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    What did he honestly contribute that any other guy can't step right in and provide?
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    Santiago to the Blue Bombers.
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    This could be addition by subtraction here. Nothing against Hoff, but he never performed to a high level or consistently at UND, there has been plenty of talk about how that recruiting class was a miss in several areas. This one doesn’t bother me at all. that being said, best of luck to the guy!
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    The Miami Redhawks have a trademarked and copyrighted name of The Brotherhood owned solely by the hockey team. They claim: If the UND hockey team wants to have the same thing informally known as the Sioux, I'm not going to cry about inclusiveness. I'm not going to cry if a former Fighting Sioux hockey player has a fun poke at the current nickname he probably doesn't like. I'm not going to cry about a former Fighting Sioux hockey player and current coach clicking a like button on a website. I'm going to realize there will always be people that complain about people who "can't move on." I'm going to realize there will always be people who don't want to move on. I can accept both for who they are.
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    "Brad Berry liked" Comically pathetic at this point.
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    Telephone interviews are taking place - it is going to be a tough decision for Chaves. Lots of great candidates. Chaves continues to impress me - he recently spent some time with Gunther and on the phone with Glas trying to learn more about the UND BB culture and what type of coach is needed to get the program back where it was.
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    Good luck Ludvig. The Euros are officially gone. UND loses more Olympians. That 30 for 30 episode on lost Olympians should air any time now.
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    I thought the same thing. Show some leadership. As much as we would love to still be the Fighting Sioux - it ain't coming back. It does show how much the sports world differs from corporate America. Corporations make painful decisions all the time that aren't necessarily popular with the employees but leaders are expected to find a way to support them. You wouldn't last long in a leadership position in many corporations while openly subverting decisions the organization has made.
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    What an idiot. Crappy announcer, and a perfect snapshot of a lot that is wrong at UND. Grow the f*** up.
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    I guess I’ll just take this stance and walk away too...
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    Thanks for enlightening me. It’s clear that no amount of reason will soften your juvenile stance on this topic. Good day.
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    Where are Clapper and Comey when you need them?
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    Well the Hawkzi bat signal was turned on... somebody somewhere typed "Fighting Sioux" on an internet forumn.... That triggers a mad dash to their accounts to stamp out injustice and free thought and enforce the agenda.
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    But that just leads to "green and white" and other abominations. Unofficial nicknames are no better than bad ones.
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    Don't thing anyone can get the Sioux Nickname back. I also don't think it should come back. That ship has sailed. However, I do believe retiring the Fighting Hawk name and logo is in the best interest of the university. It has and been embraced and is and the main cause of the division among the fan base. Go back to just being THE University of North Dakota and the interlocking ND. Maybe down the road one day another nickname can be agreed upon, but now is the the time.
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    That IDGAF factor that he has which offends people allows him to get a ton of !@#$ done because he doesn’t waste a lot of time asking and getting approval. It’s boom and bust. An asshole no doubt but we will reap the rewards.
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    What a highlight reel today. I'm slowly putting more man hours each week into this effort! Cleveland loses, Twins up by 8 games.
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    Actually I have a lot of Fighting Sioux merchandise in my house and I wear it fairly often. People like you are the primary negative about the logo for me, and I enjoy making fun of your obsession.
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    You get embarrassed by a tweet and by someone else liking said tweet?
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    Speaking of triggered... it's comical how predictable the responses to any tweet about the new scoreboard are. Everyone has to chime in that the Sioux head that very few people can see must stay, even if it causes problems with the internal monitors the team would use.
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    Nah, you don't want to go to The Ralph....the scoreboard is too big.
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    Using a marker to black out your school's logo for twitter likes? It's pretty childish.
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    In about 1995,someone slipped on an icy sidewalk in MN (really?), fell, and broke her arm. She sued and got $45,000 for “enstrangement of affection for 3 months.” Doing some quick math for once weekly affection times 12 weeks divided into $45,000 that’s $3750 per affection. I went home and told my husband, based on our affection, I was worth $3 million. in 1977 this 400# (and about 5’7”) man who was 65 had some surgery and hemorrhaged. He sued and got $20,000 because he was impotent afterwards. TRUE stories... I believe anything.
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    So what happens when the next nickname vote doesn’t go the way you wanted it to?
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    John was miserable to try to contain on a 53.3 x 120 yard (counting end zones) field of play. Now imagine 65 x 150 yards (counting end zones).
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    I have a buddy who grew up in Fargo, went to UND, and only follows UND hockey and NDSU football (apparently because he grew up watching NDSU, and because he thinks UND football sucks, and he apparently isn't a band wagon fan ). Even HE was legit excited when I mentioned that Boschee might be the next coach, and this guy probably doesn't even know who Geno Crandall or Q Hooker are... I think that says something for the excitement that Boschee could generate around the program.
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    The Boschee hire is one too intriguing not to do, IMO. If he is interested. Big splash with the media in ND. Played DI BB at one of the most premier college basketball institutions, under one of the most premier college basketball coaches. Probably could even get KU back in Grand Forks. I don't see any other candidate that could inject that much dosage into UND's arm.
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    You must just sit awake at night thinking about how much you hate the Fighting Sioux logo. I sleep well at night dreaming about all the people that can’t stand it. It brings me so much joy that it bothers you morons so much. Here’s to another good night.
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    Spotted Karl Goehring in GF last night, possible candidate? Outstanding guy, and always got the most out of our goaltenders.
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    What parts of the Ralph do you think could be improved on? I am surprised about the pushback on the scoreboard size. it appears most are pretty happy with the status quo now just keep the Ralph as is and return the Sioux name and it is back to the way it was.
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    Seems a bit old to be a sixth grader
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    If you are planning on going to Mankato get your motel rooms now as it is the same weekend of the Mankato Marathon. MafiaMan and Goon believe it or not I am running in the 10 Kilometer race on Saturday morning, MIGHT EVEN WEEAR MY FIGHTING SIOUX jersey! MANKATO SHOULD BE HOPPING WITH SIOUX FANS THAT WEEKEND.
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    At least no nickname and just UND is unique which is > the postal code and white dove.
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    Your right forcing the fighting hawks name is working so well
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    SU brought him in for their big junior day and didn't even offer him. UND actually had to force their hand.
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    I think the nickname committee made a huge mistake letting any of the nickname finalists have Fighting in the name
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    This discussion was quite civil and interesting to read (for someone not involved in the energy business). Please keep it that way. The parting personal shot at the end was completely unnecessary.
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    Not. Gonna. Happen. The amount of outside national pressure the SR Tribe would take to not budge would be nearly immeasurable. And Heidi will not be the next president of UND. That's merely a distraction and disruption put out there by a click-baiter.
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