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  1. Nice to have some good news after a miserable few weeks. Really liking the look of the roster so far. Some proven production up front, very talented D group, and two goalies who have seen a good amount of time. I think my lineup would look like this right now. Mismash-Adams-Kawaguchi Hain-Pinto-Gaber Weatherby-Senden-Ness Keane/Rizzo-Blaisdell-Caulfield Kiersted-JBD Kleven-Bast Sanderson-Frisch Scheel Thome
  2. The trial was in like 2011 so I'd say this has been an official rule in Minnesota for the past few years at least. I'm sure if other states wanted to they could put the rule in place but many other states just follow the NFHS rule while Minnesota uses a modified version.
  3. Hill-Murray really looks like they are gonna pull this off up 4-1 with 6 minutes left. EP was my pick to win AA but I wouldn't have been surprised with Blake. Hill though that is definitely a surprise to me.
  4. Hermantown has both bantam and peewee AA & A teams and their bantam AA team is in the state tournament. If you are gonna do that at the youth level then step up at the high school level. Mahtomedi has been to state a ton but this is their first championship so I guess I can see why they are still in A although their bantams also play at the AA level.
  5. From what I found reading the rule online it reads like the play was legal to me. Looks like it was changed in 2011 https://legacy.mshsl.org/mshsl/publications/code/athletic/Hockey.htm Minnesota Goal Crease Rule: The NFHS Ice Hockey Rules Committee has approved for use in all games played in Minnesota an experimental rule relating to goals scored when a player is illegally in the goal crease. This rule will count those goals which are scored when an offensive player or player's stick is illegally in the goal crease but, in the opinion of the referee, the player or stick illegally in the goal crease had no impact on the goalkeeper's ability to defend the goal when the puck entered the goal. A player illegally in the goal crease impacts the goalkeeper's ability to defend the goal when: 1. The player makes physical contact with the goalkeeper; or 2. The player prevents the goalkeeper from moving freely in the goal crease; or 3. The player screens the goalkeeper or otherwise interferes with the goalkeeper's ability to defend the goal, even though no physical contact is made with the goalkeeper.
  6. Today was nothing compared to what Cathedral did to him yesterday. He got crosschecked and slashed pretty much non-stop. I don't know what his plan is but he doesn't need a whole year of juniors next year. If I'm Duluth I'm bringing him in next season and he will contribute.
  7. Hmm knew that used to be the rule but thought they changed it, having been to 6-7 different 8A games this year they sure don't call it like that. You'll see a guy with two skates right on top of the crease barely in the blue on a lot of powerplays but they only blew the whistle like twice in the games I was at this year and one the player backed into the goalie knocking him down and the other the guy slashed the goalies stick out of his hand. There would of been tons of backlash around the state and on social media if they waived the goal off, the only ones who may have supported it were probably Mahtomedi fans. Good to see everything ended up working out though with Mahtomedi winning on a nice goal and no controversy involved.
  8. Mahtomedi's magical run ends in 3-2 OT Championship win. Their goalie is absolutely the mvp of the tournament. They're down 2-1 with about 5 minutes left in the quarters against Delano and Delano was playing good defense. Mahtomedi had a lot of shots but not great chances and really had nothing going and then boom they get 3 goals in 2:30 and add a empty netter at the end as well. Nobody really thought they had a chance against Warroad and they take advantage of every opportunity they got in that game and also Warroad's goalie having a bad game and their goalie playing outstanding again. Then today they took advantage of their opportunities and their goalie was huge. Feels weird but this is Mahtomedi's first championship after a ton of heartbreak in the semifinals.
  9. There is no way you call that. Had nothing to do with the play. State would've gone absolutely crazy if they called that no goal. You sure that is the crease rule? I thought they follow the college/NHL model in Minnesota where as long as you aren't interfering with the goalie and aren't parked in there forever you are alright.
  10. Class A Championship with Hermantown and Mahtomedi is headed to OT. Hermantown has put a ton of shots on and had great chances but Mahtomedi's goalie has been outstanding all tournament. Hermantown finally broke through and tied it at 2 with 21 seconds left. Will the Hawks return to their championship status after missing last years tournament or will Mahtomedi's upset run continue and end in a championship?
  11. @FollowthePuck on Twitter has been tweeting pretty much every goal or probably just search Jackson Blake goal on Twitter.
  12. Yeah became eligible in late January. Has been on the top line and had a highlight reel goal that ended up being the game winner last night.
  13. Really sloppy uninspired performance from the guys tonight. Just seemed like they couldn't get anything clicking. Constantly missing passes, losing the puck, overskating it, just sloppy. Omaha was really physical. Michaud took a ton of solid hits, some legal and some not. Poolman took the hard fall and Kawaguchi never returned as well. Not sure how many healthy scratches we brought to Omaha but I wouldn't be surprised to see them all in the lineup tomorrow.
  14. Hermantown beat Cathedral 6-2. We have an upset alert in semifinal 2 as Mahtomedi leads Warroad 5-1 after 2. Warroad's goalie 5 goals on 12 shots meanwhile Warroad can't finish on their chances as Mahtomedi has 23 saves after 2. Warroad definitely has generated chances and probably would have a couple more goals if the officials would crackdown on the stickwork and holding a little bit. Mahtomedi hasn't had much extended zone time at all, just come down take a shot from a bad angle a lot of times and it goes in.
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