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  1. Time to start proving that the state can product DI talent consistently.
  2. I dealt with this in a previous life - we were told we had to keep our income from for-profit ventures to less than 20%.
  3. That is not my "argument". We all know your infatuation with our fan site, appears that MS is prime for your insights. Bubba gave Otis a shot, and stood by him during his early academic issues, when you are recruiting against the #1 school in the division sometimes you have to. We know SU has thrown student athletes who don't pan out on the scrap heap. That is not UND's way. There is always a silver lining as his brother chose UND.
  4. So will you be heading over to Missouri State fan site with your knowledge?
  5. Only one guy comes to mind when it comes to drinking water with one hand or walking down a ramp by himself (now see what you started). Go Sioux!
  6. Hoping I am riding a bike and able to jump up and ride off at that age, and able to drink water witbh one hand and not struggle down a walking ramp.
  7. No facts, hearsay, rumors - gotta be a column by McFeely in the works - especially if he can slant it so it paints UND in a bad light.
  8. What gets lost in these discussions is that rape is a crime of violence, not a crime of sex.
  9. I hope I can speak for all UND fans and hope he turns his life around. Which would include remorse for the assault.
  10. Good luck to Stage, sucks that he got injured (wasn't it during practice). Senior year, probably more about the education and the team said "sure, walk on and show us what you got".
  11. Seems like every year when UND beats someone ranked, rather than giving UND credit for beating a ranked team, the narrative becomes that team was overrated.
  12. Ouch - asking about snow in October? Not a good reflection on your ability to do research on the Internet. A few tips since you are coming from Mizzou - bring your own moonshine and bring a pair of shoes and a shirt because they are required in a restaurant - okay maybe a bit harsh. Actually early October will be fine, come early and walk around the tailgating area you'll be welcomed.
  13. It's fine, it could be better - thought there were many on here that are constantly saying if you are happy with what we have you are settling.
  14. Tailgating issues won't get fixed if they hire an intern every year who is starting over. Not saying it can be a stand alone position but this demonstrates how little interest there is at UND in making tailgating bigger and better than it is.
  15. Let's move on. We've got his brother coming in to show us the "Weah".
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