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  1. Over 400 people watching this stream...thanks to Siouxfanatic!
  2. Well, maybe Niagara isn’t very good. Let’s see how we do when we get into NCHC play.
  3. Blackheart


    Doesn't it depend on your grip?:)
  4. Blackheart


    I’m just going to hand them an old pair of underwear.
  5. Probably won’t be until November; one year after the start of last season.
  6. Did you tell your brother to look for you in the crowd?
  7. Just looked at NCHC site...appears that subscriptions will be auto-renewed 1 year after they were purchased. So for this season, my auto-renew won't occur until November 30. Hope that doesn't impact my ability to watch the October games...
  8. He’s definitely an all-time favorite of mine. Fond memories of him potting two against Minny in the Frozen Four in Columbus.
  9. Blackheart


    Way to go Tbone!
  10. I'm assuming you're referring to Vanek's skill level; not the amount of effort given.:)
  11. Yeah, what’s up with Florida State? Maybe they thought they could just show up and win.
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