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  1. I wonder why that wikipedia page has a link called Grand Forks Flames that leads to the Atlanta Flames page?
  2. like letterkenny with a bunch of Uff-das and Gophers Suck wise cracks?
  3. exactly... I love gritty players that give there all and I see that in Keane & Senden. But I also realize that I only see a bit of things, especially on the recruit and commitment players. Where on their path are they? I trust the coaching staff to be on top of it, and know they are way ahead of my ability to evaluate talent.
  4. I am always puzzled at the judgement of others that the community here imposes... Isn't there some saying about past results may not indicate future returns, of course is all we have is a stat line, then there you go... Seems to me there is so much more to it.... Didn't Boeser and Wilkie both have a great stat line in their last year of juniors?
  5. this thread is more fun than a football game eh
  6. accusation is your term, propose hypothesis is mine.
  7. I think this is an agreed upon thing, the assertion is the Moo U program uses the in house program to fine tune the Newman Best Cocktail to pass the NC$$ testing program. Have fun.
  8. Why do you get to decide who says what. input from all sources is required for discourse, now respectful wordage is helpful but the thread is heavy on smack talk from rivals so even if it is difficult to determine honest items from stick poking I want to here anyone weigh in, even the bizun fruit loops...
  9. lol, first time I ever try using that @ doohickey and get smack and tickled, love this place... carry on
  10. Can the internal drug testing program fall within a request for information thingamajobbie? @RobPort
  11. I have never seen the logic in this statement, some things can go the way of buggy whips and pagers.
  12. Wonder what that "fixture" would bring at auction?
  13. Sorry, I had to do some tasks yesterday. All players in my eyes should develop in their time in the program, some more than others, some have higher ceilings.
  14. I am not claiming insight that NHL management harbors any such thoughts, but I do fear that the last few years of "poor development" of prospects will be placed on the program instead of individual players. I also have no idea which train of thought is accurate, but I do believe you can see that recent players have not improved as much as former players improved during their time at UND.
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