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  1. To his credit, he didn't announce it:
  2. That's true, but they should wait until they are committed to one of them. Especially in hockey, where there is an alternative to the college route.
  3. "I'm trusting the path God has for me, which is why I'm decommitting from the University of Notre Dame and opening up my recruiting to schools notorious for paying recruits under the table"
  4. Top 10? What a waste of time to announce. This isn't football or basketball, there are only 62 choices. Next we'll see the incredibly tacky posts from prospects announcing they every time they received an offer, complete with "#blessed".
  5. Mike Babcock joining Vermont as a volunteer advisor to the coaches. Nice placeholder gig.
  6. Don't worry, I don't. Life is too short to watch cable news. Although responding to a criticism of Fox with "but CNN" is partisan whataboutism.
  7. You were just mocking someone for not knowing the details of a news outlet interview, so this take is certainly a surprise.
  8. Don't pretend like you're not ready to die on the hill of defending Fox News.
  9. Scroll up, look at the post you quoted and then look at your response. I'm not digging for the back and forth for days between you lovebirds.
  10. One interviewer performing a single interview doesn't equal an entire network. NDSU educated, I take it?
  11. Portland was mentioned since its downtown is the current focus of media, much like Hiawatha and Lake in Minneapolis was when this all started, and Capitol Hill in Seattle was more recently. Plenty of fresh clips in Portland on everyone's mind right now. You're ranting about crime due to illegal immigration and are not sure why Hispanics were mentioned? Please. Are there people in this country illegally causing trouble? Yes, without a doubt. But making blanket statements about all illegal immigrants based on the actions of a few is a terrible approach. Many of the criminals among them are filling the demand for street drugs that was created by painkillers being over-prescribed. Attack the root of the problem and the branches go with it.
  12. Nobody expects you to admit you're wrong, but if you're not going to address the point that was made, why reply? You stated something that is unsubstantiated nonsense and then can't defend it.
  13. Trump is a symptom of a bigger problem. The same morons will still be here when he is out of office and SDNY locks him up.
  14. There is a substantial undocumented/illegal immigrant population working on nearby farms in Portland due the urban growth boundary resulting in land zoned for farming close to the city and suburbs. Hillsboro and Beaverton have numerous dual language schools catering to these families. If what you say is even remotely true, you should be able to find a picture or video of Hispanic people participating in the unrest/protests/riots there to validate your claim. If not....well ..... maybe you're painfully wrong and just parroting what some fascist talking head says else rather than speaking from knowledge and experience.
  15. Miller or Moore will play forward like Poolman and Wolanin did as freshmen.
  16. Lucia said they are welcome in the CCHA. Pretty much a done deal at that point. Arena is the big question. They could possibly use Tria for games and one of the others in the area for practice.
  17. Never heard of him, but cursory Google search depicts him as respectable.
  18. Yes, Dan Crenshaw comes to mind in that regard.
  19. I'm with Tucker Carlson, blindly respecting vets is lame as hell.
  20. If he was going the MJ route he wouldn't have asked for the release...
  21. Is there a way to see how much is dispersed by sport from television in the big 10? Notre Dame isnt a good metric since they have their own TV deal. If B1G offers enough it's worth listening to, but in terms of intangibles the status quo outweighs a move. That said, I'd regularly rotate trips between MSP, Madison and AA if it happens.
  22. I wouldn't miss playing Duluth. Denver would need to be a frequent non conference opponent though
  23. That ship sailed almost twenty years ago with the new mayor of Grand Forks. It's pretty heartbreaking to see that the other kid involved used to have sleep-overs with the victim. Miller should have to publicly address (if not atone for) it once he arrives on campus.
  24. Can't tell if his attorney is a chump, or felt he was indefensible. To go on the record for that saying boys will be boys looks awful. Sounds like he was the instigator too. Surprised Schloss hasn't covered this yet, and also curious if this had anything to do with his decommit from Miami.
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