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  1. Three still have to be drafted
  2. Dylan Holloway (UW) signs with the Oilers
  3. Why doesn't UND work with St. Cloud or Duluth and play one game against Bemidji then the next against Mankato. St. Cloud or Duluth would play the team UND doesn't play. I'm tied of UND playing Bemidji yearly when UND could add a better opponent. Having a series where UND plays Bemidji one night then Mankato the next at least gives UND an extra OOC opponent.
  4. Thomas Vomacka (UConn) signs with Nashville
  5. Such a tough way to lose a perfect game
  6. Ben Guite named Interim head coach at Maine Why not just hire a new hard coach
  7. When you have replay and still can't get the call right. MLB is the absolute worse at reply, maybe they need to have a "war room" like the NHL has in Toronto
  8. I'm surprised Serratore hasn't wanted the CC job
  9. I don't see where goalie interference came from went 0-0 to 1-0 AZ to 0-0
  10. Zac Jones (UMass) signs with the Rangers
  11. Not sure why Murphy would leave Northeastern. The coach made it sound like Levi wasn't coming back after missing the whole year after the WJC
  12. Boynton committed right when Moe went to the Portal Mullahy is the not sure if he will go to Harvard or not
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