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  1. You will see players taking a knee across many different sports and many different levels and if that is your tipping point you might as well start making plans to not see many sports at all. Personally I couldn't care less if players, coaches, or entire teams want to take a knee. I will support the athletes, coaches, and teams on the field and off and enjoy watching them perform for the teams I follow.
  2. Read this as part of an article on 24/7 sports thought it was a pretty good breakdown. Need more of this type of thing in mainstream media instead of them freaking out about how can their be a season every time a school has athletes test positive. https://247sports.com/college/ohio-state/board/120/Contents/the-sunday-bucket-wants-bama-148396150/ Is anyone really surprised that a large number of athletes are asymptomatic but testing positive for COVID as they get back to campuses across America? Is this really a shock to anyone? It’s been all over the sports headlines recently: NHL players in Arizona (including superstar Austin Matthews) tested positive, Kansas State temporarily closed down workouts, a ton of Clemson and LSU players tested positive and virtually all of them are asymptomatic. This is what happens when we actually test for it, folks. Do you know how many Americans were tested for COVID last week alone? THREE AND A HALF MILLION. Back when this started, we had less than a million tests per week for the first month. According to the CDC, every week testing has skyrocketed and the % positive rates has dipped from 20% or so down to about 5%. Again, this is the widespread testing we’ve been talking about. It will only get more widespread as soon as tests don’t feature an 8 inch Q-Tip poking your brain and casual testers can just get a saliva swab. And all of these athletes previously had zero reason to get tested: They were young and healthy and going about their business like it was no big deal. I’m not surprised that initial testing found a fair number of positive cases. Clemson tested like 200 people and about a dozen ended up positive. That’s approximately 5%, directly in line with last week’s national average. Once you get them all back into a fairly controlled environment, that number among athletes should drop too. But here’s the kicker: The risk inherent to this isn’t to the athletes themselves. In the entire country, the number of COVID deaths for the college bracket (the CDC statistic I saw had it from ages 15-24) is 125 total deaths. Out of 103,000. That’s 0.01% of the total! It’s the coaches in their 50s and 60s, it’s the family members, support staff, Jerry Emig, etc that these tests are protecting. Of the COVID deaths in America, 96% are in people ages 45 and older. 91% are ages 55 and older. It’s not the athletes here that we’re really worried about. So let’s keep calm when we see headlines like “LSU PROGRAM QUARANTINES 25!” or “NHL FACILITIES TEMPORARILY CLOSE DUE TO CORONAVIRUS!” This level of testing will stop the localized spread within the team and as testing becomes more common nationally it is going to stop the spread in general. Seriously, let’s get that saliva test active here, folks. I’m not getting a Q-Tip poked into my brain unless I have to. We’re going to have sports and we’re going to have positive COVID tests. By the way, the two week quarantine is a thing of the past for these athletes: Now that you can test people on the daily, you’re going to see people back as quick as a day or two later because their testing will tell when they’ve officially ‘recovered’ from it. I bet you most teams test their players once a week this season, likely on a Sunday or Monday, so that anyone positive can have the chance to recover in time for the next week’s game.
  3. Never driven a semi have no idea how long it takes. I knew he was on the highway legally before they announced the closing and said that in my posts. Still doesn't mean he couldn't have exited off, there was like 2 hours between when they announced they'd be closing the interstate at 5 and when the incident happened. Maybe he did his best to slow down and he certainly did lay on the horn. There was no way he had slowed down to 30 by the time he got to the front of that crowd though. Watching cell phone video he was way over 30 when you saw those protesters diving out of the way. No matter the intent or lack thereof it was a scary situation and thankfully disaster seems to have been avoided.
  4. I guess I didn't realize there was a curve that may have hindered his view. With 5-6,000 people packed tightly together it just seems like it'd be easy to see but if there was a curve right before that could be part of an explanation. The protestors were peacefully protesting and even after the incident some helped protect him. A lot of places around the country that guy doesn't get out of that situation alive. It sounds like the police knew where they were going with this march and were alright with. Needed to do a better job of making sure drivers were getting off the road though.
  5. The real answer is he should have exited the interstate when they decided to close them and avoid the whole situation. This was a very peaceful group that was just marching down the road. Don't know where you get "thugs" from. Someone comes blasting in at 70-80mph causing people to dive all over the place and I'd probably have the same reaction as those protesters.
  6. I’m a big fan of The Purge too especially the TV series but I won’t be out doing that. Was thinking though a lot of scenes across the country have looked right out of the show.
  7. Watching those videos it’s hard for me to believe he didn’t see the protesters. I don’t know how much harm he intended or whether he just figured I’m in a big truck they’ll move. Thankfully the protesters reacted quickly and most people got out of the way. Of course they weren’t coming to shake his hand. These protesters almost lost their life because of a careless idiot, that truck drivers lucky those protesters stayed peaceful and he’ll get jail to me instead of being dead.
  8. Some interesting stuff in this thread.
  9. These Boojahideen guys seem like trouble. Apparently out of New York?
  10. There were like 5-6,000 protesters there all bunched together. He could've slowed up before he did. I don't know if he intended for injury or just thought they'd move. After stopping he does try to flee again but protesters jump on the truck and stop him. He does lay on the horn but man watching a cell phone video from someone on the side of the road he was coming very fast. Thankfully doesn't seem like many injuries. Sounds like he was already on the interstate before they closed and he just never opted to exit off. Police were aware of the march and that is why they decided to close the road at 5 instead of 7 earlier in the afternoon. Was a very peaceful and well planned march and seemed even coordinated with law enforcement.
  11. Sounds like the truck was already on the interstate before it closed and just kept coming instead of getting off at one of the exits. It was a peaceful march they had come from U.S. Bank Stadium and they had just kneeled down for a moment of silence.
  12. The road had been closed for an hour. Hope the crowd got their hands on that truck driver. Such a stupid decision by him.
  13. Man Walz is a clown. Gotta think a lot lawsuits are gonna be thrown at him from gyms, restaurants, etc. soon if they haven't already especially after seeing how it worked in Wisconsin.
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