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  1. Two nights in a row. The one guy the White Sox have that is a threat and the Twins haven't been very smart facing him so far this series.
  2. Nice threat built by the Twins loading the bases with 2 outs in the 9th. Ump bailed out a struggling pitcher who had thrown 9 balls in a row I believe with a strike that was well low. That one really changed the at bat for Cron from 2-0 to 1-1 makes a huge difference.
  3. The top of 8A is tougher yes but the real question is is EGF's schedule tougher than a EDC and that is a definite yes not even close. EGF only plays the bottom half of 8A teams like a total of 3 times. EGF plays one of the toughest schedules in single A.
  4. Romo made one mistake and the guy took advantage of it, problem was an error and a seeing eye single made it the 3 run home run to take the lead instead of just a solo shot. Twins have also missed a few different opportunities with less than 2 out and guys in scoring position today, have to take advantage and add on in those situations.
  5. Pitchers, pinch hitters, pinch runners, lineups, etc. Rocco has a lot of room to improve.
  6. He has made the same mistakes all year they're just being magnified right now with the offense not bailing him out quite as much.
  7. EGF should make the state tournament but he will see plenty more competition throughout the season with the schedule East Side plays than he ever would in North Dakota. Warroad should be their top competition in the section this season but TRF always figures it out come playoff time and competes with very good coaching. Look at last years schedule Orono, Delano, Totino, Cathedral, Alexandria, Greenway, Warroad, Roseau, Bemidji, and Moorhead plus a couple with Central and Red River.
  8. East side plays a very tough schedule and he will face much better consistent competition and see much less of the running time blowouts every other game. If he played at Central the only competition he may face would be Red River, maybe a Bismarck team, and maybe a Fargo team, and that is basically all for North Dakota teams. Crookston has had a couple decent years but yeah they're nothing special. Thief River and Warroad would be in the ND state tournament every year even when they are "down". Warroad down 3 of their top 6 players beat Grafton by a couple goals last year. EGF played Orono, Delano, Totino, Cathedral, Alexandria, Greenway, Warroad, Roseau, Bemidji, and Moorhead. A number of those teams could've played in North Dakota and would've probably made it to face Central in the state championship. If Cathedral was in ND no doubt in my mind they would have won the state championship and beat Central. He'd play less garbage on a ND schedule? Are you serious? EGF plays Park Rapids once and Lake of the Woods once and they have had a few solid teams but generally struggle lately and then they have rival Crookston twice who has gone downhill the last few seasons and Detroit Lakes once and they are pretty up and down and that is pretty much it for struggling teams. Meanwhile in North Dakota you'd get Fargo North, Fargo South, Devils Lake, Sheyenne, Grafton, and West Fargo and I believe all are X2, you could probably throw a couple more teams into this group as well. It is a good move for a good hockey player that wants to compete at a higher level but not have to leave home. Wouldn't be surprised to see more and more of the higher quality talents start to do this.
  9. After the last two days the Twins 3rd base coach might need to start looking for a different job. Yesterday he tried to send Cron against Puig and it wasn't a close play at all. Today the Twins battle back and he tries to score Adrianza from 1st for the win on a bullet one hopper off the wall with 1 out. I screamed at my TV not to send him but that coach evidently has no brain. Hold Adrianza up and you have 2nd and 3rd with 1 out for Schoop. Not that I like Schoop's chances but I'd bet there is a decent chance Cleveland walks him to set up the force anywhere and get left on left with Kepler up.
  10. Smeltzer can't stop the skid as he was awful. 7 hits and 3 walks in 4.1 innings and a lot of high 80's fastballs in the middle of the plate. The inning that knocked him out started with the perfect example of the way things are for the Twins right now as Smeltzer and Cron ran into each other on a bunt and instead of getting a quick out to start the inning there is a runner on for the top of the order.
  11. SiouxScore

    FBS games

    They have the talent to do so. They can still make the playoff losing one of those games. The loss would probably have to come to Notre Dame though with the way Ohio State's schedule sets up and I'd say it is more likely Michigan loses to Ohio State than it is Notre Dame.
  12. 6 walks in 4.1 innings for Gibson. What an absolutely awful outing.
  13. The Twins have had a really solid year but Rocco has definitely struggled with in-game management more than a few times. No way Dyson should've been pitching when he didn't arrive until half way through the game. He took out Berrios at around 80 pitches last night through 7 instead of letting him try to finish things off himself and with the way he looked last night he probably would've finished it without going over 100 pitches. Poppen makes the game close in the 9th and Rocco goes to Rogers in a game he should've never had to pitch in. Today they pulled Pineda after 6 at just 80 pitches and he was pitching well. Knowing you don't want to use Rogers and Dyson just arrived why wouldn't you try to get another inning out of Pineda and then use Duffey for the 8th instead of the 7th and let Romo close it instead of pitching the 8th like he did.
  14. I wanted Stroman bad and Syndegard would've been an upgrade but the price was outrageous and not worth it. I would've maybe took a shot at Wheeler from the Mets but seeing a lot of the Mets asking prices it probably would've been too much there too. After Stroman was moved there really wasn't an upgrade that I wanted the Twins to make at starter. To me guys like Ray and Minor aren't an upgrade that is gonna help you win a playoff series they are more of what the Twins have in the rotation after Berrios. I'm good with that kind of strategy for putting together the rotation this off season. I feel like you can leave one spot for Thorpe/Smeltzer/some other minor leauger to work themselves into but any more than 1 spot would be a mistake.
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