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  1. It's in his job description to low ball UND every year.
  2. Got my ticket for the game this coming Monday July 22nd. Just wondering if anyone is interesting in carpooling. I live along I 94 and interesting in driving/riding if anyone is interested PM me. Of course willing to share expenses. I can be chatty or quiet as a carpooler. PM to see if we can work out logistics.
  3. Being a remote UND fan I am satisfied with MIDCO sports streaming. It's a bargain and the quality is always good. Going to be interesting to see who they have for play for play, just hope they aren't hiring Western Illinois students (old joke).
  4. So it appears politics is okay?
  5. It helps when people self identify.
  6. Someone thinks we have a loaded class, guess he doesn't stop here to get the geniuses perspective.
  7. It works for the hockey time.
  8. God yes, I would not survive here without it. In the upper right corner, I clicked on my name/Ignored Users/then type in the names you want to ignore. Sometimes they respond to themselves and it's a long list of them on a thread.
  9. Sure, and he's hoping to get a scholly for grad school I am sure.
  10. Wondering what his academic transcript looks like.
  11. There were plenty of times Tommy had to dance around to avoid the rush, plus they rolled him out to avoid it. Can't even count the number of bad snaps he saved.
  12. How did UND get this agreement and not SU with the Grant Nelson connection? Are a few heads exploding on Bison-swille?
  13. Meanwhile other schools are shutting down and tearing down dorms because students want nicer digs or independent living. No doubt the new dorms with all the bells and whistles are drawing students back to campus. Nice problem to have.
  14. I expect reports of massive hoards of people rushing the boarder, promises of a middle class tax cut, threats that the stock market will crash.
  15. As we know they are only as good as the OL in front of them. Injuries always an issue for us also - perhaps the new strength and conditioning coach will help.
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