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  1. Nah........that would kind of make the expression and/or protest look contrived. Oh wait.......nevermind.
  2. Would the athletic department let a player in any sport parade out a Thin Blue Line flag pregame prior to the anthem? Or is there just a ban on preventing certain expressions?
  3. If there is a spring FB season what's the over/under on UND players kneeling for the anthem at home vs Mo. St. on 2/20?
  4. That wasn't the point I was making but......FYP Could go both ways.....right?
  5. As to B)....you obviously haven't been to a Vegas Knights game and that's one example of many. I can see how you think those two scenarios are "viewed in a very similar light". Kind of like the sentiment "from" and "with" are similar. I know you're familiar with that.
  6. Exactly........now that he is injured he's probably going into the Saints training facility with a Crapernick jersey on for more street cred.
  7. Maybe he can bring up the generational ill effect of the Sioux nickname and logo next.
  8. Schloss article just hit Forum Communication online outlets.
  9. Could UND be a couple players short tomorrow night vs DU? BLM is organizing a march around the NDSU campus tomorrow at 200 pm.
  10. Like to see Thome tomorrow. Caufield with Pinto and Gaber. Move Hain back with Senden. Kleven impressed me.
  11. First impression is he reminds me of Trupp
  12. A bold move would be going to visit the Cody Holte family. But if being bold is kneeling for a photo op for Schloss's Twitter feed so be it.
  13. My apologies.....was not in Fargo. Was at a BLM protest in GF.
  14. There.....you got me. Holding a cardboard sign at a protest in Fargo is enough to convince me. My bad on this one.........
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