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  1. Was just lookng at Heisenberg's recruiting website to look up Thomas and noticed that Halliday is still uncommitted. Anyone else find that odd? Is his skating that bad that he still hasn't been picked up? Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about him lately? Seems to really have fallen in the past few years.
  2. That is what I would think. In my opinion, I thought Kunz looked the furthest behind and a step (or two) slow on saturday. I think he's got a ways to go to solidfy himself as a regular.
  3. I agree with your take. I hope they really emphasize the play just inside and outside both bluelines this week. Tons of turnovers in these areas on both sides of the ice. Lots of times tonight I saw the puck either needing to be dumped in or banged out and instead we tried to get cute and turned it over. As far as Jandric, I agree he looks like he could be a good one. I made mention that he was really confident with the puck and will only get better game by game. Remember he hasn't played a game in something like 18 months. Driscoll looked really good. Solid positionally and ate up a lot of pucks with great rebound controll. Lastly, this is going to be a team that struggles to score like most of us predicted. I think if we get 3 we have a chance to win most games but I'm not sure how often we are going to get there.
  4. Just my guess is that Senden is in a spot Budy might be penciled in for and Ness is where Senden will go?
  5. I'm assuming Budy and Moore are two of the guys that are dinged up which is why they aren't playing.
  6. Just listened to Berry's press conference and he said both Schmaltz and Constantini are playing center to start. I would think that would leave Ford and Senden as the other two centers with maybe Jamernik playing wing with the Senden line?
  7. Remember they both were offered to go to Philly with him as well. I don't think Berry is going anywhere. Jax would be more likely but I think his family wants to stay in GF which is why he didn't go with Hak initially.
  8. Interesting find this late in the game and in the world we currently live in. Wonder if they have someone they trust over that has seen him play as I can't imagine the staff was able to see him live much if at all recently.
  9. If not I would like to get some of that potion!
  10. Exactly! They kept 4 seniors that have little to no pro-level potential (nhl/ahl). It's not like Sandy talked them out of any contracts more so just saying he would gladly take them back for another year with the losses they had.
  11. They can't sign one way deals at their ages. Most/if not all entry level deals are two way.
  12. Still think St Cloud is the heavy favorite going into next year at this point.
  13. If we could land Cruikshank I think this portal would be a homerun for UND. That could potentially give us the options of Weatherby, Ford, Senden, Cruikshank and Jamernik up the middle (and I'm not including any of the potential freshman)and I'm of the opinion you can never have too many centers. Much easier to make center a wing than vice versa.
  14. Correct which is why we could use this year's transfer portal as kind of a bumper year to hopefully give these recruits another year to develop. Getting Cruikshank would be huge as he could immediately be slotted in as our #1 center. Another solid forward and solid D well along with a goalie now would be my wish list.
  15. Oh wow interesting. So your telling me there's a chance!
  16. Yeah I love how some outlets like to spin that staying in college another year can hurt your development but never mention how leaving too soon can stunt your development much more quickly. The Cale Makar vs. Tyson Jost comparision should be in every college hockey's locker room. No better example of what happens when you stay and develop an extra year or two vs. leaving too early. Even the analysts doing the NHL draft this past year made the same case. The NHL can chew you up and spit you out in no time even a top prospect.
  17. Now that the game is over and I see how it went with UND taking control early and putting it on cruise control the rest of the game, I am kind of glad they got to play and adjust to regional ice. The one disadvantage is UMD is a top heavy team relying heavily on 9 forwards and 4 D so there is no doubt they benefit greatly from not having to play what I preseived to be a hard fought tight contest in which they would have inevitably had to roll with those 12-13 players playing big minutes.
  18. Yes this exactly. He was basically let go by Wisconsin as they wanted to push him out later and later. At the time of his decommittment, I thought he would be a target of ours then and I sure hope he is now.
  19. This is what I'm most curious about myself. I think Berry and the staff (along with most other coaches) will be looking quite hard at the transfer portal and this is where I think some of the biggest recruiting battles may take place in the next few months. I not crazy about the forwards we will likely lose and their replacements coming in to replace that production so it would be nice to land a few higher caliber, more experienced forwards.
  20. I'm going to have to agree with you here. Kierstad has been a monster all year playing in every situation and stepped up even more when JBD went down against Denver and last night. I think we can all agree that we are lucky to have all three of these talented defenseman on our squad!
  21. Totally agree and I have been saying this from way back when they switched up the lines in the Pod. The Pinto-Gaber line was our best without Guch and putting him there didn't turn the needle much if at all so I would go Gaber-Pinto-Budy, Mishmash-Adams-Guch, Hain-Senden-Jamernik, Blaisdell-Weatherby-Caulfield. Don't think it will happen but I like having four solid lines that can score and win with depth and I think a lineup like this could make that happen. I think both Senden and Weatherby are most effective at center but again I don't know if Bubs splits up that line.
  22. Jamernik will be 27. I'm surprised it took so long for this to get out. I had heard about him coming in over a week ago.
  23. I'd like to see Guch back with Adams and Mishmash and try someone else with Pinto and Gaber. That line has been our best from the start and Guch hasn't really moved the needle to make it much better. Sad to say but the Hobey Hat trick finalist is the 3rd best player on that line. Need to find some scoring throughout the lineup as I thought coming into the season that depth would be our strength but that hasn't been the case as there is much generated from the other lines as of yet.
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