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  1. SCSU, while a good team with all those super seniors, won’t be as effective on a NHL rink moving forward come tournament time. Good team, no question.
  2. Rizzo wouldn't haven't been bad, but I do like Matteo Costantini's game. Had some nice chances last night and was obviously out for 4 games... get him to play with good talent at UND in the next 3-4 years and it'll be interesting to compare his stats vs. Rizzo when their college careers are over.
  3. Yeah, was gonna mention that too but didn’t want to add salt to the wound after last nights score and off night… :-)
  4. Don’t condone Mitchell Miller at all but checking USHL top scorers currently, his stats on paper are impressive. Just saying/interesting , never saw him play live too.
  5. Out in Denver and California yesterday and have received plenty of compliments on this hoodie I picked up at Scheels in Fargo a few weeks back. I can assure you if you have the Fighting Hawks logo on it from a design perspective, it ruins this great design/looking hoodie. Just calling a spade a spade. It’s marketing/design science 101.
  6. The minority got the name changed in a corrupt process. The minority are still unhappy UND hockey hasn’t put the Hawks logo front and center on center ice or on the hockey jerseys. What’s next? Our schools colors are hostile and abusive? Need warm colors? They’re never happy…has to be something, another issue, what is it next? Do you see the problem here? Never ending minority dissatisfaction. It’s exhausting.
  7. Commentators have been very complimentary of UND. Makes up for their 2005 webcast technology stream.
  8. Hard to be an effective freshman D-man when you come in from an injury and you weigh a 160 and there’s more “men” in college hockey than ever before with covid eligible year extension. Coaches know what they’re doing. He’ll have to be patient.
  9. #21, is hurt, puking or riding some serious bench in the 2nd. I'll go w/ the doghouse.
  10. Try the other goalie once when Driscoll is off. What’s the worse thing that can happen, you lose the game? Big deal. Don’t care about the atmosphere and no experience excuses etc. This isn’t the NHL…it’s college hockey, give the backup an opportunity. Driscoll can’t play every game this year too Goodness. Many college hockey teams play and shuffle/rotate goalies. UND loves riding one goalie too much when goalie depth on certain/specific roster years is inferior and a bit weak. What if Driscoll gets injured for a portion of the year slightly at one point? Give the backup goalie some minutes here in the early season, sooner than later.
  11. Jake Sanderson will lead the team in scoring (minus Gaber). We’ve seen this before with Christian Wolanian. That was a frustrating year. It’s only October. Forward lineup is a work a progress. Need Ford to score for some confidence. JW is missed.
  12. A healthy Budy and if JW stayed, the lineup would be interesting and more acceptable on paper. Need this “Ford” kid to get his first goal in a UND to get the confidence going.
  13. Be interesting to see when Michigan gets their first lost. Potentially until mid-November against Notre Dame unless Western Michigan pulls off something special next week. Could go all the way to December until they play Minnesota.
  14. Karl G and the PP bothers me and it did last year too. This year they are looking for the one-time play on both units. The players need to learn to adapt and not rely on the PP scripted play/if it’s not there. Adjust, and shoot the puck and get it on net. Can’t score on a PP with a telegraph setup every time and forcing it when it’s not there.
  15. Anyone have a stream for this upcoming Mankato vs. Michigan game?
  16. You sure? https://www.uscho.com/stats/team/north-dakota/mens-hockey/2021-2022/ has similar stats too for the team...
  17. Louis Jamernik, 3 GP, 3 goals and 1 assist. Let's hope that production continues, that will help the squad. It's early but that is interesting.
  18. 1. Michigan refuses to play UND and come to Grand Forks. UND does not need to do that program any favors and schedule a series w/ them and be forced to travel out to them. Maybe things change with Mel Person as their current coach, I doubt it though. F-Michigan tbh. I would have loved Michigan being able to play in the Natty last year, beat Duluth then it would have been Michigan vs UND. Dumb Covid. That game would have been fun. 2. UND has typical played Maine in the past and traveled out east. Maine’s program has really fallen off. Not what it once was…great tradition and program still. 3. UND just recently had BC in the destination game at MSG. UND won that game. 2016 I think was year. 4. BU, don’t think UND has much interest scheduling them and doing home series/flipping each year. Wouldn’t be opposed to having them play BU more. I see UND to continue to schedule and assist Bemdji’s program on an annual basis and it’s a 2-hour bus trip on HWY 2. Mankato, while not nationally attractive in College hockey when you list elite/recognized teams, they have been very good over the last few years. In addition, generally have older players on their team from a physical/strength standpoint. That holds a good series for UND’s team to learn and experience. Helps come March/April time. Arizona State, I would imagine UND will schedule in the upcoming years to follow. Program still has a way to becoming “good” but glad they’re part of college hockey. Maybe they have them on the upcoming schedule in the next few years, I forget.
  19. I have the feed on Apple TV. Midcos feed does not look HD quality. Seems to be a dip from last year. Almost looks like standard definition tv. And it’s not my internet…. Anyone else?
  20. Let me know what year that'll be under Bubba?
  21. Need a coaching change. Bubba is a great guy, nothing against him, he's not changing the program and culture enough unfortunately. He's had plenty of time. They need to go back to the drawing board and find a coach that can change things. Not sure who that is...
  22. UND's offensive is tough to watch. Running game hasn't been there the last few games and throwing/play calling is predictable. Thought this team would have more this year.
  23. Seems quicker this year too in which I noticed, which will help create more chances. Not that he was slow last year.
  24. 3 D-man scored last night. Look for that trend to continue. Moore has offensive and play reading capabilities, saw enough of a sample size last year. He came down in the slot in a play in the first period, and UND (can’t recall who) player didn’t get him the puck. A great offensive read on his end. Jandric only a matter of time before he’s on the scoresheet. Looked better against Bemidji than last night tbh though. Brent Johnson - Obviously offensive d-man too. Got an assist last night. Minus the two WCHA transfers up front, gonna need the freshman forwards to make BIG strides and be ready after December. See #8 and #29 leading the way. Team will go as far Driscoll and the d-core takes them this year imo. My selfish goal, just make the natty tournament. Anything can happen. PS. Forgot about Hain and Budy. When healthy and once UND figures out it’s lines, that’ll be interesting to see how that develops.
  25. Driscoll is solid. He’s gonna get a lot of minutes. Should UND have a better than average team, he’ll be a top goalie again in the nation, just with a new team this year.
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