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  1. Exactly.......the allure of his talent trumped the well known issues which were many hence the shining object analogy.
  2. Botton line..... Weah was a train wreck at MHS. That staff babysat him for years. He was a bright shining object to the UND staff. They gambled on him and that gamble was a bust.
  3. Anyone fall off their bike this weekend? Just curious.
  4. Makar might be the best thing since the Double Stuff Oreo
  5. Maybe you could recruit one of the twins to spearhead a tee shirt sale to support the girls filing the lawsuit?
  6. Does the phase "kicking the dead horse" have any validity here?
  7. Got what he deserved. Good riddance.
  8. I have a lot of family in Springfield. MSU FB is still many notches below Bass Pro, Andy's Frozen Custad, Springfield Cardinals baseball and Lambert's "throwed rolls"...just to name a few. Weah is on MSU's roster now. Glad to see you're all in on Bobby though.
  9. The FB team, but even in a bigger context the university, is better off with him gone.
  10. ......and this is the guy bringing in Otis. Who's suprised by this?
  11. Kane Brown concert on 5/21
  12. Anyone think it's the responsibility of the coaching staff of a HS FB team to drive down to the Cities to retrieve a kid so they can get him to class so he can hopefully stay eligible to practice and play?
  13. Consultant for DGF on this one must be French........
  14. Yet having a dick in no way makes it impossible for one to get pregnant? All this s#%t is completely off the rails.
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