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  1. One bad Phantom penalty and then no pass interference call gives Green Bay a chance tonight
  2. SiouxFan100

    2019 Season

    Ok I can just throw my arms up and say enough for this season. I won’t go to anymore games and just move on. (I won’t) The players and coaches cannot do that - nor would I expect or want them to. Hopefully they can keep up their spirits and pride to finish strong. I am sure they would appreciate and need encouragement at this time. This isn’t easy or ideal for the team or fans. That said, it isn’t life ending either.
  3. Vikes in an entertaining game with the Eagles
  4. I say I rank Canisius in the top 70 dont care what anybody else says
  5. Serfing between Notre Dame and Minnesota football
  6. SiouxFan100


    Ok men show some pride
  7. SiouxFan100


    Will be told we will review that film and learn from it as if you need to learn something that should have been learned as a fourth grader
  8. SiouxFan100


    Very encouraging we can make it look so easy at times need consistency
  9. So we have a game today sounds good get your sleep men and come out ready to play from play one
  10. Again I don’t know hockey but it looked to me that we handled the puck much better and were closer to the goal than last year. It reminded me of how the nhl looks. We have multiple times where we had the puck within fifteen feet and had shots. We kept the puck in the zone idk but it looked much better to me
  11. I wanted ten goals this weekend dont want to score too many tonight gotta save five for tomorrow night
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