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    Gooch is returning for his senior season! Huge news! Bring home the Hobey and National Title in 20/21!
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    Have to register now to open any article in the Herald? Ridiculous. Continue writing your own obituary...
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    As requested...Sioux vs BC Eagles in Frozen Four final at the Providence Civic Center. Was able to attend with some friends and it was a blast.
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    Stop bickering. Before writing a post, take a breath and think "how would I explain this difference of opinion if the other person was my grandma" and then continue. Thank you.
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    Having hope and being optimistic is irresponsible when Trump says it. When Cuomo says it, it is inspiring, calming, and a demonstration of great leadership.
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    North Dakota takes on the top ranked Badgers in the 2000 WCHA Final Five championship game. Sconnie is led by Dany Heatley and Steve Reinprecht.
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    Walz made his shelter in place order at least partially based on a "model" for the potential of 74K deaths in MN from this virus. MN has 10 deaths......that's it of this morning. Both of those things are fact. Nice effort in trying to "silence" someone with a different viewpoint though.
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    I'm awfully tired of anyone who doesn't agree with the viewpoints of the "tolerant" left being labled an "uneducated redneck," but keep on keepin' on...
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    Well, they've been hit by a lot: First, there was a bad case of Armbrust Virus. Then three cases of Blake & Panzeritis, and at the same time Gorenmonia with Goehring fever. Followed quickly by Parise envy. Then multiple rounds of the DOT line, and they said "don't Toews me, bro". They got "frozen" in AaronDell, we gave 'em the full Nelson, and they could hardly spell "CBS" line. Then wave after wave until ... All that's left is twenty fans, probably new, and mostly related to current players, or dating them. Sioux Forever.
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    Why is this on here and why is it allowed mods??? Damn do some of you like being boisterous and put down others with crap like this because they don't party think like you. Mafia I met you way way back in Joe Sensor's days and you didn't act like this in person back then, but people do change over the years. Should I post the white nationalist march pictures? Nazi fascism posters to represent the Republican party? People are entitled to their opinions but many of you are trying to bully others into submission or into not posting. I've voted for both parties in the past and neither in last presidential election (I'd like an official 3rd party on ballot). What many of you that act like this don't realize is you actually make a middle of the road guy like me disgusted and want to vote the other direction. I also don't understand the party of pro-life being so callous in essentially wanting others to die. Sure many things kill people and we don't know the final numbers of this. And that's part of the problem. We don't know. It might be hundreds of thousands or maybe less than flu. Also on the flu how many died that could've been saved if they got the shot? I am one that doesn't get the shot. And yes other problems will arise from this shutdown like suicides. But if you're all of a sudden so concerned about suicides then maybe you should be worried about guns since they are the leading choice to commit suicide. (and I've had family commit suicide). Personally I do think closures started too early and unnecessary in areas that haven't had a case yet. Then I hear as Walz said today Minnesota only has 235 ICU beds. If no bed and you have this virus he said you are 10 times more likely to die. I believe all these facts coming from the U of MN. If that's true then dang kind of important to make sure more infrastructure is in place. And maybe federal and state governments should have gotten moving in January on this to avoid shutting everything down??? I haven't been able to confirm this but saw where this is more contagious as it stays on surfaces way longer. Flu spreads to 1.4 people a day. So even if you were contagious for 10 days it goes to 24 people you infected. This virus a person averages spreading to 3 people a day. If true after 10 days (and isn't it contagious longer) you have spread to 59,000 people. Again haven't confirmed this, but even if it's 2 a day it's a jump of infecting 1024 over 10 day period. This sucks on all fronts and will be debated for a long time after. Hopefully we learn from it and are better prepared on how to manage this better next time. Feel free to reply, but I won't be checking. Following Keikla's lead and out of this thread.
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    It's an election year with the most polarizing president of all time. Anyone who doesn't understand that and how it's tainting the media is a complete moron.
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    Tim Walz guesstimates 74,000 deaths in Minnesota and the media doesn't bat an eye. Trump guesstimates 100,000 across the entire country and the collective media response is, "WHY DIDN'T HE DO SOMETHING SOONER?" Sooo...either someone's numbers are WAY off or 49 other states will account for 26,000 deaths while uber-hotspot Minnesota accounts for almost 3 out of every 4 deaths in the country? Or are we still thinking we'll have MILLIONS of deaths in the US? If Trump signed an executive order today suspending the US Constitution so he could resign his post and turn the office of the presidency over to Hillary Clinton, somehow I think the news media would soon be reporting on an "Easter Miracle" and the end of the pandemic.
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    So you naturally relate that story to Trump. Get help.
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    As I advanced in my career, one of the greatest blind spots I’ve observed in many talented people is their inability to appreciate the fact that they dont know what they don’t know or they assume that they have the same basis in data or understanding as others in the room. It applies to both IQ and EQ facets. To me it’s the biggest hurdle for people trying to get the executive suite. It’s painfully obvious that it applies to the body politic in spades and half of that body having no actual talent.
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    Right...it is ridiculous...the media wants this to not work...why? Well the answer is pretty obvious
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    With all due respect, how do you expect Forum Communications to stay in business if they continue giving away everything for free?
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    Not a fan of that mentality from a player though. Your a high end draft pick, with big talent coming in behind you, but you’ve got the experience. Earn your damn spot and solidify it. Elevate your game. Hoping he isn’t going somewhere in the NCHC.
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    Maybe this joke has already been made. But i don’t care!!
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    Could someone who knows how to do so set u a separate thread for kids burning out or not in elementary school? I actually find those discussions interesting but they are not 2020 early departures.
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    Honest Question. Do you believe China's reported numbers?
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    Not a political post but an observation... The states that are locked down appear to be mostly blue states.
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    Quit referring to it as Trump juice, as that will inevitably lead to political discussion. Thank you.
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    It's October 10, 2000 and the defending NCAA champs are taking on rival Minnesota. UND struck early but Minny exploded in the second for 5 goals leading 5-3 after two periods. This sets up another 3rd period fantastic finish for the Sioux highlighted by Travis Roche's record-tying 6 assists in a single WCHA game.
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    Who cares if they die from the flu or coronavirus. Lives are lives and we need to save them. Two years ago we lost 80,000 Americans to the flu. We need to get ahead of it before we have another record amount of flu deaths. We must save lives again next year by closing schools, sports, and businesses. If we can save one life it would be worth it.
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    We might as well proceed as if the season will go on as scheduled until we know otherwise, mainly to help keep our sanity. Here's my thoughts on this season and the schedule. -4 must win games (Valpo, Missouri St, @WIU, @Portland St) -2 road games at Youngstown and Illinois St...must win 1 -Must win 2 of 3 at home vs SDSU, USD, SIU -2 likely tough road losses @Kan St, NDSU 7-4 overall, 4-1 at home 3-3 on the road. Pretty realistic to me. Hopefully we can do better than this tho and we're talking about playoff seeding/positioning in November and not just playoff chances.
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    I apologize up front but I’m going to rant a bit. GF is certainly not MSP or Fargo; it can’t be because there aren’t enuf people. But there are certainly some good restaurants in town. Pizza? It doesn’t get a lot better than Up North, Rhombus, or Mikes. Fine Dining? The Frog is excellent, and Elys isn’t bad either.Good taco joint? Anyone heard of the Pepper? Good steaks, seafood, & burgers? Speedway comes to mind.Breakfast? Darcy’s anyone? Like many of us, I worked in restaurants when I was in college, and I’ve been peripherally involved (silent partner) in a restaurant in the past. And I’ve been involved in a few other businesses as well. What I learned is there is no tougher business to make a buck in than the restaurant business. Everyone is a critic and knows much more about running a restaurant than the proprietor. And no one attempts to understand that the restaurant owner can’t always control the cook who has a hangover, or the server that decides not to show up that day, or the steak that is tough. Many of us just go straight to social media and tube any place that didn’t meet our expectations that day. Think about that for a second. What if our job was constantly subject to social media criticism? Not always fun. Our town will always have the restaurants it deserves because it will have the restaurants that we frequent. The ones that cater to a very small portion of the public won’t survive. The ones that satisfy a good cross section of the public will. Supply & demand. Simple, but complicated.
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    Blame the hospital administration, don’t blame the government.
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    I think Blackheart should receive the Hockey Humanitarian Award.
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    That’s not an example. That’s an implied insult on something you clearly have no information.
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    "Risk MILLIONS of lives". Make sure you are still around if things slowly open up in April/May and MILLIONS are not dying.
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    1997 NCAA Championship game vs BU. Sioux come alive in the midpoint of the second period and go on to score 5 goals in the frame. Love Henderson's shorty breakaway! Adam Calder after the game says something like "he's got the hands, just waiting for him to move his cinder feet".
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    I find people complaining about this thread to be hilarious. Do you guys also go to restaurants that you don't like just to complain about not liking them? The thread title says enter at your own risk. Feel free to just not enter the thread.
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    They are pulling away because their polling is showing Trump's approval numbers for the handling of the Corona Virus crisis are higher than they would like despite their efforts to craft a narrative.
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    Yeah movement isn't a real accurate measure for rural areas. They should see whether they ever came within 500 feet of another cell phone while they were checking their cattle.
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    Basically most of the counties with poor grades are counties where they have already been social distanced for years.
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    I see Hunter came home to North Dakota today. All the best for him. Really good kid. Puts sports in perspective. Would trade all wins/ championships for him to have his mobility back. But I know he will thrive with the hand that was dealt him. The wirkd would be a better place with more Hunter Pinkes in it.
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    Brad buried the crap out of the lede: https://www.grandforksherald.com/incoming/5026497-Highly-sought-after-NHL-free-agent-Matt-Kiersted-makes-his-decision-I-had-to-follow-my-heart
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    I hope Adams and Mismash join him. After the way the season ended I would love to see them get a shot at a national title.
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    Silly me. I thought this thread was supposed to be about the actual medical aspect of the virus and not the same old rehashing from the other thread.
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    When patients are diagnosed, this is a reportable disease. The patient with Covid-19 is interviewed and a list of contacts is collected and the contacts are contacted. Absolutely no reason for public to get names. It would be a HIPPA violation.
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    So let's say 2700 are going to pass away from this virus over 18 months.......but Burgum ended up flipping the lives of around 117k students K-12 upside down for how long??? He better see the big picture pretty soon.
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    Honestly, I haven’t heard about any significant shortage in CA at the moment...and I would hear directly. Projections for possibly...hence the production ramp up. AND not every person in care delivery needs full Coronavirus gear... this has become so political, everybody has their wants, needs and wishlists... im not watching any “news” media. It’s all complete garbage. Absolute and complete. Oh, and we have the most advanced healthcare on the planet. We don’t stock up with tons of bio hazard gear, because we are the first world.
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    Yeah, that was Herbstreit who was saying that. He has bought into the hype of all this. Living in fear is no way to live our lives.
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    Can't imagine the 50+ students behind the visitors bench had any affect on the winning season. Friendly or not, you have to get it done on the field, not the stands. If you get 500 students in the stands, then you might convince me.
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    Kind of weird to watch that game and actually hear Gopher fans, even see them.
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