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  1. As long as Mike Hawk likes her.... ummm
  2. I think the tweak is already planned, this postal atrocity will become the secondary logo after absorbing all the hate that the first logo was going to get regardless of it's quality (is irregardless the correct term, I slept in that day)
  3. I think the Sioux tribes should sue the Chippewea & Leigh Jeanotte for removing their name from current daily use. Then UND could politely say "Nope, not going down that road again".... I loved the Sioux name an miss it, but after DAPL and all the political BS that is going on my position is put it in the past.
  4. 90siouxfan


    Is he a goalie in the ECHL or is that a different duffer?
  5. if I am seeing the game right, 1 & 2 have all the same boston players but 2 has Burns.... nobody else has different players than 2 so with a burns point Goon has this wrapped up.... of course if Hertl or Petroangelo go bonkers then the proverbial long shot happens
  6. this idea seems to be a thing of the past, Marchand got no retribution for his coward's play...
  7. It is all in good fun to rig Goon for not procurring the abilities of his nephew, I wish nothing but the best for the kid. That said, an uncle worth his salt would get him sh!it face drunk when they come to town for the series.
  8. looks a bit more severe from this angle, he is not on my list, suspension until july,
  9. negatory red rider, Mr Bluth has a pretty good shot at passing you
  10. am I understanding this right, if Carolina and Colorado make the finals, this contest is moot?
  11. Just wait until the snowflakes of the world start identifying as animals, world on its end, literally...
  12. I'm happy when "We" play exciting hockey, compete well every game, and show improvement as the season progresses. I'm happier when "We" do the above and make the National tournament. I'm happier yet when "We" make the Frozen Four. I'm happiest when "We" win hang a banner. I'm happy to be a fan of the best program in the nation and have a long way to go before that changes.
  13. It's one thing to be proud of a season that fell short of the ultimate goal and another thing to hang banners, hoist trophies, or tout about second place or less...
  14. I wonder if he wants to stay in college and get free agent status to avoid the Flyers? I see he also has a little brother coming up, any word on him?
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