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  2. Agree. The SL is fairly balanced. Some years you could say you would be very surprised if one of one teams didn’t win it all. This year, any team that makes it has a legitimate chance to win it, 1 through 8. SDSU will probably be the favorite just because of the home crowd.
  3. Minnesota, the State of snowflake hockey. If you’re going to school with a hockey scholarship you have to take an acting class. There’s acting classes high school students can take to to get ready for college
  4. Any place in particular people are meeting before the game today?
  5. Minot needs an extra attacker goal and OT, but survives Mandan. 3-2 Minot in OT. They will be the third seed from the west.
  6. Saturday tickets sold. Friday still available.
  7. Today
  8. Yes. That would have been a bitter pill to swallow.
  9. Imagine how angry everyone on here would be if their Power Play wasn't a shadow of its former self and they'd scored the GWG after that dive.
  10. The second referee should be up in the press box with replay with him to speed the process up. And connect the press box official wirelessly to the on-ice referee so the press box official can call penalties in real time. I’ve said this for five years already. It’s simple, it would open up some ice, and we have the technology. http://boardsroom.blogspot.com/2015/02/what-nchc-needs-to-change.html
  11. Watching Duluth last night, we saw more of the same. When all of this embellishment is visible on national television, it baffles me how Don Adams isn’t instructing his officials to watch out for the inevitable peeking up through your arms to see if the officials bought it. That type of thing would make me angry as an official, and once the reputation is there, officials should be on the lookout for those things. Right now teams are getting rewarded for disrespecting the game. They should actually be reprimanded for putting actual safety at risk. You would think if you cry wolf too many times, there would be some consequence. If it continues to go down this road, other teams will have to follow suit to maintain a competitive balance. 5 minute majors can really level the playing field for a team that has less talent, not only for the power play time, but for tiring out key guys on the penalty kill, and not being able to roll your depth lines. Imagine what it does for a more talented team like Duluth. You either have to follow suit or be left in the dust because officials can’t recognize this is going on, and it seems to be getting worse, not better. As Barney Fife would say, “Nip it in the bud”!
  12. Funny. My son was watching in the back of my car while I was driving. He was screaming “blow the whistle, that guys just lying there, blow the whistle, crap, they scored”
  13. I don't think it is so much of a coached thing as it is a coach looking off into the distance as a poor sport does something to give the team an advantage. I would love to see a set time for concussion protocol but it would run into the same issue. If you make rules or even statements that a hurt player is to continue playing you open a door to liability. Johnny had to get up and skate your honor or the league would punish him or his team. That is why he got run over by the zamboni.
  14. The embellishment that comes out of the Minnesota schools is grotesque... The NCHC has an opportunity to LEAD and create change by becoming the anti diving league.... It needs to happen. The off ice official needs the ability to call down and ... in the spirit of "concussion protocol" either pull these Loser Lazarus' off the ice or issue embellishment majors.
  15. His team mates, including his brother, were not concerned one bit that he may be hurt. Hmmm, not un-expected dive?
  16. With the review the refs only options were, NO CALL or FIVE MINUTES!
  17. I want DU to make it over Western, they will be fun to watch over the next two years. Don't understand ORU. All that talent in the post and they finally have enough at the guard spot to compliment it and can beat the top teams (albeit at home), then go out to DU and lose in OT. Then lose at UND without Rebraca. Either ORU is going to win it all or get dumped in the 1st round, it just seems the way it is trending.
  18. ...and if someone disagrees with that I wouldn't tell them they are wrong. Calling that a major, after review, is way worse than not calling anything at all.
  19. You can see him look up when the puck goes in then put his back down. He should be suspended for embellishment
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