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  1. I thought they were practice jerseys when I first turned the game on. I've seen teams throw on some special uniforms for hockey day but these can't be it. The women's game on FSN has some pretty good looking jerseys though especially the Gophers with the old skating Gopher on the front.
  2. Disappointing result. Still trying to fathom how the officials saw Adams goal as no goal. Guys played pretty well for the most part. Created a lot of quality chances and should've finished a few more. Goaltending has to be better whether it is Scheel or Thome. It wasn't just the weak goals tonight it was the shakiness pretty much everytime they saw the puck. Nothing seemed clean and confident back there. Bad angles and bad rebounds from both guys all night.
  3. 49ers DL is very good and Vikings OL still isn't very good. It is a simple game sometimes. Vikes have to continue to overhaul the trenches. Really hope Cleveland decides to hire Stefanski as well.
  4. Highly doubt that. Minnesota has their own answers at QB and aren't out looking for someone. PFF ranked the top returning QBs for next season and the Gopher's Tanner Morgan is #5. Morgan wasn't even supposed to start going into the season until Zack Annexstad got hurt early on in training camp. Add to that a couple highly touted freshmen that redshirted this year and a 4 star commit for the '21 class and I'd say the Gophers are just fine at QB. 5. TANNER MORGAN, MINNESOTA Tanner Morgan emerged on the college football landscape during Week 8 of the 2018 season as a redshirt freshman when Minnesota’s starter Zack Annexstad was knocked out due to injury. Morgan started the rest of the year and was below average, ranking 104th in PFF passing grade. This season was a different story for Morgan, improving his passing grade rank all the way to fourth — tied with Tua Tagovailoa. Morgan’s 2019 season has been carried by his performance under pressure. He ranked second in PFF passing grade under pressure, behind only Heisman winner Joe Burrow this season. His pocket presence and footwork were vastly improved upon, leading the way to the third-highest rate of accurate-plus passes thrown under pressure (perfectly placed passes to the receiver). Quarterback performance under pressure is unstable year to year, but the way Morgan handled it in 2019 gives a lot of reason to believe he’ll be near the top again in 2020. The scheme couldn’t be better for Morgan, too. Minnesota executes run-pass options (RPO) at the nation’s fourth-highest rate (45%). An RPO is an extension of the run game — the quarterback has the option to either hand the ball off or pull for a quicker pass. Among 74 qualifying FBS quarterbacks, Morgan ranks first in PFF passing grade when he pulls on an RPO. He took full advantage of these plays, averaging over 3.5 yards more per attempt than the FBS average.
  5. They wanted him to come to camp and work out as an athlete. Safety was the primary position they envisioned him in but Lance felt strongly about only wanting to be a QB and it is looking like a pretty smart decision by him. Minnesota is looking just fine at QB too so I doubt either side has a whole lot of regret.
  6. Tychonick in for who? I think I'd go Bast he has really struggled since coming back from injury. Last night was maybe his worst game he has played for UND. I thought Keane brought some good energy when he got some shifts in the 3rd period. So if they use someone else in the extra forward spot I'd like to see Keane stay in the lineup.
  7. I've watched them a few times and haven't really been impressed with them any time I've watched. Last night to me was more about what the Sioux didn't do than what Omaha did to win. Yes Omaha still had to take advantage of those mistakes. In my opinion they aren't a very good team, they aren't really bad like a Canisius but they aren't good or a top 25ish team either. Average team at best and a team we should take care of if we want to be one of the top teams in the country.
  8. Another lackluster performance just like last weekend except this team it results in the loss. Definitely disappointing first off just because of the lack of energy and execution the guys played with, second because you would've hoped they would've learned from last weekend, and third because Omaha isn't a very good team. Guys really seemed to lack some urgency with the puck tonight. Have to make more of the tough plays didn't seem like we won a whole lot of board battles all night. Scheel wasn't sharp tonight. Lot of clean faceoff losses which is very uncharacteristic. Despite the poor play I thought the guys still generated some solid opportunities but just not as many as usual and when that happens you have to convert on what you get and that didn't happen tonight. Michaud hit a post, Peski hit a post, Adams had a great chance he put into the stomach,etc. I'd expect a nice sharp response from the guys tomorrow night.
  9. Sounds like the freshman Jayson Shaugabay is the one to really watch. Supposedly he has interest in UND too. I know Slukynsky visited UND a few times last year.
  10. He gave the puck away a lot tonight and seemed a little slow in decision making too. Terrible play by him led directly to Huntsville's 2nd goal. Can't pull up just inside the blue line and get the puck taken away while both D are changing.
  11. One of the poorest performances of the season but at least it still comes with a win. Thought UND was just a little slow and off with everything. Way too many soft plays and perimeter play tonight instead of going to the hard areas. I'd bet on a much better effort and performance from the guys tomorrow night.
  12. Pretty disappointing performance from the U.S. The PK was bad to average all tournament and they took way too many undisciplined penalties as well. Their powerplay started off real good and then seemed to regress through the tournament. Lot of guys you would've figured coming into the tournament that would be big point producers didn't produce much at all.
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