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    I have some insight on this topic. While on the game day committee I had a substantial commitment ($$) to make and give away free replica jerseys, kid sizes. I had 5-6 key players picked out. This was the year following the Hawk-erchiefs.(also donated funds, didn't cost the University anything). So, I had the kid jerseys all mocked up and ready to go and enough funds for hundreds of jerseys.(close to 500) The response was I could only do the number 1 and the last 2 digits of the year. I think it was 2017, so #17 was OK. The reason was an NCAA statute that a University cannot profit off of a name or 'likeness' to a player. (apparently number 1 and 17 are not real players that year) I know it is so stupid but when challenged I was told the University staff will take the laziest approach possible. Saying "no" to football is easy and is zero risk to the University. At that time I showed UND how many other colleges had player jerseys, with players that you could make a profit off of and UNDs response was they would report it to the NCAA. But, the story continues............since I love rules I ordered a #22 for my fast daughter(Santiago), #5 for my strongest daughter(Brady), #92 for my boy that likes to run into things(Tank), and #45 for my boy named Kolt(Cam at that time). I took all my kids to an autograph/meet the players and those players totally freaked out (in a good way), even wanting pictures on their own phones to show friends and family. The players thought it was the coolest thing, saying "I've never seen a kid wear my jersey"!! John and Brady spent 10 minutes with my girls. Players were letting my 4 year old with Tank's jersey tackle them.
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    We are all day to day in this life. Can hide in one's house wearing a mask to try and avoid something that has a .01% chance of killing you only to develop cancer while you are missing out on the wonders of life. Get out and enjoy life, tomorrow is guaranteed for no one.
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    I think most will agree the black logo on the green helmet is a far better look.
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    Let me know when the Biden campaign and/or family deny the laptop is Hunter's and the authenticity of the emails.
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    So sorry. You will get through this! Lots of people have graduated from NDSU and come out okay! Seriously though, prayers to your family, hoping for healthy returns!
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    Using your line of logic here, when will this ever not be the case? Covid is endemic, every expert agrees for the most part. Vaccines aren't foolproof and this one will be no exception, in fact it is likely to not be nearly as effective as influenza given the lack of research and rushing it to market. So when in your scenario of kids being superspreaders will life be back to normal?
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    I'm telling ya, if I think I had it I'd stay home, drink lots of water, watch my pulse ox*, and treat as the flu**. To get tested is the LAST place I'd go. Simple question: Getting tested and found positive does exactly what for you? *From the docs I talk to that's the tell-tale indicator. **Strangely enough, that's how I treat every viral flu.
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    What folks are forgetting or not seeing in the present situation is that the virus is burning through the population as it will. Why are numbers in the NE low relative to the Midwest? Well, when the NE burned in spring, the Midwest locked down. Now that the Midwest is opened up, ... it's our turn. Virus gonna virus. Welcome to the viral Disco Inferno.
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    Don't pull your schoolyard BS. I spent time in the AF spying. You don't spy on American citizens until you evidence of the suspect is working against the USA. Obama/Biden and Clinton and gang were involved. The biggest threat to our country is denial by people like you and others like you.
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    Sorry Soyboy. Multiple email recipients have confirmed that the emails are real. And that Hunter is a pedophile. The Biden Crime Syndicate is going down.
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    For how much you seem to focus on leaders who didnt do a good job keeping numbers down at a satisfactory level, one would expect that you would want Cuomo to be Donald's cell mate rather than the attorney General. More dead in New York than Florida and Texas combined despite having 40% of the population.
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    A cynic would ask ... "Who's making the money on the testing?"
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    Tony Bobulinski............an American patriot.
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    The fact that you think it's people getting tested because they are feeling sick shows how ignorant you are on this topic.
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    It's maddening to have conversations with people and they explain things about Covid as if it's the first time we've ever dealt with a respiratory disease in this country. "But it spreads if you don't wear a mask" Yep viruses tend to do that "But it spreads if you are around someone who has it, even if they don't know they have it" Yep viruses tend to do that "But there are long term effects" Yep viruses tend to do that The list goes on and on.
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    Timing is everything in politics, Trump didn’t become a racist until mid 2016 and Cavanaugh wasn’t a gang rapist until he was nominated for the Supreme Court, interesting how that works.
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    And over the weekend the WHO says lockdowns do more harm than good. Sweden > WHO
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    Why would a Biden attorney send a letter to the shop asking for it to be returned to Biden if it wasn't his?
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    All those stories were reported in due course. The same will occur with Biden's scandal if/when more information surfaces to corroborate the initial sketchy accusations coming from the fringe right. Was news of Trump's piss tape splattered across outlets like AP and Reuters the minute the story broke, with sensationalized headlines? Of course not. As such, neither will the Bidens' ‘scandal’. Regardless, every President is crapped on by certain media outlets. Obama was eviscerated by right-leaning news. Did Obama incessantly complain about it? No, he went about his job instead. Trump should stop acting like a petulant manchild and do his job. That said, I'm fully aware that being the perpetual victim is part of Trump's appeal. It reinforces a sense of victimhood and resentment that is attractive to his supporters.....i.e. people who think America has left them behind. This is painfully evident at Trump rallies when he fosters this "we've been wronged" sentiment and then viciously lashes out at these perceived slights to thunderous applause.
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    Can you repeat the part where you said the stuff about the things?
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    Hmmmmm........your info was from 12:20 PM yesterday and it's from the CDC. They are always right on top of things, aren't they? What I posted was from KFYR, Bismarck TV news, from 5:47 PM CDT yesterday. Now KFYR isn't The Atlantic, Vox, Vanity Fair, J-14 or Out from which you regularly cite but I'll go the a ND news outlet reporting on ND data. KFYR website was charts to back it up.......but you go with the CDC because me wearing a mask protects me from oth......no wait nevermind it protects others from me. LOL......now GFY.
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    Fake gossip or not, which is highly debatable. He should have been asked about it. Trump gets pushed to denounce white supremacy for the millionth time and about QAnon, but Biden doesn't get asked about an actual news story about his family? What a joke.
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    McFooly blocked me on Twitter. What a tool that can’t take criticism.....
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    LOL. Odds are definitely in our favor. Wife has moderate cold symptoms and I am completely asymptomatic. I’m going to get tested tomorrow.
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    Don’t ask questions, just wear your damn mask.
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    Word of the Day: Pandemic - (adj) (a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world; or, (noun) an outbreak of a pandemic disease. Please note that word, pandemic, refers solely to the scope, and not the severity, of said disease.
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    At 9.4 tests per 1,000, second highest in the nation, why is North Dakota currently testing so much?
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    Who on earth goes into a career in education with a desire (or expectation) not to be exposed to a multitude of infectious diseases? Serious question.
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    Which is utterly asinine. Letting one infected kid that most likely isn't that sick knock out an entire class.....but that's how schools are doing it.
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    now that doc emerick has retired from calling NHL games, how cool would it be to have him call the games in omaha? i know that its highly unlikely, but damn that would be so cool to hear. one can dream
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    0.003% positivity rate of students and staff/employees......64% of ND deaths 80 years of age and older. Makes perfect sense. Visited with a 7th grade teacher in Fargo last night. District told teachers they can't fail any student even if the student does zero school work. Started last spring....now this year as well. Dumb and dumber. Also on LTC/nursing homes.......buddy of mine on national vaccine task force. Vaccine trials have shown marginal efficacy on the elderly. If this holds true guess the only solution is more lockdowns.....right??
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    To criticize Denver Post and then immediately share a Breitbart article is a real head scratcher.
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    How ironic, posting jabs at the other side for voicing their opinions on a message board that won’t make a difference in the real world, while you voice your opinion on a message board that won’t make a difference in the real world. Tell us more about how enlightened you are.
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    Stating the obvious? Must not have been so obvious to your side of the aisle when the allegations were leveled and your sides “henchmen” were throwing a tizzy.
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    Likely why it isn't sticking like they want it to. I mean good lord, the FBI had the laptop for a year. And here we are, 2 weeks before the election, and mini-Mussolini's henchmen start crying "OMG biggest scandal EVER!!". Give me a break.
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    It must have been so surprising for them to find out they weren’t black.
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    This is exactly what I'm talking about. There should be readily available replica jerseys that actually look like what is worn on the field.
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    and when can we get past the "cases equal doom and gloom" schtik....more test= more cases, dosent even mean people are even sick, or showing signs of being sick....this is the part that needs to stop if we are going to get back on track.
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    If this situation was Trump and his kid od Bush and his Kid, or reagan and his kid or Romney and gis reptilian offspring.... 100% of all news and media. overage would be deafening and would not stop until they were destroyed. If you cant see that, you are wrong and need to figure out life still.
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    I’d be interested to hear from any of our left leaning friends on here and their thoughts on this Twitter and Facebook scandal. Even if you say the story is unconfirmed, how can a story written by a journalist at the country’s fourth largest newspaper be censored? This is outrageous regardless of how you feel about the story. These people need to be in front of congress Monday morning getting their butts handed to them.
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    Its amazing that anyone is still stupid enough to believe this nonsense. You actually went out of your way to link a msn as a source to continue to blather this false hope of pinning how a worl pandemic virus.... was exponentially spread by only a specific event and of course no other possible means. Even slight rationale sense could benefit you here. Please try, we believe you can do it. If you can figure out socks and how they work, you should be able to see how your being used with this propaganda.
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    ....and their life ends up defined by a glib attempt at humor by their brothers blue haired nonbinary spoiled brat of failed child who cant get through a cosmo quiz without crying for a safespace and 3 hours of therapy.
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    Can’t wait for that place. Should be an nice addition to downtown. That intersection is going to be really nice after the Hugo’s is finished as well.
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    are other countries deaths "with" or "of"....just asking for a friend of a friend that died of a heroine overdose but was used for fear porn in dougie's fake news press conferences.
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    This is a pretty accurate assessment. Noem 2024.
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