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  1. Another really solid performance. Really nice job defensively tonight limiting opportunities. Could've easily been double digits tonight. Ton of missed chances, couple tap ins missed, Mismash shot was rolling in when net got pushed off, Hain whiffing on the open net, and then just a few real good saves. Would've liked to see us convert on a couple more PP opportunities. You can see Sanderson continue to get more involved offensively every time out. Love the response after Kleven got hit from behind. Good to see the guys protecting each other.
  2. Good solid win. CC's goalie was really good tonight. Number of point blank saves. Generated a ton of chances and seemed like the puck barely left the CC zone in the 1st. Few times got stuck in the d zone and it seemed like every one started with just a weak clear attempt. It is a little picky but gotta be stronger at times on the clear. Glad to hear Berry talk about the penalty issues in the postgame on Midco. Said it is becoming an issue and they have to clean it up. Hurts not only having to use the killers for more minutes but hard to get guys involved.
  3. I watched a little bit of both and EGF had the better of the play when I was watching in all but one crucial area goaltending. Didn't even notice if they started the same goalie both days or not but it looked to be a weak point for sure. Believe EGF actually outshot both Central and Red River.
  4. An absolutely horrendous first 40 minutes. Guys legs look really heavy losing almost every puck race, terrible puck management, d-zone coverage is awful, o-zone spacing is pathetic multiple times we have had 3 forwards all go to a D with control of the puck, indecisiveness everywhere, and Scheel has given up a couple weak ones.
  5. Not exactly pretty but grinded out another win. Good to get a couple games in and a couple wins who knows what we will have this weekend. MVP for tonight goes to Sioux Fanatic, thanks for the stream!
  6. Definitely could see the rust last night on a lot of little things just not being real crisp like puck handling, passes, and even just seeing a lot of guys falling down although part of that may be the CC ice. Thought we could've shot the puck a little more last night but did generate a number of real good chances. Did a pretty nice job of taking away space in the neutral zone and transitioning for having so long of a layoff. Hoping to see another win with a little more crispness tonight.
  7. Somehow they named York one of the top 3 players of the tournament for the U.S. I disagree with that and also Knight being on it as well. I've really noticed York and Thrun struggle in their own zone. They'd be the bottom 2 USA D for me that have seen regular time throughout the tournament.
  8. That was absolutely terrible officiating in the Vikings game. Vikings should've lost that game if not for the incompetence. No way that is a roughing the passer call and that gave the Vikings 6. The incomplete pass on the Detroit TD was terrible too. Man that dude should never work another NFL game in his life.
  9. Big game for the Vikes tomorrow find a way to lose and they could be all the way up inside the top 10 come draft time. No Cook, Reiff, Rudolph, Kendricks, Dantzler, Odenigbo, or Holmes. Still worry that Jefferson and Thielen will combine for 300+ and a number of TDs though. Stafford says he wants to play for Detroit so hopefully he can and hopefully Detroit watched how awful the middle of the Vikings defense is and just runs it down our throat all day.
  10. Would be a really solid situation to step into at Jacksonville.
  11. Gophers defense has been very solid. Lot more ball movement the last 3 and a lot less Carr dribbling. Robbins has also adjusted to the physicality and pace a lot more. Another big one tomorrow afternoon at Wisconsin. Gonna have to value every possession offensively because there will probably limited transition opportunities. Crazy thing about the Michigan State win is Minnesota really didn't play well offensively with some real bad turnovers and bad selection stretch for a good 10+ minutes in the middle of the game.
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