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  1. I felt good about our chances tonight, but am not shocked or saddened in the least. That's not where I want to be after a Sioux hockey loss. But the last decade-plus has conditioned me not to put too much emotional investment in them. A person just expects or gets used to losses in big games when it trends this way year after year. A couple of times it may have been on Hakstol in the past; tonight it was on Zane, sketchy officiating & not being able to buy a goal on multiple chances. Whatever. Blind luck would have us winning at least one of these FFs the last 11 years; seems almost like a curse has been put on this team bc I'm running out of rational reasons.
  2. Hakstol has nothing to do with this meltdown. Zane just can't stop a beach ball tonight.
  3. It seems like it's a combination of mishaps: officiating, not converting close-in by our guys, getting beat to the puck, soft goals, same tired coaching strategy of chipping it off the glass..
  4. This media coverage is as slanted as the officiating..
  5. Omaha hasn't looked the same since mid-February. Maybe they overachieved early-on & their youth just caught up with them as it got late into the season.
  6. Omaha played well in the regular season, but in the playoffs not so well: weak against RIT & now they're getting clowned/schooled by Providence. Didn't see this happening, the Friars look like world-beaters.
  7. Some alcohol to soothe the nerves along with the Pepto to quell the gut may help. A double-pronged attack so you are not a nervous wreck by game time.
  8. The pepto. : ) Cool that everyone here is optimistic. I also think we got this one.
  9. Wow, you either have a lot of talent or a lot of time on your hands. I guess you've found your calling.
  10. You guys are hilarious. MM technically had the right answer as the poison was in the ice cubes, & the one who drank her 5 iced teas quickly didn't absorb any poison. But since he is on a self-imposed boycott until another poster does something, SWSiouxMN wins. Thanks for playing. : )
  11. A little brain-tease to divert any anxiety for awhile (disqualifications for Googling): Two girls ate dinner together. They both ordered ice tea. One girl drank them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other to drink just one. The girl who drank one died while the other survived. All of the drinks were poisoned. How did the girl who drank the most survive?
  12. If they're focused, on their A game & determined to win with losing not an option, I think the atmosphere doesn't matter that much. I think MN fans would cheer strongly against UND, but they may do things a little differently back east so we'll see.
  13. Grayson Allen's got a nice ring to it ..sounds like either an upscale fashion boutique in Scottsdale or a Beatnik author in early 60s NYC. But yes, if Murphy can stay at least even on the +/- or even steal an assist or a goal, I think that would take a lot of pressure off the other lines. He's playing hungry now & it seems like there's a lot of self-imposed urgency in stepping up as he's not guarannteed a roster spot next year. I consider him & St. Clair my main X factors and, maybe more importantly, the officials as they'll play a big role in dictating whether or not the Sioux can physically wear down Eichel.
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