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    • Hardee had the program going well. Funny thing about that is, he did it initially with Katy and Kari Peterson's players. He also did very well with his own players. And I always loved talking to him. Pryor did the same thing, initially doing well with Hardee's players, and then with his own players. And I loved talking to him as well, very engaging. Say what you want about his Bronco, we did well with him at the helm. And it's hard to fault a guy for going where his family wants to be. In fairness, Tiffin came in when the team was in need of rebuilding, but it's been a downhill slide since his arrival. I don't know that I've every had a actual conversation with him. I'm of zero importance to the program, and I definitely don't write big (meaning any) checks to the U, but it's strikes me as frustrating that the face of the program doesn't seem to the have presence in the community I would like to see. I could see Hardee or Pryor getting a recruit excited about playing at UND, I struggle to see that in the current situation. I would not say that about the assistants, but they are not the head coach (the bottom line). It's fair to say that his overall record isn't entirely on him. The social media issue didn't help, but a lot of players with experience who would have had considerable court time choose not to finish playing here, whether they switched schools or just quit playing. That happens for a lot of reasons, but mostly with the first and second year players, much less so with the upper class players. Not much was said in the past, but there is/was a trend that wasn't positive, and I wonder if it was a precursor to the recent events, whatever they were.
    • So if we wouldn't have went on it on 4th down from our 20 and won that game, and if our kicker makes a kick the weekend before and we have a winning record, then you are saying nobody on this board should question our QB play then either huh?  Ok.  I do realize Tommy has some limitations, never said he didn't.  Just pointing out that QB U just south of us doesn't seem to have a perfect QB either, regardless of their record. You could say we had a better QB than them last year, not sure.....could maybe say it again this year but I haven't see their transfer kid play more than just against NDSU when he didn't throw the ball at all.  
    • UND lost the game vs SIU. No moral victories.    UND played well at home vs a poor WIU team yesterday.    I hope the system improves and UND can upset Missouri State in Springfield on Saturday, or else playoff chances will be significantly hurt. 
    • Right? I’d like our entire crowd harassing the opposing team as a better alternative. None of this weak minded only get up on 3rd down bull$%!#. Need to win games and a build a better atmosphere overall first, not be preoccupied regarding student section location.   Location of the student section is currently correct at the 20/30 yard line. 
    • The location of the student section is irrelevant in regards to attendance. Attendance has always been horseshit once late October/November arises at UND. You know, hockey season starts… Having a team that consistently wins would change that to a degree …
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