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  1. Lots of great golf courses in that area
  2. This.....^^^ Why continue to schedule a "cupcake" you can't beat? #bringonValpoagain ....and Dixie St. Just asking the PC crowd but is scheduling them racist?? Confederate Railroad is curious.
  3. Oxbow6


    You do know Shuster played just one down Saturday? Any notion of "serious conversations" goes out the window with what happened Saturday.
  4. That's good stuff. After seeing all that my guess is 7-4 won't cut it.
  5. What are the odds that the Preds are in town that TH, F or Sun?
  6. Missing the playoffs and being stuck in a state of mediocrity as program costs more......but I get what you're saying.
  7. There is plenty of Valpo's out there.
  8. I'm not real smart but I was always taught 8 >> 7 (if all wins are FCS wins)
  9. If you know the more wins the better to give your program the opportunity to make the playoffs when allowed to schedule 12 games in a season why schedule just 11 games? UND only has themselves to blame if 7-4 doesn't get them in. 8-4 definitely would get them in even with the ISU debacle. If you're looking for style points with a blowout vs SUU and/or someone on the committee to carry your water to get you in at 7-4 you're expecting too much.
  10. NDSU's 2 deep are better than almost every team in FCS.......... they'll win by at least 24. ......and UND beats SUU by 4.
  11. Played in NC game last year...... that's all they got.
  12. Didn't he leave for the WHL? Then moved onto the AHL?
  13. Would UND have moved up 2 spots had Schuster played 2 plays instead of one on Saturday?
  14. This....^^^ .....and I'm pretty sure there is not a single player that left UND early for the pros who ever said he wished he would have left sooner.
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