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  1. I love this so much! Thank you @UND1983 @dynato Nice day out (a little chilly for now) sun is out in Grand Forks, Fargo or wherever you live. Go for a walk and get some sun. It is good for you mentally and physically. Now if you question me on that......
  2. You don't say? How'd that goal work out.....
  3. This sassy comment is just so dumb. Dumb I say. SMH. They tried selling the land after they closed the golf course. How'd that turn out? You think Grand Forks needs more apartments? I highly suggest opening your eyes, that's the last thing that town needs is more apartment or living developments. lol. Lastly, I want and do support the UND football team, they need figure their owns sh^T out. We supporters can't do it all and we can't save Women's hockey too. I don't have a solution for everyone's problems. Business 101.
  4. What place would that be? Haven’t been downtown Forks in ages.... thx.
  5. apolitical aside, maybe they’ll be one after 2024. zing!
  6. Paging Casey's pizza for that in the GF area... they're on line 2. Better pizza than Spicy Pie imo, but everyone has an opinion and their own pizza taste/preference.
  7. So with M. Miller coming next year and potentially Cooper Moore (I can see why they would bring him in, gonna lose a lot of veteran experience d-core after this year), is that it for the roster? Or is 1 forward coming in still too? I feel like the coaches have so many puzzle pieces to bring in next year for that "1" remaining forward spot.
  8. @MafiaMan What'd you get for number/names again?
  9. @Oxbow6 Climate change, though, right? Ha!
  10. Maybe Walz should have those graduations in the slimy Walmarts in MN. Some are nice, some not so much. Riddle me this, Mr. Walz.
  11. @Oxbow6 Live within reason of Frank's. Thanks for the comms. Not shocked at all by this. I miss their wings.... Ha!
  12. Whoa, apolitical aside, The President has done some “good” in his life and has been a decent leader in an unprecedented time or in years in the past. He’s not perfect, I am not, you’re not. We have to look in the mirror everyday morning/day. However, as a productive citizen/or someone that tries to progress the world to be better myself, (I don’t have the solution for everyone’s problems), don’t compare the Prez and Leipsic, smh. C’mon on man....
  13. I’m a leader and a alpha, alpha like Jordan. MJ wouldn’t wear no stinkin’ mask.
  14. @Redneksioux Are you retired? Asking for a friend. Keyboard warriors don't progress this world (a very shameful/divided world) at the moment. Just friendly curious. Thx.
  15. Who are Flemming and Chesley? Tell me more...
  16. West Fargo just got -- https://www.thepiggybbqofwestfargo.com/ I'm sure many people have read the NYT article on it or saw it on the local news yesterday in Fargo/Grand Forks. Super excited for this! -- https://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/08/travel/restaurant-report-the-piggy-in-walker-minn.html This will kill in Fargo. With that said, was "The Wild Hog" ahead of its time in Grand Forks, or just mismanaged/poorly ran? Thoughts? @Oxbow6 thoughts?
  17. @Oxbow6 Off topic - any other gems in Fargo for food? Moe's is no longer one... I love Tacos Trumpos, Kobe's to name a few (long work day, can't think of more)....
  18. @Blackheart Well-done! You da man!!!
  19. This has merit. @Oxbow6, love your comments, but can’t believe you ate that sh;t from there/that location. Yikes!
  20. Best frames at a reasonable/fair price to do the job and it looks solid and not like sh!t. If you’re trying to find a “cheap” frame online or elsewhere, it’s gonna look like sh/T. Might as well pass on your potential project. I wish you well on your journey.
  21. Kirklands or hobby lobby, sunny money.
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