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  1. Well it does make them "creepy".
  2. That is what a 560 score on the SAT reading comprehension section will get you.
  3. "Hatch Act"......wow. Goggle is a wonderful tool for the uneducated and ignorant. Thumbs up to you.
  4. The Minnesota Department of Health is now changing how they report their hospitalization numbers on their webpage dashboard since the overall Covid19 patient hospital volumes in the state have dropped from the 600s to the mid 200s on a daily basis. Those numbers aren't scary enough now so the MDH is switching to reporting a model to report "severity and capacity". Maybe Ranger can explain why this was done?
  5. Nah I don't know much. How about you give us some insight? Oh wait......you would have to form a coherent thought/opinion back up by some sort of facts. You haven't done that since this thread opened or even in our past PM conversations. But feel free to chime in with whatever nonsensical comments you would like.
  6. What about goggles? Would more than 6' help? Another 2 week lockdown? 3 months? Vaccine.......made mandatory by the government?
  7. Just visited with a buddy from ATL metro. His son is in 5th grade. Son has been in school for 7 weeks face to face. 3000+ kids in the school. Not one postive among students, teachers or staff. Masks not mandated but recommended.
  8. Legal gun sales are up from a year ago in these state...... AZ 84.5% FL 59.4% MI 114.0% WI 66.6% NC 114.5%
  9. Across the river MSUM enrollment down 3.5%
  10. Redneksioux should feel safe leaving home by next summer. Fauci said there should be 50M vaccine doses by November, 100M by December and 700M by April..........but let's face it that if that actually happens that still won't be the end game. Doomsday bedwetters across the nation like some on this site will still not be satisfied because the versus isn't "gone". Zero cases for this fear mongering ignorant "cult" is what they want to see. These people have and want no end game to this other than that...no cases. A viable vaccine and masks.....not enough. They want no "normal" ever again.
  11. That's baby steps from the MDH commercial a few weeks back....."there is no return to normal". #happymedium
  12. Hahaha......that's it. Can't spell it out for you day after day after day. When are you gonna be done building your bunker in Thompson? And will Hugo's still deliver to it?
  13. If masks and a vaccine aren't a panacea to "normal" what's taking place right now in the country to have a "happy medium" isn't working nor is it sustainable. Don't worry though.......Joey B. will lock things down for awhile given the opportunity.
  14. With Cass County doing way more testing per 10K capita.
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