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  1. No, he has a handful of G5 offers, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah State.
  2. Any potential recruits going to do a game time visit this weekend?
  3. @jdub27 you don’t buy in at all that the outcome of the USU game will affect attendance at all? I might be completely off, but I even look here. I truly believe there would be much more discussion if they had won / kept it within a respectable final score. I can only speak for myself, but I know my excitement level took a huge hit with that result. Here will come the down votes, but there are certain games and within those games certain runaway results that I think really hurt momentum for this program. The good news is there’s another one of those rare games in a few weeks. Things can get right back on track really quick.
  4. • Injury Free • Back ups in for the 4th quarter This game won’t be close, but it is important that the starters put in a dominant effort. Go into the bye week feeling good, USU in the rear view. Need a confident unit going into NDSU week.
  5. Feel differently after giving it another day. The final score wasn’t indicative of the game. Two one play 50+ yard touchdowns. The other 4 plays 70 yards. That was 21 of the last 28 points for USU. It was a game for 3 quarters. Disappointing, but the talent is still there. See where they are in the polls and hit the reset button. Huge opportunity in three weeks.
  6. I still cannot believe how bad UND was defensively. For me this was without a doubt the most embarrassing FBS game they’ve played. There’s no bigger guarantee in sports than UND in a prime time game being about 10 points worse than your nightmare scenario.
  7. Yep. Will never happen.
  8. Every single aspect is pathetic
  9. Saw this coming a mile away, wow is this bad.
  10. 24 had a really bad first half
  11. Re Particpation Chart: Thought it was interesting looking mostly for True Freshman (McNeal only one listed). I'd also take that with a large grain of salt, since most of the O-Line that definitely played is not listed.
  12. I really hope they prove me wrong, but until they do, I'm guessing it'll play out like a movie we've all seen before. "Prime time" games is that next step this program has to take and they have completely underwhelmed on the road in them. USU - 34 UND - 17
  13. Short week for both teams. Outside of an unforseen issue (ex: 2019 Idaho State), when you're chartering a flight, I would think travel would be a relatively non-issue. When you look at when USU played, UND coaches / players were already back and GF and could have watched the end of USU / WSU game live. Easier to play at home, no doubt, but I just hope I don't hear the back to back road games angle.
  14. UND as a program has really taken some steps since last Spring to solidify at least how I feel about certain games. Feel they can play with anyone at home, feel confident with them on the road against lesser programs. Depth is better than it's ever been. More consistent. I do feel they've turned the corner. The last and most difficult hurdle is the "prime time" games. FBS / NDSU / JMU's of the world. USU seems like a quality team G5 team. They'll really hate to hear this, but I would think it'd be fair to put them on the NDSU / JMU type of level. My question is can they take the next step and be competitive? I know they have in previous G5 games, so maybe I'm not giving UND enough credit. That P5 win by USU was impressive, so I'm not putting them in the upper echelon of the G5 and not the bottom (i.e. Bowling Green). I don't know what to expect. This is a "prime time" game. I just hope they play to their ability. The direction and momentum this team has right now, if they somehow pull off a Win, that would do wonders to solidify this program in the FCS ranks. I guess we'll see on Friday night.
  15. MVFC Non-Schedule: Youngstown / SIU with wins over Incarnate Word / SEMO WIU loses to MAC school Ball State Very successful Thursday night. Keep racking up those FCS vs FCS Non-Conference wins MVFC!
  16. AJS

    UND @ ISU

    Looking at ISU's 2-Deep, which mirrors their Spring closely I believe, man are they young.
  17. AJS

    UND @ ISU

    Based on what I've seen, no, it doesn't necessarily mean that. Look no further than Canady being on the playoff 2-Deep last Fall.
  18. AJS

    UND @ ISU

    I commented on that as well. I would think it's as simple as Canady was not on the original Fall 2-Deep coming off injury. If he's back, clearly he's starting. Then it comes down to Galvin (3 Year Starter), Kauppinen (Starter when Canady was out), Coley (2-Deep all Spring), all having experience over Fort (to my knowledge never played Safety at the college level). I'm sure he'll play. A position where the 2-Deep could be fluid during the year.
  19. AJS

    UND @ ISU

    Quick 2 Deep thoughts / concerns / questions, things I'm keeping an eye on. Belquist / Boltmann listed as back ups. We'll see if I'm reading too much into that. Will they play as the would regularly (not coming off injuries)? Pierre as backup NG. Undersized, potentially running into the same problem as Spring with size of NG. How much will Beach play on Saturday? Fort. Going from 2 Deep as a CB to Off it as a Safety. Will watch how that situation progresses. For those three bullets, it also says something about the depth this team has. That there are really good players that are not on the 2-Deep. It will be interesting to see how Canady, Boltmann, Belquist look.
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