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  1. ...and Red Pepper while you're out. This is ridiculous.
  2. Takes too much for some to read the dialogue in a thread to understand what's going on.
  3. With a QB that would struggle to start at GFC......not bad.
  4. Not disagreeing but which WR on this team can consistently get separation 20+ yards down the field?
  5. You know what those who know FB call Tommy..........a winner.
  6. Need to be better to finish this one off.
  7. All lower bowl tickets are sold out for the first time this season. People must have watched the ND HS hockey tournament and feel they can enjoy a game without getting accosted by the Ralph's ushers.
  8. The rack rate for a years tuition at UND is $10K. Ask any kid at UND right now who is strictly online, most not by choice, if they think they are getting a decent ROI on their tuition dollars and the answer is a resounding "no".
  9. The bigger question is how many students are online only that don't want to be because their professors/instructors won't teach face to face.
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