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  1. CMSioux

    On to Cal Poly

    I noticed early in the game that the guy that targeted him was being a jerk (pretty sure it was #53). I know this will get trashed but this isn't the Minnesota Vikings these are college kids - do you honestly think they show up for a game not giving a !@#$? They weren't expected to go 10-0, they were predicted to be either 7-4 or 6-5.
  2. CMSioux


    I heard SU is having more issues with substance abuse in the locker room.
  3. This - whoever is running the audio has obviously no clue about how to make music a home field advantage. Hint: when UND is in their huddle and especially when they are within 10 seconds of hiking the ball we don't want any music!
  4. Why is this not considered a "statement win"?
  5. CMSioux

    2019 Season

    The polls are a joke but unfortunatly the joke has an impact on playoff teams selected. Being 7-4 and not selected was assinine and a poor reflection on the selection process.Sorry, not gonna get over it.
  6. I think it is idiotic for our fans to jaw our players directly during a game.
  7. It is a little easier with an All American at quarterback.
  8. CMSioux

    We got lucky

    Did we win, I can't tell from this fan site.
  9. CMSioux

    2019 Season

    Except the coaches that work with them daily, but what do they know.
  10. CMSioux

    2019 Season

    Wait a minute...optimism, not sure that is welcome here. Most projections had us at 2-2 at this point, most say 7-4 gets a playoff bid.
  11. Hold my beer A friend of mine heard there was another issue with pharmaceuticals in the screaming yellow locker room.
  12. Side note they are recognizing the 1979 NCC Championship team this weekend and on the field at the end of the first quarter - names that come to mind are Tom Biolo, Henry Jordan, Paul Mukenhern (spelling), Dave Jensen...
  13. I thought when they put together the committee to "enhance the game day experience" a few years ago they did send members to other schools - what we have now is what they came up with from that research. Not saying they failed because it's up to the students and fans to make the game day atmosphere. No committee could create what SU has and what has been shared ad nauseam is that football is #1 at SU. The UND Athletic Department has to split resources and staff between football and hockey in the fall - plus you have The Ralph keeping UND hockey #1 in the public's eyes.
  14. CMSioux

    next up EWU

    Hmm based on their record how would they know what "clicking" looks like, and what if they have been "clicking"?
  15. Did I read that as 3 non conference home games - they should rent out the Betty to the circus, monster truck rallies, rodeos.
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