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  1. There is some sort of standing room section, right? Good to know about the cramped seats. I swear there was talk about using World Arena when DU and UND came to town but it must have faded out. Season ticket holders could pay for them by putting those two games on the secondary market.
  2. Cruikshank and Middendorf are listed on their rosters. Can't think of any others off hand. EDIT: everyone listed on Brad's portal list for Big 10 schools shows on their team's roster, so either he removed the player, miss them entirely (unlikely if it was a quality player) or they haven't been removed from their former team's website yet. Or Myers is just plain wrong. 2nd EDIT: He said it was a player in a league they don't cover, so not NCHC or Big 10, and that he wrote up about the player in June. The latter could mean it's a MN native or WCHA/CCHA player.
  3. All the beat writers together. Jess Myers mentions that an unnamed Big Ten program had a prized transfer coming who was left off the roster after the team required the vaccine. Brad thinks Denver is the number #1 team in the country. I'll have a hit of whatever he's smoking...
  4. He might have replaced Primeau on the preseason all conference poll.
  5. Good point. As long as it alternates between Boston/Detroit/Providence out east and Minneapolis/Fargo/Denver out west. No need for Allentown or Albany ever again
  6. Is he still doing carseat selfie video reviews of fast food? Haha. Dang bro you're practically a celebrity!
  7. Agreed. If ESPN wasn't involved and monkeying with times to get better ratings it wouldn't be a problem. Had Loveland circled as a potential Regional to attend, less likely now. Curious how this shakes out with attendance and bids going forward.
  8. 2nd time in just a few years that a UND loss in Fargo results in a change in college hockey. Last time was the offside rule, this time a day off is added between regional games. The first I agree with....the latter not so much.
  9. Didn't take long for Cory Laylin's son to commit to UST.
  10. Samberg was always a weak link/liability whenver I watched him, which is admittedly not a full body of work. Sounds like he's on the Forbort path then, size eventually comes around.
  11. Depends on your definition of blue chip. Tufte and Samberg were top 50 picks. Perunovich was a high pick but after his freshman year. None of the other were high picks. Granted they made it to the N so that suggests development.
  12. Riley Tufte and Dylan Samberg are the only blue chips UMD has landed recently and they are both busts. They should not be ranked second.
  13. Mitch Miller rejoining Tri-City in USHL. Wouldn't be shocked to see him go to Bowling Green. EDIT: He needs to say less. No savoir faire whatsoever. https://theindependent.com/sports/local/storm-elect-to-give-mitchell-miller-second-chance-after-hockey-hiatus-due-to-bullying/article_619ab906-05c9-11ec-a345-83848ba9df1a.html
  14. After sleeping on it, it still stings, but while college hockey means more than pro to many of us, it's his hockey odyssey/career path/etc. He was always a good interview, hopefully the articles/videos on the subject of his signing shine some light on the decision making process.
  15. I'll fess up to some sour grapes, but I didn't care about the knee situation. The anonymous bashing of a school employee on his girlfriend's behalf was a poor choice though. A big part of it for me was my expectation that he was going to come alive like Frattin did as a Senior. Both had strong second halves of their Junior year. Not comparing their off ice lives at all; he seemed primed to explode this year.
  16. Sharks were probably worried he was a flight risk a la Vesey and made some promises. He's also turning 24 in a few months. Doesn't change the fact that he screwed over his teammates though. Curious if/when he completes his degree.
  17. Not to mention the cyberbullying of his girlfriend's coach.
  18. The worst bailing on the team since Tambellini. Not gonna root for him at the next level.
  19. Does it have to do with a requirement to attend home games?
  20. I hate to say it, but Michigan succeeding will be good for the college hockey vs. CHL battle.
  21. Herter > Sandelin? Simple question. In all seriousness, if WMU starts pumping out some NHL caliber D out of nowhere...
  22. Brad was correct about Herter joining Western. Good for him.
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