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  1. ls Steve Peters still on the coaching staff in Arizona. Also add Carter Rowney to the list.
  2. I would think so, a commitment would be 1-4 years, he opted out prior, not sure how is career has gone.
  3. not a favorite of mine either, but that is not the criteria of the discussion
  4. thanks, I had most, even found the elder Schwartz on the Coyotes roster
  5. JT Miller is a decommit that seems to have done well.
  6. My apologies, how would I miss a name like Jasper, must have been on a knee.... carry on.
  7. where are the Sioux players around the league, I only know the obvious ones?
  8. My daughter opted to attend from home this semester, not sure if it is totally the lack of in person classes or to be more assistance to her brother.
  9. I don't see bast, weatherby, keane, moore, kleven, or albrecht in previous picks for either contestant. siouxfaninseattle also has hain & frisch available. don't trust my analysis, i just woke up
  10. Would it have helped the team deal with the altitude thing if they had stayed in Colorado between the series, not like attendance at classes is a thing...
  11. meh, use them when you can, every game may be the last game....
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