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  1. I really don’t see how North Dakota high school football happens this fall either
  2. Now what will I waste my time doing this fall?
  3. Alerus needs Football in 2020!
  4. We went to a game last week. Oh so nice to hear the crack of the bat. Will have to go to about five more this summer. There couldn’t have been more than 300 In attendance. We had all sorts of room in our little corner. thank god for the RedHawks!
  5. Time to buy a few more jigsaw puzzles for this fall. Unbelievably frustrating and no fun. At least we are healthy and for now can go outside and do stuff. Beer still works!
  6. Season games minus two
  7. Don’t take my beer away. Gotta draw a line in the sand
  8. I might still go to Manhattan that weekend with my relatives and tailgate anyway!! If not at the stadium somewhere there. Seriously
  9. I think we have moved on from Case
  10. More fun when you say he will play for UND
  11. I would go for no songs prior to the game.
  12. I appreciate those who help monitor this site. Thanks so much! Not a popular job.
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