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    Wisconsin, Minnesota and maybe Michigan would bring more ticket demand. Anyone who thinks Penn state ohio Michstate or Notre brings more is delusional. For God's sake the B1Gs own attendence issues prove this point emphatically.
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    If we can outscore them, I like our chances..
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    I want to see us hang 70 on UNC
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    I will be at the game. There will probably be around 8,500 again unfortunately maybe lower. Even with the low attendance, the crowd has still made a difference this year so let’s continue to cheer loud. Lets win by 30
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    General thoughts from attending yesterday’s game: - The stadium at Weber might be the most gorgeous and impressive in the Big Sky. I never thought anything would top Montana or Montana State but this just might. And they have the football facilities we want to have after phase 2. Very impressive. - As the afternoon turned into sunset the mountains changed colors and were spectacular. The stadium backed right up against the mountains and provided a gorgeous backdrop for football. - It’s the right move to leave the Big Sky, both for financial and regional rooting reasons, but there is no comparison between Ogden and Youngstown, San Louis Obispo and Vermillion, Missoula and Carbondale. Each away game in the Big Sky has felt like a vacation. This conference will be missed. - The Weber fans were the nicest away fans I’ve encountered. Unlike most comments on this board, everyone was incredibly impressed with UND and complimentary of their effort. Many acknowledged the game was decided on the KO fumble and said he game could have gone either way. Ran into a number of the Weber players after the game and they were as considerate as their fans. I will root for this team in the future when they don’t play us. - Jay Hill’s father is the mayor of that stadium. He walked around welcoming everyone, encouraging the UND players to “live their dream,” inviting people to a part of the stadium that serves free food, and generally being a friendly guy. What a character. - Ogden was a really nice town. Good microbrews, great restaurants, artsy, and a gorgeous setting in the mountains. Well worth the visit.
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    I appreciate the post. It’s nice to see there is some chivalry and class left in this world. We’re a bit more bitter around here. Justified or not.
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    Whoa, I agree this team has problems with big moments. Doubtful they would go far if they made the playoffs. Yet, if your a fan of a team and call them losers what does that make you?
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    His prevent defense at the end of the half almost cost UND 3 points. He needs to figure his own !@#$ out.
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    Ticket prices are 100% a factor. This limits the number of games I, and others like me, am able to attend. Yeah, if people want to attend they will, but everyone has limits of how often this can happen.
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    If I knew I was for sure coming back the next year, I'd skip this weeks game and see if we win. Should we get upset and lose, then I'd play the last week. I'd save at least one if not two games for the playoffs if it were me. It would be hard to sit on the sidelines for a playoff game!
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    If Davis gets in over UND I will lose my sh-t.
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    I get the frustration. Should have had this one. But put this into perspective. We played a game against the #3 team in the nation, on the road, and we should have won the game. Compare that to the last game of the year against N Arizona. This team is heading in the right direction. We have two games left at home that are must win games but games we should be favored to win. Win out and we are 7-4. Definitely on the bubble. But we are putting us in a position to make the playoffs. Although we didn’t win, this team sure went into Ogden feeling like they could know i if the number 3 team in the road. And they damn near dis it. Sometimes statement moments aren’t always wins. Damn proud of this team today win or lose.
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    We need to get #7 several touches this half. He is our back who can make plays.
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    Screw the quality loss. Just win baby!
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    Remember when volleyball used to be a thing lets get back there
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    nice story on the Bengals team page.... https://www.bengals.com/news/a-jim-leclair-appreciation-god-made-him-to-be-a-football-player
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    UND started the Paul Sather Era with a bang, taking an early lead and never letting go against D3 Crown College. The competition steps up in a big way however, as they head on out to Spokane to take on perirenal WCC and National Power, Gonzaga. About the Zags: If you look what the Zags have done since 2015, you would have to be impressed. 5 straight Sweet 16s, 3 Elite 8's, a Final 4 and a National Runner Up. Not too bad from the original mid-major cinderella. For Mark Few, he pretty much as done it all. Expect one thing eludes him, the big one. The ultimate validation, a national title. He came so close in 2017, but fell against the <title redacted due to academic.... oh wait, they didn't> Tar Heels. Had a great team last year but fell to a tough Texas Tech team. They lost quite a bit of talent that went off to the Pros or graduate, but like other top teams... they just reload. This Zags team is young and talented and will look to challenge for National Supremacy once again. However, there will be some growing pains and a veteran St. Mary's team looks to knock them off the perch in the WCC. Last time out: Home at Crown Rebraca picked up his 3rd career double-double with 20 points and 11 rebounds and Desean Allen-Eikens opened his UND career with 22 points, which lead UND to an 86-61 victory over D3 Crown College Series History: The Zags lead the all-time series 5-0, with 4 of the matchups back in the DII days. The only matchup was 2 years ago when UND almost did the unthinkable and with a solid performance behind Geno Crandall (who ironically transferred to Gonzaga the following year) nearly upset them. They lost in OT 89-83 Player to Watch: Filip Petrusev (6'11 Sophomore, 20 ppg, 6 rpg, 73.7% fg) If you are looking for your next star at Gonzaga, this guy is it. Played a reserve role last year for a star studded team, but now he the big Serb is ready to make a name for himself. He is going to make like difficult for Rebraca with his size. In fact, we are going to have a big Serbian battle in the middle in this one. High percentage in the paint. Keys: 1) Get the Seniors going The seniors are going to be important if UND wants to have any serious chances at the Summit this year. While Marlon showed some promise in game 1, Brown and Walter were average at best. That is not going to cut it. This would be a good game for them to step up and get their games going. 2) Keep getting better It is Game 2 under a new coach and a new system against a national power. It will be important to see the growth both individually and the team in the systems that Sather runs. Go play your best and see what happens. 3) Cut down the turnovers Sather wasn't too happy with the high number of turnovers against Crown and I'm sure will be a point of emphasis. Obviously with a talented team, they will need to take much better care of the ball if they want a chance of pulling the upset. The Call: Once again, this will be a tough game to really put the measuring stick on where this team is at. It might not be until their trip to Valpo and Milwaukee before we can accurately measure this team. To me, lets keep seeing some growth from the youth and lets get Brown and Walter going. Anything can happen and in fact, I'll say it stays closer than the experts think, but I think the Zags talent carries the day. Zags 84-67 Game is on ROOT sports, for those who have that channel.
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    Can't wait to hear the two bozos DU has for announcers...they make Mazocco and Wooger sound balanced.
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    Fargo to Denver non stop flights (Thursday-Sunday) on Frontier are $37 each way today (promo: BOOKNOW)
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    To be fair, 5 of the 7 B!G teams were once in the WCHA, weren't they?
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    Doubtful. While BJC has plenty of near 6’ players. no one over. Their roster is all North Dakotan, which produces tall girls, but they need to be exceptional to make a difference at DI. They don’t have any Europeans or other foreigners, which can be found a some JC schools trying to latch on to a DI school. Maybe BJC has an exceptional setter or defensive player that was overlooked by the DI’s.
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    With Bubba it's not just the losses - it's how we lose. We usually don't show up for one or two cupcakes each season and then piss games away against the good teams. A frustrating loss for sure today.
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    Anyone who spells UND lowercase is hiding something.
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    The last fg we got should of been a td. Kett underthrew our receiver who was wide open. The receiver could of walked in for a td but we had to settle for fg because of bad throw.
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    On the fumbled kickoff a Weber guy looked to be about three yards offside. That's what initially I thought what the flag was for.
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    I'm still going to question who moved early on the 4th and 1 false start. Seen the replay multiple times now and can't figure it out
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    Damn it’s frustrating trying to support UND football
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    Pretty sure we proved where we belong. Lets win out.
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    Looks like UND should be ranked about #4 or #5 in the country after the loss today.
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    you can't make this up
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    there we go! in the red zone
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    Love the calls after botched onside kick. Killer instinct
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    That was a nice throw by Kett, he was set and threw it where he needed to.
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    nice response by the D after the two long runs
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    Special teams need to be real special today. Danny needs a bunch of trick plays. No drive killing penalties. Brockstar big big game. Kett zero sacks. Lockdown CB's. Stack the box. Larson and Rogers. tackle machine gets on a roll. Going for the win.
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    We also haven’t made playoffs in last two years so there’s that
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    Maybe they need to have a G rated practice every week for Midco.
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    Woo Hoo! Now there are two! (PPG that is!)
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    The only ones they sell at the Sioux shop are the Indonesia ones
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    Looking at STATS FCS poll and it appears losses must be analyzed as the differentiating factor, or at least carry more weight than wins. I removed team names, but kept them in order (#11, #12, #17, #18, #21, #22). Team 1 - 3 losses, 6 wins against teams with combined record 17-37 Team 2 - 3 losses, 6 wins against teams with combined record 18-37, beat Team 3 Team 3 - 3 losses, 5 wins (FCS) against teams with combined record 23-22 Team 4 - 3 losses, 6 wins against teams with combined record 19-34 Team 5 - 4 losses, 5 wins against teams with combined record 19-26 Team 6 - 3 losses, 5 wins against teams with combined record 21-23, beat Team 2 Seems UND has recently been a team that carries a couple quality wins to go along with a couple ugly losses so that probably impacts my opinion, but am wondering why it isn't a team's wins that are given more weight. To me, a team that has one or two bad performances but has beaten a handful of higher quality opponents deserves a higher ranking than one who can only seem to beat the lower quality teams.
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    We lost one of the greatest football players in UND history early this AM. Jim LeClair, former All-American linebacker, and Pro Bowl LB for the Cincinnati Bengals died of complications of CTE. Please keep Jim’s wife Betty, kids and other family members including brother Marty (who also played LB at UND) in our thoughts and prayers.
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    If he did, I never saw it.
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    Thank you Mr. Know It All!
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    Down 35-16 at the half shooting 26% with 16 turnovers we don’t look overmatched rebounds are about even I am not seeing the shooting I was hoping for and of course we wouldn’t be us without the ungodly amount of turnovers- many unforced we are playing lots of players and the communication isn’t there yet
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    kolpack has und at 12 https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/4753577-Jeffs-top-25-The-question-of-No.-3#.XcAwfR48KwY.twitter
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    They’re so beautiful.
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    The Jack's are light year's ahead of the hawkers so if their resume isn't awe inspiring what's your resume like?
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