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  1. I figure about 11,000 tickets sold to UND fans so far 17,000 - 5,000 to Penn State - 1,000 unsold to date. Make sense??
  2. Now this is funny if you look real close on a few of the refs they also have a patch that says “Made in New England”. Not sure what to make of it?
  3. Would it be a good thing for Grand Forks if Sanford bought the hospital? Would health care improve, get worse or stay the same?
  4. Super pumped for this talked about going to events and now we are going pumped to represent the only state this old guy has lived in - North Dakota!!!!
  5. People so do we wear UND stuff the entire time we are in Nashville?
  6. W think it is very impressive after the prior two years go UND
  7. So can anybody say how many tickets have been sold to UND fans booked with Pearson today! pumped
  8. Illinois State has a 330 pound nose guard i am jealous
  9. I watched Austin peay beat sac state. I expected sac state to dominate and was surprised they didn’t. Guess maybe I don’t know why I say things. Lol maybe I was impressed last week
  10. I am impressed with Austin peay
  11. SiouxFan100


    I wouldn’t know the difference
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