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  1. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6978151-UNDs-2021-22-mens-hockey-roster-starting-to-take-shape
  2. What? Geez. That’s my go to for pretty much all the stats and game results.
  3. Have any of the UMass/SCSU players entered the portal yet?
  4. Agreed. Especially being that UND pretty much dominated all three of those games. It wasn't luck that they scored some goals...maybe the late timing of them was a tad lucky though.
  5. I don't know if we would have beaten UMass, but I really doubt it would be a 4-0 deficit after 2. UND's defense & goaltending is superior to what SCSU is showing thus far.
  6. I mean, UMD pretty much dominated them all game until the OT. SCSU is just not playing well at all.
  7. Haha UMass coach mad that they've been killing penalties "all period". They've taken two penalties this period.
  8. I'm honestly fine with either team winning it. Cool to be guaranteed a first time winner taking home the trophy. SCSU keeps the trophy in NCHC, but have to deal with their fans. UMass we never have to deal with, but it takes the trophy to the East Coast. So, both a plus and minus with either winner, so call it a wash.
  9. 1-2 more quality forwards from the portal and they'll have had a very successful offseason recruiting out of the portal, for sure.
  10. Even better being that he'll have two years of eligibility remaining instead of just one like some of the other portal players.
  11. Forwards: Portz Schmaltz Ford (BGSU portal) _______ _______ _______ <- slot added because Blaisdell is in the portal Defense: Bast, L Ferner (RPI portal) Jandric (UAF portal) _______ <- Johnson or Morrow? Goaltender: Driscoll (BSU portal) _______
  12. It's official! Add Chris Jandric from UAF out of the portal as well. Great dman pickup!
  13. brianvf


    Berry easily had the better season. No one will remember in a couple years who finished 3rd/4th in the 2021 F4. UMD wasn't a fluke F4 team, but UND certainly was the better team throughout the entire season and earned two trophies because of it. Don't get me wrong, I'd gladly trade both those trophies for another national title, but it just wasn't to be this year. Maybe next year...
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