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  1. Why do you even care about what we think? Or our program in general?
  2. The entire Athletic Department has been run like a high school for way too long. All that is missing is having baked goods available for purchase at the door.
  3. I am not sure what we have with this team yet. I do think Saturday's win is something you can build off of, but we still have a long ways to go.
  4. I am not a fan of this smaller O-Line. I just don't know if they can sustain the run enough.
  5. For once I agree with you. This is the type of win that you can build your program on. Learning how to win a close game like this is crucial to building a perennial championship contending program.
  6. But according to some people on Bisonville and even here, they are already an FBS program who happens to play down a level. And their QBs are better than nearly all FBS QBs. I have said this before and I will say it again: Playing one FBS money game early in the season is not the equivalent of playing a full FBS schedule week after week. They could win the Sun Belt on a regular basis, but that only gets you a mid-level Bowl game at best. And if they started playing SEC, ACC and Big 10 teams on a regular basis, they would quickly find out how different that world is from the one they are in right now.
  7. NDSU may not "falter" as much as other programs will rise up to challenge them. SDSU should have beaten the Gophers (too many turnovers did them in) and will be a top contender this year. James Madison, same thing. If we would get our $#%& together, we could join them. That should be our focus. Eventually, you will have a formal split between the G5 and P5 conferences and then you will have more evenly matched teams in each division. But again, that is the future. Right now, I don't care what anybody else is doing, I care about what we are doing to be a better Division I school across the board (not just FB).
  8. Shouldn't we focus on getting our program in order first? Otherwise, we may as well call it the Bison Football Trophy. This isn't freaking high school.
  9. And that is the PG-13 version. I have seen far worse on social media and on other discussion forums.
  10. While I agree with having a great fan experience at home games, the bolded part is a troubling mentality. Winning does matter when it comes to putting butts into seats. We should strive to both put a winning, championship-contending team on the field AND provide our fans with the best possible in-game experience. Both of them need work right now.
  11. I can see Sam Houston covering, but not winning.
  12. A top team in the Sun Belt? That makes you one of the best of the lousiest (Copyright Dan "Common Man" Cole). That's a long way from having "better QBs than nearly all FBS programs over the last 6 years". Cripes, I could make so many memes out of that statement!
  13. I never said this; where did you get that idea? I was simply pointing out that any implication that an FCS QB will ever get within sniffing distance of the Heisman is utter foolishness. If Steve McNair couldn't win it after being on the cover of SI, then it is highly unlikely to ever happen. My main beef is with UND's rudderless administration sitting on it's rear end for 10 years now, being content with the occasional conference title and not doing enough to invest in the athletic department so we can land kids like this. And if you have been reading my posts on this thread, you would know that.
  14. There is a big difference between playing an FBS money game early in the season and being able to compete weekly with 85 scholarship FBS schools. FCS Appalachian State made huge waves when they beat Michigan on the road, not to mention the three consecutive FCS titles they won before that. That hasn't translated to consistent winning at the FBS level, certainly not vs. the middle to upper echelon of the Subdivision. They are basically bottom-feeders in FBS. If they are that good, why don't they schedule two FBS money games each and every season? Because they know it's a big risk to get banged up before the MVFC and FCS regular season schedule. And that is what would happen.
  15. You are putting NDSU's QBs on the same level as the QBs at Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State and God only knows who else. That is what your original statement implied: So you really think the top schools in the SEC and ACC would have been better off with Easton Stick than what they had to "settle for"? Please take your fantasies to whatever discussion forum LakesBison has set up for himself. Because that is the only place anyone will take them seriously. #koolaidisbadforyourhealth
  16. Unless the G5 and P5 formally split, that won't get you much beyond a mid-level Bowl game. And I don't think NDSU fans would be in favor of that.
  17. I am not even going to touch that one. Lay off the Jack Daniels will you? #cantmakeitup
  18. The Big 12 has some really bad programs at the bottom. Obviously, Texas and Oklahoma are elite, but after that it drops off significantly. The Big 10 is deeper, but does have some dogs like Rutgers (which UND is becoming a mid-major version of, unfortunately). The MAAC is mediocre, but not as bad as the Sun Belt (or Sun Belch as FU fans like to call it). But all those programs can hope for is a bowl game nobody really watches or cares about. No CFP. No National Championships. Perennial 6-5 or 7-4 records. NDSU is not going to move up for that.
  19. Yeah, you guys beat FBS teams, kudos to you for doing that. Having said that, you are the one that needs a math lesson if you really think NDSU could move up, get 85 scholarships and then recruit against teams like Michigan, Ohio State and the like. The budgets of FBS football schools (even G5 schools) are much larger than either UND or NDSU. Those extra 22 scholarships won't be cheap either. Beating an FBS team early in the season is great. But it's totally different than playing an entire schedule of FBS teams, week after week. Sustaining that year after year would be difficult, which is why NDSU isn't going to move up.
  20. So should we get his Heisman bust ready? This guy making the Heisman "watch list" is beyond ridiculous, particularly with the kind of athletes in the top echelon of FBS. Honestly, it is a little concerning to read some of these comments. "Would love to see us get someone even close to that", "we won't play a better team than this again this year, so don't worry", and so on. It is like we are now accepting of the idea that all we will ever do is finish 6-5 every year with no playoffs and most of our wins will be against bad teams. It is very easy to get "used to" a negative situation and then accept it as the "new normal". It is human nature. But it is also a very dangerous trap to fall into. And we need to avoid falling into that trap.
  21. NDSU is NOT an FBS program. And if they ever moved up for real, they would find that out pretty quickly. They could win the Sun Belt (which is pure garbage) and have some success in the Big 12 (lots of bad programs in that conference). But anything above that, they would get worn down by the depth and athleticism of FBS teams and their 85 scholarships. Look for some "Bring on Bama" or "Bring on Clemson" nonsense from the Moo U faithful in the coming weeks and months.
  22. Yeah, they could have easily reached 100 if they really wanted to.
  23. What @TheFlop is getting at is the lack of strong leadership at UND when it comes to stuff like this. NDSU has had strong leadership since they moved up and you see what a difference it can make.
  24. We bought out Mussman, so we might do the same with Bubba if we keep wallowing in the mud.
  25. That's just two more seasons. If he doesn't start producing better results, he won't get an extension. At least I would hope not.
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