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  1. Sportsnet/HNIC isn't going to be calling him.
  2. Jeff Cox‏ @JeffCoxSports Oct 31 More Ryan O’Reilly no longer committed to Denver. ‘00 RW is in his 3rd full USHL season, playing for GB Gamblers in 19-20. 4th rd pick of Detroit Red Wings in 2018 NHL Draft. Will have plenty of interest from other colleges.
  3. Mike McMahon‏ @MikeMcMahonCHN Nov 8 More Word going around that Des Moines F Michael Mancinelli has informed North Dakota that he has de-committed.
  4. Ryan O'Reilly is no long committed to Denver.
  5. Nicholas Zabaneh is no longer committed to Michigan.
  6. Elite still has him at UND also, that one can be wrong here and there.
  7. Duluth beats Denver 5-2 Omaha beats Wisconsin 5-2 Western Michigan beats Ferris State 8-2
  8. Can't play prevent defense and expect to win.
  9. Northeastern beats Merrimack 3-1 Providence beats BU 6-5 Bemidji beats LSSU 5-1 UAA and UAH tied 1-1 Duluth leads Denver 3-2 Omaha leads Wisconsin 3-2 Penn State beats Michigan State 6-4 Notre Dame beats Ohio State 2-1 Western Michigan leads Ferris State 7-1
  10. BC beats UConn 5-1 Lowell beats Maine 3-2 Northeastern leads Merrimack 3-0 Providence leads BU 6-4 Mankato beats Michigan Tech 2-1 Bemidji leads LSSU 4-1 Denver leads Duluth 2-1 Minnesota beats Michigan 3-1 Notre Damn and Ohio State tied 1-1 St. Cloud beats Northern Michigan 5-4 OT Omaha leads Wisconsin 2-1 Western Michigan leads Ferris State 4-1
  11. Friday Games: Clarkson beats Union 5-1 Northeastern and Merrimack tied 1-1 OT BC beats UConn 6-0 Lowell and Maine 1-1 OT BU and Providence tied 3-3 OT Mankato beats Michigan Tech 3-0 UAA and UAH tied 4-4 OT Bemidji beats LSSU 7-1 Denver and Duluth 3-3 OT Michigan and Minnesota tied 1-1 Michigan State beats Penn State 2-0 Notre Damn beats Ohio State 3-2 OT Western Michigan beats Ferris State 4-2 St. Cloud and Northern Michigan tied 3-3 OT Alaska beats Arizona State 4-3 Wisconsin beats Omaha 5-2
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