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  1. NCHC is trying to host the Frozen Four in Vegas.
  2. Badger goalies played for UBC also.
  3. cberkas

    FBS games

    Tennessee is just an embarrassment. And I’m just waiting for Missouri to fire Odom.
  4. Lindenwoods arena looks nice. https://twitter.com/LULionsHockey/status/1167484063806119936?s=20
  5. Omaha is UND's Jan Brady with how they try to troll.
  6. Next cites that could bid for the Frozen Four. https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2019/08/26_Vegas,-Tampa-Top-Frozen-Four.php
  7. I guess someone thought a two point arc would make woman/girls hockey better? Kat Cornetta‏ @KatCornetta 19h19 hours ago More They are trying something out during tonight’s game: if a shot resulting in a goal is taken from beyond this arc, it is worth 2 points. #auoragames 13 replies 8 retweets 36 likes Reply 13 Retweet 8 Like 36
  8. I thought using Matthews was a bit extra.
  9. Arizona State new gold jersey is nice. Just a simple jersey.
  10. The Sabers 50th jersey is going to be very popular.
  11. Then when a new president is named they will do some sort of legal action again.
  12. The projection system is around $2 million.
  13. Arizona State hired NHL goalie Eddy Lack as the volunteer goalie coach. I guess Eddy Lack is taking the year off from the NHL.
  14. The fall of the Wild?
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