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    He’s gotta play. TBH 24 hasn’t been himself since he’s been back either. A lot of passengers since the break. Scheel didn’t play good but a ton of their guys didn’t play good. This was an all around melt down. Casual fans typically blame the goalie, that’s fine they know no better. This was a team collapse. They need to figure it out.
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    First time poster, but long time lurker. Thought I would throw in a few anecdotes from a former D2 football player to illustrate just how crazy some of these rules can be. I was personally involved in the first 2, while the third was a teammate. These happened 25+ years ago. 1. Teammate and I were asked to give a short speech at end-of-year awards banquet for our former conference. Driving there, being at the banquet, and driving home took probably took around 4 hours total. They gave us each $25 as an honorarium. We had to turn that into the compliance office so they could return it to the conference. They couldn't even pay us for gas - about 100 miles worth. Obviously, we would not have been invited to speak if not for our lofty status as D2 football players, but the $25 honorarium certainly wasn't anything more than any other speaker would have received. 2. My mother was running a fundraiser for a group at my former HS. It was a dunk tank at a local carnival type event. She needed dunkees. I volunteered, not as a football player, but as an alumnus and as a son. I imagine there may have been a handful people who would know I played college football, but that was not going to be advertised. As far as most people would know, I would just be some Joe Shmoe being dunked. School said, not so fast - that may violate NCAA policy. 3. Teammate appeared in a small newspaper ad for a local store. From what I can recall, it made no mention of his status as a D2 football player. I always assumed he shopped there quite often and that is how he landed the gig. I can't imagine it paid very much, if anything. He was suspended for 1 game. To me, these are much crazier outcomes from NCAA policy than a superstar D1 athlete trying to cash in on his/her image. I realize there is a slippery slope, but there should be some allowance for athletes to do/earn what any other non-athlete could for the same work. Why should they be penalized? I suppose the now allowed stipend on top of the scholarship helps in this manner, but there is still room for improvement. One final anecdote concerning NCAA and money. I did not receive any football scholarship money until my 4th year. I had been receiving significant academic scholarships. In fact, my redshirt freshman year, my total academic scholarships (some one-time scholarships, some renewable) were greater than tuition + room/board. Yeah for me. My 4th year, coach said I would get X amount of $ from a partial football scholarship. Later this was reduced when compliance realized, that, when combined with my academic scholarship, I would have greater than a full-ride. My academic scholarship was about 80% of a full-ride. I know, I know, poor me with my full-ride scholarship, but why couldn't I fully benefit from what I earned - especially considering the academic side was so much bigger than the football side.
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    Depending on the work they are doing, especially upper level and grad students, they generate millions in grants and donations to the University. A good portion and in some cases most of the research is done by students under the direction of faculty. Not only does that generate grant dollars, it generates additional millions in donations for Academic programs. Think of all the kumquats you can buy with those dollars.
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    UMD is a very physical team however physical teams shouldn’t dive. It’s like an oxymoron.
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    I'm fairly new here, but one thing I have seen with this team is that when we do not have last change we are at a definite handicap. Against Miami we could not match Sendin's line with the Miami top line and we were very handcuffed because of it. Our other lines have just plain and simple got to do a better job defensively against the opposition's top line. Let's face it most of the teams we play skate one usually really good line, maybe two and when we lack last change our lines other than Sendin, Smith and Hain haven't gotten the job done shutting down the opposition's top line.
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    Our first road loss since the second week of the year and we are doomed! I always thought the formula was to sweep at home and split on the road, but I guess the new formula is win every game or else!
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    This team, maybe Berry for the first half and Hakstol for the second
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    I think it’s @NorthDakotaHockey followed by @Wilbur and then the current goalie for @Godsmack ‘s “Train Wreck” squad.
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    Paging @Wilbur...Wilbur to the dressing room, please.
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    Apparently I'm the unlucky < bleep > here who is salaried exempt and doesn't get paid to travel on Sunday to end up still working a 50+ hour week.
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    At this point rotate Bast and Frisch. Frisch deserves ice time. Bast has not been the same player since he returned from injury. He's injury was very significant so not surprising it's taking him some time to get back into form.
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    It would take something really crazy to miss it.
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    Nice bounce back from yesterday. And nice comeback from being down tonight. Team plays better in front of Thome?
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    I am so sick of everything be reviewed
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    Thome had no chance on that goal...but his positioning and rebound control is scary.
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    The discussion was about scholarship athletes, and making the comparison of the total value of their scholarships broken down into $/hr. I questioned bison73's assertion that a student athlete is "on the clock 24/7" on road trips. He later clarified his point. When he was comparing student athletes pay to less than minimum wage, I made the statement about hourly employees not going on business trips. I did not realize I needed to repeat the comparison everyone here knew we were referring to about minimum wage, no experience type employees in my statement. I wrongly assumed most people here would be able to comprehend the conversation we were having. Apparently one slow person could not. No one was talking about consultants (because it makes no sense; student athletes are not free agents playing for different universities from week to week) until you got involved without regard to the subject matter being discussed. By not following along with the actual conversation being had, you were basically making the assertion consultancy is similar to a student athlete signing and committing to a university. To me, it's absurd. But if you would like to explain how professional consultancy is similar to 18 year olds signing on to play sports at universities in exchange for scholarships, I'll listen and keep an open mind.
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    2-2-1 since break. How's the "Pact" going, boys?
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    Duluth has pretty much owned us for the past 4 years. They platy us very well, and you can give that Sandlin guy credit for prepping his team for this series
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    Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and we put 2 or more in
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    Thome time. That's 2-3 that he should have had.
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    @as15 I've had the same line of thinking in the past. My fears were more focused on potentially losing recruits which lead to I wouldn't say hoping someone leaves early, but in a way kind of. Keep the pipeline flowing. I've done a complete 180 in recent years. Hypothetically if the choice was between keeping a proven commodity for one more year or potentially lose a solid recruit, I would take the proven commodity for one more year. The more competition the better.
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    Haha I have a strategy that has not let me down yet!
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    All the rules and policies come from the universities at their annual convention. Representation at that event is by schools (usually presidents or their proxy). These aren't executive policies made by the leadership at the NCAA office in Indianapolis. So the collective members decide what rules they want to play by. All the crazy recruiting rules? The same people complaining about those rules are collecting creating them to keep their competition honest. That doesn't mean everyone agrees with everything, but it's important to understand what the NCAA actually is.
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    The NCAA does not have a lot of highly paid people. If you work at the NCAA you are generally making less money and working more hours (especially nights and weekends) than most people in similar types of positions in other organizations. When you say over charge are you referring to tickets to events? The only events that generate revenue for the NCAA is sport championships. That does not include the CFP championship as that is run outside the NCAA. Ticket prices for regular season games are revenue for individual schools. Just because you see coaches at the top programs in 3 or 4 sports getting big salaries doesn't mean a lot of people are getting paid a lot of money in NCAA, conferences or school athletic departments.
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    I really don't think he is going anywhere.
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    Hopefully we have more than one Quarterback that has “it”
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    Wow you got all that from a highlight video? He's a 19-20 year old student athlete with a little passion. I'm don't have the skills or knowledge to judge him on a couple minutes of video.
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    This isn’t an issue that affects 1% as you say, in fact, I would argue in affects the “little guys” much more than the guys who will/could eventually play professionally. The athlete in partial scholarship at a DII school is affected much more by these rules. i agree with pretty well everything you’ve said about the challenges that would arise if they changed the rules, we just disagree about how bad things are now it seems.
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    Yep, other than fans of FCS schools nobody cares about FCS football. Just like none of us care too much about what happens in DII now. It's not going to happen, but if NDSU and UND moved up to FBS, we'd go back to not caring about FCS football, although we'd still recognize the games when we see them roll across Sports Center. Growing up I knew there was a Division I-AA, a gap between the big schools and UND/NDSU. I grew up in Western ND and have always loved football, and had not much of a clue that Montana was a top team in I-AA. I remember after graduating I worked at place in mid 90's and he was from Montana and telling me about how good the Grizzlies were in football. I had no clue if they were Montana or Montana State. That's where I find it funny about NDSU fans. Not all, but some really think the football world revolves around Fargo ND. That Iowa reporter that mocked them was spot on.
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    Big series next weekend. We could really bury the Dogs with a sweep!!
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    Sheez, tied up after what looked like a Miami PP.
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    At some point UND needs a goalie to post a game save % above .900
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    I suppose it’s possible schools like ndsu would have multiple opportunities for student athletes to make some money doing advertisements/testimonials for leading juice brands. I think the whole idea being discussed is a slippery slope that’s going to be impossible to regulate. Wealthy donors are just going to end up paying athletes regardless of any real or perceived value they might get out of their likeness. Eventually the NCAA will put a cap on how much each athlete can receive, and it will basically become an FCOA amount provided from the private sector. The schools with large alumni backing will organize and provide the max donation for every athlete on the team. The competitive gap between the haves and have nots universities will continue to widen.
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    Again with the “people like you” You have no idea.
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    I used to fall mostly on your side of the discussion, but now find myself advocating more for the student-athletes rights. Most people who haven’t been NCAA student-athletes don’t understand the extent to which the university you play for and/or the NCAA truly own your name and likeness. Sure, we all see the high profile cases where the university is making millions off of an individual eg. free publicity gained from an athlete winning the heisman. But what they don’t see are the simple examples. Say a UND player is from a small town and has made a name for himself and wants to run a camp with their name attached to it in their home town. They can’t. Another example, I worked at a bar to make money while playing college football. One day I showed up and they wanted to take pictures of me interacting with the bar patrons for a new menu, they wanted to pay me a few hundred bucks for my time and to use my likeness moving forward. This is an NCAA violation under the current rules and I would have had my scholarship revoked for profiting from my likeness. These smaller examples is where I really side with the student athlete.
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    You are not an intelligent person, your posts are not funny, I pity any human being that may have had you as a nurse!
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    Duluth goalie has given up one less goal so far and you guys calling out Scheel.
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    We found out why Kett was available as a transfer too. I'll pass on this guy.
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