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  1. Wondering if anyone can help. Many years ago there was an image (photo) of a toilet painted with Goldy Gopher swirling down the bowl. I thought I saved it....can't find it. Anyone have that handy? I couldn't seem to locate it it on the internet via an image search either. But that could be because I'm not that bright. Thanks in advance!
  2. the fact you think that was all about grammar and punctuation/spelling means you did miss the point. I won't respond on this further to avoid sidetracking this thread about football attendance any further
  3. Oh, I think you did this time. When I asked about it last time I'm pretty sure the point flew right over your head.
  4. yzerman19 is wise. Anyone know what the scalping market will be like tonight? Over the counter is too $. And last night probably wasn't a good gauge of the secondary market. Hard to know if people will show up or try to dump their tickets for tonight...
  5. Maybe, but I thought you couldn't stick your leg out to check the opponent. But I'm not an expert on the rules of hockey, so.... Correctimundo SiouxFan100.
  6. I still say his playoff flop in Sioux Falls cost him $100k Really pleased UND locked up Berry on another contract. I think he's the right guy for the job and we're lucky to have him leading the program. Lots if good players in the pipeline too. As mentioned above, I hope the assistants are also getting their piece of the pie.
  7. words I hadn't expected to read on this board.....
  8. I'm guessing Senden wasn't recruited because of his gaudy scoring numbers. I don't think he was ever much of a scorer in high school. Will just be another valuable member of the UND hockey team that UM wishes it had
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