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  1. UND is lagging behind in defending and killing off 5x3s at this point so there's that.
  2. UND won 18 games last season.....won # 18 tonight.
  3. Sometimes teams benefit a lot from addition by subtraction. Night and day difference from last year because of a couple of departures and new additions.
  4. 3 PPGs are not all on Thome but my money is Scheel gets the call Friday.
  5. Credit this group with a great 3rd period. 20 minutes of men vs boys.
  6. Open nets galore and UND can't hit one. Addendum...... nevermind
  7. Miami is your typical good HS team.....one really good line with a decent PP. And a goalie playing out of his a**.
  8. Kraws is standing on his head!
  9. He accent in college hockey is similar to Drake's
  10. If you can't stay out of the box plus you can't kill anything off plus you can't hit a wide open net multiple times you are what you are........behind against a not so good team.
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