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  1. Their top 5 players in points are all returning. WMU should be real good in 21-22 season.
  2. Emphasis on highlight. I use my phone 90% of the time to visit SiouxSports. I happened to visit on my work computer during a break.
  3. No, no, no, and NO to Bemidji. I do not miss being in the same conference as them. Hell, UND playing them routinely in OOC games even got stale. If they left, St. Thomas would be the lone Minnesota school in the CCHA. ASU and Mankato would be good. I think biggest reason Arizona State didn’t get into NCHC when they first applied is because they didn’t have shovels in the ground for arena. Pretty sure Mankato was a shoo-in to even out the numbers. I don’t care if Miami chose to leave but I’d ultimately be pretty bummed if WMU left. Games against them are competitive and fun to watch.
  4. Guessing that most likely means Morrow? Unless Berry wants to dip in the portal again and grab Chase Blackmun.
  5. Thanks a lot St. Cloud for ruining the NCHC streak. So predictable.
  6. Gotcha. I see what you’re saying now. No argument from me then.
  7. Saying it was just luck discredits how good and talented this years UND team was. This team never gave up and when UND started doing it multiple times this season, it’s more of a trend/pattern that would suggest it wasn’t luck.
  8. Not watching but have been checking the score. Makes me really wonder how UND would’ve done against UMass. Definitely would’ve been a better game than this.
  9. Maine's head coach Red Gendron passed away today playing golf.
  10. A former NCAA players' perspective on the transfer portal. For those that say "a player should be loyal" it can go both ways with coaches/players.
  11. Chris Jandric did not play anywhere in 20-21 season. You are thinking of his brother, Steven, who transferred to Denver.
  12. @gfhockeyYou are a worm that implies he should be fired. You are worse than the people who explicitly say fire Berry. Just simple truths for you.
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