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  1. The play on the ice allowed me to do that weeks ago.
  2. CHN PWR shows UND #1 as well. Could still change, as a couple games still to finish.
  3. This team just keeps on rolling. Let's hope the break doesn't slow them down at all. Heck of a first half.
  4. Michaud now too! Piling it on.
  5. Pinto 2x and Caulfield 2x. Nice!
  6. Caulfield with assist too, 3pt game for him!
  7. It's a pretty massive jump to the top 3 teams in RPI to #4 Denver. Pretty crazy. 1 Cornell .7196 2 Mankato .6697 3 UND .6609 4 Denver .5850 Then there's a pile of teams in the .55xx to .58xx. Those top three teams are quite a bit up from the rest of the field right now. Will be interesting to see where Cornell goes when they get their first loss. Harvard was in top 5 when they were 6-0...now they've lost their last 3 games and are down to #21 in PWR.
  8. Cornell remains undefeated, beating Harvard 3-1. BC's surge & Notre Dame's slump continues...BC wins 4-0. SCSU gets their first NCHC win of the season, beating Miami 2-1. What the heck Denver? Losing 4-1 to ASU behind Walker's hat trick.
  9. UW is going thru some of the same of what BU went thru with all their talented young players. Can't believe that UW team with Caufield and Turcotte is a couple games under .500 and only has 2 B10 conference wins in 9 games. The games I've watched with UW, those 2 can take over a game...also appears that they can disappear at times as well...
  10. Man, they've been talking about that arena for half a decade.
  11. The guy lost to Mankato, he's a bum!
  12. Great to get 3pts after UND was on the PK for what seemed like the entire 2nd period. Including 2 3x5 PK! I’ll take it.
  13. UND picks up a commitment from a 16yo goalie with a great hockey name...Hobie Hedquist. Originally was a CC commit.
  14. Man that top line was insane. The first three goals. Cmon.
  15. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4796080-Jacob-Bernard-Docker-inches-closer-toward-Team-Canada-Gabe-Bast-inches-closer-toward-return?fbclid=IwAR2JfN_n1KxyLRLwkFZ3vy1QIPGuN8pg77raZL5oXiYt83GFzdEeV9FtvlM Talks about JBD at WJC and Bast's return:
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