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  2. Yes, all goals count other then shootouts.
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  4. Two games after 9 months without competition and the trolls are already in “the end is near” mode. Then, one goal and we’re back to Natty mode. Oh my god...
  5. Rewatched the goals and even if he's at the right depth Edwards still probably still shelves him on goal #2. He or Karl would tell you he was too deep, but you're right, not his fault. More could probably be said about our top line allowing a one pass break out up the middle of the ice to turn into a 3-2 to begin with.
  6. UND is 2-0. For conference standings, team only get 2 points out of 3 for OT win. If I recall correctly, if there wasn’t a pandemic and there was a pairwise rankings, 3x3 OT wins count as a win but would have less weight than a regulation win.
  7. Agree and no money in it.
  8. Ummmm....we’re not 2-0....we’re in second place right now behind UMD. it’s early, no panic, but....we are definitely not playing up to our potential yet.
  9. As Stone Cold would say, “Give me a hell yah! if it feels good beating the Pios!”
  10. Scheel was fine. Not really understanding the criticism for the 2nd goal. That was an uncontested shot from the slot off a wide lateral pass. It was a perfectly executed 3 on 2 rush by Denver. That's a goal that goes in on NHL goalies every night. That said, he probably wants the 3rd goal back. Sloppy game but it's a 2-0 start. Denver is probably the best team we'll see this year. The NCHC is gauntlet and we'll need to win the ugly ones sometimes.
  11. For a good stretch there it felt like a normal Friday evening for this time of year. Fun game to watch, and good to see no love lost.
  12. When I tried to get the game the schedule showed the game 4 times, all for tonight's game. i clicked on one - it didn't work. I clicked on another - it didn't work. I think it was the third one that finally worked. Never seen that before. But I wasn't able to get it until 5:33. I'm Pacific time.
  13. I was on the Scheel train to start this one and I was wrong. Goals 2 and 3 he needs to use his size and get to the top of the paint. Can't give up weak ones in the NCHC. Thome and the Vikings on Sunday. Sounds like a winner.
  14. I hate moral victories, but that was way more than I expected out of UND after their last two games. Maybe their is still some hope to make some noise in the conference. Rebraca was a stud!
  15. Me trying to explain it? because if so I apologize.
  16. https://www.nchchockey.com/news_article/show/1134147 The points for NCHC standings will not be changing from past seasons, there simply will no longer be a 5-on-5 overtime. A win in regulation will be worth three (3) points, while a loss in regulation is worth zero (0) points. If a game remains tied after regulation, one (1) point will be awarded to each team. One additional point will then be awarded to the team who wins the 3-on-3 overtime or 3-person shootout, giving that team two (2) points total. A team that loses in overtime or the shootout will still receive one (1) point for the t
  17. It worked for me tonight with no issues.
  18. Fun hockey game between two good teams. Definitely some sloppy moments from the Sioux the need to be tightened up. The winner from Kawaguchi was excellent he sure got the puck up quick there.
  19. Upon reading the article only a regulation win will give 3 points. So only 2 points for und with tonights win but for parwise it would be a win.
  20. I stand corrected. Thanks.
  21. UND really battled hard and had a good showing. Impressed with Rebraca again and I think I say that after every full UND game I watch. If he can play at the level he did tonight consistently I like some of the complimentary pieces and think UND could make some noise in the Summit and hope they do. Not a good effort at all for the Gophers. Did get the win but most of all I hope they learn their lesson from tonight. Not much good Minnesota can take from this one.
  22. I watched the whole game on Roku
  23. Need to update the app and it will update/revert to the previous version.
  24. Thome time. I’d like to see a blowout Sunday to get some guys rolling. Slow sloppy going so far, but found a way to win tonight.
  25. Are you guys sure its 3 points? on the NCHC website it says: POINTS EXPLANATION: Teams are awarded three points for each conference win in regulation, two points for an overtime or shootout win and one point for an overtime or shootout loss. Overtime wins and losses appear in both the W and L columns, as well as the OTW and OTL columns.
  26. Win. The OT is changed from 5x5 to 3x3 and straight to a shootout for the extra point.
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