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  1. When do the transgender boys whoop up on the girls?
  2. I wish something to do with dinosaurs would have been chosen, the Ralph filled with those Trex suits would be epic.
  3. I think the current logo is a sacrificial lamb... Knowing the hatred and rejection that would be given to any logo, this is destined to take the abuse, then be moved to a secondary logo when a bit better logo makes its appearance.
  4. lol, don't take my observations to any betting windows
  5. Vasilesky looking beatable here.
  6. I feel I must cheer for the underdogs. Wish it was winter.... don't get to say that very often
  7. Bruins... licked their last...
  8. Jets never left the tarmac....
  9. Jost with a nice PP goal, was it ever decided Yoe -st, or Joe -st?
  10. the media heads mentioned hand movements and a thumbs up from evans, so hopefully it was all precaution. Scheiffle had a chip on his shoulder all game, wonder if that plays into any additional league decisions.
  11. Man that hit was brutal, hope he is all right.
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