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  1. I've been told about this southern hockey conference that I suppose to happen in about 2 years.
  2. He's the pro scout for the Seattle NHL team right now.
  3. Emilio Petterssen signs with Calgary.
  4. Looks like the ground breaking for Arizona State’s $120 million arena is in November.
  5. Bob Gaudet, head coach of Dartmouth retires Denver adds Steven Jandric and Bo Hanson for next season.
  6. College Hockey News @chnews Pandemic Puts Illinois Hockey on Hold, AD Says - https://collegehockeynews.com/news/2020/04/20_Pandemic-Puts-Illinois-Hockey.php… 2:19 PM · Apr 20, 2020
  7. cberkas

    Hobey Baker

    The Hobey Baker Award is becoming a career award.
  8. Todd Woodcroft named the head coach of Vermont. Woodcroft was an assistant coach for the Winnipeg Jets the last 4 years.
  9. Johnny Tyckonick transfers to Omaha.
  10. cberkas

    Hobey Baker

    I don't think is should matter either, but Duluth fans were saying he won 2 NCAA titles so he should get it.
  11. If John Casey was in the video, then Jay didn't play in 84. Jay played 1 game in 85.
  12. cberkas

    Hobey Baker

    If that was what mattered then John Casey should have won over Tom Kurvers in 1984.
  13. Ian Mitchell signs with the Blackhawks.
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