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    Thankfully starting next week I will no longer be a part of that statistic.....
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    We as a society have officially gotten to the point that if you are a degenerate worthless POS and you're butt hurt over anything you have free reign to do whatever the _____ you want without any consequences.
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    Ummm...the DFL has had a stranglehold on pretty much every single electable office in MN and in Minneapolis and St Paul for a LONG time now.
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    Nice to see qb recruiting back to the level it should be. Hoping to see the same with RB and WR too.
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    Can't wait to see Kevin Feeney at the Alerus in Green and White!!
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    Some high praise for Canady
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    Do you think UND has any need to pay attention to the wishes of how the donor wants his gift to be used?
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    Was fascinated by the Forum article about all the small town MN people worried about ND people and their 50+ infections a day coming to their lake community. Where's the article about all these MN people coming from a state with 800+ infections a day to shop in Fargo and Grand Forks? Seems like we should be a hell of alot more we worried about them coming here, if we are going to generalize.
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    I was under the impression that Oxbow cares, because he lists the numbers every single week.
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    2020 has been awful. But remember, it all started with NDSU winning the National Championship. I blame them.
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    The crowd was told to disperse 3 times.
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    Has Walz relaxed the religious gathering restrictions? Or is it still worse to have 11 people praying together than having thousands rioting, looting, and vandalizing together?
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    Plenty of unused beds at the Fargo Doh never mind...
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    The Sioux, fresh off their win over Duluth in the play-in game, take on Furious George and DU Pioneers in the Semifinals of the 2010 WCHA Final 5.
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    KARE 11 reporting 86% of arrests in the Minneapolis riots have Minneapolis or the metro area listed as their addresses. Kind of pokes holes in Frey's theory that white supremacists, organized crime and outside agitators are behind all this. How the **** did he and Walz ever get elected? This is like watching "Dumb and Dumber".
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    You hit the nail on the head. Maybe biggest key to making the step to competing for a National Championship. Both sides of line of scrimmage must get much better.
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    You're way smarter than that. Don't try to connect the dots on this one.
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    Just a tad too late ya freaking moron.
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    https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/2020-draft-prospect-jake-sanderson-has-everything-you-want-in-a-defenseman Can't wait to see him wear the UND sweater!
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    and Trey Feeney will play at UND!
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    You must be thinking of Dementia Joe.
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    8 people dead in Memorial Day weekend traffic accidents in Minnesota. Better shut down the state highway and interstate system for two weeks to flatten the curve.
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    Another completely ignorant statement from you.
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    The Sioux face the Gofers at REA in December of 2007. Pretty tight throughout...hope the Sioux get a late period surge!
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    Walz is the Pied Piper for the millions of low IQ MN residents.
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    Toews has always been mature and worldly beyond his years. Well done Jonathan.
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    Time to rename “worship service” into “peaceful protest “.
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    I'm old enough to remember when the police arrested a woman for pushing her kid on a swing in the park a few weeks ago. At least the pandemic is over..
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    I know we're kind of past covid, but I thought this was an interesting read. https://elemental.medium.com/coronavirus-may-be-a-blood-vessel-disease-which-explains-everything-2c4032481ab2
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    This is disgusting. Complete lawlessness is starting to spread around this nation. At this point if you live anywhere in MN that isn't MSP you need to start going about your normal lives pre-COVID. Assemble in church. Open your restaurants. Open your businesses. You need to do what's best for you and you family and communities. Walz basically said there won't be arrests for what has gone in during the riots, looting and destruction. He's been nothing short of an absolute train wreck for months now. Criminals, thugs and degenerates are destroying Minneapolis yet local authorities in rural MN are supposed to impose the lockdown measures imposed by Walz? Don't be surprised when law abiding armed citizens say enough is enough. BTW what about COVID in MSP? Social distancing? Saving one life? ...and in no way should Target, Cub, AutoZone or any other major store chain that was destroyed even think about restoring businesses in those destroyed areas. Let the Lake St. area rot for decades. Decide to open a salon in Texas to cut hair and provide for your family......go straight to jail.
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    He was not sent to deliver the warrant, as the GF sheriff’s office was the one serving it.. He was responding to the gun fire. He is a hero and prayers to his family.
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    The Sioux face off against UMD's Bulldogs in the WCHA Final Five Play-in game. A tightly contested game throughout; who will step up for the Sioux?
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    Total lack of leadership on the local and state level.
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    So no American Legion ball in North Dakota this summer but are the same players playing senior babe Ruth instead?
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    Your speculation is based around the idea that IF Burgum had not allowed evictions and IF Trump had done a better job in February, very little of this would be happening and the officer would be alive. Correct?
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    I’m not sure when we should trust WHO anymore. They were not to be trusted early on and now they are to be trusted.
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    u are off the deep end. get some help..go outside without a mask and sit in the sun.
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    Flattening the curve, straightening out hills. Someday the economy might get ‘em but the virus never will.
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    We’re close to 74,000 dead now in Minnesota, right? How is that “clinical data” working out for Tim Walz?
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    so basically Keystone Light at the former DownUNDer (RIP)
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    I believe the answer they are looking for is Trump is wrong for golfing, and it’s racist to accuse Obama of being wrong for golfing.
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    Being afraid to say “I don’t know” is the curse of the “expert”.
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    It’s like they keep learning more about the virus
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