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  1. I'd say Riese Gaber is doing alright for UND so far as well. Originally a WMU commit.
  2. Guess what happens when you play with fire by taking too many stupid penalties. Only a matter of time CC capitalized.
  3. Link: https://youtu.be/of8Bk6LxmdM Hopefully, it works...
  4. Midco picked up the broadcast feed from AT&T Sportsnet RM which probably had its own uplink/production truck?
  5. If I get home on time, I'll give it a go. I will have to shake the rust off though as I haven't done a stream since last hockey season.
  6. Thank you Midco watchers for the updating. Guess I’ll switch to watching the football game while following thread.
  7. For once don’t think can blame Sidearm for this. Probably an issue with CC’s equipment or connection.
  8. I thought same as well. Could be extra skater I suppose. Also, Bast if the coaches decided to have defensive pairing of lefty shooters.
  9. Rather have UND get some games in before playing Denver vs not play any before seeing them. Getting to be a long stretch of not playing.
  10. Denver is the best 3-7 team in the country. They are just a Bobby Brink away from turning it around! For real though, this forum has been there. The 2018-2019 season was a real frustrating one for the players and fans!
  11. Or UND is biding their time...waiting for the right moment to reinstate MM to the team and say he’s learned his lesson and that he’s on a proper path of being a good person. That’s under the assumption he’s still enrolled as a student at UND. Haven’t seen any news that he’s playing hockey anywhere else other than rumor that he was gonna go to KHL.
  12. Don't know how you can justify that for the AHA or 4-team ECAC.
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