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  1. @UND85 Monday, Sept. 30th I plan on going to the series. Hoping to see a strong UND contingent down there!
  2. I propose the entire Men's Hockey board be closed until at least the 2nd week of the football season. Too much attention is being diverted away from the football board. There's no reason why hockey needs to be discussed so early. /sarcasm
  3. Win some, lose some. Considering the last Wisco de-commit we got was Boeser, they can take the likes of Donovan and Rowe. I’d still say they’re in a deficit.
  4. Michigan Maine Clarkson Harvard Providence BC BU
  5. Going to the BTHC, for sure. UND is definitely on par with all of the B1G schools.
  6. You read it here first, folks! UND is leaving the NCHC. This is as big of an indicator as you can get!
  7. Why wouldn’t they? They are “like-minded” institutions committed to college hockey. More than Arizona State will likely ever be.
  8. @bale31 What’s your take on this development as a Mankato fan? I’m a huge proponent of Mankato coming to the NCHC but this news makes me think that won’t be happening any time soon now.
  9. NCHC made statements that excluded St. Cloud. But look what happened. What gets said publicly holds very little water with all the secret wheeling and dealing that goes on.
  10. I think this is the death notice of the Alaska hockey programs. They’ll fold. Huntsville’s best bet is the AHA but that might be a tough sell. I think this move is a billboard sign to Arizona State, you’re invited to join.
  11. Johnny boy has a weird obsession regarding the hockey program. The guy can’t go very long without needing to say something about it. I think it’s amusing cause he always plays the victim card when it comes to his posts that are clearly bait to get a reaction.
  12. Duluth seemed fine winning championships without having a bunch of first rounders. Yeah, they had Tufte but he was quite underwhelming. Take him out of lineup and Duluth wouldn’t have missed a beat. It’s nice to have top talent but can be very successful without. Just need the right mix of players. Hopefully there’s some actual finishers in this incoming class. We’ve got plenty in the grind department...
  13. The season is lost before it even happens. Ugh!
  14. Amen! I really miss the Minot Speedway. It was always part of my family's dinner circuit when we went out for dinner. We always hit up the Speedway in Grand Forks though when we are there for hockey/football games.
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