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  1. So far in all three games we have sent their starting quarterback to the trainer, the USD quarterback came back out and took them down the field, but have to wonder if he didn't have some issues that limited him.
  2. Watched the highlights of IS and USD - any team that has 7 turnovers is probably going to lose the game and IS only lost by 7 points and was driving to tie the game when they got intercepted. We've been on the winning side of the turnover game by design this year, just gotta hope that is a trend not luck. I know the last two years we have lost at least two close games because of one untimely turnover - the muffed punt from the end zone and fumbling into the end zone on a sure touchdown - so it's our turn to get the breaks, as proven by Weah's fumble that bounced back into his hands.
  3. I made this road trip - there was a nice UND following - we were destroyed, it was over at half time.
  4. There have been some epic games between the two and it's a great road trip for us. Great tailgating and a fun band in Brookings - and if you attend the right game you can buy a cow at halftime :).
  5. 40 years following UND football here. Bubba has put together a solid coaching staff and the players are responding. Because it is "spring football" the "playing field" is different, but every team is on the same "field". It's a rugged, talented conference so there is going to be hiccups, but as they say "focus on the future not the past". You can see we have quality players on the field and the play calling in all three areas is working. Half-time adjustments used to be a weakness, now it is a strength. Also combined with a solid educational institution and impressive facilities we have a form
  6. Trying to convince my family it is safe for me to attend a UND football game but every camera shot shows zero masks in use. Is it different on site?
  7. All this without the Brockstar!
  8. Probably been 10 years since UND won and SU lost on the same day.
  9. Springtime in Fargo and the excuses will be in full bloom.
  10. Wonder if the experts think we have beaten anyone yet?
  11. Nice to have a quarterback that can look off the d backs.
  12. Pumped, even without tailgating. Watched the highlights from their game with UNI. They blocked a punt and like to pass to TEs often. This game will tell us a lot about what we have.
  13. Well we knocked out their #1 and #2 QB so they have that going for them.
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