored 19 goals this weekend coming in to the Ralph. Yikes!
  3. Just so disappointed with the lack of skill, speed, and overall talent on this team. Right now we aren’t recruiting at the level we should be and need to be. I do like what we have coming next year in guys like Blake, Spicer, and McLaughlin but our classes aren’t consistently at the top or that level like they should be. I don’t what the exact reason is but at North Dakota it can’t be bring in a average class, good class, average, great it needs to be consistently good/great. Having to bring in guys like Ford, Calder, Ferber, and Jandric and have them play a big role should’ve been a major red flag. Elite programs are hitting the portal for like one guy and it’s the top guys or maybe a goalie and they usually end playing a role. Look at Michaud with us last year, look at Cruikshank at Minnesota. Like I said I do like what we should have coming next year but looking more to the future it feels like the pipeline should be a lot more stocked with talent then it is and the staff is either just behind the pace that other elite programs are working at by choice or for some other reason but it doesn’t seem good.
  4. Hmm can't get it to work. Is it just onhockey? I did find it there.
  5. Any youtube link for tonight? Otherwise I think I'll just stick with TH.
  6. Thought it sounded like he might have some work academically that could make him JC bound.
  7. Vikings decided to clean house wish while I'm a little surprised I'm happy with. Surprised because it had seemed like they would keep Spielman around in some capacity but I think the completely fresh start is best off.
  8. Definitely feel like we should bring an offensive minded coach. Kellen Moore would be at the top of my wishlist right now.
  9. Vikings have a ton of needs and it feels weird to say this but I don't think OL is near the top right now. Definitely need a RG and could use an upgrade at C but the rest of the line is pretty set. Meanwhile you will have starting spots open at S, CB, Nickel, 2 LBs, DT, and DE although I think a few of those will have to be filled by guys just moving up the depth chart and getting an opportunity because of the Vikes cap situation. Like DT and DE I could see giving Watts and Wilekes an opportunity as they've been solid in limited time. Have to think this roster is gonna look drastically different.
  10. Bears leaving all those points on the field is coming back to haunt us. Goddamnit Vikings just took the lead.
  11. It is because Zimmer is still coaching and he likely knows he is gone after tomorrow anyway so what does he care how it sets up for the next guy. If ownership was smarter they would have made the call on Zimmer a few weeks ago and told whoever they gave the interim title to they were to look at young guys the rest of the way and give them opportunities. A Denver win today would've been nice for draft positioning. A loss really would beneficial as I think the Vikes can be anywhere from like 9-16 in the draft with a big logjam of teams together right now. Here is hoping the players have seen all the reports that Zim is gone and they show up tomorrow with one foot out the door already giving a terrible effort.
  12. They were right with us during the covid cancelled tourney but what does that have to do with this team? Our team looks nothing like last years group or the the previous year.
  13. This really isn't a very talented UND team and that is the bottom line. Cornell is a very average team, just like this UND group. I think both will be trying to just sneak into the tournament come March and get a few breaks to go their way to make a run.
  14. Just a miserable weekend of hockey. This roster just isn't a typical Sioux hockey roster and this group doesn't play Sioux hockey. The effort is inconsistent, chemistry just doesn't always seem there, and the skill level is severely lacking. Look at our forward group. Our top guys have been Gaber, Jamernik, Senden, and Hain probably and on good championship type Sioux teams those guys are 3rd/4th line role guys. For a team that lacks speed, creativity, skill, etc you'd think they would have some toughness and be pretty strong along the boards but nope, I've never seen a Sioux team beat in so many 1 on 1 battles. Our D group that should be the strength of this team has been flat awful. Guys we thought we took a big step forward like Sanderson, Kleven, and Frisch just haven't done that at all this season. We have opponents getting to whatever areas they want, guys just free and easy in the slot and on top of the crease popping in rebounds without even being touched. Coaching staff doesn't escape the blame at all either. A lot of us looked at the recruiting pipeline and were worried about the lack of top skilled guys we were landing a couple years ago and especially up front well we are seeing the results now. You had to hit the transfer portal up and Ford/Calder have been pretty meh. Very offensively challenged, overall the team really lacks speed, playmaking and creativity is very absent. It really just isn't the type of hockey we have become accustomed to watching over the years. The staff better start working their ass off and get on the road recruiting. Goaltending has been a problem as well. Driscoll hasn't looked close to what he did at Bemidji. Hellsten did a solid job tonight and deserves another look Friday.
  15. Which with what I've seen of this team and its inconsistencies all season seems like where they should be.
  16. Eh I never was a big fan of Thome and I know it is with an overmatched St. Thomas team but .871 save and 4.44 GAA doesn't do much for me. Thought Driscoll would be a very good fit but he has been a much different goalie this year than we saw at BSU. Gotta give Hellsten the opportunity to take the job.
  17. This was absolutely a game you can't lose and somehow this team did. Driscoll was awful all night, give Hellsten the opportunity and see what he does with it. Just another night where this team shows who they really are. Might be leading the conference somehow but this isn't a championship roster or team and is the type that you hope just sneaks into the tournament gets a little luck and plays their best hockey of the year.
  18. Pile on the points Packers, the more embarrassing it gets the more likely Zygi makes the move tomorrow.
  19. I'd be absolutely shocked if both Zimmer and Spielman are back in their same roles. Wilfs have pretty high expectations I don't even think Zim would be back with a sneak into the playoff and 1st round exit. I think the most likely scenario is Zimmer gets fired, Spielman moves to some sort of senior type role, and they hire a new GM. In my opinion Spielman deserves more heat than he gets especially from the TC media, he has a lot of draft picks that haven't been close to panning out.
  20. Some crazy games today. Jets had it right there for them after leading Tampa Bay all day but opt for going for it on 4th and 2 at the TB 7 with just over 2 minutes left rather than taking the field goal to go up 7. After a few plays of nothing Tampa rolls off a few big plays in a row and caps it with a 33 yard TD for the win. Cincy and Kansas City put on a great game but how about Cincy opting to go for it with under a minute left on 4th and goal from the 1 and penalties on both teams kept them alive and they still go for it again and another Chief penalty gives them a 1st down. Is this the last game of the Zimmer era? I could see it getting embarrassingly bad tonight with the way the Packers are rolling offensively and even though they have struggled stopping the run with Mannion at QB they can absolutely load the box all night and not have to worry about consequences. Maybe a 38-6 type game, Mannion sucks but Zimmer still sticks with him for the entire game, Zygi fires Zimmer and Spielman tomorrow. Vikes decide to start Mond next week and he struggles and the Bears beat the Vikings to end the season.
  21. This afternoons game was one of the most boring hockey games I've watched in a while. Not a lot of physicality, playmaking, or action.
  22. I mean they proved that on the field head to head in the regular season.
  23. I've watched Nelson, Townsend, and Plante this year and I'd love to see any of them in green and white.
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