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  1. I would rather the Gophers not be good. That said, we haven't been really contending for titles either since the 2016 trophy.
  2. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/1761952-Former-DU-forward-Brendan-Budy-commits-to-UND?fbclid=IwAR2nmCf5hAQSjxg1sRjZOYCl3OS14AtZ13BlX3CsDq_O8oxAZszsH_BsEto New forward recruit for 2020 class, played with DU last season so will only have 3 years of eligibility left.
  3. brianvf

    Shaw's gone.

    Adding Michaud to our PP bumps it up 5% automatically.
  4. Sounds like Perunovich is returning for another season at UMD.
  5. Rumors going around are that Jack Hughes wants to play one year of NCAA hockey prior to going pro, so the UND staff is making room by holding Caulfield back one season in the USHL. Fargo, upon hearing that, took a late flyer on Judd knowing that he'd need a place to play for a season.
  6. Not to mention DU commit Matthew Savoie went 1st overall. And the team that selected him also picked up the rights to his brother from Regina...Matthew's older brother was also committed to DU. Either they're really gambling on a "hope" that both brothers elect to go WHL...or they already know the brothers intentions. That can't be a good sign for the DU commitments.
  7. Yeah. He’ll get heavy pressure to sign with his drafted team if he keeps progressing, so hopefully he still ends up here if he’s still a stud in 4 years.
  8. 14 years old? Wowzers, had to get his commitment in before the rules change. Didn't realize he had been drafted that high in the WHL. Odds that he ever makes it to campus?
  9. Samberg announced that he is staying for his JR season as well for UMD. Just Perunovich left as an early departure risk for them...
  10. This team will make the playoffs next season.
  11. I can't wait for these three to get on campus. I see them being great college players that all stick around for 3-4 years. Put them all on the same line and you get the next Pony Express line of Rizzo (Trupp), Blaisdell (Frattin), and Caulfield (Malone).
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