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  2. No that is not what I was saying or meant. If our WR running a deep route has pretty good coverage, Tommy often plays it safe and leads him a little too much to avoid the interception. I just meant he needs to throw it and let our WR make a play even if the coverage is good, not overshoot him by 2 yards to be safe. Maag should be able to make a play if it's one-on-one. But I'm hoping due to scheme and maybe Dennis or the transfer, or Maag can get some separation and make some big plays deep. We need to hit on a few of those.
  3. Does it seem we are underweight year end year out in some positions. If our qbs are a running threat that can make up for some arm strength weakness. We need our qbs to be a running and scramble threat. Take the first down when the opportunity presents. As everyone knows
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  5. Guess I'll wait to do a cost benefit analysis once I see the costs and benefits.
  6. I’m confused what floor are these multi room suites on?
  7. Sheets and pillow cases can be easily replaced. Walls and plumbing? Not so much. When you're building a boutique hotel(i.e. expensive as !@#$), it's kind of important to get the details right. If I'm spending serious money to stay with three others in a two bedroom VIP suite, I'm not going to appreciate sharing one bathroom in the morning. If I'm staying alone in an expensive one bedroom suite, I'm not going to appreciate waking up and having to cross the entire suite to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night or in the morning. If I'm putting down the cash for the best room in the building, I'm expecting one of the best views, not the worst. I'm not going to appreciate paying that money only to open the room door the first time and find I'm looking at a parking lot or the back side of another building(or no view at all since one of the two bedrooms in the VIP suites don't have any windows at all). If the rooms are simply fancier versions of the same rooms you find at the local Super 8, why not just go there and spend Super 8 money instead? https://www.grandforksgov.com/home/showpublisheddocument/41954/637749313846970000
  8. They need to bite the bullet and just put Buxton on the IL. Keep Miranda up for now, he is starting to figure it out. Krilloff will be ready soon. Make the swap then.
  9. Not great. Carroll came in as a Freshman at 265. Weights for the O-Line did not change for anyone from the Fall Roster in 2021 to Spring 2022, so we don't know what he actually is at now. Going back at Center weights: Ghadaksaz: 290 (Senior) Nguon: 295 (Senior) Rooney: 289 (Senior) Everyone being different, but hopefully he can gain 20lbs in a year. 285 would be a little light, but doable.
  10. Michael Russo with a tweet this morning.
  11. I wonder what the thread count will be too?!
  12. This right here is a major liability for the offense. Exactly why QB position is so important to the offense and the entire team. You are basically suggesting that the best we can do with Tommy Schuster to ignite the deep passing game is to throw up 50/50 balls … ouch
  13. This is the main wildcard. If he is a good player, the corps will be better. If he’s a bust, then I worry this receiving corps will be status quo and not nearly explosive enough.
  14. Goon


    One of my favorite venues to be at. Next Weekend is the World of Outlaws Noz Energy Drink Sprint Car Series.
  15. I recall the developer saying it was a risky investment.
  16. Great article…..exciting fall!
  17. for a big 2022 season CJ will be a huge part. Great article. Great Young man. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2022/05/c-j-siegel/
  18. I just don't understand the philosophy of the room layouts. The best rooms in the building have large banks of windows with views of only the back alley/parking lot. All of the regular suites have sitting rooms with no windows at all, and they're right over either the restaurant kitchen or bar(likely noise issues). The corners would be the best spots for the nicer suites, but they're using all but one of them for single king rooms. And in all the different suites, the bathrooms are near the entrances to the rooms rather than off of the bedrooms. Plus, all the bathrooms are a single room with a single sink; even the only bathrooms in the nicest two-bedroom VIP suites(instead of double sinks and separating parts of the bathroom off so multiple people can use it at the same time). It just doesn't make any sense compared to typical high end hotel room layouts.
  19. Very cool project and many thanks to Mr. Gisi for an investment for downtown Grand Forks that comes from the heart because he loves this community. It will be an amazing asset - and another building block to the goal of an amazing vibrant downtown.
  20. I love the smell of methanol in the evening, https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/finally-the-green-flag-will-drop-at-river-cities-speedway Sad to see the impacts of quickly rising costs and inflation on an already expensive activity. Maybe the oil companies will kick in some extra sponsor dollars. Perhaps Fufeng could bankroll some teams and get some positive community PR. I hear Pfizer is having a pretty decent year, too. Now that spring is finally here, and gas is too expensive to leave town, let’s get out and support these guys and gals!
  21. Left it up to the coaches, who in turn waited for photos? Planned to tie in story with Champions Club activities/press during the upcoming summer months? Not wanting to showcase current spending that might lessen perceived urgency of future projects? Tried to time announcement to stand out from REA weight room news? Focused on HPC fundraising? Busy with NIL or the systematic dismantling of the NCAA? A moose wandered onto campus and ate the press release? Hard to say.
  22. Please just tell me that Smeltzer took himself out....please.... Not hitting much lately. Miranda down, Royce up? Or do they let Gordon go?
  23. I'm a little surprised on where he ended up. Best of luck to E.
  24. Glad there will be 80+ new hotel rooms downtown Forks Olive Ann boutique hotel holds groundbreaking in downtown Grand Forks https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/local/olive-ann-boutique-hotel-holds-groundbreaking-in-downtown-grand-forks
  25. Why is the athletic department silent about this stuff?
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