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  2. And if I’m reading correctly that covers the police station that was destroyed and other public property. Doesn’t even address the private property that was destroyed. If Frey made the call to abandon precinct 3 they should just let him figure out how to pay for the repairs. I’d start with holding those responsible that they’ve identified.
  3. ...and on cue Walz asks Trump/Feds for a disaster declaration to cover the $500M in damages due to the Floyd riots.
  4. @Fetch - I received your check. Thank you for your payment. @SiouxSherm94 - You’re the last one standing.
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  6. Wait a second, was this 1993 or are we talking a run-of-the-mill Tuesday evening for you here?
  7. I'll quote this garbage again. The country was locked down for a couple months. People put off medical care. Now that people are back to seeking medical care here are a few reasons people wind up in the ICU.... Infections.......sepsis alone puts over a million in ICU beds every year. Close patient monitoring due to operations, accidents and head injuries. Cardiac issues.....which covers a broad range of issues. Lung issues.....which COVID is a part of but of course not all of. When people know they are sick and put off care for weeks because "experts" told them they would die by just leaving their homes and then they decide to seek care around the same time who is surprised ICU and hospital beds are filling up quickly....as they sat empty for months waiting for "the surge". A vast majority of hospital admissions in the past few weeks nationwide have zero to due with COVID due to re-opening.
  8. If he doesn’t do anything about it as president? Yes.
  9. Why would BG go now when they weren't interested the last time around?
  10. Fauci will be just as giddy tomorrow about $20 HCQ like he was earlier about $3,000 Remdesivir right?
  11. Detroit health care study shows taking Hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus can save your life.
  12. If Russia interferes with this election and Biden wins will that than be Biden’s fault. Asking for a friend. I stopped reading after that
  13. I would love to see DU go with if it ever happened. I could care less about UMD.
  14. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/24/us/coronavirus-cases-protests-black-lives-matter-trnd/index.html As Cratter stated, people staying home to avoid the protest offset the spread among protesters. I don't think the virus is going around and only affecting people who aren't standing up for social justice.
  15. This is all hypothetical as I doubt UND will go BG10 and I don’t think the arrogant BG10 would want to invite UND. However should they go, again hypothetically speaking, I see UND and DU being the best two options for BG10 from a purely hockey standpoint. I could also see UMD for more of the MN market but DU would be a far better choice in my opinion.
  16. As I was saying. The peaceful rioters spread covid but was offset by people staying home in those cities. Mainly because a lot of them had citywide curfews.
  17. Read from what I'm sure is one of your favorite publications, one that could hardly be considered a left-leaning propaganda source. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/07/01/research-determines-protests-did-not-cause-spike-in-coronavirus-cases/#2bdc5f9d7dac
  18. "Protester covid" spiked while the normal people were working and staying home to avoid getting hurt which counteracted the spikes in covid from the peaceful rioters.
  19. What the H.E. Double hockey sticks are you talking about?
  20. We'll see how well conditioned they are. I just saw them play Wisconsin 30 minutes ago.
  21. I think so. Maybe they can sneak a 24,000 seat football stadium between those apartments and businesses.
  22. The Sioux, ranked number one for most of the season, take on the 'Smaht Kids' from Harvard in the 1987 national seminfinals (It was not called the Frozen Four yet) at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.
  23. With a retractable roof though?
  24. You should be required to wear a mask to enter this thread/forum topic and discussion. #Progress All masks aren’t the same, so let’s try and create some standardization here.
  25. The MEaC is closer to stable as Del ST will remain. https://delawarestatenews.net/sport/delstate-staying-in-meac/
  26. I’m sorry I can’t blame the kid too much for getting what seemed to be a good last minute offer and taking that instead of running a Rudy ball offense. Run, run, then throw on 3rd and 7. Thankfully we have an actual DI offensive coordinator now.
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