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    I have some concerns about this years team. *players... not coaches * (in order) 1. Special teams- Complete overhaul.....way way to young! 2. Safety — unknown 3. “Quality “ depth at certain positions. (OL, cb, OLB, safety) 4. FB- not sure who ...maybe Finke...but he wasn’t all that much when he was in last year. Hopefully he progressed 5 OL ...namely RT. The depth just isn’t here if injures occur. The starting 5 however look good. The OL gets a bad rap around und. They are not the best but certainly not the worst. If Rudy was able to disguise plays and relieve the constant pressure applied to every offensive player .... and adjust to in game flow and have a game plan that would exploit the weaknesses to opposing teams .....I am most certain they would hold their own but as it is they are set up to fail. Not sure the NE patriot line would look all that good here. Mortel and Tobin are really good. Nate seems to be good...just haven’t seen enough of him. If healthy ...helgren is real good. Rooney needs to work a lot on leg strength/ foot work He stays in front of his guy just gets pushed back 5-10 yards. From some scrimmage I watched...this is what I like. 1 Garrett maag. Steal WOW is he going to be tough for opposing teams to contain. Great size , nice route runner , hands of glue along with a massive wing span and has some wheels. 2 As Tom miller wrote today....the size and depth at ILB. This group as a whole should be unds overall strength. Donnell, imo, is an all American . Everett looks like tank lined up at LB. Cam! Noah! Rastas.....plays the way football should be played just undersized 3 TE - A lot of talent if used properly. Devore is going to be a stud . 4 looks like the weight program kicked it up a notch this year 5 the RB stable is just unreal 6 Deion Harris looks extremely healthy A healthy Deion and Evan is as good as a cb duo as und has ever had. Please please please stay healthy 7. Mason Bennett is set for a big year. He has easily to put on 25 lbs over the summer 8 DL . Bennett 265. Tank 290 and cieslak 290. Nice size for the starters but the 2nd stringers need to bulk up yet. As usual they have depth and talent just need some extra lbs. Zeke will be tough to contain one on one. Very very active and full of twitch. Just a tad undersized for DE...better if OLB. Four years of this guy will be fun Jalen looks real good as well 9. McKinney .....he is unds little secret. He and Santiago could truly be a serious 1-2 punch wherever they line up....very similar players in stature and play. -The D will be unds strength -The O if the personal is used properly they could be really good as the talent is there ....it’s just up to Rudy... special teams???? Just not sure what to think of special teams. Hope they over achieve and are on the winning side of games and not the alternative.
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    National Anthem?
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    When I see the word “chippa” I cringe and feel like I’m in Jersey or Mattapan. I’ll stick with “chip”. Recruit at the highest level possible,, some will turn into 3-4 year players. Imho and fwiw, the chip vs grinder label when it comes to recruiting isn’t even a thing in ncaa hockey because of all the options these kids have. “Best available” is a thing. My last comment on that. It’s impressive every time BB signs one of these guys and hats off to him. The staff has to develop them but it’s good to start with highest quality clay. The future looks bright. Happy Friday
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    http://southland.org/news/2018/8/9/football-southland-conference-announces-tv-selections-for-first-four-weeks.aspx Conference play kicks into full gear on September 15. Week 3 features Nicholls-McNeese on Cox Sports Television, which will be available on ESPN3 outside CST territory. ESPN+ will carry Northwestern State-Lamar and Central Arkansas-Southeastern Louisiana. ESPN3 will have exclusive coverage of Abilene Christian at Houston Baptist, while Sam Houston’s home game vs. North Dakota will be available on ESPN3 throughout most of the country. KXMB will carry the game in the Bismarck market, while other local affiliates in the Dakotas will be announced closer to game time. Great news!
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    http://www.fbschedules.com/2018/08/missouri-buffalo-four-fcs-opponents-future-schedules/ Future FBS games: 2018 - Washington ($500,000) 2019 - Open (still one open spot, 12 game season) 2020 - Kansas St ($475,000) 2021 - Utah St ($400,000) 2022 - Nebraska ($515,000) 2023 - Open 2024 - Iowa State ($550,000) (12 game season) 2025 - Missouri ($550,000) (12 game season) 2026 - Nebraska ($560,000) Pretty attractive, relatively close games with nice paydays outside of Utah St, though that is easily the one UND has the best chance in.
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    Here is my feature on Izzy Adeoti and the expanded role that he could play this year. https://seamoresports.com/2018/08/08/und-football-coach-freund-and-the-jets-izzy-adeoti/
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    We've spent like 6 months whining about a lack of studs because we have too many grinders and now... we have complaining because we aren't recruiting grinders lol. What. The. Heck.
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    This technology stuff is so over my head.... I can drive to GF easier.....
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    Maybe it was Chalmers they threw in.
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    The A's also threw in a used fungo bat.
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    I'll put him committing at under 2 weeks
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    On this homecoming, 1 potato bowl parade + 1 homecoming parade = 1
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    Last night's game was superb. Manitoba scored on a long shot close to the end of the game, but 5-1 was superb. I have some thoughts on the game and what to watch for Saturday in the link below. https://seamoresports.com/2018/08/09/three-quick-thoughts-on-und-soccers-preseason-opener-5-1-victorybeyond-the-box-score/
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    That's a good point. When something new is posted on this thread I open it up to read ideas/thoughts on why/how UND and the Big Sky could go FBS. I really have no interest, or time, to read all the back and forth bickering. Will it ever happen? I have no idea. Is it being thought about and has it been discussed by the Big Sky presidents & the commissioner? I would hope so, otherwise they're not doing their jobs. I'm sure a lot of people pointed fingers, laughed at and thought Wilbur and Orville were a little loony when they told people they were going to build a flying machine powered with a rubber band. Others laughed at Henry when he was trying to replace the horse and buggy with a motor driven buggy. It's a good thing there are some that dare to go out on the ledge and try something because there are a lot more that would rather sit in a safe chair and laugh at these crazy-*** ideas. Maybe someone should start a thread titled UND and the Big Sky can't go FBS.
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    So what you're saying they can't announce it because no decision has actually been made yet to restart football due to their still being significant hurdles to overcome, many of which they don't have the answers to and furthermore, the decision to bring back a marching band actually has no direct correlation on whether or not they restart their football program. And even if they did restart, there is no concrete plans in place for the WAC to bring back football because there are a ton of moving parts that have to align for it to work out, many of which are long-shots at this point, .
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    I heard they also got new marching band uniforms.
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    Our top backs have nothing to prove and reps right now are just more dings. Start the youngin's a-learnin' now so they're ready when their time comes.
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    Um, this is a joke, right? Is this a play off the recruiting narrative that we've been talking about since before we got Rizzo? I'm sorry if I'm ruining the joke hahaha. And if you're not joking, I'm very, very confused.
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    Recruiting has been great lately - nice job by the coaches. This is especially satisfying since the last two #1s went to Duluth and St. Clown. We need studs like this in the mix.
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    Great get. Well done Berry and Co "Proud to announce my commitment to play D1 hockey at the University of North Dakota," "Thank you to all my friends, family and past coaches for helping me this far #gohawks." http://inforum.com/sports/hockey/4482730-und-hockey-lands-no-1-ushl-draft-choice
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    Careful...that could open up the doors for Minnesota to get their first-ever verbal commit from that age group.
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    That’s fine, but it’s annoying as !@#$ when you make the same point 365 times.
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    Just a typical Tuesday lunch at a local Warroad establishment!!!
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    Adam Calder scored the ENG that secured the win over BU in the title game. What an unbelievable memory as a fan -- the 1997 Cinderella story come true. Rest in peace, #25. Thanks for the memories. Peter Stasiuk, a player on the 1963 NCAA championship team, also passed away late last week. Condolences go out to his family and friends as well.