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  1. 100% agree. Jamernik should’ve not made that stupid pass attempt to Moore in the first place that led to BSU goal #2. Just stupidity in your own D zone.
  2. Absolute atrocious defense. Feel bad for Driscoll.
  3. North Dakota at BSU Link: https://youtu.be/antMgsVxXBQ Source quality from flosports/BSU doesn't seem to be the best but it's something!
  4. Update: I received a lot of local contributions to cover the cost of the stream of the game tonight. This is on top of the many people here on the forum that offered to chip in. Thank you to everyone that offered to help cover the cost but since I've received enough, I will not be needing to collect any further! I'm anticipating a higher than usual amount of viewers for tonight's game. I'll post stream link in the gameday thread since we have one for it now!
  5. They don't have a need to expand? For the majority of the schools(LSSU, NMU, MTU, FSU, and BGSU), Augie is an outlier. Why would they want to enlarge their traveling when the main reasons of CCHA was to reduce it? I think only way Augie gets a home in the CCHA is if NCHC chooses to expand and one of the schools they invite is Mankato.
  6. I post the YouTube stream link here in the game thread. Logging into YouTube isn't required. I set it up so that the only way to access stream is if you have/know the stream link. One reason you may want to log into YouTube account is if you'd like to watch on a TV using the YouTube app via Fire TV or Apple TV etc. so you would save the stream to your playlist(while logged in) and then you'd log into account on YouTube app(on Fire TV, Apple TV) to pull up the stream that was saved to your playlist. Stream quality may vary due to multiple reasons. However, the default quality I set it to is 720p, 60 frames per second. Here is my YouTube profile, if you'd like to see past games that I've live streamed so you have an idea of what to expect: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoso264green/videos @AJSYep, that's correct. If anyone is interested in helping cover the cost, shoot me a private message. Just know there is no obligation to do so. As mentioned above, I'll most likely be doing it either way.
  7. To watch the game on Friday in Bemidji, have to pay $29.99 for the month. I have no interest in paying $150 for the year as I’ll never watch CCHA hockey unless UND is playing a team from the conference. Is there anyone interested in sharing the cost? I’d stream the game to YouTube as done in the past. I make the streams publicly available to forum members so if you don’t like the idea of covering some of the cost and letting others watch for free I understand. Just hoping to cut down on the cost if I can but to be honest, I’ll most likely do the stream either way.
  8. Pretty quiet here. Is it cause it’s Niagara?
  9. NCHC telecasts lost a great voice. He’s still doing hockey pxp on big ten network as far as I know.
  10. Mankato would be a good add if the NCHC decides to expand along with ASU.
  11. Liked what I saw from Jandric. Think Driscoll was good as well. Sanderson is Sanderson. Obviously, still lots of beginning of season rust to shake off but not a terrible exhibition game.
  12. Welcome to division 1, St. Thomas.
  13. One too many breakaways against UND so far.
  14. Got the green screen as well soon after my post. Thought I jinxed myself.
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