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  1. Pretty much everyone has owned CC during the Mike Haviland era.
  2. First the said ACHA D1 not NCAA D1. Let’s say they wanted to go NCAA D1 why would they wait for Illinois or even 2 years after Illinois when the have an arena when Illinois hasn’t even got the money yet? You again did your spin out of something that wasn’t there. You said Lindenwood want to go NCAA D1 in men’s hockey, granted does make sense, but there has been nothing said they were even looking to add a NCAA D1.
  3. Navy hosted the 2009 Frozen Four, still don’t have a NCAA D1 team.
  4. That was the last part of the article when talking about ASU and Penn State. Now the author clearly writes ACHA D1 in sure if they were talking NCAA D1 they would have said that.
  5. I got the same. I'll wait for the spin.
  6. As much as I don't want to see UND do it, diving is part of the game. The only negative is the player gets a matching penalty the positive is a power play. Will UND dive to get calls, no, but the others are already doing it. I don't expect there to be a crack down on diving, but the only conference that would crack down on diving would be the NCHC. The refs should review each game with the supervisor that's in the building so they get better at noticing the diving. With reviewing games the conference could see who the habitual divers are and start implementing suspensions or just not call penalties in favor of a player that is a know diver. What should be mandatory is, when a player grabs their head, lays on the ice for and extended amount of time, or grabs at their knee. they are done for the game. If a player gets tossed for a 5 then a play that acts injured or they were shot should be done two. It happens way to many time that a play acts hurt then right after a review they are back on the ice like nothing happened at all.
  7. So the Maple Leaf's loose to their AHL team Zamboni driver/practice goalie.
  8. Cornell beats Union 3-2 OT Maine and Vermont tied 0-0 OT Merrimack beats Providence 3-2 UConn beats BU 6-1 UMass beats Lowell 5-3 UAA leads Bemidji 2-1 Mankato beats UAH 8-0 BGSU beats Ferris State 3-1 Northern Michigan beats LSSU 5-1 Duluth beats Western Michigan 2-1 Denver leads Miami 5-0 CC beats Omaha 3-2 Penn State beats Minnesota 3-2 Ohio State beats Michigan State 4-2 Notre Dame beats Michigan 3-0 Wisconsin beats Arizona State 6-2
  9. Harvard beats Clarkson 5-2 Cornell beats Yale 4-0 Merrimack beats Providence 2-0 Maine beats Vermont 6-1 BC beats Northeastern 10-1 UConn beats BU 4-3 OT Lowell beats UMass 3-2 BGSU beats Ferris State 6-1 LSSU beats Northern Michigan 6-1 Mankato beats UAH 10-0 Bemidji beats UAA 2-0 Western Michigan beats Duluth 5-3 Denver beats Miami 7-3 Omaha beats CC 5-0 Notre Dame beats Michigan 2-1 Ohio State beats Michigan State 1-0 Minnesota and Penn State tied 3-3 OT Wisconsin beats Arizona State 7-6
  10. That's Omaha now, or it is when it comes to UND.
  11. I still think San Jose needs to replace the SAP Center.
  12. If UND plays in Philly they better play against Penn State. They could play both games in Glendale if they came to play ASU. All games in Glendale have been afternoon games so far this season. I honestly don’t care if UND plays Michigan.
  13. If any team leaves it would be Miami for Mankato. I think the BGSU guy posts on here was over on Western Michigan’s csnbbs saying Bergeron wasn’t happy about Miami going to the NCHC and Western Michigan said no. Also Mankato will leave if the NCHC comes calling. I don’t think Miami will leave the NCHC.
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