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  1. CMSioux

    2018 Season

    I remember reports from the spring ball game and scrimmages prior to the season were that our O Line could not contain our D Line and our quarterbacks were running for their lives. In hindsight I guess that says we have a great D line and our O line was practicing against one of the best.
  2. CMSioux

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    In 2015 the pollsters and NCAA decision makers continually moved the bar based on who they wanted in. The combination of bias and laziness is not going away. In an unbias world 7-4 with 2 wins over ranked teams should be enough, but it won't be for UND, it will be for someone else because the bar will be strategically moved as needed.
  3. CMSioux

    2018 attendance

    And the sound person still plays the music too long when we have the ball and are in our huddle.
  4. CMSioux

    UND - Montana Game Day Thread

    except that 6-5 > 7-4 in the back room.
  5. CMSioux

    FCS Football Polls

    The pollsters should be embarrassed - quite obvious there is no research or knowledge of schools outside the pollster's regions.
  6. CMSioux

    UND @ BSU.......so it begins

    I want to buy you a beer someday.
  7. CMSioux

    UND/Bemidji Home and Home Series

    That tie we had with BSU in Grand Forks last year helped keep us out of the playoffs.
  8. CMSioux

    On to the Griz

    I hate thinking that every year the Griz pull off at least one trick play that works on us. Just a reminder we have been beaten by third string quarterbacks making their first starts - we can take nothing for granted. I want to believe we will win this one by more than one score - in fact based on the season they are having and their personnel we need to, if we are indeed a playoff bound team. One thing I know for sure - when we beat these guys we will get no credit from outsiders - they automatically become a weak team that is having an off season.
  9. CMSioux

    2018-19 Season

    Just means another season of Fire Jones postings.
  10. My friend is not a hockey hater but he wonders why can't the football team afford knee braces but the hockey arena gets a new scoreboard? Is it because The Ralph is privately owned and the money for upgrades comes from a private source whereas knee braces would have to come from UND's football budget?
  11. CMSioux

    2018 attendance

    Didn't make it - memories from a dozen years ago...nice stadium with mountains in the background, miles of smelly feed lots as you drive into town, solid UND following and tailgating, easy to get tickets and sit together with other UND fans.
  12. CMSioux

    The Nickel Trophy

    No way this would ever happen - I can just picture a small group protesting outside the Alerus on game day. They can come up with a new trophy to play for (just don't hire a consultant firm from the east coast to come up with it). Put it in the ND Historical Society Museum in Bismarck in a display that shows the history of the game results so everyone can see who won the most games and who won the final game ;). They could have it in a revolving frame so either side can be seen.
  13. CMSioux

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    I have never understood why in that situation they don't just catch the ball instead of trying to whack at it- if there is no one from the receiving team near a punt the kicking team can catch the ball to down it.
  14. CMSioux

    2018 Season

    Is it the caliber of the win at the time the game is played or is history rewritten at the end of the season?
  15. CMSioux

    French Fry Feed CANCELLED!

    Gotta love the rsponsiveness and directly addressing questions, obviously had no east coast consultant involved,