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    FBS games

    Jacksonville State beats Florida State 20-17 on a 59 yard play to end the game.
  2. Maybe UND tried to get him to come to UND this season
  3. Arizona Coyotes submit bid for Tempe site - Five For Howling Interesting location in Tempe. They could expand the light rail over to that location, the light rail needs to be expanded anyway. All the bars and food are on Mill Ave which is about a mile and half away. Surprised the Coyotes didn't look over at the area at Wild Horse Pass Casino where the Phoenix Rising FC new stadium is in Chandler/Phoenix
  4. The WCHA and B1G have a partnership to to stream games on B1G+
  5. Northern Michigan looking to be the first in Michigan https://www.therinklive.com/womens-wcha/7169042-At-Northern-Michigan-an-obligation-to-add-womens-hockey
  6. If they ever bring back the program, bring back no one the was associated with the team before.
  7. Wasn't happening when the school has a "tone-deaf" coach that wouldn't recruit local player unless they moved away.
  8. Dirty Mike and the boys
  9. Well this just got more interesting. https://triblive.com/sports/lawyer-alleges-robert-morris-administrator-ordered-employee-to-erase-records-of-discussions-to-cut-ice-hockey-teams/
  10. The #1 is only there because of Makar. Your favorite team is #2, but I'm sure you knew this.
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