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  2. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2021/5/5/mens-basketball-tsotne-tsartsidze-set-to-join-fighting-hawks.aspx
  3. I wanted to put this here, as I think it effects college hockey in general. Has anyone watched the U18 World Championships this year? I watched a few games, and US losing to Sweden in the quarterfinals. I do not think people can complain about UND not having any recruits on the U18 team. This is about as bad of talent as we have had on that squad in a number of years. We have done very well in the U18's, due a lot to the NTDP being the main source for this team and other countries did not have that sort of program until recently. Just not very impressed with the talent at all. Pastujav (
  4. National Champs UMass picking up some nice dmen pieces for next year's team... Yesterday they got Slava Demin out of the transfer portal (from DU) And today they get Morrow from UND recruits
  5. Ugh. Love all the positive moves college hockey is making, but this is not one of those.
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  7. Sucks to loose elite talent like morrow but like our d group
  8. How does he compare to this Mushila guy? and do we still have any openings?
  9. If I were snarky I'd say something like ... does Morrow think he's the next Cale Makar? Hint: You're not.
  10. Per Schlossman: UND's D for 2021-22 very likely will be (in no particular order, but by shot): Jake Sanderson (LH) Ethan Frisch (RH) Tyler Kleven (LH) Brent Johnson (RH) Chris Jandric (LH) Brady Ferner (RH) Cooper Moore (LH) Luke Bast (LH)
  11. He sounds like one of those kids that leaves at mid season if his dad determines he’s not getting enough playing time on the PP units. Either way, we’ve known about the “issues” surrounding him for awhile. I’m trusting the coaches on this one, and either way the d-corps is a strength of next seasons team, especially with the best dman in the nation returning.
  12. This again remains "best guess" based on Schlossman articles and what else we know. Forwards: Portz Schmaltz Ford (BGSU portal) Calder (LSSU portal) _______ (Kunz) _______ (Constantini or Bowen) Defense: Bast, L Ferner (RPI portal) Jandric (UAF portal) Johnson Goaltender: Driscoll (BSU portal) Hellsten (Halmstad Hammers, SWE)
  13. Not surprised there. He was still worthwhile to recruit, though, IMO.
  14. Reid Neal hit the portal today as well.
  15. Big fan of Johnson and I hope it's the right move and trust that it is.
  16. Here's a better break down: Aside from playing for Shattuck, he played in two USHL games last season with the Youngstown Phantoms. Since last season, his USHL rights have transferred a few times. He was dealt to the Sioux City Musketeers initially and then the Musketeers flipped his right to the Fargo Force. But, with that being said, there is no indication that Morrow will move to the USHL full-time. In May, Morrow sat down with Brian Elliott Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald and the 2021 NHL Draft eligible prospect indicated that “if the season starts on time, he’ll be in Fargo”. Unf
  17. There are known concerns surrounding this kid...that is true. moving on, now schloss is saying they’ll bring in johnson. That decent but hoping he plays. I hate when they ring in younger skilled players and they sit (think Moore). Either way, with the overagers we have coming in I think we should be (at the very least) a top half team in the nchc
  18. It's not just his pops, but what you said was totally fair. Sorry, Youngstown, not Muskegon. He was traded to Sioux City. I was saying it largely in jest, but the movement (or even the rumors/trades/discussions) should clearly be a point of pause. Well, to me at least.
  19. Haven’t been there in a while
  20. Maybe leave the info reporting to the insiders
  21. 15 Seniors eligible to return. My updated wish list with the mindset that this is the most important Fall in UND Football history. Keeping momentum, get the ball starting to roll down hill (recruiting / fan support). I don't want a complete "burn the boats" philosophy, but being very strategic. Paulson is the perfect example. You're able to move on, because of the young talent that will backfill. Wish List: Holm Galvin Canady (Depending on severity of injury) Stage Tuner Haas Tobin and/or Nguon Richter
  22. There are concerns with his pops...but the way you wrote your post is a bit misleading. He’s basically been with shattuck the entire time. Not sure where you grabbed those ushl squads. Was drafted by Youngstown and was never planning to play there long term (many kids make those decisions). His rights were traded to Fargo end of last year...again decided not to go which is his call (which was odd given he’d graduated and decided to play post grad year at shattuck...but should be a true senior in hs this year). I heard him not going to Fargo raised some concerns. Either way, his choice to stay
  23. Hahahaha SO bad. I got a text no more than 30 minutes after I posted that that Morrow was gonezo hahaha. Had a conversation with a buddy a week ago that he was coming in at that point, in all likelihood. In my defense, I did cover my a$$ with "but not final yet" haha. Whoopsie lol.
  24. In the past year, Morrow has been with/owned by/connected to: - Shattuck - Youngstown (drafted him) - Sioux City - Fargo - UND - UMass Red flag? I think so. EDIT: I had Muskegon, not Youngstown
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