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  2. i think there will be a tapering top of some sort added still with blue lights exiting from the top to mimick the blue lights from arund the bottom of the concrete circles.....
  3. Imagine if there were a 99.75% chance that you would NOT !@#$ your pants but you were forced to wear Depends just in case.
  4. I've heard the same thing. It's not hard to see where my fandom lies, but from the outside looking in it has been obvious to see that Entz isn't the coach Bohl or Kleiman is. He has brought a level of ignorance and cockiness that wasn't there before. I'll be honest, for as much as I dislike NDSU for the simple fact that's how I was raised, I respected the hell of of them and their coaches when they were in their hayday and they didn't even drive me that crazy because they were doing things the right way. That's not the case with the current NDSU program and well I believe we are all watching an empire fall because of it......
  5. Hoping to not see “the look” from Bubba. We all know the look and it usually means we are in trouble.
  6. If we go back to the Spring, there is one thing I would really like to see improve against NDSU. Game plan! UND seemed to have a solid game plan going into most games last spring and this far in the Fall. Against NDSU, we just seemed kind of lost. Hoping to see us dial up some creativity and aggressiveness early.
  7. The move BB put on that Sam Houston player in 2019 was nasty when he ran it up the middle and juked that guy and took it to the house. Not sure BB has super high top and speed or not, but he can make people miss.
  8. Thats right, I believe it was right after the Canady interception. Had he crossed the line (which I still can't believe he seemed to move towards the defender rather than the pylon), then no fumble and no injury. Hope he is ok.
  9. SJHovey


    It was my understanding that two years ago, when tickets went on sale, the game was pretty much a sellout. Even if half the UND fans stayed home, a number I have a difficult time believing, we'd still have 8500 fans there, and it would sound loud.
  10. scpa0305


    Definitely don't agree with the "vaccine passport" theory....completely ridiculous and everyone should make their own choice. It is their right. But on the flip side....it's absolutely ridiculous folks haven't gotten the vaccine (my own personal opinion). So I'll show my vaccine card but don't agree with the decision to force this.
  11. Today
  12. Looked like he got his shoulder popped pretty well on his second fumble. Stayed down and held it once he walked off. I actually like Boltmann better in the role anyways. He's a significantly better runner, but a slightly worse passer. With how rare Quincy passes anyway, it seems like it would be smarter to have the better runner in there.
  13. I realize there is a big discrepancy still in talent between the two rosters, particularly along the lines, which drives me nuts, but the main way UND closes the gap is getting the local kids and having them turn into stars. Seems to do something extra for the program when those guys hit.
  14. Through the grapevine I heard Entz dropped the ball on Belquist big time. Didn’t know that he was a legacy player or approach his recruiting with that in mind. Maybe he would have played for UND in the end anyway, but I was told he would have liked to have been a Bison but the recruiting was such a turnoff that he wouldn’t have been at NDSU even if they offered in the end. Entz isn’t high on a lot of insiders list these days. Hopefully he figures it out or mediocrity is definitely going to seep in.
  15. What happened to Q again?
  16. Any news on Q if he is practicing or will be ready to go? if not I suppose Boltman is next man up
  17. When everyone's healthy, we have an embarrassment of riches in our receiver corp (except for a gamebreaker, although wouldn't BB fall into that category?).
  18. Disagree. As said above it’s been so long since tickets were purchased, I don’t blame anyone if plans changed and can’t or don’t want to go anymore. Nature of the times. I don’t think it will or should do anything regarding the fan base. And who would care? They have the money for the tix anyway. Optics only.
  19. I know, we would have been in game week mode anyway
  20. Been rooting for und in this game since the early 60s. I recall a howling north wind on game day 1966. My family, after considerable deliberation, deciding to make the drive from Fargo. Bison won 18-15. I anticipate a similar result, unfortunately. The Hawks haven't shown the consistency in big games needed in recent years to allow me to predict otherwise.
  21. Jack Wright has been looking good in the playing time he has gotten. Who is our fasted WR with hands?
  22. That could very well be true. I know he came to camp and tore it up here
  23. The north end had a tiny area in the middle where people could stand
  24. I think we offered before he went to their camp. That’s what I heard at least. Pretty sure he committed to us after they blew him off at their camp.
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