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  1. I'm a bit surprised that his commitment to UND was not mentioned, usually THN is praising the program... Oops found the mentioned, my reading comprehension is following my memory right out the door.
  2. or maybe he invented a new word for that particular skill
  3. did they release a cause of death, or anything about what happened?
  4. that is not fair, my life is miserable and I don't want everything to burn.... can I live by your dumpster?
  5. I have to wonder if this situation could be a buying opportunity in the restaurant arena, but the way social media is dominated by negative highlighting maybe the industry will never recover enough.
  6. that sounds like a fun job, I think I would like seeing the country by car, or is it more business like than I am imagining?
  7. well, Canada probably has more snowflakes... lol rimshot thing, but they do take their puck pretty seriously, and socialize, they do that a bunch.
  8. your trust in the WHO undermines your credibility...
  9. I used to do just, cold soapy water with spinning brushes, then a cold rinse dunk and onto a towel to air dry. very very very small town bar, but I mixed pretty strong to kill of any ickies, lol
  10. i'm not sure exactly how ND works, leave alone California but if you get called back to work and refuse then you are denied unemployment benefits. My knowledge is quite dated and definitely not up to date as far as corona specific.
  11. tame but still inappropriate, and react will likely be overly aggressive, fear lives everywhere
  12. Wonder if the young lady in the controversy is related to the Zajacs that played at UND?
  13. I know, it is like watching the 3 (or more) stooges in the dark with glitter, but it passes the time, carry on...
  14. 90siouxfan

    The Herald

    I have noticed that I am being trained to not even click on the links, they hung themselves by their own rope....
  15. My condolences on your loss, terrible disease.
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