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  1. Does anybody have a link to this game just rewatched the 1997 championship game and loved it
  2. Ummmm which North Dakota school has aviation again? answer: the good one
  3. What year are the Montana schools joining the summit?
  4. A little lacking in clutch hitting and a little doing dumb things these days with our Twins
  5. Fun times reading about our football recruiting should add a thanks to all who keep us informed!
  6. SiouxFan100

    The Herald

    Always somebody happy and somebody sad
  7. Didn’t take long for Sather to start making decisions. I will decide to trust our new coach. I hope he has a great eye for talent and potential. I hope!
  8. All of a sudden it appears we have have all sorts of good recruiting options what changed??
  9. A few games ago I thought the bruins were clearly the better team
  10. SiouxFan100

    2019 Season

    Well that’s the good news i think???
  11. SiouxFan100

    2019 Season

    Good point I am looking for improvements not miracles
  12. Very little hope the wild will EVER get past the opening rounds of the playoffs I have a short memory- how far have they ever gone?
  13. SiouxFan100

    2019 Season

    We just might go undefeated! haven’t lost any yet
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