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  1. UND continues to miss out on way too many good Minnesota kids for my liking. Tristan Broz a Junior to be out of Blake committed to Minnesota and Carsen Richels a Senior to be from Blaine committed to New Hampshire.
  2. I know he does the problem is it is to the benefit of programs like UND if the gentleman's agreement goes away.
  3. If it is a verbal than there is no problem? If I'm at a school like Minnesota, UND, Denver, Wisconsin there is no way I'm following that stupid gentleman's agreement. No other sport has it. Until a kid signs his NLI he is free game.
  4. Please find someone that can recruit Minnesota well especially the Twin Cities.
  5. We got one! Trey Ausmus I’m extremely honored and excited to announce my commitment to The Fighting Sioux of North Dakota. I want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point! #SiouxForever
  6. If Frisch wants to come in you bring him in. This staff better not make the same mistake they did with Donovan and end up losing him because of it.
  7. Holy Family Freshman Trey Fechko commits to Arizona State. I know the coaches have been following him for a long time. If we are losing recruits to Arizona State now then the problems are even worse than I thought.
  8. Wasn't really referring to any seniors. Rarely see any uncommitted seniors that are UND level prospects at the state tournament anymore. I guess Lucas McGregor with Centennial last year and Sam Huff with Maple Grove a couple years ago. If you are talking seniors committed elsewhere you could definitely put Brodzinski, Jensen, Nevers, and Donovan with that group. I was more looking at a lot of the other talent like Batchelder(CC), Warner(MN), and Smith(UMD). There a couple of uncommitted that I'd hope we are in on. Richels we should be all over and if we haven't been already it might be too late. Really like Blake Perbix from Cathedral too.
  9. Very disappointing seeing so much talent on the ice at the X this year and much of it committed talent but no UND commits. Feels to me like the last couple years the staff really hasn't been that active in Minnesota and specifically the Twin Cities. Minnesota should be one of the biggest focus areas when it comes to recruiting and in my opinion the biggest focus area. Yeah there is competition there with Minnesota, Duluth, St. Cloud, Mankato, and Bemidji all doing plenty of recruiting there but realistically with all the UND program has to offer the only team on that list you might not be the favorite more often than not is Minnesota and that is understandable. Watching Ryder Donovan last night he sure looked like a prototype UND player. Still think that loss is gonna hurt big time.
  10. AA was kinda weird seeding this year. People were surprised Eden Prairie got the 3 because they have more losses than some of the other teams but they play one of the best schedules in the state and have good wins so wasn't that big of surprise. I personally thought they should've been 4 and played Moorhead while St. Thomas Academy should've been 3 and played Duluth East as the 6 if they would seed them all. Yeah supposedly just a random draw although the last few years it had worked out to be pretty much set up just as it would 1-8. I've said since they started seeding that they should do 1-8 and really don't get why they don't. I think they think they are hurting someone's feelings because someone has to be the 8 seed and if that is they case they need to quit being babies and just seed them all.
  11. Andover definitely had a little more talent through out but anybody who thought Andover should easily beat Duluth East was dreaming. When they played in the regular season Andover only beat East 2-1 in OT and that was at Andover. East has a lot of size and you know the game gets a little more physical come playoff time. They also had the coaching advantage with Randolph behind the bench. Playing at Amsoil with a big crowd from East and just the tradition and experience East has I personally felt it was pretty much a toss up game and picked Duluth East.
  12. Not sure on if he has any offers yet but know Duluth and St. Cloud have talked to him and been following.
  13. Watched them against Red River, Davies, and EGF and each game their goalie gave up at least 1 very soft goal. I know he doesn't face a whole lot of action and that can kind of contribute to some soft goals when you don't get to feel the puck a whole lot.
  14. Central would be the favorite to win 8A and have a chance to win 8AA with Moorhead, Roseau, Brainerd, and Buffalo the top 4 left there, Moorhead would probably be their biggest competition. They'd be competitive in class A and AA at the state tournament but not sure they would win either. When I've seen them their goaltending has been pretty suspect and he'd have to make some saves to win either A or AA. Don't forget about a team like Hermantown in class A as they tied one of the AA favorites Minnetonka during the regular season, St. Cloud Cathedral is a really good class A team too who is just now getting healthy. Just so much more depth in Minnesota high school hockey, very few blowouts even in the A first round of the state tournament anymore.
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