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  1. I did the same thing. I didn't wear any Sioux gear for about a month after that game. Devastating.
  2. 1. Minnesota 2. Denver 3. Boston College 4. Duluth 5. Michigan
  3. That's what 10 years of little to no leadership at the top of UND will produce. Bad outcomes.
  4. We just hired someone who doesn't have his own guys in the program yet. Give it a few years and I think we will be much better.
  5. Either way, the results are on Brewster....the good and the bad.
  6. Another example why we should cherish every day we have on this planet: Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash at age 41. https://www.kcra.com/article/kobe-bryant-reportedly-dead-in-california-helicopter-crash/30667136# What a sad story.
  7. A special season is on the edge of unraveling. I hope we can stop the bleeding before we end up on the road for the first round again.
  8. The season trajectory is on the line tonight. No ifs, ands or buts about it.
  9. After this weekend, we'll have a conference lead somewhere between 2 and 14 points. Calling this a big weekend is an understatement.
  10. Hyslop is all there is to the west that is used by the Athletic Department. So I think yes.
  11. Letting Tom Buning fill the vacancy when Glas retired.
  12. So I guess we can put that contract extension for Brewster on hold for now?
  13. Wow, that is some good regional and national coverage for the program!
  14. Literally AND Figuratively. I'll bet he's a two year player at the most.
  15. I guess I was referring to the injuries at defense and Pinto's suspension.
  16. The team is facing their first real adversity this season. This will test their character and depth. I think they will be up to the task.
  17. The NCAA's fighting rules pretty much preclude that from happening. Mike Commodore would have cleaned his clock, but he also would have been suspended for it.
  18. Some people are better position coaches and/or coordinators than they are head coaches. And nobody can win at Northern State, you have very few resources to work with there. Let's not pull this out of the closet:
  19. Good points, but a last-place team in the NCHC is different than a last-place team in other leagues (like the WCHA for instance). Every game is a battle.
  20. People need to stop pulling this out of the closet after every loss.
  21. Here is an example of what I am talking about: Kirk Cousins finally comes up big, hits two huge throws to lift Vikings over Saints in overtime
  22. He moved a couple of guys from DE to DT to exploit weaknesses in the Saint's OL. That put pressure on Brees and made him ineffective most of the day. These changes were widely reported in the media after the game. Zimmer gets criticized for not making adjustments by a lot of people, not just me. But if that makes me obtuse, so be it.
  23. Responding to all this "Jimmy's and Joe's" talk. The Minnesota Vikings beat the Saints in OT on the road in part because Zimmer made some key adjustments to the defense. If he had been stubborn and stuck to his base scheme (which is what Bubba does too often, btw), Brees and company would have carved them up like a roast and the Vikings would be talking about next year right now. Adjusting your scheme to fit your personnel is a big part of it.
  24. This is even better than the 8 team playoff I posted about a month ago.
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