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  1. And Pearson was adamant that he and the team had wanted to play the games all along. But now it comes out that he was the one that wanted them cancelled from the beginning. Geez
  2. This was posted around the interwebs. Coming up on the 40 year anniversary of the water bottle game with UW. The box score from that game. UW scored two SHG in the 2nd period on back to back penalties. And then the mayhem in the 3rd.
  3. Geez, the kid is barely halfway thru his freshman season, and he's already been written off? Let's see how he's doing another 1-2 years from now.
  4. I'd be very surprised if we take 3 of 4 from Omaha. I'd love to see it, though. We'll see if Hellsten is in net on Friday night. Something tells me that the coaches will go back to Driscoll again.
  5. #13 in the PWR now. Man, two crappy weekends back to back and they fall from #4 to #13. They're TP & the HB "free fallin'" right now.
  6. I'm not really liking our chances against SCSU this upcoming weekend. If we get swept again, how far back do they have to look to find when we were last swept on three consecutive weekends?
  7. Yeah I get your point for sure. To be fair to guys like Calder and Ford, those two had tied for the NCAA lead in goals last year. We need those two and Gaber to be putting the puck in the net a heck of a lot more. But right now no one is for this team. Berry needs to be doing a full-court press to land Logan Cooley right now for next season. That'd be a huge stepping stone to get some "blue chippah" forward talent & depth on the roster moving forward.
  8. Plus all these teams that kept a bunch of 5th year seniors will graduate and come back down to earth a bit. Looking at you, Western, SCSU, etc.
  9. We had to bring in those portal guys because we lost a ton after last year. A ton. We lost more than any other program in the NCAA. If we didn't bring in all the transfers, we'd have 14 freshmen on the roster right now. I had higher hopes for this year than what the team is showing now, but UND is still an elite program. We had the #1 team in the nation the last two years in a row...something was bound to give when all those talented players graduated or left for the NHL. This season isn't lost yet, but it certainly is teetering. Hopefully they can right the ship and at least make the NCAA's. Next season should be better when we're bringing in more talent and potentially only losing Sanderson.
  10. Man, one goal all weekend. We'll see what next weekend brings, but we should probably prepare for more of the same.
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