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  1. "You look at where we're at right now with our record, and that's without Melissa Leet in the lineup. There are some things we have to do better, but I'm proud of what this group has accomplished and in some of the things we saw tonight," said Brewster in the postgame. after loss to western Illinois idk. Have we accomplished much this year? Shouldn’t we have strong players in every class. Idk?
  2. I don’t mind Thome preventing a possible penalty by grabbing a team mate after a stoppage of play - just my opinion
  3. Drop the puck it’s back (after supper with my sweetie) life is good
  4. How is our nose guard situation looking for the coming season? What was the grade for last season at nose guard? seems to me that there hasn’t been much change?
  5. Another year and another chance. Let’s hope for a winning team and fun times following them during the year. looking forward to the UND night.
  6. I am over being proud of how cold it gets
  7. Miami beat us 3-0 in the first game of the NCHC tournament in Minneapolis back in 2014. I saw some of their players walking around the next day and have been pissed at Miami ever since for messing up my weekend.
  8. Rank the teams you hate the most 1) Duluth 2) Minnesota 3) Miami 4) Denver I will now duck and be excommunicated
  9. I agree and agree that said I am disappointed in how we got to the situation in the first place. as we all are
  10. Have we settled for average? Hopefully with a new coach average is the lowest line we have to deal with. I have fond memories of being good.
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