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  1. Oh good, another former Gofer gets to come home!
  2. Lotsa talent on the squad but do not play a real team game. Hopefully they find their stride.
  3. Dane Jackson to Seattle? Hearing things...
  4. Lebron fits right in to that bs.
  5. Parise should have never left New Jersey. They were in the Cup finals his last year there.
  6. Well at least there are some traditions that won't change...#wokemf'ers
  7. AHL was probably a good fit for his game.
  8. Better not mention that to Mafia.
  9. Not a fan but hope they crush Montreal.
  10. Oshie would be the best get of the three. Parise’s salary is a killer and does anybody know what’s wrong with Torws? He hasn’t played in forever.
  11. Ugh...anybody but Montreal.
  12. Lightning put up a snowman in a shutout of the Isles. Not a good evening for the boys from Long Island.
  13. Well I’m pretty sure there’s a niner in there.
  14. So once 1985 hit you were pretty much done?
  15. Well I'm pretty sure I know all the numbers from 0 to 99 so it shouldn't be too hard.
  16. Oh, I thought we were just talking jerseys.
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