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  1. Sometimes things just suck
  2. Lots of strong willed stubborn good people in these parts
  3. 1-8 record this year no end in sight
  4. Would love to see some pictures from anyone at the game!
  5. SiouxFan100

    UND @ ISU

    What type of trees are those?
  6. Wonderful night of football. I will be sneaking looks at Shanley - sheyenne high school football.
  7. I like taking pass interference calls instead of giving up a long pass play. Just take the penalty and regroup.
  8. When does the team fly out? Just curious. can we change the thread title to say 8:00 central?
  9. What time does this game start. I have seen 8:00 Central in a few places (cbs sports site and UND release and schedule) Pretty sure it is 8:00 central.
  10. https://www.usufans.com/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58883 They also have a predict the score thread
  11. Utah State seems like a much improved team. We have our work cut out for ourselves. I would be careful of expectations.
  12. SiouxFan100

    UND @ ISU

    Missed parts of the game. Our qb didn’t get sacked - correct Didn’t target out wide receivers much that I saw?? tommy looked good running but no planned running plays did Quincy pass at all? How many sacks did our d get? I saw beach play. - I assume Morrison also - did anybody else play nose for us? did any true freshmen play? just random questions for the more observant - thanks
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