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  1. one has to wonder if the opposing voices have been censored? that the mix of right/left is along traditional lines, but one side has gained control over who gets popular... interesting times.
  2. 90siouxfan


    I recall that part, was Sandelin also an assistant or coaching elsewhere?
  3. 90siouxfan


    Was Sandy ever considered for the HC at UND? like did he lose out to Hak or something?
  4. How about GreenBlacks? or Greenbacks?
  5. Does Pinto get a moment tonight too?
  6. Was it Coach Murray that had an overseas coaching fiasco?
  7. Does the exit fee clause have an expiration date?
  8. Is it over yet, decided beaver mitigation was a better time
  9. I think Doolittle had the mindset that. OT, don't get anxious, we just outlasted the #1 team.
  10. So, could tim do a pirate broadcast so we could sync up? assuming someday I figure out that trick.
  11. Evil me wants to see the student assistant equipment manager get some ice time
  12. Perhaps a person needs to be sh!tfaced for the knuckleheads to make sense?
  13. not the least bit concerned that I relapse on this crew
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