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  1. Oxbow6

    Summit League MBB

    ......and the national exposure NDSU will get from that one game vs Duke will be ridiculous. At least UND hockey could get some back alley TV time and exposure if they make the Frozen Four this ye.............oh wait nevermind.
  2. Oxbow6

    Time to Boo Berry?

    If he misses the NCCAs next year he has to go......too much at stake long term.
  3. Oxbow6

    2019 Flood

  4. Oxbow6

    ITS OVER!!!

    I gave away more tickets than I sold this season just so they wouldn't go to waste when we had a conflict and couldn't attend. People just not as interested in buying seats this season for sure
  5. Oxbow6

    ITS OVER!!!

    #process Again if you aren't going to be good at least be entertaining. Right now this team and program are neither.
  6. Oxbow6

    ITS OVER!!!

  7. Oxbow6

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    Wut? Explain this please.
  8. Oxbow6

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    There are currently 13 players in the NCAA that have 40 points or more! Players....not classes. I love listening to TH but for him to make that assessment is ludicrous. This team was so undisciplined at times it was embarrassing. The team made zero overall progress/improvement from day 1 thru last night. Puck possession and SOG are irrelevant stats when you can't put enough pucks in the net to win games. Least entertaining team I've watched in 20+ years.
  9. Oxbow6

    ITS OVER!!!

    Just let me know
  10. Oxbow6

    ITS OVER!!!

    I'll give you 2 tickets and you can help fill sandbags in the FM when you're not watching hockey.
  11. Oxbow6

    Pairwise 2018-19

    Does UND still have a chance at the NCAA? Just asking for a guy with 6 Regional tickets on his dresser.
  12. THIS.....^^^ Hard to wrap my head around that fact.
  13. Oxbow6

    UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1

    You forget KEM too.
  14. Oxbow6

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    If anyone leaves of value and there are only a couple in that category then IMO Berry needs to go ASAP. yzerman is wise. He knows what he is talking about. He's correct that it's now to the point does any high end kid want to walk off a second story window and jump into this dumpster fire right now cause it's pretty obvious what the process and culture are after these last two years There are couple guys that for sure won't be back and it's the old addition but subtraction theory.
  15. Oxbow6

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    I could see Adams transferring out.