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  1. Winner of Chicago/Oakland. I'd say things broke about as well as you could hope as a Twin fan in this final week. Won the division and avoid New York, Chicago, and Cleveland in round 1. Not saying Houston is any sure thing by any means but I'd rather face them than any of the other 3 teams I mentioned.
  2. I thought todays game went well for the Vikings. Made some plays, Jefferson and Cook both had some splash plays, defense was a little better at times including some actual pressure on a QB, and an exciting game that ultimately ends in a loss. I'd be happy if the remainder of the season played out exactly like today although maybe not let a DT completely wreck each and everyone of our OL at least a couple times on each possession. I'm all the way in on lose for Lawrence and bringing in a new GM and an offensive minded head coach.
  3. Under @ Houston, @ Seattle, vs. Atlanta, BYE, @ Green Bay, vs. Detroit, @ Chicago, vs. Dallas, vs. Carolina, vs. Jacksonville, @ Tampa Bay, vs. Chicago, @ New Orleans, vs. Detroit. Maybe you can beat Atlanta, Detroit, Carolina, or Jacksonville but a couple of those teams throw the ball really well and could have a field day with the Vikings secondary.
  4. Donaldson apparently showing no signs of calf injury today according to Falvey but Twins will sit him and be cautious tonight. Lineup loaded with leftys against a pretty good righty today. Kepler, Arraez, Rosario, Cruz, Cave, Polanco, Gonzalez, Jeffers, and Adrianza
  5. Love that Arraez is back hopefully he can get back to speed quick. Would've brought someone else up over Smeltzer if you absolutely needed another pitcher but would've liked to keep Wade up instead I like what he brings. If forced I probably would've done something with Avila to keep Wade up.
  6. If Twins only win 1 then we have to have either the White Sox lose at least 1 or for the Twins, Indians, and White Sox to finish in a 3 way tie. I believe they said Twins hold the tiebreaker in a 3 way tie and over the Indians, White Sox have it over the Twins, and Indians have it over the White Sox. Easiest path to the 3 seed is for the Twins to win 2, A's win at least 2 of their final 3, and Indians and White Sox lose.
  7. Thanks, for some reason I was thinking Buxtons was with 2 out but it was just 1 out and bases loaded. I remember Dick talking on the broadcast during the at bat when it got to 2 strikes about Buxton's lack of strikeouts this year and said right away now there is a guarantee strikeout coming.
  8. The loss last night hurts in winning the division but actually helped in the playoff matchups as the A's moved into 2nd and the Twins dropped to 3rd and would face the Astros if the playoffs started today. Hopefully the Twins are able to put a couple wins together and get the division and the A's are able to keep winning and stay in that 2 spot.
  9. Twins go 0-2 in situations you have to execute in to last in the playoffs. Gonzalez strikes out in the 4th with 2nd and 3rd and 1 out and Garver strikes out in the 8th with 2nd and 3rd and 1 out. I think ideally going into the playoffs you'd like to have Arraez and Jeffers in place of those two. Not sure Arraez will be ready though but Jeffers should definitely be in but not sure I trust Rocco will make the right decision there.
  10. White Sox with a big 3 run 7th to take a 4-1 lead on Cleveland. Will they be able to hold on?
  11. I don't know that Rocco will actually do it but there is no doubt in my mind that Jeffers should be behind the plate for game 1 of the playoffs. I'd love to win the division but I'm really starting to hope we can win it and somehow avoid the Indians. Looking at the current 4-8 seeds I think my preference of teams to face in the playoffs right now would go: 1. Blue Jays 2. Astros 3./4. Indians/White Sox 5.Yankees
  12. Was that the 6-2-5 double play? Just know they have given up a ton more than they have saved with the infield in this year and they same to be using it in more situations than ever.
  13. Rosario comes through with the blooper to tie it back up.
  14. Just stupidity but Rocco opts to do it over and over. If Cabrera doesn't get the hit to allow the runner to get to 3rd I'm not sure that guy scores on the next single. I'm also really sick of pulling the infield in. Seems like we 've turned a ton of easy outs into hits/runs this year by pulling the infield in and never make a play because of the infield being in.
  15. The best part is none of those 3 wins are sure things either. Detroit has looked pretty good and led for at least a half in both of their first 2 games, should've beat Chicago week one and Jacksonville beat Indy who just kicked the Vikings butt. Carolina maybe Teddy will light up the Vikes or if McCaffrey is healthy maybe he can run all over them.
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