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  1. This weekend definitely helped in opening up a gap in the standings, and we can send a little thank you card to SCSU and UNO for stealing points both nights from UMD and DU right behind us. Now there's a cluster of 2-4 teams and 5-8 with us 8 points clear. 3+ points next weekend at UMD makes it even harder for a team below us to catch up. Getting Pooly back will be a big help against a UMD team that lives on the PP.
  2. Especially when Duluth took 0 pts this weekend.
  3. Wow, nice turnaround and a great 3rd.
  4. Yeah that was a brutal stretch. Thanks Gooch.
  5. Duluth gave UND a hell of an opening tonight but UND appears to be pissing it away with horrible PK play.
  6. I sure hope they keep giving them PP's in the 3rd. Seems to be working well so far.
  7. Time to just hand the game to Miami.
  8. Nice job by Adams to draw that PP.
  9. Gooch with another primary assist.
  10. Huge help from SCSU this weekend. Hopefully we can take advantage...
  11. I really hope Berry wouldn't be starting him if that's the case. He'll get back to where he was in the first half...that said, I still think Thome should get the start tomorrow. If he doesn't give up 1-2 goals in the first 5 shots of the game, we'll consider it a success.
  12. Cornell tied NMU so both #1 and #2 in the PWR tied tonight.
  13. I'd say you have to go with Thome. Scheel has been consistent at letting in multiple goals the last few games before the game is even a couple minutes old. Can't start every game in a 1-2 goal deficit. Final SOG tonight were 42-17...shouldn't have ever even come down to that blown call at the end.
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