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  1. I observed some blurb about having a new style ID in order to fly, sounded like an impromptu trip to Detroit is behind the wheel.
  2. I was talking about the relative success of the program over the years, are they better than they appear because the game favors a team that plays a higher percentage and practices on the bigger sheet. The epic fails of the program in the post season seems to point that way.
  3. So... should the NCHC step up and require NHL size ice, why does one program get to be the beneficiary of the situation? I am assuming SCSU is the only olympic ice in the NCHC.
  4. I have to wonder if much of St Cloud's success is due to the Olympic ice?
  5. who is worse? pat micheletti or mark parrish
  6. Dab gummit. Why is the game on so early, and even worse, why didn't I know?
  7. I don't think it is so much of a coached thing as it is a coach looking off into the distance as a poor sport does something to give the team an advantage. I would love to see a set time for concussion protocol but it would run into the same issue. If you make rules or even statements that a hurt player is to continue playing you open a door to liability. Johnny had to get up and skate your honor or the league would punish him or his team. That is why he got run over by the zamboni.
  8. perhaps an alternative timeline that had UND being just UND until an organic nickname develops and we would have Mighty Moose instead of Mike Hawk as our mascot...
  9. maybe the guys on the ice should flop and moan after every goal in protest to the snowflake extravaganza that college hockey is trending towards....
  10. Is there a replay link to the play Brink got hurt on, only seen the blips on CBS and I didn't think it was a penalty worthy event. As much as poking Goon for "letting" his relative chose the dark side, sure don't want to see any injury. Hope it all works out for Bobby and he gets back to 100%, fun kid to watch.
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