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  1. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/2020-draft-prospect-jake-sanderson-has-everything-you-want-in-a-defenseman Can't wait to see him wear the UND sweater!
  2. Exactly. Just like the season starting this fall.
  3. If both Miller and Moore come in, that puts us at 9 dmen, unless Reiger is moved to a more forward slot to take that open spot there as well. Gonna be a very deep d-corp.
  4. Yeah no doubt on his best coaching job. I forgot about the nonstop season-ending injuries that year until Schloss' article reminded me: https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6483187-Herald-Top-5-memories-The-Timeout-game-was-a-comeback-for-the-ages
  5. That was 2011. This was their 2012 F5 run. Although your point still stands.
  6. https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2020/05/09_NCAA-No-Sports-Without-Students.php Let's cross our fingers for this hybrid approach to pan out, because I just don't see every university getting everything lined up for all students to return to campus by this fall. If they can do hybrid for fall semester and then back to normal by spring semester? Hopefully something like that would work...because selfishly, I want to see what this 20/21 UND team can do.
  7. My favorite part: Mario single-handedly battling not 1, not 2, but 3 Gopher players right in front of the net and he’s the one that gets to the puck for a goal. The epitome of both UND hockey and UMN hockey all in one scene.
  8. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6484634-UND-handles-leaked-private-Instagram-chat-internally
  9. He had two comments that I saw...both minor stuff compared to the other comments, for sure.
  10. Herald article on UND dman commit Scott Morrow: https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6481903-UND-commit-headed-to-Fargo-has-a-lot-of-Travis-Roche-in-him-Force-GM-Cary-Eades-says Another Roche? Yes please. Geez that dman pipeline is SO stacked.
  11. Sounds like a country music duo. They must be having a concert at the Ralph soon or something.
  12. Maybe they can all share an apartment.
  13. It'd be hard to get more playing time being that they have 0 games scheduled.
  14. Well there you go, they don't need to recruit, they will just invite current students to play for them. There's plenty of interest. Man, it's going to be many, many seasons before this team doesn't get blown out every game.
  15. Both PSU and ASU had very well-established and successful club teams prior to announcing going D1. I don't think LIU has anything at all.
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