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  1. Exactly! Thank you for bringing some levity. UND has plenty of opportunities to right the ship, just like Cornell has. I’ll be following the Cornell-QU games.
  2. And the few finishaz we have ain’t finishing.
  3. Until proven otherwise, UND is an average team. Nothing great or special. But it’s been shown that average teams can win 4 games in row for a title.
  4. There is a day off between regional games now.
  5. So flipping soft. Not his night. Pull him.
  6. All I’ll say is, there should be a goalie rotation. Driscoll hasn’t shown any reason to be given the start for both games of a series.
  7. Man, Driscoll letting Cornell keep it close.
  8. Also think he's got some mental health issues as well.
  9. UND looks disinterested and are aware it’s an exhibition game. Not good, should be treating it like any other game.
  10. Nate Leaman is/was the WJC coach. So not as odd as you would think.
  11. Correct. Currently, if you forfeit, game goes down as a 1-0 loss BUT it isn’t calculated into the PWR. Which is why there needs to be oversight and a forfeit rule that actually has teeth.
  12. Unless half of the team has the flu, this is ridiculous. Further proof that there needs to be repercussions for such unilateral decisions. Either reschedule or it’s a cancel/forfeit that counts towards PWR.
  13. Even NCHC trolling Michigan on Twitter. Fun stuff!
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