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  1. Oxbow6

    SH Game Day

    JJ had 14 carries for 20 yards........uffffff
  2. There were more people at the Arthur barn dance last night
  3. Oxbow6

    SH Game Day

    Worst play call I've seen in years.....thank you!
  4. Oxbow6

    SH Game Day

    If UND doesn't chuck it all over the last 2 series there a minute left.....not 3::30
  5. Oxbow6

    SH Game Day

    ST sh*t show
  6. Oxbow6

    SH Game Day

    TOP 20:00 to 10:00 Sam
  7. Oxbow6

    SH Game Day

    UND is offensively challenged with the personal they are playing with.
  8. Oxbow6

    SH Game Day

    I'm stretching in 204 in case Bubba needs me to sling it.
  9. Oxbow6

    Onto Sam Houston

    Currently line is UND -7.5
  10. Word is Mike will be wearing this upcoming season's Adidas hockey jersey today........but no sign
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