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Posting Guidelines

Each member bears the sole responsibility for the content of his or her posts, including but not limited to legal liability for posts that are libelous, threatening, or that infringe on another's copyright. Submitted posts are displayed without moderation and are not the opinions of this site or its affiliates. Posts may be removed at the sole discretion of the moderators.


  • Think about if you would say it to the subject's face. Players, friends, families, media, and staff do read the forum.
  • Use descriptive thread titles. Make your thread title descriptive of the content of the post so readers can choose those threads that interest them.
  • Welcome newcomers. Newcomers may need help acclimating to the culture of the forum or may not be aware that certain discussions have become nearly cliche. Be helpful.
  • Welcome differing point of view. While Sioux fans may disagree on many topics, one also need not even be a Sioux fan to be interested in the Sioux and able to discuss them within the confines described.
  • Help maintain community standards. Actively participate in keeping the community standards high by guiding other posters toward polite discourse; ignoring trolls or flamebait; and, as a last resort, reporting trouble posts.
  • Selectively quote copyrighted material within "fair use" guidelines. Also be sure to cite, and link if possible, the original source. Reward other sites for their quality material by sending them traffic (as opposed to stealing and reproducing their content).
  • Post relevant items for sale. If an item is specifically relevant to the forum, you can make a post offering it for sale in a dedicated "for sale" thread or forum.
  • Ask for clarification. Feel free to ask questions about and discuss these rules and the moderating policy in the SiouxSports.com administrative forum.


  • No personal attacks, defamation, or libel
  • No profanity or obscenity
  • No racial, ethnic, or sexual slurs
  • No threats or harassment
  • No illegal activities
  • No politics or religion
  • No copyright violations. Do not reproduce entire articles, forum posts, or other content you do not own.
  • No thread hijacking or killing. Do not flood threads with repeated or unrelated posts that interfere with the community's ability to have a discussion.
  • No "Troll" posts. Posts whose sole purpose is to taunt or generate anger are not allowed. Such judgments will be made at the sole discretion of the moderating staff.
  • No posing as someone else (e.g. a player, coach, other forum member, or other known person)
  • No revealing private information about others (without their consent or their having already revealed it)
  • No bandwidth hijacking (e.g. do not directly link to external images)
  • No repetitive posts with links to third-party sites (particularly those for which you are employed or have an ownership interest). Advertising pays the bills, so it would harm our advertisers to allow you to reach the community for free.
  • No private, personal, or off-topic conversations. Messages should be of general interest and about the stated forum topic. Use PM or email for messages intended for a single person or small group of people.
  • No circumventing suspensions (for example, by using alternate accounts or attempting to register for a new account)
  • No misuse or overuse of large images, text styles, emoticons, capitalization, or misspelling. Judgment as to whether the use of elements other than standard text is excessive or with the intent to annoy will be made at the sole discretion of the moderating staff.
  • No deceptive use of multiple usernames.
  • No bumping threads. Do not post in threads for the sole purpose of making them rise to the top of the display. Avoid posting in old threads or responding to old posts without compelling reason.


About freedom of speech

This is a privately owned forum on which you may be permitted to post messages at the sole discretion of its owners.


About rule enforcement

Violation of any of the posted rules may result in post deletion, user suspension, or user banning. Other, similar violations of a rule will not be considered as a defense, it is up to you to be familiar with and follow the rules.


About reporting a post

Pressing the "Report" button on a post will bring it to the attention of the moderators. Such a notification does not guarantee any particular action, and may not elicit any further response as the moderators may choose to evaluate the post and conduct any appropriate response privately.


About license

By posting a message to this forum, you grant SiouxSports.com unrestricted license to reproduce it in any medium without notification or compensation. SiouxSports.com has no obligation to remove or edit any submitted post.

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