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  1. I just want some damn college hockey to be played. Let's. Go.
  2. @MoSiouxFan Edit: Looks like Toledo Blade website is having some website issues.
  3. Quite the vitriol for Mitchell Miller by NHL fans on HFBoards after he was drafted by the Coyotes. Which I do understand since what he did in the past was reprehensible but I also gotta believe that people can change and learn from their mistakes(small and egregious). I do find it weird how the resident beat writer @schlossmangfh seems to be willfully ignoring or avoiding the subject though. Has written some amazing stories, feel like there is an opportunity there for Mitchell to address it and dampen some of the heat. Cause right now the narrative is that he is a remorseless ***hole.
  4. I always thought it was a jelly donut that's been bitten into.
  5. Who cares about the Pioneers...especially in a thread that’s suppose to be about UND. You know their fans didn’t give two shits about UND losing the Sioux nickname. Which is how much I will give if they lose theirs.
  6. Wisconsin recruited him pretty hard before Rizzo made his decision to commit to UND. Wisconsin also has lost some players due to transfer. Maybe just a coincidence...
  7. Some speculation that Mitchell Miller might drop in the draft due to a bullying incident when he was 14. I believe you have to give benefit of the doubt. He's older now and have to hope he learned from what he did. Article about bullying incident: https://www.toledoblade.com/local/courts/2016/04/26/Judge-slams-pair-s-role-in-bullying-case/stories/20160425311
  8. Yep, that’s it. Hoping someone here still has it. Is @AZSIOUX still around? Maybe I’m wrong but I swear he had a pretty good archive of games. Pretty sure he was the one I bought dvd copies of old games from years ago.
  9. I would really like to rewatch the 2005 Frozen Four Semifinal against Minnesota. Anyone have a copy of that game?
  10. I think it is similar issue that YouTube user Virgil Moody ran into. They had quite a collection of old UND games uploaded but now most if not all have been removed from their channel.
  11. Some of the games I live streamed this season got flagged/blocked for copyright claims after streaming was completed. YouTube would give options to unblock the video such as trimming out sound or footage that contained the copyright claim. However, some of the companies making the claim are just outright ***holes. I streamed the Friday UND/Minnesota game but it is blocked from being viewable cause of a claim and no option to resolve it. The flagging of copyright seems to be automated because the live streams I did were always private and unlisted yet claims would still be made. I usually waited a month before making the streams publicly viewable(otherwise would need link to stream).
  12. At least he didn’t go to Duluth. Omaha? Meh. I hope he has a successful career there other than against UND, of course.
  13. If he gets drafted within the top 10, can see him as a one and done after UND wins #9.
  14. Re-watching this games reminds me of how fun it was to have Brett Hextall on the team. He was so damn good at agitating the opposing team into doing something stupid.
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