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  1. Prices can change but right now Sun Country is lowest. More intended to start discussion on road trip possibilities.
  2. Discuss: Sept. 2: Sun Country Air: Minneapolis to Bozeman, MT $198 round trip Rent car in Bozeman, drive 247 miles to Pocatello, ID for September 4th game vs Idaho State Spend September 5 - 9 explore Big Sky country, meander down to Logan, UT for September 10 games vs Utah State (105 miles) (Show up on national TV with UND painted on chest) September 11: drive up to Bozeman, MT (350 miles) to catch Sun Country Air back to Minneapolis Gotta love that UND degree that got me retired early.
  3. Every year we hear "you have to earn respect". They are just lazy - they do no research and just mail it in. His reasoning for us totally dropping off the radar is we have a lot of road games - specifically mentioning Missouri State as a "tough" one.
  4. If not for Missouri State tie breaker wouldn't we have been the Conference Champ and thus a seed?
  5. Jacks used a gimmick play to score, must be okay.
  6. Am I the only one who remembers having QBs who often missed swing passes? Not that long ago. This year it was never an issue.
  7. Apoeared that a JMU player was hurt on that last attempt to score.
  8. Jack should have to make a $50 donation to football everytime he says NDSU instead of UND. Forgivable mistake.
  9. I admit I over reacted, felt almost normal to be back in the Alerus at a game, cannot wait for the fall.
  10. Well I am willing to say I stand corrected, I went looking for it before the game and all I found was roster listings from games during the spring season.
  11. It's the little things that separate a mediocre program from a top level program. Yes, NCAA controlled some of the little things, but not all. Could UND have posted a game roster with both teams on them on the football site? Could they have had photos of the starting players on the big screen when they were announced. I realize they were pretty busy releasing the urgently needed 2021-22 hockey schedule the week of the football teams biggest game to date, but could have found an intern to do some of this.
  12. If someone want to put an asterisk on the season that is what it should be there for. *UND beat both SDSU and MSU.
  13. Seldom in our FCS era have I felt we had the best QB of the two teams on the field. This spring I have felt that several times. Accuracy and field presence are his strengths.
  14. I would guess the playbook got a lot smaller once we were up by more than 3 scores.
  15. Correct at the beginning of the game they played them both - perhaps NCAA restricts the playing of the school song, but go watch the highlights of SU VS EW - between the PA announcer screaming "That's another ...." (can't force myself to type it all), and the cannons going off that definitely did not sound like a neutral game site.
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