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  2. Super disappointed with the twins this year. Focused on the Fargo redheadhawks and saints
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  4. Yup, probably at least a year away. I can't handle another year of Simmons. Let Polanco play short until Royce gets his feet back under him.
  5. Would love to see the green j’s this year
  6. It'll be interesting to hear the rationale. I assumed it's NIL related but it could be due to not skating last year.
  7. School Football Hockey Wrestling Baseball Basketball Cross/Track Golf Tennis Track I/O Total North Dakota 63 18 13 12.6 4.5 4.5 115.6 North Dakota State 63 9.9 11.7 13 12.6 4.5 114.7 School Basketball Cross Golf Soccer Softball Tennis Volleyball Track I/O Total North Dakota 15 18 6 14 12 8 12 85 North Dakota State 15 18 6 14 12 12 77 School Total 2019 Difference North Dakota 200.6 208 7.4 North Dakota State 191.7 180 -11.7 Thanks again - Dan - let me know if I have anything else that needs to be updated.
  8. Thanks, I knew that I had something off.... so we are looking at 11.7 under funding for NDSU. Thanks for the correction Dan.
  9. P5 can keep its College Football Playoff and 85 scholarships and do their own thing. 75-85-scholarship subdivision merger between top FCS teams and G5 teams that don’t get poached to P5 conferences 63-scholarship for rest of FCS and any D2 teams that wanna jump Today's P5 - I think you might see some teams dropping down. They may not want to keep up with the Jones as they say. Because the large power school are going to say either invest or get out. But, we are tired of you riding along. In addition, I can see them going back to 100 scholarships. Why risk losing talent to the lower levels. Today G5 - If there is a hard wall between P5 and G5. And P5 expands scholarship limits. That means less talent available and why continue to apply the 85 scholarship limit. Plus without guarantee games more schools will be losing money. I can see a potential reduction in the number of scholarship for G5 maybe back down the FCS type levels and rules or lower. Bottom level of FCS and D2 - I can see them merging and scholarship levels reduced from 63 to 45 max and 20 min. All non scholarship football programs - Does the Dayton rule really make sense in today's athletics. I don't know.. So, they play in a new D-III for football. Hamline/Macalester really get crushed now.
  10. Someone DM'd me and they gave a very plausible reason for UND being above the current max allowed. It because UND is still honoring scholarship commitment from the cutting of sports in 16/17. So, it is very likely that UND will be seeing a reduced scholarship load by approximately 7 scholarships in the near future. But, I still don't have a reason why NDSU is 16 scholarships under the max. Oh well, but Bison73 I think clearly shows that UND is hyper funded and NDSU is potentially under funded at this point. Let me know what you see wrong with those conclusions. In my opinion, all the D1 requirements and levels in particular appear to be changing based on yesterdays news of a conference to discuss these requirements. So, this is all kind of moot at this point. But, I just wanted to wrap up the topic.
  11. He's one of the wealthiest North Dakotans...
  12. I am sure that I have something off, when I add up the max allowed by sport for mens and womens for UND and NDSU. I have the following: Men: School Football Hockey Wrestling Baseball Basketball Cross/Track Golf Tennis Total North Dakota 63 18 13 12.6 4.5 4.5 115.6 North Dakota State 63 9.9 11.7 13 12.6 4.5 4.5 119.2 Women: School Basketball Cross Golf Soccer Softball Tennis Volleyball Total North Dakota 15 18 6 14 12 8 12 85 North Dakota State 15 18 6 14 12 12 77 Total For All Sports: School Total North Dakota 200.6 North Dakota State 196.2 Then looking at Jdub27 numbers it looks like UND is 7.4 above the max and NDSU is 16.2 below the max. I must be missing something here. But, I am not sure what? For 2019: UND gave out $5.5 million though 208 full equivalencies to 328 student athletes. NDSU gave out $4.8 million 180 full equivalencies to 323 student athletes.
  13. The kid may become a great FCS O Lineman. But he looks like he will need to lose some weight and put on better weight before he plays much.
  14. Fact is UND is not fully funded for all sports. Or provide a link for when that happened.
  15. Is Wentz made of glass?
  16. Hard to feel too sorry for someone who is guaranteed millions whether he plays or not just a little jealous I am!!!
  17. Murphy Stratton committed to UND despite playing playing 45 games in the WHL. He was led to believe the penalty would only be a year and 7 games but it turned out longer so he changed course. Swankler didn’t play hockey in 20-21 season so I’m guessing that counts as time served? Not sure iit’s a huge change yet? In Swankler’s case, the NCAA must’ve determined the amount of time he’s sat out was enough to be eligible to play in 21-22 season.
  18. Wow, that could really change things.
  19. https://www.uscho.com/2021/07/28/granted-eligibility-by-ncaa-former-ohl-player-swankler-commits-to-bowling-green-for-2021-22-season/?fbclid=IwAR2R3j4zQYBe2pToLc4Eigin1s4LyL2hKh7w8T1U_sAu0d4pfED0JXuNbRY Whole new ballgame for college/MJ rivalry. MJ players are compensated, and the rights to their likeness are granted to their team is probably at the root of their argument.
  20. Last week
  21. Didn't Royce tear his acl? I think missing a whole year will push his MLB arrival back.
  22. they are saying it aint season ending but with cw the second his foot is healed he'll hurt the other one....time to go work at scheels carson
  23. I think a few offseason moves get made. I'm going to take it as a step back in '22 before charging in '23. Now, lets hope there IS baseball in 2022
  24. The Twins blew it not trading Kepler. Although its at the point where they aren't going to get anything for a .210 hitting poor fielding outfielder who gets hurt more than average. 2022 Twins lineup: 1. Arraez-2B. Just put Polanco at short until Royce is ready. 2. Polanco-SS. Don't let the door hit you Simmons. Royce a year away? 3. Donaldson-3B. Guess nobody wants to take that contract. 4. Buxton-CF. Didn't pay Berrios. Trade while the getting is good? 5. Garver-C. The other two just aren't every day catchers. 6. Kepler-RF. Sigh..... 7. Sano-DH.....what could have been. 8. Kiriloff-1B. Take lots of grounder when you get healthy. 9. Larnach-LF. Martin seems at least a year or two away. Larnach plays every day hopefully. We are now in rebuild mode.
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