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  1. 90siouxfan

    SH Game Day

    Any word on Zimmerman?
  2. 90siouxfan

    SH Game Day

    Salty Mike on the camera, no sign yet?
  3. 90siouxfan

    SH Game Day

    I miss Boltman already...
  4. 90siouxfan

    SH Game Day

    bubba's decision making shining through....
  5. 90siouxfan

    SH Game Day

    well that was nice
  6. lol, like a kid and a light socket... poking nancies on the nose can be amusing
  7. maybe Salty Mike should sport that sign at every game, sort of diffuse the thing and make a tradition..... duck and run
  8. no look a like thread? the loss to the buffaloes really deflated the fans eh
  9. the two communities also have a common tie.... sandbags...
  10. Salty Mike is known for sand in the vaseline..... or maybe he is deflecting ire from the boys....
  11. Salty Mike is getting people fired up....
  12. So I wonder who wins, that pathetic buffalo calf in Fargo or our wild moose?
  13. I assume no porta potties needed in tailgating area...
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