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  1. What you think we could get for him in a trade? A used puck bag?
  2. Taylor Ward? Isn’t this like his 6th year with the Mavs?
  3. Does he talk about all the experts here?
  4. I hate when UND dumps the puck in on the PP...ugh.
  5. This team is consistently inconsistent...you just never know which one is going to show up.
  6. Not getting a lot of shots on goal
  7. Ok, as long as he gets max ice time!
  8. I don't know if I like Gaber down on the 3rd line...oh well, in B-rad we trust!
  9. Agreed. If you can't finish the World Juniors, how the heck are they going to be able to complete the entire Olympics?
  10. Not trying to be a Richard here but why do you refer to them as Miami State?
  11. Plus, wouldn’t it be a significant penalty if they were to leave the NCHC? I seem to remember reading something to that effect when the conference was initially formed.
  12. CHN has us at #4. Why the difference? https://www.collegehockeynews.com/ratings/pairwise/
  13. Yeah, and they care about football and spring football.
  14. Well he definitely didn't help in Fantasy Football...
  15. Gonna be an interesting second half. Hope UND can put a full, healthy lineup out there each week...and hopefully lose the Friday Fizzles. Next week's opponent, the Big Red of Cornell are currently sitting at #23 in the Pairwise. Important to get a good jump early in Friday's game.
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