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  1. Unfortunately it does. Too bad and disappointing to hear. IMO he was way too talented be in a suit as often as he was. Very skilled. He isn't the type of player that's left recently.....Cichy, Murphy and Wilkie to name a couple. Although a different position you could see he was a better hockey player than those that bolted before him.
  2. Red just crested around 28.5" per local news.
  3. None that I'm aware of or have heard of. Typically will sandbag parts of Edgewood Golf Course at this height but not this year with social distancing.
  4. Looking like crest in a couple days around 29' then recrest next Wednesday at 30' depending on moisture from storm tomorrow/Friday.
  5. Kierstad or JBD coming back would be great. Both........huge.
  6. Aren't many Matt Cullen's that have come thru the NHL. He could play on any line....top 6 or bottom 6 center or forward. Was great on the PK. No disrespect to Mismash but what I described briefly about Matt's lengthy NHL career Grant can't even do at the college level. Great point on Kristo.
  7. You seem to be an expert......when is that? You seem to see this whole crisis in this country, from across the ocean, as a one trick pony. Do we continue to shutdown society until the death totals fit the narrative?
  8. Walz made his shelter in place order at least partially based on a "model" for the potential of 74K deaths in MN from this virus. MN has 10 deaths......that's it of this morning. Both of those things are fact. Nice effort in trying to "silence" someone with a different viewpoint though.
  9. Lot of good information but that was a lot to read this early in the morning. Regardless of how you or I see this.....what are you implying bases on the bolded part for this country to get back to some normalcy? When can we sit and eat in a restaurant? No kids in an actual school building next academic year? When can I watch my daughter participate any of the HS activities she's involved in? When can any of us sit in a church service? When can we go to the gym? When can we go visit family in an assisted living facility or nursing home? Basically when do we get back to living???
  10. Walz still good for his 74K during that timeframe? He needs 73390 more in 3 weeks. 4+ months into this outbreak worldwide and we are a zero short of your number in this country's death total by 4/21. Maybe I just need to jump into the Fauci camp of 1.6-2.2M worst case scenario US deaths and just go about my own business but by that time, over the course of 18 months or so, what are any of us going to have to come back to society wise? If this country is in lockdown until June 1 or beyond I have not heard one economic expert say we'll recover from that to pre-corona. BTW way front page of the Fargo Forum this morning........headline "Study predicts 171 ND virus deaths" and somewhere real journalists and reporters like Chuck Todd and Jim Acosta are dodging dead bodies falling from the sky.
  11. Dr. Birx has stated outside of the NY area the positive confirmation rate nation wide is slightly below 8%. BTW I thought anything flu to COVID comparisons were apples to oranges according to many here???
  12. Aren't all the current models used by the experts using some assumptions? The answer is yes. The models are trying to extrapolate and forecast over 330M. I'd be shocked if the positive testing confirmation rate in ND winds up being roughly 8.5% across the board when this is over. I know even at that total % extrapolated out it doesn't fit the "sky's falling" narrative for which I apologise.
  13. Almost 4000 ND residents have been tested. Current positive testing rate is 2.8% of those 3909 tested. Let's say that rate TRIPLES across the entire state of our roughly 760000 residents. That tripled rate means 63900 ND residents will be infected when it's all said and done. At a death rate 1.5% ND will have around 960 deaths statewide. If by chance is hovers around 3% from here on out......340 deaths.
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