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  1. Hopefully UND can get back to being a contributor for the conference again real quick.
  2. Duluth, very impressive. Sandy has them on an amazing run of success. Congrats to them!
  3. Put me down for one green. No moniker. Thanks!
  4. I was going to mention that as well. It’s like ESPN picked someone from the crowd. She doesn’t have a PxP voice....
  5. Providence up 2-0 on Cornell. They gotta love it that they don’t have to pay to host a regional but get to play in their hometown none the less. Maybe they send Brown a thank you card.
  6. Hasn’t there been a couple? I mean just last year St. Cloud was #1 overall seed and lost to #16 Air Force.
  7. They need to get their collective $&@# together. Oof, thought this might be the year that St. Cloud wouldn’t choke...
  8. If UND were in St. Cloud’s shoes, I would skip the Frozen Faceoff for the Fargo regional. Going to both events is a little expensive for me to afford. Especially back to back weekends.
  9. Did they win the Gold Pan this year as a result? It's been a while since they won that I believe?
  10. UND has only scored 3 goals total against Filip Larsson of Denver. 0-2-1 against him. Maybe UND is due but eh...
  11. OT goal! Man, Gooch was ready to play tonight. Great game from him.
  12. I decided to spend this evening hanging out with friends vs. watch the game. Looks like I made the right choice. Yikes....
  13. @Bison Dan Didn't want to go with the easiest example aka the white elephant downtown parking garages?
  14. But it was a death blow....the second 5x3 goal was the GWG.
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