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  1. This is great for college hockey. Love having the rink on campus. Would love to see a game or two there sometime. Thanks for posting
  2. Is UND volleyball still a thing?
  3. I start this thread laughing might be the only post love to see the wolves succeed but a constant rebuilding
  4. Best for dae sorry but After hearing all the good things about him coming in I wasn’t very impressed
  5. Big fan of our bb teams though I do get frustrated at times. I try to enjoy the journey but fall short at times. I was hoping for better results this year for both our teams. Still will watch and still look forward to the games. Let’s hope our teams win four this weekend!
  6. We have 54 points with a minute left. Not going to win many with that output
  7. Exactly you see that happen at every level. If the other team is hitting threes you stay on your man and don’t slide back into the lane to help defend
  8. are we allowed to defend the three? get a hand up? Don’t double down in the post? Man to man? Sorry but having a team shoot that good against you should be controlled . No?
  9. Not a good year. Wait wait wait wait excuse excuse excuse excuse preseason preseason regular regular tournament next year year after
  10. I am not watching the game. Great shooting or loose defense. Sounds like loose defense.
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