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  1. Would Louis Jamernik be a possibility? Won't he be too old for another year of juniors?
  2. I know they did some work last summer/fall but not sure how much they have left to make it playable.
  3. No he and Kristo were on the third line. 4th line was Lamoureux-Rowney-Rodwell if I recall correctly.
  4. It sure would be nice for the Grand Forks economy if this ever happened. I would envision a designated hotel per team with a designated restaurant catering meals. Would be great for those businesses.
  5. Exactly on Adams playing center as he even mentioned that he is much more comfortable at his natural position of center and thinks that is why he produced much better this year. Weatherby is tricky because I agree he is a natural center and performs much better there than at wing which is why I never thought he was a great fit with Pinto and Michaud simply because he isn't a wing and was never comfortable. Crazy good problem to have with such depth at center when a year or two ago we were talking about having too many 3rd/4th line centers having to play top 6 simply because we didn't have any top line centers.
  6. I Ranger

    Hobey Baker

    The big thing that went against Zach and I think will go against Guch the same way is the league player of the year vote. Voters see that Lessard was player of the year over Parise and Perunovich the same over Guch so how do you vote the Hobey for the other. Unfortunately I think the precedent is set and it doesn't bold well for our guy!
  7. I Ranger

    Hobey Baker

    Frattin for sure was robbed but it had everything to do with his past off-ice actions rather than what he accomplished on the ice that year. He was the best player in college hockey hands down but his past robbed him of the hobey.
  8. I do too especially if it means they will be 4-year guys!
  9. Makes sense to me. Would have been hard to justify granting another year of eligibility to winter sports when some teams seasons were over. Yes it sucks for seniors who didn't get the chance to compete for a national title but it's the way they had to go in my opinion.
  10. Duncan is who I would compare him too. Both smaller and not great skaters which makes playing at the next level difficult. I think staying another year would be a benefit for him.
  11. I agree but we will still roll four lines and I don't think there was any difference in that line inserting Weatherby over Caulfield. I could argue it was better in previous weeks with Caulfield .
  12. So Playoff time is finally here! My take on this team is that depth is their strength. I know they have tried to add a little fire to the Pinto-Michaud line by moving Weatherby there but I don't think that moved the needle enough from Caulfield to keep it together. Again I feel depth is our strength and having a lineup of Guch(hopefully this weekend!)-Adams-MishMash, Michaud-Pinto-Caulfield, Smith-Senden-Hain, and Blaisdell-Weatherby-Bowen (Yon) and rolling 4 lines can really wear down teams. I think this lineup gives us our best shot moving forward and you can always move Weatherby up to the Pinto line when shortening the bench.
  13. I thought Adams may have been our best forward last night. Mishmash really needs to step up though!
  14. Uff no Guch and those forward lines don’t look so hot!
  15. I agree with your first 4 forwards but I think they have Portz play another year in the USHL. I think simply because he is a late bloomer and wouldn't have any hurt feelings playing another year as I'm sure that was the plan all along. Not sure if that means Bowen or Halliday come next year though as I think both could use another year. I think as we have been saying for quite some time that this class will simply be addition by subtraction. I do agree with your D though although it sounds like Miller is making a strong case to come in next year but I think simply Moore has to come as he is a year older. Both are having nice years.
  16. I agree. Way too shaky in the d zone and turnover prone for my liking. Would like to see him as the extra skater though.
  17. Is Braden Costello not a committ anymore? I haven't seen anything on here about it but Heisenberg doesn't have him listed as a UND recruit anymore. Not surprising if true.
  18. Amen. If u enjoy watching a game on the big screen with 70,000 other people, outdoor games are for u. U can’t see anything live from ur seats. No thanks!
  19. As I’ve said multiple times no thanks on the outdoor games. Once was plenty. Play hockey in hockey arenas not football/baseball stadiums!
  20. Please no. Hockey is meant to be played at hockey rinks! We’ve already crossed off the outdoor game theme. Once was enough(too much) in my opinion.
  21. I would say the 5,000 to Penn St would be way high. My guess more to UND and quite a bit less to Penn St
  22. One huge factor for Penn St is they play Iowa at home that same Saturday. I was surprised they scheduled this game on a day when Penn St played football at home so I think that will greatly reduce any casual Penn St fan making the trip and greatly reduces their total number in attendance.
  23. Agree and said the same thing to quite a few different people this weekend. Christmas break can't come quick enough for him.
  24. Thanks but I’m getting a little older and probably can’t keep up anymore!
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