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  2. I can only speak for myself, but of course I don’t KNOW the motivation of every player in the portal, but to think the season and the way so much of it transpired does not have an effect is silly. What effect did the season have on the UND football fan base and attendance at the last home game? It was snowing but if UND would have been 8-1, would the attendance have been so pathetic?
  3. So you and midwestern know for 100% fact that these players are transferring out because of Bubba? 100% fact?
  4. Pretty solid advice since there is a lot going on behind the scenes and in this particular case, the player has not indicated anything publicly. Maybe some realize the grass isn't greener and are welcomed back. Maybe they aren't.
  5. To not think that several players were not muttering under their breath “WTF” vs NDSU is ridiculous.
  6. Some of these are more athlete than student plus when the bill is being paid by a scholarship credits don't mean that much. However a vast majority of student athletes that enter the portal will end up not finding a home or at least one with a scholarship
  7. Many of you may know, I put far too much stock in what happens on Twitter. Having said that, nearly all of Otis’s interactions lately have been Gophers related so I’m wondering if there’s something there.
  8. Weah has / had problems that said I too like watching him play I do think he is ungrateful that said - let try not to run his name through the mud
  9. Not really, but it would be more enjoyable if UND was at least winning. Especially hard to stomach now with UND losing PLUS all their players leaving. May not be popular, but Bubba HC era is nearing an end. You want a FCS championship caliber team in Grand Forks? Then time to move on and get someone better. May not be until 2024, but needs to happen.
  10. It would appear Weah has recently failed to appear for his arraignment on a driving under suspension charge in GF municipal court. Maybe he's transferring to avoid the warrant that's soon to follow. :-)
  11. No I blame the President of the university or how about God?
  12. Opportunity is the new keyword I’ve noticed in players’ offer tweets. If there was a scholarship they’d obviously mention that specifically.
  13. Also, looks like Krzanowski just retweeted this
  14. Would you say it was perhaps...wait for it.....Bubba's fault the way it was handled?
  15. Lots of layers to the Otis situation and the way it was handled.
  16. Agreed, I think it depends what Otis is lookin at. If he thinks he is going to do a Hergel and go FBS, I think Dixon stays, if he think he is going to transfer to another top FCS program, then I could see Dixon potentially following. Only time will tell, but I hope he is ready to go when he gets here.
  17. I bet if otis decides to stay we welcome him back its like bubba said once about a player who should be in the nfl now but quit if the hot girl at school says no the first time then says yes to prom you go with her
  18. He was fun to watch and made some great plays for us. I really hope it works out for all these guys when they leave. Plenty of talent to find and on the roster, need to put a good list of needs together and go execute.
  19. I'm guessing part of it is him being upset cuz he wasn't allowed to travel and play after being sick all week and not able to practice.
  20. The more the Otis news sinks in, the more and more I'm ok with it. Dixon most likely being collateral damage from it. Otis had to have been a gigantic distraction this past year. That's not taking a giant leap assuming that, benched for two games. Nobody can knock his talent, but the coaching staff just lost a huge headache. Love the RB depth.
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