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  1. I see a big endorsement deal with Chantix in Simone's future.
  2. NBC commentator just said this about Team USA......"There's no quit in this team" as the panned to Simone in her warm-up suit. Can't make this up. Our whole family busted out laughing. <obviously typed delayed>
  3. Counter point......she quit on her teammates. Tough put lipstick on that pig. Injury is a different story. Bailing because you're "stressed" should get her the first flight home.
  4. Simone quit....bailed on her teammates. She admitted she isn't injured. Quit due to stress.
  5. US women's soccer nil nil draw vs Aussies earlythis am.....so they were shutout in 2 of 3 pool play matches. Scored 6 vs New Zealand but my daughters u17 team could beat New Zealand.
  6. Didn't watch 5 minutes total of the NBA season but have watched some Olympic BB games and this game today. Team USA plays street ball. All the other team actually play basketball. Last time I checked these games are not being played in Harlem. Don't need to tune in to watch this USA team again.
  7. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning right now in GF than Rahm being truly "reinfected". Testing is a total farce at this point.
  8. dagies and Dr. Fauci will be setting up a Zoom meeting with you soon to discuss....
  9. Anyone have insight into home games this coming season starting at 707 pm Fridays and 607 pm Saturdays?
  10. Did someone not tell the NHL and the Preds there's a college hockey game in Bridgestone on 10/30?? Recently released schedule shows NYI vs Preds same day.
  11. The course is ridiculously nice but the Yellowstone Club is a notch above Moonlight for those with really stupid money. 12 miles of cart path at Moonlight. Not walkable. Tried to get up to course on Sunday to look around with TV crews there. Not a chance......more secure than our southern border.
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