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  1. Very undisciplined effort today. Definitely outcoached and ton of poor execution as well. When the Vikes started bad last year I was hoping they'd just keep it up and it would be the end of Rick and Zim and they could get Fields to take over at QB. That didn't happen but after the terrible draft, preseason, and this start I'm even more done with those two and thinking this year will end them. Good chance to start 0-4 after a road game with Arizona next week and then Seattle and Cleveland coming to U.S. Bank. Pretty tough schedule overall this year as well facing the AFC North and NFC West and then getting the Cowboys, Chargers, and Panthers as your other games. Right now I'm thinking about 7-10 as best case and I'd take the under.
  2. Good to see both cut but don't love that they kept Dozier on the practice squad. Losing Irv Smith for the year(likely) is a huge hit. Happy to see they are gonna bring in a backup QB but would've preferred someone other than Mannion.
  3. Well that sucks, I had $100 gift card and was planning on using it there for the Gopher football opener Thursday.
  4. There has been some buzz for Clark to Minnesota for a little while here. Seems like a long time since we have won a battle for a Minnesota kid. Needs to be a priority to land more of those top Minnesota guys. It isn't so much the guys we lose to the Gophers for me it is seeing them go to St. Cloud, Duluth, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame that really bugs me. After Minnesota we should be able to get whoever we want in that next wave.
  5. Absolutely no respect for Weatherby to make a decision like this in August. You commit to the team this spring, the staff is counting on you, the rest of the team is counting on you and then in late August you bail? Absolutely disgusting. Jasper obviously is much more of a ME type player than I ever thought. Couldn't care less what his hockey career looks like the rest of the way.
  6. I'd be pretty surprised to see Dozier make it through cuts this year. Figure maybe 8 or 9 OL kept. You have 7 guarantees with Hill, Cleveland, Bradbury, Udoh, O'Neil, Darrisaw, and Davis. Then you have a group of 4 guys that you are keeping 1 or 2 of with Cole, Samia, Brandel, and Dozier. I'd lean Cole heavily #1 on that list since he has started games for Arizona and can play center and guard and then who knows if you keep another guy.
  7. Biggest problem with the OL is the two new guys Darrisaw and Davis most(myself included) figured would slide in haven't practiced much at all. There is still time for those two to get healthy and win the jobs but Zimmer sounded like a guy going with Hill-Cleveland-Bradbury-Udoh-O'Neil heading right now.
  8. I want all the section 8 talent and as much of the top Minnesota talent as we can get. I've thought Shaugabay to UND was a slam dunk for a long time so I'm pretty surprised to see him pick Duluth.
  9. Now we need to start landing some of the Minnesota kids. Shaugabay, Rinzel, Sawchyn, Whitelaw give me all of them.
  10. Not that there was a lot of question but Zam Plante committed to Duluth this morning.
  11. Would have loved to get an extension done with Berrios but Twins didn't seem willing to meet the price early and then started to seem like Berrios wanted to hit the market as we went on. This is a pretty good get from the Blue Jays. I really thought he would end up with San Diego and that is where I wanted him to go, Toronto would have probably been second on my list though with Boston and Tampa Bay close behind. Twins need to go ahead now and continue the process. How many more trades do we see from the Twins today? At least 2 minimum and could easily see over 5? Pineda? Simmons? Buxton? Maeda? Rogers? Kepler? Donaldson? Robles?
  12. It is like impossible to get ACC/Notre Dame because of their grant of rights contract with the conference. It sounds like the B1G is indeed gonna go big and look to expand west into the PAC with USC, UCLA, Oregon, Colorado, Washington being among the targets. The big tv partner fox is also encouraging this potential move. I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of it as it stretches the conference from literally coast to coast. I get it is football driven but think about like a baseball series you are gonna have Rutgers playing UCLA in a weekend conference series? Would be all kinds of strange.
  13. Berry's been following him since at least this winter. Very well could be another Minnesota/North Dakota battle and we haven't had a whole lot of success in those recruiting battles lately.
  14. Our 2nd pick of the draft and we take a guy who isn't gonna help next year. GTHO Spielman. Could've got a guard to push to start or a really good DE like Perkins.
  15. I was pretty shocked Darrisaw was still there. Still think he should have got more but Darrisaw being there was a pleasant surprise.
  16. Didn't get a great return either. Gave back a 4th and got 2 3rd rounders. Should've been able to get 34 from the Jets. Think Spielman just loves to trade and took whatever was there.
  17. Always does. Rarely seen a move he makes actually work out. This is just some bad news Twins baseball right now.
  18. Get to play again tomorrow. Doubleheader with Oakland starting I think at 5:30.
  19. I didn't get to watch today but looking at the stats I'm wondering why Rocco didn't let Pineda try to go another inning. Think he was at 88 pitches and seemed in complete control.
  20. Hate the extra inning rule but Rocco is terrible with it. Why does he always seem to pinch hit Astudillo? He should be playing the first 9 innings if you think he is the guy you want up to try to score a man from 2nd with the game on the line. Just no rhyme or reason with a lot of Rocco decisions.
  21. Once UND is out I cheer for nobody and really couldn't care less who wins. Whether it is Air Force, Minnesota, Boston College, or St. Cloud. It is either UND or nobody for me. I watched some of the semis Thursday but I'm not completely locked in like if it is a Sioux game, will be the same way tonight too.
  22. Would sure be nice to add a North Dakota logo next to Jimmy Clark as well.
  23. Played for the other team though as Karl was a Apple Valley Eagle while Zach was Eastview Lightning.
  24. EP plays that top line a ton especially these last 2 weeks. If there were some lapses defensively from any of those guys I'd attribute it to that.
  25. EP and Maple Grove put on a hell of a show last night. So much talent on the ice not sure how the championship today can follow that up.
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