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  1. Best of luck to him at Niagara. Writing was on the wall there with him appearing to stall a bit in the USHL.
  2. I can’t tell if he’s talking about whining or winning? Or maybe wining has something to do with people that drink a lot of wine?
  3. brianvf


    They know that Cornell is a paper champion. I think that Cornell is going to have a serious wake up call when the NCAA tourney hits. Their opponents talent level is going to jump up one or two notches.
  4. Heck, have them sit the rest of the game for proper evaluation. If you want to dive and hold your head, then be prepared to be out the rest of the game.
  5. You won’t get that analysis from that Twitter account. Now, if UND had done that at the end of the game, it would have been all over his account with claims to PROTECT THE PLAYERS!
  6. After reading this, I’m amazed that he even survived, let alone took the ensuing face off. That is a whole lot of nonsense for a shoulder to shoulder hit that was very heavily exaggerated and sold by the SCSU player.
  7. Man, ASU had three 5min major penalties tonight against UW. That's a rough night.
  8. I wouldn’t even complain if SCSU doesn’t make it to the X.
  9. Any chance for a suspension for Poehling after that crap to Kierstad at the end?
  10. Exactly. Donovan could very well do well in his later years at UW, but 26gp and only 1-2--3 so far this season. That's pretty rough.
  11. They won the NCHC regular season, but lost in the tournament semi-final to UMD. They then tied DU in the 3rd place NCHC tourney game.
  12. Agreed. That whole account for the most part is a lot of whining in general.
  13. DU is still at #5 in the PWR, but man the RPI is super close going down the line. Denver does have the easiest remaining schedule with Miami/SCSU/CC left, so they should be able to right the ship and keep their PWR up there. I hope.
  14. I don't understand how UW sucks so badly. They have so much talent...it's very young talent, but so elite. Similar to BU from the past couple seasons with their elite talent...but BU was still competitive.
  15. Almost exactly the same. That year, we didn't lose to DU all year. And then we get placed in their regional and lose 1-0 in the regional final. This year, we haven't lost to DU...the last thing I want is to get placed in Loveland and hope that we could beat them yet again.
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