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  1. Does UND supply tutors to our athletes?
  2. SiouxFan100

    The Herald

    I have enjoyed the heralds top five events series. I remember most of them. Cudos to the Herald from me!
  3. Just hoping the RedHawks have a season this year
  4. Living in Cass county makes me pause a little.
  5. I like it. Let’s get back to winning!
  6. Sorry what does it mean to UND?
  7. Watched this today. Pretty awesome display by our men! The home crowd seemed to do more cheering back then. thanks for posting!
  8. I watched this game twice in the last two days. Forcing myself to watch the whole game to appreciate the last period. thanks so much for posting!!
  9. I would think legion baseball would be ok. Only problem I see would be trying to space the defense at least six feet apart! ugh
  10. Any lineman signed by Nebraska is enough said for me. loving this!
  11. I don’t like to hear of the possible chance of this game being Cancelled any more than our game at K State being cancelled. I just want football. I was actually looking forward to the bison Oregon game.
  12. Or the entire state was put inside the playing area with a couple of feet to the out of bounds lines
  13. I like our fighting hawks logo more each day
  14. Doesn’t a person just want to get it and get over it and get on with life? Assuming you get over it and live that is.
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