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  1. Latest by the authoritative science journal New Scientist, for all you left-brained geeks: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) kills 0.7-1% of those infected. 99% fully recover. 7000 people had died, most of them above age 50 and with pre-existing conditions (such as heart disease, obesity, smoking-related complications, or diabetes). The flu decimated 30,000 people in the US alone during the same period. The measures adopted by governments, communities, and individuals the world over are far more dangerous and detrimental than this or any other virus can ever be. This mass delusion, psychosis, hysteria, or panic is a first. The only comparable reaction to a pandemic happened in the 14th century with the bubonic plague (Black Death). The Spanish flu killed 50-100,000,000 worldwide. AIDS infected 45,000,000 and millions perished. Swine flu infected 61 million in the USA alone - and killed 600,000 globally. SARS (2002-4) had a case fatality rate 10 times higher than COVID-19. There was no hint of panic or hysterical self-isolation. So, what gives? Why now? Because people have short memories (lack perspective) and believe everything the tv tells them. This unparalleled fear-mongering has even struck the hospital where my wife works: staff are prohibited from entering through the front door, and now must enter via the rear through a tunnel; and have their temperatures read at a checkpoint before working. If they're running a little high, tough luck, no work for you; you have to go home. I will always contend that this is whole thing is as suspicious as it gets, my intuition screams that something is amiss; most likely a red herring to divert everyone's attention. From what, I'm not sure yet. And it amazes me that people here & elsewhere soak it up so willingly. The authority-worshipping, cognitive dissonance & willful ignorance I read from most people here is beyond epic. Suffice to say that most of you here should be ashamed of yourselves for buying into this utter nonsense & paranoia, & then peddling it onto others. No critical thought or courage whatsoever to challenge the edicts of the state, just blind acceptance. But thankfully, it sounds like a few are starting to rouse from their slumber. The people here & in society deserve the chains that will be put around the necks of their posterity, if not their own, for turning their backs on the Truth & common sense. Because the injustices we face today, will be much worse for our children.
  2. From Phoenix~ When taking a cruise with the old lady, what I saw & perceived was a day like any other Sunday, pre-corona. Normal flow of traffic, quite a few families on bikes, walking & a few with babies in strollers. Normal traffic also at the restaurant & grocery store we visited. All without masks & gloves, except for a couple of women. People seemed rational, and at times were very friendly; much more so than Black Friday. I told her that this was comforting to see...it was as if..hmm..it was as if people weren't buying into the fear-programming...yet anyway, because things can turn quickly if the news outlets report more restrictions, limitations & bans; if the Fear Meter is turned up a couple of notches. So we enjoyed a nice day of normalcy. I told my wife that the best assets to have in these times weren't hand sanitizer, tp & masks; but a clean diet, sunshine, laughter, a ton of common sense & a questioning mind...& a lot of bottled water doesn't hurt either. Lol
  3. What do you mean? Please elaborate, as I have no tv but am interested in this development.
  4. Safe to say you could call the obesity problem in the US, happening for at least the last four decades, a true crisis: creating 10 y/os who are type-2 diabetics who can't even see their own shoes, 30 y/os who need bypasses, putting a financial strain on everyone else, putting a damper on my ogling at the local mall, etc. It's hard to effect meaningful dietary changes in a free market, with so many options & temptations, but the onus is on parents to set a good foundation in their children's lives, & they've failed miserably in this respect. The solution: fast food companies in hs cafeterias, prescriptions to treat symptoms instead of sound nutritional advice & endless lip service. Apologies for going off topic, now back to the corona scare...
  5. Thank you. One week everything is hunky dory & we're anticipating a good series with CC; the next I can't even buy any asswipe at my local Walmart. Had no problems getting water tonight, but no Charmin at any stores I was at. Not sure people have their priorities in order, unless they plan on their tp keeping them hydrated. Hammersmith: try to tone it down with the crack pipe reference, ok? That was years ago. Seriously, I don't think you or anybody is the final arbiter on what is credible or not; being "official" or on a certain channel doesn't necessarily qualify it as truthful. Information is coming from many sources right now. The point is that quite a few service members will still be involved, because I saw "curtailed" & "reduction" being used, but not a full-stop. And will these exercises have any interactions with the local populations? Because it sounds like there will be during their rest periods. I guess as outsiders we won't know the logistics & actual deployments involved until they happen; but to have any exercises at all at this stage in the game without full knowledge of the possible consequences is immoral, & criminal, if it in any way contributes to its spread. If they can cancel games at halftime, they sure as hell can cancel this exercise until more is known. Not that I believe any of this, just offering a counter-point.
  6. Well, it would probably be important to get answers from those authorizing this exercise BEFORE allowing it to continue, right? ... considering how it could very well fan this pandemic out of control, endangering 37k troops & the entire European continent, yes?
  7. Well why would this exercise be allowed to continue, considering the gravity of the situation? Aren't we risking greater infections and a greater catastrophe if this goes ahead? Won't it fan the pandemic to a much higher degree than if no military exercise happens at all? Or could there be another reason it's being allowed to continue?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.globalresearch.ca/30000-u-s-soldiers-sent-into-europe-without-masks/5706084/amp "However, one category of U.S. citizens is exempted from these rules: the 20,000 soldiers beginning to arrive from the United States in European ports and airports for the Defender Europe 20 exercise, the largest U.S. troop deployment in Europe in the last 25 years. Including those already present, about 30,000 U.S. troops will participate in April and May, flanked by 7,000 troops from 17 NATO member and partner countries, including Italy." That article is from three days ago, with no mention in my feeds of reducing these numbers or sending them back, unless you can show otherwise. The number of personnel participating is more like 37,000, actually.
  9. Well, sorry to inform you, because the troops are just arriving there, according to that article. Quite a risk to place our 30,000 troops & local population there in, yes? After all, this is a growing pandemic, according to the news outlets. What do you make of this decision, iramurphy, to go ahead with this military exercise, considering that the rest of the world is going into lockdown?
  10. Because everyone avoided my last post like the plague, or like the coronavirus, I submit again: ...the US will soon have 30,000 troops doing military exercises throughout western Europe, without masks or any kind or protective gear; coming into contact with the local populations there on a big scale. But Europeans can't fly here for at least the next 30 days, I guess, because of the danger of fanning this dangerous contagion. Lol. If this is such an infectious pandemic, would we risk such high numbers of the populace there or our troops to such, spreading it further? Of course not. But the locals there have no choice and are being confined against their will, much like is happening to us. My wife is a RN & works in the surgical/trauma unit of her hospital. Most of her colleagues are approaching this covid nonsense as a variant or strain of the common cold, which it likely is, & taking the necessary precautions. Not saying policy or perceptions there won't change, but that's the prevailing attitude there as of now amongst the nurses, I can't speak for the administrators there....and don't be surprised if (or when) covid-20 emerges later this year once the temps dip again, and covid-21 next year, covid-22, etc., resulting in more cancellations & reductions in personal freedoms, like our right to freely travel, mandatory vaccinations, what have you. And I guess we can't test for it, according to Cratter's post above, but we can sure give it a name. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.
  11. So 30,000 troops are immune from this pandemic? Personal attacks don't win arguments.
  12. https://www.voltairenet.org/article209437.html 30,000 soldiers arrive in Europe without masks by Manlio Dinucci ".. "The 30,000 US soldiers, who will « deploy throughout the European region », are thus exempt from the preventative standards set up to deal with the coronavirus crisis which, on the other hand, do apply to civilians..." This gets more & more comical. Much of Italy is going under lockdown, with the rest of Europe following suit, but I guess US troops are immune from this growing pandemic. Lol. These US troops will also be interacting with the local populations of the various European countries to one degree or another. Good excuse if the economy crashes; can blame it on this supermcduper virus & not mismanagement. Also makes people forget other relevant news, like the rampant pedophilia in the upper echelons of power, & other important topics. A red herring of epic proportions. Welcome to The Hunger Games. Hey, folks, the Truth wants to be recognized & accepted.
  13. Only you can make that decision, although I've heard that the red one is harder to swallow & much less popular than the blue one.
  14. Problem-Reaction-Solution is defined as the strategy of a government creating a crisis, or the problem: war, financial crises, terrorist attacks, epidemics, etc.... waiting for a call for action from the masses to resolve the crisis, or the reaction: "Something must be done about this, this can't go on. What are they going to do about it!" then the government taking action, the solution: supposedly in response to people's outrage & fear, which actually furthers a hidden agenda, that people wouldn't normally accept had there been no manufactured problem to begin with, such as bombing a country back to the Stone Age, lower interest rates, mandatory vaccines, limiting personal freedoms, etc. In other words, create the problem, & then offer the solution. This method of tightening the screws on society is derived from the Hegelian Dialectic, I think, and was originally referred to as Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. It's a proven means of altering society on a massive level. Not everyone will accept this method of how society is changed through deception & lies, especially on a hockey forum & I realize that; but I like to present people with alternative ideas which are counter to conventional wisdom. Because enlightened people should at least consider the possibility that there may be another reason for the problem, to weigh all facts & maybe consult Providence/their intuition, BEFORE deciding what their position will be. So I'm not trying to necessarily change someone's mind, simply presenting another side to be considered. What people do with that information, after all possibilities are considered, is their own karma.
  15. Misters Huxley & Orwell wrote great dystopian novels, only thing is, they knew what was coming & their novels weren't fiction. One of the perks of being in the club, I guess. Silence is complicity. "In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell
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