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  1. I thought they should have gave him a 5 and a DQ for the original penalty since he just attacked Kadri. They’re mad at him for the Binnington hit that was mainly his teammate that did it.
  2. I'm betting Florida fires the power play coach
  3. Florida must have copied UNDs power play
  4. Was just about time for someone to hit a goalie behind the net and a line brawl to happen
  5. Save of the game right there for Smith
  6. Oilers bring back your real home jersey
  7. Rick Bowness out as the Stars head coach
  8. Florida snaps a 0 for 25 powerplay in the playoffs Really want Florida to win this series
  9. McDavid makes it look so easy
  10. Oilers with two stupid penalties
  11. Watch the Oiler go after Campbell when the season ends They really need to fix the goaltending
  12. They are Jan Brady They'd be surprised that the UND fan base wants an ESPN deal for the conference more than everyone else. Instead of complaining about the stream quality/broadcast quality, might want to fix yours.
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