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  1. Vermont hosting St. Lous? It would be nice if the other Minnesota school put in to host in St.Paul.
  2. Canadian teams pay in US dollars.
  3. Crawford signs with the Devils.
  4. It was being talked about that both Calgary and Edmonton were looking at him.
  5. Holtby to Avs. they need a goalie that better then what they have now.
  6. Crawford could end up with the Devils, his concussions is something that teams could avoid.
  7. Fleury is still under contract, I think with NMC and Sweeny said he's not trading Rask. Murray to the Blackhawks. Lundqvist is rumored to Caps. Khudobin stays in Dallas. Markstrom to the Wild. Holtby to the Canucks
  8. Vegas with a gold third jersey
  9. Eric Staal traded for Marcus Johansson
  10. Century Link Arena in Omaha is who I think might be the other.
  11. Wanted Vegas to win the Cup this year, hopefully Lightning make the final and beat Dallas.
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