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  1. The same people who thought it was funny to chant "small pox blankets" are undoubtedly calling for some sort of arbitrary reprimand. Miller will make some cheesy statement and the terminally angry mob will move on the the next cause of the day. He had every chance to get out in front of it, though, and either made a poorly calculated or downright stupid decision not to.
  2. Bucci should do the intermission in the studio, but not PxP. His over-enthusiasm is good for the game, but it gets old fast.
  3. Reviews are universally disappointed. His last show had maybe a half dozen absolutely hilarious skits, but they used most of them in the first few episodes so it fizzled out by the end. The Wuhan Flu sing along in Washington state was funny, it'll be interesting to see how it's incorporated into the movie.
  4. Giuliani is trending, I wonder if it has something to do with the laptop. Hmmmmmmmm
  5. I hear ya, it's just hard to take Breitbart seriously considering their reputation. I'll give them props on keeping their site aesthetically pleasing compared to many news outlets.
  6. To criticize Denver Post and then immediately share a Breitbart article is a real head scratcher.
  7. So by this logic, Trump shares views with anyone he's willingly been photographed with. Got it.
  8. I'd like to see a Venn diagram of people wishing the best for Rush Limbaugh and people saying mocking Barron Trump for being autistic is off limits.
  9. Cube is disgustingly outward with his anti-semitism. On par with Farrakhan.
  10. It would have happened after the 2016 election, but what exactly I'm not sure. That's the question that decides the course of humanity at this point. Hadn't logged on to Facebook in years until recently for a story about homelessness in Santa Monica linked to a Facebook page documenting it, and the first thing I saw was the page was actually based in the Philippines or another SE Asian country. Labelling where the group is based is a good start, but I'm not sure when that started. Hopefully the moment it was discovered so many patriot/BLM/Antifa groups were foreign disinformation.
  11. It would irk me more if the first article censored something about marijuana legalization or another cause I believe in, but it really was only a matter of time. Also, nobody on the right listened when Warren was saying we need to regulate big tech.
  12. Maybe Parler will see a surge in users in the meanwhile.
  13. That's their fault for using it for the convenience instead of digging a little deeper. I use it for Brad/Sioux hockey and humor, which is unfortunately mostly political these days. And it's mostly dunking on stupid takes rather than finding humor in everyday events.
  14. They were late to the game in terms of censoring their platforms. Glad to see them finally doing it; Reddit figured it out a while ago. Protecting free speech was more important when foreign adversaries didn't have direct access to our brains. Too much disinformation is causing both TDS and QAnon. Censorship a slippery slope, but it was inevitable. They should have done it sooner on a less impactful story; now the story they chose is muddying the action. Also, Twitter did it first, then Facebook copied in order to stave off the employees ready to revolt.
  15. The stench will stick with them for the rest of their careers. He hasn't lost yet, but they've hedged their bets as if it's saving any face.
  16. It's hosted by Lindenwood at the new Blues practice facility right next to the airport and a casino. Hopefully it does well.
  17. I think I saw it confirmed in an article about college sports sites being chosen. Michaud set a decent bar for grad transfers, but it might not last. Playing at the Ralph for one last chance at a championship would be enticing.
  18. Capitalism has made it this way....old fashioned fascism will TAKE IT AWAYYYYYYY
  19. With it back in the news, did anyone else read Hillbilly Elegy? I agreed with some of it, but the "payday lenders are good, actually" was absurd.
  20. There could be some super seniors/grad transfers over the next few years with the announcement that any student athlete competing this year gets an additional year of eligibility.
  21. It has NHL capacity, but we're stuck with a major junior team going through a native American mascot change and a sale due to owner bankruptcy at a bad time.
  22. https://brrr.money/ The epic-est of all memes. The one to rule them all
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