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  1. Lett 22...career high Borowicz 19 Lane 17 and 13 boards
  2. Allowing Kacie to play her game from the point has opened it up on the inside for Lett and Lane. Makes the half court sets easier to run. Lots of catch and shoot opportunities on inside out passing for the wings as well. Need to have Manson and/or Orth start knocking down wide open 3s. Good weekend for this team.
  3. Yup.....and it started with the understanding of who drives the bus on the court for UND.
  4. The NCAA Covid testing protocol will have the final say on this.
  5. Kacie with 16 at the half
  6. Grand Forks has a good one in Bochenski.
  7. Meanwhile my wife could not find any chicken breasts at our local grocery store yesterday and my Cass County Electric Co-op costs were up over 200% compared to a year ago. .......but I'm off to get tested this morning just for something to do.
  8. Have faith grasshopper. The next variant is supposed to arrive until at least late April.
  9. Omaha at UND February 4-5 CC at UND February 11-12
  10. So when do season tickets holders get an email from the Ralph asking to donate the ticket costs of this weekend's series to the athletic department because this series won't be rescheduled.
  11. He'll have played 2 games with UND in 6 weeks now that this series is off.
  12. Does this free up Schloss to be on Twitter more often this weekend? Asking for Gage Ausmus.......
  13. Schloss couldn't be happier about this. #Covidcrusader
  14. When does Sanderson just say F it and turns pro?
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