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  1. never try to understand the kid that sits in a litter box eating the "treats"...
  2. why does everything have to be taken to the extreme? "Trump cares about anyone but himself".... if you had said Trump is most likely to do things that give him a favorable outcome or that he is not above tainted results, then I would have to agree, but since you have to go "all in" you shuffle yourself to the far edge of the group. I agree both sides are not much better than a turd sandwich... for me it comes down to the lesser of two evils, and the merits of capitalism vs. downfall of socialism is a no brainer, although I see merit in both methodologies I would take capitalism 7 days a week and twice on sundays.
  3. not a fan of banning anyone, but miss the decorum that existed before the allowance of this type of thread. I wonder if penalties for name calling would have an effect.... say 24 hour no post penalty for calling names to other members, 2 hour penalty for calling public figures names. Maybe I am a unique individual that sees someone who uses name calling (and cursing, among other things) as demerit against that person.
  4. I'm confused, is this article about Covid? I thought the discussion was about a ND teen?
  5. I wish the ignore feature also ignored response to the character being ignored. As is, I find ignoring a poster that elicits responses to break up the continuity of thread even more than the multiple storylines facet. It is just as easy to scroll on by a poster that has shown no tact or maturity.
  6. Does the POTUS not get protection under HIPPA?
  7. I noticed that also, I have been trying to think of a manner in which to stem the vile interactions on this thread, this seems like the opposite direction.
  8. very telling that you keep the nuclear arms notes and email jokes together...
  9. this thread has very much lowered my opinion of fellow UND alumni, did not think the depths of poor decorum would ever be this low.
  10. Trump was Trump, Biden was more coherent than expected. My take, sad state of decorum present by either future leader of the world.
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