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  1. It is funny how much the Omaha and Clownie fans hate UND while the majority of UND fans don’t care about either to actually hate their team and fans. To me, both are just another name on the opponent list.
  2. Funny how you talk about exaggeration....your team was excellent at it. Truly amazes me how quickly the player(J Poehling?) recovered from such a brutally gruesome hit in Friday game. Came back to take the ensuing face off even!
  3. Honestly, I hope Thome gets the start again. He had a very good game despite the 3 GA. Two of which he couldn’t do much about.
  4. Has gotten progressively worse as the game went on. Definitely checks out.
  5. Yep. Ahcan is all over the place. Heck of a player.
  6. Sort of reminded me of Evan Trupp OT winner against Minnesota by batting the puck out of midair.
  7. That was a beauty of a pass by Westin. Reminds me of the amazing passes Nick Schmaltz would make. Beauty pass and sick goal by Pinto.
  8. UND had plenty of chances to widen lead but has let SUCS stick around.
  9. Unfortunately, I’m in Bismarck for the weekend so am unable to do it.
  10. Healthy scratch which is too bad, I think he should be playing every night.
  11. Oh my, that scenario giving me flashback of 03-04 regional... Hard pass!
  12. Yeah Thome let in a soft goal that I’m sure he knows he should’ve had but man did he weather the final DU push! The kid just shut things down towards the end of the period.
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