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  1. Osh drops gloves and Caps come back to tie it... Eddie O advocates slashing to back of knee as strategy to mitigate top tier player. WTH
  2. guess my lack of ambition will not have my standard all Sioux players picked. F' this year all together
  3. I respect your right to disagree, it is your wording, tactics, and manners that I find repulsive. By decorum I am referring to the ban on politic, religion, name calling, etc.
  4. Nope, but there used to be standards of decorum around here. My fear is you switch subjects and continue to play the assclown that enjoys getting a rise out of people.
  5. Sad part of this whole sh!t show is these doofuses may stay when the mods finally shut down the temporary suspension of rules. There is a cost of chatting with nitwits.
  6. I guess she looks old enough to have a 7 year old.
  7. I am bummed that I am not more interested, but I don't know the teams that are playing or players that will not participate. If it wasn't for Toews being out for I don't know what, I don't think I would even be aware of the league activities.
  8. ... thorn in a bush... Brambles?
  9. Maybe this room should be labeled The Fight Room, and have a condition that if you post here, you are forbidden to post in other threads on the site for 24 hrs. Just trying to think ahead and save the website.
  10. I'm curious about the TAT being shippers, as far as I know the oil producers sell to a midstream company that gets the product into the pipeline either by sale or their own pipeline. Is the TAT acting as a producer or midstream company. Just because it came out of the ground on the reservation doesn't make it tribal oil, yet. But nothing would surprise me, a regular gangster mafia up there.
  11. I recall some movie or TV series where they changed the name to something the "haters" would burn daily, spurring gear sales into the stratosphere... DC Klan? DC Slavers? Whipmasters? lol, just in jest, don't burn me down
  12. yeah but but for 4.95 american dollars and getting a 60% on a ten question online quiz I can practice in mexico..... on a different note, there is a movement for a 3rd party Unity2020, hope it gains some traction.
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