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    Nope just call them like I see them. You are exactly what is wrong with our country in 2020 and you're so arrogant that you think you are enlightened. You are a sad clown and you entertain nobody but yourself.
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    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” -Socrates
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    Bingo! you just found the answer. The testing is taking everyone down. It is very rare for an asymptomatic person to transmit the virus and we have false positive tests which create the domino effect of quaranting, etc. Treat and address the symptoms not positive tests. You won't be able to finish a full season with all of this testing. If you have positive tests and have to quarantine a whole position group will miss the game so then you have to decide if you can play the game without them. Also, once you make this public the team you are playing won't want to play against you and may cancel the game anyway. Too many holes in the schedule and the expense of testing and not being able to play makes it nonsense to even try and play the season. lets get back to stay home if you are sick and make sure that you don't have any symptoms before you return and 99.6% of everyone will be fine!
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    Won't the masks being required in Target, Walmart, and on the campuses of UND and NDSU prevent community spread?
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    First, there's universal condemnation of the killing of George Floyd. I condemn it strongly. That was an horrific act. You're an ass for saying that I agree with that, because I don't. You crossed a line that you can't go back from. I know of no officer federal or police officer that thinks that's acceptable. Not a single person. No one is excited about Federal Agents having to put up with violent thugs every night. They're not being paid enough. The reason they were there was because the local Law Enforcement failed to do their job. Calling honorable Federal Agents brownshirt is unbelievable. Actually, it makes you a giant loser. These men and women are heroes's and a better people than you will ever be.
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    They want to remake America. I’ve seen too many images of signs claiming the irredeemable nature of the US and calling for revolution. This is such a narcissistic perspective with no historical or international context. One of my favorite signs of all-time flew in Capitol Hill in Seattle. I drove by it frequently and it said LBGTQ for a no border world. I for one am proud to live in a country where you can be LBGTQ with equal protection. I could care less how you were made and who you want to sleep with or how you identify. The irony is in many, many countries around the world LBGTQ people are considered illegal and in many places murdering them goes unpunished, in some places it’s even state sponsored or condoned. my point is we have it better than any nation in history in terms of freedoms and opportunities. To whine or revolt shows a true lack of perspective.
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    Again.....what is the end game you are personally looking for? Is it in deaths? In positive cases? It's simple questions. If it's a mask mandate than you are even more clueless on this subject than I thought. Masks....they help. Not a cure. A vaccine.....it will help. Not a cure. There is not a cure......but most of us would prefer to get on living.
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    let me see if i have you figured out...Im assuming that you have 4 year degree in some liberal arts degree, like french basket weaving or something to that effect. you believe that your 4 year degree makes you so much smarter than the common folk that have a "blue collar" job. you cant understand how someone can survive without the govt helping or telling you what to do. you are positive that everything ever said that you dont agree with is made up, and you have an absolute fascination with making sure everyone knows it. did i nail it?
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    I love hockey in general and the Sioux/Hawks especially, but I hope they put the health of the players, staff, and fans above my interest in cheering them on.
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    I never said anything about communists so not sure what you are asking me. As for the "would you build an apartment building and not charge rent question"......well, we are waiting.
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    Any idea why anyone thinks Covid will just disappear before the spring? I can only think of one reason that would happen.
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    Luckily no outbreaks can be traced to protests. Only 4th of July parties.
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    Well the southern states are looking pretty good compared to our cultural and intellectual betters up in the Northeast. been hearing this chicken little routine for ages ("two more weeks! Just you wait...two more weeks!"). I'm sure more people will get it and some people will die. That happens. You are an odd dude lol
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    Feels like a fantasy world some days...amazing what hard work, talent and focusing on the right priorities yields. Not a scheme. Many years of school, doing things that suck, delaying gratification, tough calls in opacity, correct analysis, logic and conclusions. Treating people fairly. Doing business honestly. Nurturing relationships, keeping a cool head. It works! America works!
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    And if Hillary was president everyone would work during this pandemic, oh wait they don’t want anyone working yet no one would have died from the virus, only people in Chicago and other large cities from guns and drugs no one would protest like they did when Obama was president and blamed everything on white people and then to find out he was wrong, Duke? all citizens would be holding hands and there wouldn’t be anyone on food stamps because everyone has food, Obama wouldn’t let food stamp usage increase and all countries would love us after the apology tours were finished get a grip
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    Couldn’t help yourself could you? Sometime I’ll enlighten you to how the world works. Meantime, I’m going back to my $300 bottle of wine. Enjoy the debacle. In the end, I will always win. Hint: you can too if you stop listening to stupid people and trying to sound intelligent and start working hard at the right stuff.
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    And the real problem going forward in this country is that these type of people are so convinced of their superior intellect that no amount of logic, sanity, or correction can convince them of their wrongness. It's the result of poor parenting, poor education and being conditioned that if the facts and results don't provide the feelings or gratification wanted, the facts and results are wrong. Those parents and educators that allowed the little jonnys and karens to be raised like this, thinking theybwere doing the best for their child, will ultimately create the worst possible reality for their children to live in. If logic, facts and truth don't convince these kids that they are wrong, sooner or later, the lessons of reality will be painful and filled with destruction and anarchy. We are at the precipice of this RIGHT NOW in this country, and im not sure we havent already tipped over the side of unreconcilable chaos. Kids need to be told when they are wrong, and corrected.
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    So what are you personally looking for moving forward? No deaths? No positve cases? What would appease you? A majority of the population has no intent on getting the vaccine when its available. Do we still limit kids in school? Do we shut off water and utilities for a birthday party of 10 or more? Do we still have lockdowns in areas where a vast majority didn't get vaccinated? When do we as a country get out of this rabbit hole?
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    SMH........ What don't you get??? A vaccine isn't a cure. Eradication won't happen with this virus most likely. 1% of all cases/ infections worldwide are classified as critical/serious. At some point even with a vaccine we have to get back to living.......this isn't going away and not everyone is going to die from it.
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    You are the biggest coward I have ever come across on a message board.
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    You asked for it... you gonna vote for this? or more importantly... you want me to vote for him?
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    Great hockey hair. Looks like the St. Clown game program.
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    And it starts…… Yesterday Trump encouraged Floridians to vote by mail, yet simultaneously filed a lawsuit against Nevada over its plans to send absentee ballots to all eligible voters. The WH is attempting to manipulate our voting rights; they're not even hiding it anymore. Real conservatives should be utterly outraged over this.
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    Haydouche1 will ask his pediatrician at his 12 year old well check next week.
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    Has it actually though? Until they distinguish between people that die with covid and people who die because of covid, I'll reserve judgement on the actual statistics.
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    https://www.cdc.gov/flu/symptoms/symptoms.htm Influenza also has serious long term complications at times, this is nothing new like the media would have you believe. So tell us all again, what's changed? Viruses are deadly and awful with long term complications, they always have been. Why did we respond so differently to this one?
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    Is that an answer to the question I posed or why did you quote me when you decided to rant like a 10 year old?
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    No we expect protesters to be lawful. Not law breakers like Antifa and than violence mischaracterized by the media and Dems.
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    Hopefully they will be allowed to have a full season this year.
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    I have yet to see anything on this board that I would consider “far right wing”. Right of center certainly. On the other hand, we have commenter(s) openly praising left violence in this thread. I enjoy a lively debate, especially among people who disagree fervently, but praising violence and is a bridge too far.
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    The internet and social media with its dulling of humanity is the biggest threat we face. More so than an antifa protest. Cancel culture and the willingness to “kill” a person online like you would kill a bot in a video game. It’s so de-sensitized. I’m waiting for a major lawsuit against a platform like Facebook for damages due to inciting a virtual mob. The country is very much split, like 51/49. It is incredibly important that the barely minority’s rights are protected, no matter what side they are on. The framers were very concerned about this and built the government to prefer gridlock over trampling without a super majority. Using Executive orders, eliminating the filibuster, expanding the Supreme Court, eliminating the electoral college, adding senators...these things all are abuses (no matter what side) and are contrary to the goals of the framers.
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    Your credibility ticks down every single time you roll out snopes as some sort of objective arbiter of truth.
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    "Give me every single thing I want or else this should all continue." -AOC and Hayduke1 lol
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    What gives me a thrill? A democratically elected representative republic working. What ires me? Folks that believe other systems will work out better. They won't. Don't believe me. Ask the Soviets, the Chinese, people who lived under Nazi Germany, anyone who lived under Baby Doc Duvalier's terror reign, today's Venezuelans, and the rest of history's ghastly list of other unelected, abusive regimes .
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    The 4 Dakota schools need to be in a G5 all sport conference.
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    And.... the healthcare system did NOT collapse under the weight of Covid. Medical staff have learned what works better than alternatives (aka ventilators are not the answer). No rational person ever believed that controlling cases was the answer.
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    High school will not be proactively testing healthy students, up to the parentsnif the kid should be tested. Just finishing up the bb AAU season with tournaments in Minneapolis, Sioux Falls and Iowa with teams from all over the Midwest at every tournament. Not one player or parent missed a game If the colleges wouldn’t test healthy athletes there would be A season and turn out just fine.
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    I really hope your persona on this board is a bit. I shutter to think that there are people in our country who actually think CNN presents the news without massive spin.
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    Comprehension seems to fail you as well. I know the mainstream media has tried to cloud the issue as much as possible so that the idiots fail to see the difference between requesting an absentee ballot and just sending out ballots like they are an oil change coupon.
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    It seems to me that the more we learn about this virus, the more the original comments from epidemiologists and state leaders were spot on. "We can't control the virus, it's going to run it's course" Social distancing, masking, anything else that's been proposed has simply kicked the can down the road as it pertains to herd immunity. Protect and isolate the vulnerable, the rest of us need to get back to life and increase the immunity among our population.
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    I saw the Poolman injury. I'd be in a hospital for a month. Players of lesser sports would be out on their injured lists. He was back a few minutes later. Amazing.
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    I'll bet the UND game will stay. Remember the NY travel ban will play a factor here.
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    The land with no face masks: Holland's top scientists say there's no solid evidence coverings work and warn they could even damage the fight against Covid-19 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8583925/The-land-no-face-masks-Hollands-scientists-say-theres-no-solid-evidence-coverings-work.html The Dutch believe masks detract from a clear three-pronged message that has kept deaths from coronavirus down to less than half the rate in Britain: wash hands regularly, maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres and stay at home if suffering any symptoms.
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    Being a successful President in a time of crisis entails more than just understanding the problem. Unfortunately Carson a very intelligent lunatic who has claimed, among other things, that ObamaCare is worse than Sept 11th, Jews could've prevented the Holocaust if only they had guns, Joseph built the pyramids, prisons turn inmates gay, Muslims should be banned from running for President, etc. etc. Thank you, but no thank you.
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    The immigration thing drives me bananas for example. There is an incredibly compelling argument to: 1. Establish strong border security and control immigration. 2. Devise a path to citizenship via public or military service for those here legally or illegally at a set point in time. 3. Deport criminals and those unwilling to follow the path to citizenship. 4. Effectively manage work and school visas also tied to paths to citizenship or deportation depending on choices.
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    I’m just writing away this morning... Here are some other things that have really degraded opportunity in the USA that have nothing to do with social justice: 1. Corporations outsourcing jobs overseas to save a buck. Inflated earnings, but at the expense of product quality (pharma great example) and US jobs. 2. The elimination of defined benefit pensions. Again, really improved the balance sheets of Corporations, but at the cost of security. Do not confuse this with the underfunded pensions in the public sector. Those would be fine too if they were properly managed. 3. Corporate tax law. If you look at the effective rates actually paid, well, let’s just say we all wish we paid so little. 4. Housing. I’ve said it a million times. All people want is a job, a family, and a home they own. When a house in CA costs $700k as a starting point, there is no hope for the masses. im losing steam...too much posting for a Sunday morning.
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    I disagree. Safer to finish out the current season by doing it in a bubble. Who knows what next season will look like. The regular season was almost over which is why only 24 teams are in it. And soon it will be down to 16 teams for the actual playoffs.
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