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  1. But the TV with the attractive talking head reading her corporate-approved script said the coronavirus was real, deadly & out of control, so it must be true. Obviously, because we all know that the TV & Google are synonymous with Truth, never agendas. Substitute flu for corona. Fear porn. Question everything.
  2. Like burd said, it's a hoax to see how gullible people are. The flu kills tens of thousands each year, but no one is being quarantined for that. And if this "coronavirus" was so contagious, all the passengers on that Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, all berthed & mingling in tight quarters with poor air circulation, would have been infected. But they weren't. The government solution -- being quarantined against one's will, with possible forced vaccinations down the pipeline & restricting one's right to freely travel--is far worse than the manufactured problem. It's a beta test, o
  3. Scheel starts again, thought coaching staff would go with Thome as he seems to be playing with more poise & focus. We'll see. Blaisdell, Caulfield not in the lineup, I'm assuming they're healthy scratches. JBD also not dressed.
  4. Wouldn't Portz's ppg in the USHL be somewhat skewed because he was in the NAHL part of this year?
  5. Listen to Berry in his post-game comments last night. I was following this thread throughout the game, and from what people were saying here, it sounded like an embarrassing performance. Then Berry gave his post-game analysis and he sounded quite pleased, he even stated it was a better overall game than Friday: crisper passes, better transition. He said we started out very well the first 5 or 6 shifts, got flat for awhile after a penalty got us out of rhythm, then picked it up again. I don't think he's one to sugarcoat things if he doesn't like the performance; he usually lets the me
  6. Thanks for the clarification, guys, on the pairwise.
  7. What does a tie against a #2 team do for our pairwise?
  8. I felt good about our chances tonight, but am not shocked or saddened in the least. That's not where I want to be after a Sioux hockey loss. But the last decade-plus has conditioned me not to put too much emotional investment in them. A person just expects or gets used to losses in big games when it trends this way year after year. A couple of times it may have been on Hakstol in the past; tonight it was on Zane, sketchy officiating & not being able to buy a goal on multiple chances. Whatever. Blind luck would have us winning at least one of these FFs the last 11 years; seems almost li
  9. Hakstol has nothing to do with this meltdown. Zane just can't stop a beach ball tonight.
  10. It seems like it's a combination of mishaps: officiating, not converting close-in by our guys, getting beat to the puck, soft goals, same tired coaching strategy of chipping it off the glass..
  11. This media coverage is as slanted as the officiating..
  12. Omaha hasn't looked the same since mid-February. Maybe they overachieved early-on & their youth just caught up with them as it got late into the season.
  13. Omaha played well in the regular season, but in the playoffs not so well: weak against RIT & now they're getting clowned/schooled by Providence. Didn't see this happening, the Friars look like world-beaters.
  14. Some alcohol to soothe the nerves along with the Pepto to quell the gut may help. A double-pronged attack so you are not a nervous wreck by game time.
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