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  1. I would argue the opposite. I'm not going to argue that Morrow doesn't have a higher ceiling than Johnson, but I'm guessing we'll see Johnson in a college uniform longer than Morrow (I'm calling it now that UMass will not be getting that extra year out of him). I also think Johnson will be better prepared next year, which I know wasn't the point of your post.
  2. I'm going with Kunz / Bowen to round off the forwards. The BCHL Pod is going to be tough to evaluate, but with a few games left in the pod, Bowen is leading his team in Goals and Points.
  3. Was he a PWO? I'm guessing we'll hear even more news today.
  4. He would have been 4th in line in the fall. I'm guessing it would have been (1) VT Transfer (2) Miller (3) New True Freshman (4) Graetz
  5. 15 Seniors eligible to return. My updated wish list with the mindset that this is the most important Fall in UND Football history. Keeping momentum, get the ball starting to roll down hill (recruiting / fan support). I don't want a complete "burn the boats" philosophy, but being very strategic. Paulson is the perfect example. You're able to move on, because of the young talent that will backfill. Wish List: Holm Galvin Canady (Depending on severity of injury) Stage Tuner Haas Tobin and/or Nguon Richter
  6. Paulson (TE) to the transfer portal. This is one (w/ Finke) where I was 50/50 on if I wanted them to return. Love the young talent UND has at TE. Appears the coaching staff decided to go younger this fall at that position.
  7. That tells me Berry would rather have Johnson than Morrow. We've been down this road before, I'll trust the coaching staff to bring in the player they feel will add the most to the team. With the smoke surrounding Morrow and potential issues, I'm not even disappointed.
  8. https://undfootball360.com/news/und-football-a-2021-spring-review-and-look-ahead-to-fall/ 360 guesses for Seniors who will return. Turner, Holm, Haas, Galvin, Paulson, Richter. Potentially: Nguon IF that happens, that would be incredible. Not a home run, but pretty close.
  9. I'm officially into trying to decipher social media posts territory. Jaxson Turner's Instagram post appears to be a goodbye, not a see you in the Fall. Hope I'm not reading into that correctly.
  10. Before we find out who's staying and who's leaving, anyone have any guesses?
  11. Oh boy, I don't think this could have turned out better. You have the best cautionary tale of "you might not get the offers you were expecting" from the most recent guy! Texas State! EAT EM UP!
  12. That might have been my favorite commit write up I've ever read!
  13. How big of an impact would having a healthy Beach / Orlando be this Fall? Would just being fully healthy and being able to rotate to keep everyone fresh incrementally improve that position?
  14. Galvin is definitely the guy on my list that is unlike the others. He's more of a potential necessity add at his position (depending on Canady) than anything.
  15. My wish list. Offensively: Tobin Nguon Defensively: Canady Turner Haas Holm Galvin The roster construction also works in their favor as the current Junior class isn't large, but more mid-size at 16. When you dig into that group you have 4 Specialists (2 being back up kickers). Couple other depth guys. My point being UND wouldn't find themselves necessarily in two years completely depleted.
  16. Echoing this as I'm sure everyone is. With scholarship constraints, I hope they are really strategic with this. Looking at the roster, depth at certain positions, that players importance, in my perfect UND roster construction world you would hand pick 5 or 6 guys to come back. Who stays / goes is so important that I'm waiting to see before I really have expectations for this Fall.
  17. There really is no overstating the opportunity that this game provides. You hope for once the moment isn't too big for this program, because when you break it down, it can be overwhelming. Start fast.
  18. AJS

    JMU Predictions

    34-10 JMU This program is making strides, they've proven they are an excellent home team, I trust them on the road against mediocre to poor programs. The NDSU game was such a debacle that they don't seem ready for prime time on the road against the Top level of FCS. Prove me wrong.
  19. What an opportunity this Sunday for the UND Football program. I've always felt that once UND got to a certain level in the FCS landscape they would stay there*. I was wrong in 2016, going into 2017. This does feel like a potential program defying moment. Very cool experience for the team playing one of the two FCS giants on the road in the playoffs. Can this be the time that Bubba and the team finally get over that hurdle? *I'm talking yearly playoff team. Nothing too crazy.
  20. I for one really enjoy how into game rosters @CMSioux is.
  21. Skokna, like Weah basically didn't play the 2nd half. No need with the game already in hand, I wouldn't dig too deep into that. For those that know, how did Kilty look? Generally speaking kind of a hard game for evaluation, especially on the Offensive side.
  22. Ethan Bowen is going to be really hard for the coaches to assess relative to his USHL counterparts. Looking like Costantini vs Bowen for that final freshman forward spot. I didn't realize that the BCHL pods are 3 teams, so Chilliwack and Bowen are only playing 2 teams for their pod schedule. BCHL in general it'll be hard to assess as if you have a strong team paired with a weak team, you could really pile up the points. The pod will be 20 games. They've played 12 so far. 6G 6A (12 Points / 12 Games) Leading team in scoring 2nd team in goals
  23. Jackson Kunz is finishing the regular season on a tear. Given his performance this year (& relative to his peers) he has to all but wrapped up him being part of the Freshman class next year. I don't think this soon to be Freshman class is getting as much love as they deserve. I am in agreement they lack the "blue-chip" First Round type of recruit, but they do have real quality and depth. Kunz has had a solid year. 23G 20 A (43 Points / 49 Games) +31 Tied 23 in USHL Pts / 42nd PPG (taking out guys who have played single digit games) Tied 10th Goals (League wid
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