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    Well, the $3,000 goal has been met. Time to add the $5,000 for video. @UND Fan
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    Garrett Smith Dynamo from Running Man
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    I went to the Alerus to see the hawk with no name... no french fries because of the rain... Bah da bah buh buh bah... I'll show myself out....
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    For those keeping score at home he also didn't bring up hybrid cars, the Iraq war, or Shetland Ponies.
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    D Back Fondereaux Wilson Dog in car window
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    Have it in the UND parking garage. 4 levels of fun for the whole family, with lots of on-site parking! (Upper deck 21+, wet t-shirt contest every 10 minutes)
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    Zach Hernandez Barry Goldberg - the Goldbergs tv show
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    Last game was a must win for our national reputation. This week is a must win for our local reputation. Not only must we win, but it has to be entertaining and impressive. We need turnovers and big gainers. There will be plenty of potential bandwagon fans this weekend that we can scoop up.
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    There is definitely some fan energy, and the program NEEEEEDS to capitalize on it; something they've failed to do in the past. (2015 vs. Drake, 2016 playoff vs. Richmond are ones that come to mind). A convincing win (two touchdowns, at least) over Idaho State will be needed to keep the train rolling.
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    No one here is complaining about writers use of hawks, fhawks, or UND in sports articles. Yet someone here finds nickname conspiracy in a coach's thank you letter to season ticket holders. Trying to continue the concept of a divide between rea, hockey, etc and other und sports. The divide is disappearing, yet anti hockey/rea individuals choose to try and make it continue
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    Great garment and great cause supporting scholarships for UND Football in the name of a UND Football Legend: https://undfootball360.com/news/the-legacy-grows/
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    Jackson McCleary Matt Dillon in There's Something About Mary
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    LB Ruger Jennings and Matt Damon
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    If there is 5 of them can they still be called quarters?
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    I don’t get it. I’ve been in game day mode since Thursday. Can’t come down from it. All I’ve done for seven days is is try get my hands on any information I can on the team and future opponents. Sioux football and anything related to is all I’ve thought about I might need a intervention.
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    As usual, you're completely missing the point. The point most posters make in this thread is not that UND, or NDSU, should not consider moving to FBS but that your ideas about how and when UND will move to FBS are very unlikely and that you've shown no real evidence to support those ideas. The bottom line is that you've been wrong so many times no one takes you seriously anymore.
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    I am pleased to inform you that the ”Let’s Help Bubba II” Crowdfunding site is up and running. Last year, we raised over $6,700 to purchase knee braces for offensive linemen and assist with the purchase of concussion caps. I have talked to Bubba and the program would appreciate assistance in a couple of areas – ankle braces and a video upgrade so players can access film away from Memorial Stadium. ANKLE BRACES Some players with ankle issues (current or in the past) are getting taped prior to all practices and games. To help Bubba better protect his players, he would like to provide ankle braces for the entire roster. In addition to protecting Fighting Hawk athletes, the staff feels our having these braces could play a small role in our recruiting success. Prospects (and their parents) would be pleased that UND provides ankle braces. The cost of these braces is $3,000. Link: undalumni.org/Bubba2 VIDEO UPGRADE To study practice and game film, players must use the video equipment at Memorial Stadium. A video upgrade would allow players to review film between classes, in the evening, etc. This easier access would result in more video being reviewed as well as being much more convenient for players. The cost of the video upgrade is $5,000. This link is not set up yet. We will post it as soon as it is ready! CROWDFUNDING Contributions are made through UND’s Crowdfunding website. There will be separate links for the ankle braces and video equipment. You can pledge to one or both of these efforts. Please understand that, if we exceed one goal, any extra will be moved to the other effort. Hopefully, we will exceed the $8,000 total goal. If so, any extra would be provided to the football program for other needs and please be assured – there are other needs! I will update results on this thread often. The official totals will be automatically posted on the Crowdfunding website. Some thoughts: I realize many of us are Champions Club members and actively support UND athletics. This would simply be an extra contribution to assist Bubba in his efforts to compete and excel in the FCS. There are many other college fan sites that provide financial assistance to their university's athletic programs. We at siouxsports.com should be proud to do the same. As noted above, all donations will go directly to the Alumni Foundation. Therefore, all contributions will be tax deductible. On the Crowdfunding site, you will decide whether you want to have your name posted or do so anonymously. While this is aimed at ss.com members, we would gladly accept money from non-members so please pass this info on to other UND alums/fans, etc. I am sure that Bubba will reach out with thanks to all donors. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or PM me directly. Again, many of us are already supporting UND athletics but LET’S HELP BUBBA II with a couple of his important needs. Some may be able to make a significant donation while others can help with $25-50 - it will all add up and all be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
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    Tyray Collins Play Doh Spaghetti Maker
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    As I look forward to this weekend against Idaho State, I figured that since we were all using Sam Houston as a measuring stick of where this team was, I would go back and do a little analysis of the prior game against Washington. As that was only the second game of the season, there wasn’t much information to know where we stacked up, how good Washington was, and how we fared (aside from the obvious fact that we lost). This interpretation will evolve as the year goes on depending on how UND plays and how Washington plays, but there were some stats that stood out to me. As has been noted previously UND did compete through the majority of the game. For the sake of this discussion, let’s throw out the 4th quarter. How did we stack up against Washington (prior to our defense getting gassed) and their other competition thus far? Not too bad … though the obvious struggle was that we simply could not score. If you sustain at least of few of those drives you take a lot of pressure off of the D and give them some rest. Tough enough to ask our FCS corners (who were already bouncing back from injury) to keep up with top end FBS receivers, but by the 4th quarter this was just not going to happen. Especially when you start to look at the depth of their receivers vs our corners. Q Pounds went from 1 catch for 13 against Auburn to 3 catches for 96 against UND to not on the stat sheet against Utah. Overall, this reiterates that our defense has looked far better than last year, closer to 2016 (except for the absurd TO margin in 2016), but we continue to have the same problem of not generating enough offense to give our defense a rest and play at a high level for a full 4 quarters. I think UND did a far better job of this against Sam Houston (shout out to Evan Holm in the 4th), and I would expect to see a continued improvement in this area throughout the year, as we are not playing against Washington caliber teams week in and week out. A few other areas I wanted to look at were how we kept up with their top players (Browning/Gaskin) compared to Auburn and Utah: Utah seemed to limit Browning’s passing yards, while he still passed for around 300 against Auburn (similar to UND), the caveat being that by the end of the UND game we also saw Jake Haener play a few series. Overall, as has been noted, our secondary simply could not keep up with their receivers, not in skill and certainly not in depth. We had flashes, but the difference became more and more apparent as the game went on, and players got tired. The positive is our boys had to play against top tier talent and stuck with it for 3 solid quarters (took two INTs from Browning), I think we already saw some payoff from this against Sam Houston (a la Evan Holm), and I expect to see these guys continue to trend the right way. Then there is Myles Gaskin, who I am sure, along with Washington’s fans, figured he would have a field day against a little FCS team who couldn’t stop the run last year. We limited Gaskin to 53yds on 15 attempts (and a TD), this is a week after going 17 for 75yds against Auburn, and a week before going 30 for 143yds (and a TD) against Utah. Huge pat on the back to UND for turning around that run defense from last year. Amazing what can happen when all of your starters are playing and not injured. Now I don’t want to totally skew what the status show, because Washington did still rush for 195 as a group, but our ability to stop Gaskin, forced Washington to go to other guys. Some of those yards also came in the 4th quarter, which as has been stated was a disaster; defense was toast and just could not keep up any more. And how about that John Santiago guy? Auburn as a team rushed for 147 against Washington …. Utah as a team rushed for 123 against Washington …. John Santiago (Yes, just John) rushed for 139 against Washington (and UND as a whole rushed for 161 against Washington). This speaks volumes to our RBs and the relentless effort of Santiago. It will be interesting to see at the end of the season, where UND's rushing performance is compared to the other teams on Washington's schedule. I think it also shows just how well our O-Line has play (compared to the expectations). There we so many questions surrounding the O-Line prior to the season, and no we do not have all the answers, but it has been better than expected. Anyway, these stats should all be taken with a grain of salt. Stats can be viewed several different ways, and everything is certainly situations and not always directly comparable; but I wanted to share my observations. Feel free to drop your thoughts, just figured I would do a little analysis and generate some chatter leading up to the game on Saturday! -Auburn as a whole rushed for 147 against Washington -John Santiago by himself rushed for 139 against Washington (UND went for 161) -Utah as a whole rushed for 123 against Washington
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    Tristan Beard Cindy Lou Who