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  1. The service and cleanliness of Moe's off off 32nd and 25th in Fargo is disgusting. They have one of those single pop dispensers that give you 500+ different flavor options but generally it's out of everything but maybe 10 options. .......they have had staffing issues there as well. Drug peddling related from a reliable source who works in law enforcement. Other than that it's a terrific place to eat.
  2. Best app in town......Scotch eggs at the Boiler Room
  3. Oahu is the best kept food secret in the state.
  4. Anyone surprised by this raise your hand..........
  5. Speaking of logos...........Nike's new shoe that will hit stores tomorrow just in time to celebrate our nation's Independence Day. #Kaepernickapproved
  6. Should we discuss a single payer system since we are at it?? Asking for a friend named Bernie........... .......and the HealthParnters and Allina systems in the Cities make Trinity in Minot look like Johns Hopkins if we want to revisit this topic as well.
  7. I thought Uncle Dick was more concerned about a 15 second shot clock in all classes of MN HS BBB?
  8. Mine is electric though........doing what I can to prolong the 12 years left.
  9. Nutrition is a personal responsibility/accountability issue...........ask any obese T2 diabetic. Rarely do they concede their diabetes is nutrition/diet related.
  10. SiouxVolley will also be on QVC later this week trying to sell "medical" leaches, reiki crystals and sharp knives for at home bloodletting..........
  11. Oxbow6

    New Coach?

    So he's a Southern Canadian?? Good news is his track record as a coach is impressive.
  12. Oxbow6

    New Coach?

    Another guy from Texas....seriously. Must have not gotten the memo from Pryor that it snows 8-9 months in GF.
  13. Oxbow6

    Shaw's gone.

    How about he start with trying to make the PP run at a better efficiency than 3.07%?
  14. Oxbow6

    2019 Season

    Know some of the coaching staff at MHS. One gave Weah almost no chance to stick at UND due to his academic issues when he signed.
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