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  1. This transfer portal crap sucks I hope we are not the odd man out on all this after the dust settles
  2. Weah leaving don’t know much of the story but yes the word ungrateful comes to mind- almost an unbelievable ungrateful
  3. I am sure I want to watch until we right the ship some K State was awful and extremely ugly to watch
  4. A Nebraska football game has been on my list of sites I wanted to experience live in person. This looks like it.
  5. Lots of changes I like less change
  6. Go from million to more millions Supply and demand
  7. We need something like a Presentation College to have some fun again.
  8. Not encouraging I really didn’t think it was possible to shoot that bad. An individual for a few games sure but as a team. These are scholarship division one athletes. Maybe just started out bad and snowballed. Maybe some were sick? Bury this game and move on to better play.
  9. Sure Hergel would have helped. Would helped if no one got hurt. Would have helped if everyone was better including coaches. Almost always hurt when good players leave or get hurt.
  10. The ease to transfer is not good for college sports.
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