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  1. He was the extra forward tonight against Merrimack but didn't register a shot or point. He did, however, take 2 penalties.
  2. Final 8-1. Nice sweep after last year's debacle. JBD with 4 pts
  3. UW beat Merrimack 11-5. Caufield already with 4 goals early in his NCAA career.
  4. Ah that's a darn shame. Hopefully the first of many losses for them this season.
  5. Hard to read too much into these exhibition games (I mean, even Duluth lost... ), but Manitoba tied Omaha 3-3 tonight. Omaha scored in the 3x3 OT to "win" it.
  6. That was right in the middle of my days at UND as well. Some amazing teams went through there, plus the atmosphere of the old REA.
  7. Riese Gaber https://www.grandforksherald.com/incoming/4681421-Undrafted-UND-recruit-may-go-under-the-radar-but-is-showing-dynamic-abilities
  8. The changing hockey landscape has something to do with Duluth being beautiful and St Cloud being fast growing. Interesting.
  9. Right?! Those pre-season all-conference team selections are always indicative of how the season will end up.
  10. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4652710-UND-hockey-commit-roundup-Massimo-Rizzo-starting-season-injured Some committed player updates. Rizzo's return and the info on Budy.
  11. Kid likes to move around a lot.
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