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  1. last year wasn’t good. Where is this program headed? When can we expect to be battling for a post season ncaa tournament?
  2. Are we having any success with attracting P5 play?
  3. I believe I saw that su signed 4or5 players and the shortest was 5 ft 10in I believe we are missing the boat with a bunch of short players
  4. I am available if they need a 6ft 4 in 265 lbs old body who would stay at one end of the court for scrimmages. Am vertical challenged-might be able to touch the net but am not quick either
  5. Sad state of affairs for UND men’s basketball. But better than women’s basketball and volleyball.
  6. What type of a conference do we have when teams can just quit with no adverse ramifications??
  7. I am still grilling hot dogs and drinking beer at 11:00 Saturday screw em
  8. If st clouds early first period shot off the pipe goes in does it change the outcome?
  9. Guess I need to go for at cloud do we get along with any opponent fans?
  10. From this fan’s perspective, I would like a high scoring close game. Something like 7-6.
  11. Looks pretty athletic- 5ft 10in is a plus
  12. I still wish everyone else loses
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