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  1. Solid win, far from perfect but did enough to get the job done. Thought the biggest improvement was in the defensive zone tonight and just being tougher to play against. Driscoll had a solid night.
  2. Could be the best Eastern team this year. I'd put them behind at least 7 teams in the West still though.
  3. It is very early in the season but we just aren't a very good team at all right now. I'm not sure at this point I see a very high ceiling for this team either. Best case to me you find a way into the tournament and maybe get a little lucky and make a run with a few bounces. We are gonna need a bunch of guys to really step up their game and quickly if we are gonna be a tournament team. Goaltending has been average to solid for the most part. We are as bad as I've ever seen us in the d zone. Wide open guys in prime scoring areas, ton of turnovers, weak on pucks, and overall very passive. Offensively we lack much if any high end talent at all. No real offensive creative, struggle to get to prime scoring areas, not much of a grind game, losing lots of board battles, struggle to complete passes, and not a lot of speed either. Special teams haven't been strong either.
  4. Its bad. It isn't the reason we are losing as we are bad too but it never fails that this is the level of officiating you get in the East.
  5. So sloppy in every aspect. Defensive zone coverage is atrocious. Have to find a way to generate more chances offensively. Quit going East because the officials are always horrendous. Suspect penalty/no calls, suspect icing calls, suspect offside calls.
  6. 3-3 was the minimum expectation going into the bye and they just barely got to it. 4-2 was probably needed to have a decent playoff shot. Cowboys, @ Ravens, @ Chargers, Packers, @ 49ers, @ Lions, Steelers, @ Bears, Rams, @ Packers, and Bears is how the schedule finishes. I'm still taking the under on getting to 7 wins.
  7. Vikings somehow pull one out again after giving up control late. Nothing has changed in my mind. Zimmer still needs to go just may have to have some patience with it, I'm confident he won't be coaching come game 1 next season but the firing may not come until after week 18.
  8. I think Bemidji is gonna have a pretty good year so while not happy I'm alright with the results of the weekend. Really bad start tonight and I didn't think UND played particularly well all weekend. Just way too sloppy, lots of missed passes, not a ton of playmaking, and giveaways. We were spoiled with a veteran team last year and a ton of skill that had some experience together so there really wasn't a huge adjustment period. That isn't the case this season. I think a big part of it is with so many new guys they are still trying to gel and learn how to play with/off of each other. This team has a long way to go and grow but I'm hopeful they will show some steady improvement and hopefully put themselves in position to be a factor in March.
  9. Whew held on for the win and definitely a lot to work on. Thought Caulfield had a pretty solid game, seemed to win a lot of board battles. Driscoll was real solid, couple of fluky bounces led to 2 BSU goals. Ton of careless giveaways, didn't connect on many passes at all tonight just real sloppy, gap control was awful for much of the night d-men giving way too much room, too many stick checks gotta be a little more physical on the boards. All in all though got the win and now have to find a way to finish the sweep tomorrow night.
  10. Listened to the latest YHH podcast and they mentioned he has visited UND, Minnesota, and Duluth. Also touched a little on a couple of former Gopher commits back on the market in Joe Miller and Jake Braccini. I'd definitely have some interest in Miller. https://www.youthhockeyhub.com/news_article/show/1188340
  11. Was so hoping the Lions could hang on after that Viking collapse but Detroit is Detroit I guess. Would have loved to see today be the day the Wilfs blow it up but with the upcoming schedule I have faith it is just a matter of time before the end of Zimmer.
  12. Pretty solid performance last night, definitely a little sloppy in the 3rd though. Jamernik was a guy that stood out to me showing a lot more skill/playmaking then we saw from him last year.
  13. Knew I should've waited for a line chart. So much for my Hain pick.
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