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  1. Does it seem we are underweight year end year out in some positions. If our qbs are a running threat that can make up for some arm strength weakness. We need our qbs to be a running and scramble threat. Take the first down when the opportunity presents. As everyone knows
  2. Average temp for Nebraska in sept is about high of 80 and low of about 55 sounds pretty good Knowing the start time helps with the planning thanks for posting
  3. We might not lose a game this year
  4. I wonder how many times we had 2nd and short and ended up third and short
  5. I think we should be rated in the top 25 for the fall of 2022. no doubt in my mind that we will finish in the top 25 but that isn’t good enough unless we get a home game in the playoffs
  6. I miss UND football
  7. I guess we put Otis in his place
  8. Tom Miller @tommillergf UND adds 6-4 center who was originally headed the juco route to play at NDSCS.
  9. Doing ok so far Beat Baltimore 2-1 tonight
  10. Yes we are now the minor league and stepping stone
  11. Pretty hard to win an argument about fcs schools and the nfl unless you are from the school who has the most
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