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  1. Looking for 3 tickets for Friday night's festivities.
  2. Oxbow6


    Throwing out a flier......looking for 3 Wildhorse tickets. When they went on sale not everyone in our group would have been 21 a year ago.
  3. I put on my raincoat in my house just to watch!
  4. Side tangent.....if going to the game and you have a sweet tooth hit a Andy's Frozen Custard stand in Springfield. Ridiculously good.
  5. Can't.....just can't unless we get a better starting QB.
  6. At least QV is automatic at getting the 4th and 1.
  7. Have Bubba recruit better then. QV isn't the answer no matter how many texts and emails he has hanging over you.
  8. So if you have one QB that plays 90+% of the snaps every game do you really have 2 QBs? ......asking for Trey Feeney so he knows for future reference.
  9. Under pays out. 8807 for Homecoming is embarrassing.
  10. Good win. Nothing wrong with a split this weekend.
  11. Hahaha. Yup his poor play is my fault.....and Tommy's.
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