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  1. I would encourage the lurkers to start posting. There must be “guests” that have thought about contributing. Please do!
  2. I would like to hear from more of them
  3. Actually watching some of the playoffs this year. Nice to hear fans again- especially at the Garden! nice that some players are creating controversy james is a flopper
  4. Height weight?? Position? Years left??
  5. It seems to me that everyone agrees you need big defensive linemen to be successful??? If so, why don’t we have them year in year out? maybe the coaches don’t understand and agree??? or, we can’t recruit them?? Or, we don’t develop them?? why don’t we have bigger defensive linemen - especially at nose???
  6. Do the players have to sign something to say if they are coming back or not? If so, wouldn’t this be done by now? Do we know which and how many players were cut? Seems Like we would have a better picture of who is in or out by now.
  7. Depending on how severe his injury is
  8. Tough break for SDSU with their stud qb going down. Did I hear correctly that the backup qb has only played a handful of snaps this year. we need our qbs to get game action just for this reason. SDSU is a shell offense the first half
  9. Hate to think we aren’t in the top three? Seems like we got a lot of good players
  10. Is memorial stadium completely torn down and removed now?
  11. How does feeney’s arm strength compare to our existing qbs? how far can our qbs throw the ball?
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