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  1. And that did not include the dozen nickname protesters who were there to get the extra credit professors offered. Somewhat related, this will be one of the few times the St Cloud Times covers SCSU football in the past two years.
  2. That makes sense and you do have su in your name. Another ag school troll looking for validation?
  3. Dang - the unforced turnovers are frustrating to watch. I look forward to the day that we are back to being a solid team that doesn't lose at home and wins some tough ones on the road. Sather can get us there.
  4. So the gophers excuse is there is just so much to choose from in the Twin Cities and su's excuse is the farmer's are in the field. (I know I'm troll baiting).
  5. Living in the land of sports disappointments (Vikings comes to mind first) it's nice to realize early on you are experiencing something special and are able to enjoy the journey. If we have a dream season I can only imagine what Nashville will be like.
  6. It seems Berry has officially dubbed this teams "special" (as per post game interview)/ Have we reached a point where we as fans can take a deep breath and allow ourselves to acknowledge that this is a really good UND team?
  7. 7 posts to your name - a new visitor - welcome. Why don't you share your connection to UND sports?
  8. Can someone clarify why a school offers to a kid who has already "committed"? I know UND has other schools working on our committed students. What is the purpose of a student committing if they continue to be recruited by other schools?
  9. My thoughts both real world and philosophically: 1. There are definitely more studs out there than su has scholarships. 2. The fans with the "we can't compete" mindset need to change their mindset. We have a great facilities, a solid fanbase and strong tradition - stop comparing. 3. The schools do not recruit the same territories entirely - yes there is some overlap but there are lots of studs out there. 4. Coaches continue to do their homework and go after kids - su does not appeal to every stud (believe it or not). 5. Pressure needs to be put on the administration to put more resources into sports other than hockey. There is more...
  10. You really need to put su somewhere in your nickname so those who don't know can have some context to your "concerns" about our team.
  11. Pretty sure he was only offered a FBS scholarship four days before signing day. This is a hypothetical conversation that isn't worth the time.
  12. History has shown this not to be true. Just wondering how you find time to monitor UNI and SDSU fan sites so you can defend every su comment made.
  13. Welcome, first two posts - would love to hear a little about your affiliation with UND.
  14. Yah I'm sure you were equally irritated when the state was made to look piss poor when on the eve of last year's national championship game it was revealed there was substance abuse in the SU locker room and a starter was dismissed but the local media covered it up until after the game. You may be 27 in years but no way in maturity.
  15. And we all know what 2 years of not making the playoffs gets you in Grand Forks - a new scoreboard. I know you are stirring the pot but you know that no one is popping champagne in the UND football program.
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