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  2. Jones brought some talented two steppers to the ballroom, wore his Sunday's best while keeping the wax on his sideline shinning, and did take us to the DANCE. In a good way, he will come back to visit some day. Wish you the best JONES.
  3. So with these potential scenarios, we would need to have the NCAA's tournament committee place us in 21st place on their list to make the playoffs? Because the 22nd, 23rd, & 24th place ranked teams would be knocked out by these auto bids?
  4. Sorry it sounds like it gave out partway through. I was at the game, so didn’t see how it was going. Your guys played hard -- you’ve got some good pieces. Good luck with the Summit League this year!
  5. If I recall correctly he was a walk on like Matt Henderson.
  6. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    All of these games will be important to shape how we look, but I really hope Weber can beat Montana. Montana is tough at home......if Weber gets beat by 10-15 that quickly takes some luster off our near win last week. If Weber goes in and beats Montana at their place, makes our game against them look even better.
  7. Yea, but at the same time we had faith in the kid before anyone. I think it’s a positive and shows we’re after the right guy.
  8. Yep, more of a concern with the year Minnesota is having this year......might be more tempting for him than it normally would have been.
  9. MDtoGF

    On to UNC

    Hi there, this article is on the things to focus on for the next two weeks, it was kind of written after the talk about polls and placement and what not. Remember how Northern Arizona felt in Bubba's first year when UND spoiled their playoff chance at home with a win? Well two teams can do that to UND at home this year. Read for more! Just some long term perspective on the media poll vs short term banter that often happens. Happy Tuesday ! https://seamoresports.com/2019/11/12/just-win-und-football/
  10. Walter. 3 points, 1 rebound brown no points
  11. We will win some games this year doubt we’ll finish 8th
  12. If anything happens to Rebraca this year, we are in serious trouble.
  13. I was pretty young but man, Phil Sykes, after what he accomplished, wasn’t highly sought after?? He’s a legend!
  14. 92-62 with 3 to go feed gave out on me a long time ago, so that is why updates are slow
  15. We still need a big out there
  16. I'm hoping that Moody can use this as a springboard to get his season started.
  17. That's saying something right there.
  18. Them feed sucks worse than pluto
  19. That was a great backdoor feed from Paonam to Brady, he did get fouled 72-48 Zags at the under 12
  20. With the year Minnesota is having it's more concerning than it would be if they were still a doormat for the BIG.
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