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    As long as we’re being honest; you’re a pot stirring trolling douche.
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    I hope this is great memory for the seniors today. My grandson is here to watch Tank. My grandson was at UND football camp 2 years ago and tank was his coach. Very nice young man. My grandson thinks the world of tank.
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    Playoffs or not, Rudy and Kostich should not be coaching spring ball in Grand Forks.
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    The mighty Missouri Valley sucks this year. It’s a two team league. The rest are not very good. The Big Sky has more good teams this year.
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    Which one? The UNI team that got beat by Montana or the WIU team that got beat by MSU? Other than FU and BU the MVFV is as average as any conference.
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    Using your veteran status in an attempt to add credibility to your opinion is not much more than false patriotism. My father was awarded the silver star, as I'm sure a number of other posters' family members were, and he NEVER used it as a means to gain credibility on matters of opinion or policy. In fact, he never discussed the war at all. He just served honorably.
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    Even though the last game took the air out of the season the seniors deserve a good send off at the very least. There are some hall of fame caliber guys that will probably play their final game at the Alerus on Saturday. They deserve our thanks.
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    I guess most of us are fans and just enjoy watching UND football.
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    Injury excuse doesn’t work. I went big time a year ago about how I thought the coaching was horrible despite all the injuries, but I was almost banned from this forum cause of that. I was concerned that the backups were still put in poor position in 2017. Fast forward to 2018 and people are still contemplating injuries as the sole reason for this program’s shortcomings. Its obvious the coaches aren’t exactly putting the players in the best position. They fail to scheme properly and especially fail to make timely in-game adjustments. Finally, and possibly most importantly, the “nice guy” conservative philosophy implemented by Bubba(it trickles down from him) will never allow UND to beat aggressive minded teams that also have good players (ie other good teams).
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    Montana would be probably #3 in teh Valley and we skull f***ed them
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    I think the motto has been changed to decade by decade.
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    Win next week and we'll all be talking about the Idaho debacle keeping UND out of the playoffs.
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    I miss the days where the internet required a certain aptitude to successfully navigate.
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    UND did exactly what it needed to do against a lower division team, started off strong and put them away early. Now UND will take their show on the road for the next two games. First up, a trip to Wisconsin to take on UW-Milwaukee in the first of two matchups this season. Like UND, Milwaukee is a team in transition. They lost their top 4 players in scoring from last year, including 3 players who transferred out of the program (Bell to UAB, Stull to Gophers, and Nze to Butler). So they are looking for players to step up and provide consistent scoring as they prepare for another season in the rugged Horizon league. They were picked 8th out of the 10 team league. Like UND, they played on Tuesday, taking on Boston College. They raced out to a 10 point halftime lead and extended it to 13 early in the 2nd half. Then things got out of hand as BC remember that it was an ACC team and outscored the Panthers 46-13 the rest of the way to come away with a 73-53 win. Milwaukee is coached by 2nd year head coach Pat Baldwin, who went 16-17 and 8-10 in the Horizon in his first season, finishing 5th in the Horizon. They made it all the way to the semi-finals of the Horizon League tournament before falling to eventual champion Wright State. Who to watch for Milwaukee Darius Roy: 6-2 Junior Guard The Mercer Transfer gave the Panthers an important boost off the bench, scoring 15 points in the loss. He was a catalyst for them in the first half as during a 12 minute stretch to end the first half, he had scored 11 of his 15 points during this time. In addition to the 15 points, he also dished out 6 assists. He will be someone to watch out for in the 2nd unit (unless they deicide to give him the starting nod) and the guards will have to do a good job containing him to prevent another performance like this. DeAndre Abram 6-8 Junior Guard The George Mason Transfer is starting his first year in Milwaukee, and he had a solid night against BC. He had 9 points and 8 rebounds in the contest. He is someone that can step out and shoot the 3. He was in a bit of foul trouble as well, but he will pose a problem for UND against their inexperienced post players. Fun Facts -This will be a return for Zac Saddler, who played on the UW-Milwaukee team in 2016-17 but transferred the following year. -These two team will play a return match in Grand Forks on December 9th -Since they do not have football, this is considered their Homecoming Game -Conner Avants currently has 889 career points, so at some point this year he will surpass 1000 career points. Seales (826 career points) is also a strong candidate to do so this year as well. Key Questions: 1) Which newcomers will make a bigger impact: UNDs or Milwaukees? 2) How well can UND shoot the ball from downtown? 3) How will UNDs bigs, outside of Avants, play against a similar sized front line? 4) If Brown and Walter are expected starters for the long-term, will one or both take a step forward and make an impact? The Call: First of two matchups between these squads and both are trying to replace important pieces to their puzzles. UND will find out a lot more about their squad in this matchup than they did against Northland (and probably more than their next 3 games to be honest). Unless Cortez or Avants goes off, I expect this to come down to how well the newcomers can play on the road in this case. Can Moody repeat his shooting performance, how will Davids and Marko handle their first true D-1 game, what can Jal potentially do when he is not saddled with foul trouble? I could see this one going either way, but I will give a slight edge to the home team in this one. Milwaukee 80-77 Game will again be on ESPN3
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    “Day by day” needs to thrown to the wayside. Early on it was nice By year 5 the slogan should be # keepthepedaldown.
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    This one just hity me....so obvious...#76 Dr. Ford of recent fame..
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    That looks like a practice jersey.
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    An unelected commission can now make up its own rules with no oversight, while becoming a political hammer to be used on whomever the commission so chooses. The legislature will have to fund it at the level the commission believes it needs. It supersedes all other parts of the state constitution. It's in the constitution, so the legislature can't fix it with a simple law change. It stifles free speech, adding reporting requirements and making internet doxing easy for the crazies.
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    I have admiration for all players that stick it out for 4-5 years. The time commitment for these kids is jaw dropping, and most of their time is spent working their asses off. The amount of actual fun is so small compared to the amount of time invested. It's a grind. While of course I admire the players that have had the opportunity to play - lots of them have been mentioned in this thread - I especially admire the guys who worked their way up from PWO to become scholarship players such as Palmborg and Aplin (I'm sure there are others; please post them if so). That kind of drive and work ethic will serve them well throughout their lives. I also really admire the players that stick it out even though they rarely play. Everyone rightly talks about Santiago, Tank, Olivera, etc., but imagine putting in that work - that grind, all those hours - without being a consistent contributor? That brings me to Adam Steiner. Despite rarely playing that kid is so admired by his teammates that he was voted a captain. That is an incredible accomplishment and speaks to his character. Every successful program needs kids like him and it is a major loss when they leave. My hat is off to you, Adam Steiner, thank you for your contribution to UND football.
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    All that matters is this: Beat Northern Arizona. That is all that is there to control.
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    What about the veterans who also would yell “Sioux” at the end of the anthem? I’ve personally sat next to Vietnam vets who would yell it just as loud as everybody.
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    You seem to have taken a great interest in UND football.
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    Not sure who deserves to be fired more, Rudolph or whoever is playing the music in the Alerus...yikes. Fire up the band permanently.
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    No....we give up goals throughout the entire 60 minutes!!!
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