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  1. What I learned today The Vikes don’t have to tank to lose
  2. The Dodgers win to force game seven. I will be watching the Houston / Rays game seven tonight. Something to do at least
  3. I watched much of this game today. The Irish are overrated again I am afraid.
  4. Is there still doubt that wearing masks generally helps in the battle against Covid?
  5. 68 degrees in Nashville right now at 8:30 at night I would have been there starting today for the the days leading up to the big game Saturday night fun fun fun not not not
  6. Sorry I don’t agree nothing wrong with yourin’s post in my mind
  7. Let’s hope for a clear winner I fear both candidates but fear the Donald more
  8. Don’t call a time-out to give the refs time to review the play only to have a call reversed against us
  9. The su has had excellent Qb success plain and simple yes, I am jealous
  10. Houston wins again up 2-0 are they making a statement and burying the cheating
  11. I am glad we won’t have to face Lance. Trouble is, for all I know, they have a better one coming up.
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