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  1. Having a mayor who for years continually looked at vaginas will cloud anyone's judgment.
  2. I'm just thankful UND has "Two Masks" Andy.......
  3. JMU just ran a reverse flea flicker for a big play to set up their first TD vs SHSU. Doesn't really count though.....right?? Asking for Midwestern Hawk
  4. On the same level that you are inferring that Tommy can't run. Q isn't the answer to your perceived issues at QB....you need to give it a rest.
  5. I'm guessing that is something the UND coaching staff really has no desire to sort thru and I don't blame them.
  6. Simple question.....what's your expert solution at QB? Your answer should be not longer than one word.
  7. Tommy finished 6th for the Jerry Rice Award going to the FCS freshman of the year......he received one 1st place vote. How did those voting not know he isn't even the best QB on the team?
  8. So when you say "look at the numbers" those numbers are only relevant when it fits a narrative? Hmmmmmmmm.......seems like we have been living with that "only if numbers fit the narrative" for 14 months but I digress.
  9. Tommy vs. Mo. St......his YPA was 12.3 The whole team vs NDSU was underwhelming including Tommy.
  10. Who does UND have at WR for Tommy to throw to that remotely compares to Wells? Answer....no one.
  11. .....and that is without a WR anywhere near the talent of Wells.
  12. Tommy's YPA yesterday.....8.2 ARog, league MVP, last season YPA was 8.1. Mahomes last season....7.9
  13. How about getting Otis getting more than 13 touches. I know you're enamored with Q but Tommy isn't THE issue offensively as you have tried to point out........over and over and over.
  14. Feeney is the real deal. Could he unseat Tommy....maybe. Regardless this team needs WRs that run a 40 more than 0.2 faster than me. Tommy's first INT wasn't on him. That easily should have been a catch and a first down to move the sticks on the opening drive. Tommy was not sacked for minus yards. Q ran the ball a couple time for minus yards. If those here actually think Q is the answer to this offense think again.
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