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  2. PAYBACK! Dave Goldiner 35 mins ago AOC mocks Trump for writing off $70K in hair styling on taxes — after she was ridiculed for $250 haircut Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mocking President Trump over reports that he sought to deduct from his taxes $70,000 in hair-styling expenses, noting that his supporters raged at her for spending $250 on a birthday hair-do. “Where’s the criticism of their idol spending $70k on hairstyling?” AOC tweeted. “Oh, it’s nowhere because they’re spineless, misogynistic hypocrites? Got it.”
  3. No, if he is not showing ownership, nor declaring any income or expenses from it. You actually think T doesn't lie, say on his tax returns??????
  4. I thought the question always was that his tax returns would show ties to Russia.
  5. Great and if he did anything illegal he will be punished accordingly. What's the issue?
  6. I know that, bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzon. But, the question is, did he manipulate the value of properties to get loans and avoid taxes at the same time? Overvalued for the loans. Undervalue to avoid taxes. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/24/ny-attorney-general-probes-whether-trump-improperly-inflated-real-estate-value.html
  7. Wasn’t this covered when the New York Times was anonymously sent a 90’s or early 00’s copy of Trumps tax return. He acknowledged at that time taking advantage of loop holes in the tax code for real estate and other businesses. The net operating loss deduction was one. There were others as well. If the loopholes were still available, why would he change the way he is paying taxes.
  8. I'm not confusing anything. Wealthy people rarely pay personal income tax. They own real estate which they are depreciating, they own business assets which they are depreciating. They pay millions upon millions in taxes, but not personal income tax. Capital gains tax, payroll tax, property tax, corporate income tax etc. You are the one who doesn't understand and it shows.
  9. Oh, bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzon. You claim to understand taxes. Yet, here you are confusing payroll taxes with Dear Leader's personal taxes. I'm sure that's the new spin from Faux News and other reich wing news sources. The desperation of the cult is amazing.
  10. Philly fans calling for wentz to find a seat and bring in a real quarterback.
  11. And if he is their employer, guess what he has to pay to run their payroll??????? You guessed it, taxes!!!
  12. I wonder how much in taxes the 20,000 plus employees of trump's companies pay?
  13. Did he follow the rules? That may not be true https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/09/key-takeaways-from-the-times-trump-tax-return-investigation.html
  14. MLB Wild Card Series Prices Tampa Bay Rays (1) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (8) Rays Odds -210 [Bet Now] Blue Jays Odds +170 [Bet Now] Oakland Athletics (2) vs. Chicago White Sox (7) Athletics Odds -135 [Bet Now] White Sox Odds +110 [Bet Now] Minnesota Twins (3) vs. Houston Astros (6) Twins Odds -120 [Bet Now] Astros Odds +100 [Bet Now] Cleveland Indians (4) vs. New York Yankees (5) Indians Odds +110 [Bet Now] Yankees Odds -135 [Bet Now] Los Angeles Dodgers (1) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (8) Dodgers Odds -300 [Bet Now] Brewers Odds +240 [Bet Now] Atlanta Braves (2) vs. Cincinnati Reds (7) Braves Odds -125 [Bet Now] Reds Odds +105 [Bet Now] Chicago Cubs (3) vs. Miami Marlins (6) Cubs Odds -190 [Bet Now] Marlins Odds +160 [Bet Now] San Diego Padres (4) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (5) Padres Odds -175 [Bet Now] Cardinals Odds +145 [Bet Now]
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  16. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas on Sunday exposed how mass voter fraud takes place in Minneapolis, helping Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar defeat her opponents. The bombshell video was done with the aid of insider Omar Jamal, who revealed mass voter fraud and shared with Project Veritas investigators details of the sophisticated planning that goes behind the pay-for-vote scheme. https://thepostmillennial.com/project-veritas-exposes-ilhan-omar-cash-for-votes-ballot-harvesting-fraud
  17. Are you saying the people complaining loudest about Trump following the rules are the people who've spent 40 plus years writing the rules?
  18. Every time this tax stuff comes up it just blows my mind the percentage of people who don't understand how taxes work. You think Trump gets paid as an employee the way the guy making minimum wage at the local gas station does? It's the system that's the problem, not the people who find ways to take advantage(Legally) of the way the rules are written. If he's done things illegally, than he should be prosecuted like anyone else. If not, and you still have a problem with it, contact your representatives and get the laws changed.
  19. The Cubs have to take down the ChiSox because the Twins can't finish off the Reds. The beeping sound you heard yesterday was the Twins bus backing into the playoffs.
  20. It doesn't excuse it, it does show a broken system, and maybe Trump is one of the worst examples (maybe not), but if someone thinks that any candidate that makes it to a presidential election is going to be much different when it comes to finances that person also believes that a thin piece of old t-shirt over their mouth is also gonna keep them safe from an aerosol virus. By the time you become a presidential candidate, you are no longer pulling in your money via earned income. Pick your candidate based on policy....don't be naive enough to think that when it comes to finances that you and 99.9% of America have anything in common with either candidate.
  21. Who do you think is better at their job - Trump's lawyers/accountants or the IRS?
  22. So since over 1/2 the deaths are in Nursing homes just over one nursing home patient a day is dying in a nursing home in ND....who would have ever thought. Stay hunkered down in your bunker.
  23. And 84 of those 234 deaths have occurred in the past 27 days. Awesome results with your solution flop!
  24. 234 deaths coming up on 7 months now in ND ......over half in nursing homes....where even before Covid 1/2 of the people die in 6 months or less, most schools have been back for a month. We are witnessing the "solution" to this "problem" as we speak.
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