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  1. There is two arenas being built in Henderson, the practice one in downtown and the main area at Green Valley Ranch. The practice on for the AHL team looks to be more for youth hockey in the area. Both are probably closer the the Golden Knights practice arenas they currently use.
  2. From my understanding they didn't want white on the home jersey.
  3. Neutral Zone, you have to pay to see everything they do in their scouting reports.
  4. T-Mobile is closer. It sounds like they would use Orleans Arena if they went D1.
  5. Western Michigan has stated they are happy and want to be in the NCHC, where Miami's coach has stated he didn't want Miami in the NCHC before he took the BGSU job. At some point the NCHC will expand, but will take teams that benefit the conference. St. Thomas looks good because they are in the twin cities and that could bring more people to the Xcel. 10 to 12 teams is about the right size of the conference. With that many teams the NCHC could be getting 5 to 6 teams in the NCAA tournament each season which is good for the conference.
  6. St. Thomas approved for D1. Women's team joins the WCHA for the 2021-22 season, men's team still waiting on a conference decision.
  7. Ryan Edquist transfers to Mankato
  8. Looks like overtime will be 5 minute 3x3 then a 3 person shootout for conference games and just a 5 minute 3x3 for non-conference games.
  9. UAH raises the money to save the hockey program.
  10. I've been told about this southern hockey conference that I suppose to happen in about 2 years.
  11. He's the pro scout for the Seattle NHL team right now.
  12. Emilio Petterssen signs with Calgary.
  13. Looks like the ground breaking for Arizona State’s $120 million arena is in November.
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