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  1. What happened was SLI got the love for being MVFC despite playing an easier schedule than us. And every reason given just does not hold up and they certainly have not "earned it" from previous years. Just politics and bias.
  2. Southern Illinois was a pretender last year. They got brownie points for "keeping it close" against su in a game that they needed to win. Their SOS was weak. At home there is your #7.
  3. Like em or not their purpose is to keep fans engaged and generate conversations through out a season.
  4. Corrected that, any thought on the point I made?
  5. Headshaker how SIL moves up in final poll under the guise that MVFC is si tough yet Big Sky has two in semi finals and five in top 10 but UND playing a BS schedule and beating Montana State (corrected) drops out, yes we lost first round, to eventual #11. What did SIL do to justify moving up? Yah there is no bias among those guys.
  6. He just shows up for dinner and schmoozes the parents.
  7. UND fans earn their reputation just as much after a loss as a win. Back away from the ledge.
  8. One more example of bison insecurity.
  9. This does not play well with those who roll negative, thanks for the insight.
  10. As has been shared our D wasn't exactly the Steel Curtain.
  11. Not seeing the pit toilets.
  12. AC's wanting to be HCs gotta move - also dare I mention he is trading North Dakota for California (not a diss about ND).
  13. He was upright in a chair and he led the song - inspiring. Have to think about something that we as tailgaters can do next year - fly a special flag?
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