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  1. When is the last time we had a game where the second and third string got meaning minutes?
  2. CMSioux


    If the event is cancelled they are.
  3. CMSioux


    Seems like lots of UND fans are bailing. Getting a little paranoid, but the risk is small correct? Tickets would be refunded. Hotel rooms are cancelable. We are driving so no issue there.
  4. CMSioux


    I think we pretty much know where everyone individually stands on COVID. Do we really need to continue with the snarky comments. Some of us have lost family to the virus - oh that's right they were going to die anyway and the virus is a hoax.
  5. At the game, torrential rain, lightning, lights out for 20 minutes, waiting on locusts.
  6. Was there, he got up and teammates were helping him then he collapsed, he insisted on getting up and walking off with help. Probably knew something bad had happened and wanted to walk off, if it was going to be the last time
  7. We heard the game is far from a sell out, perhaps that was before the big win?
  8. We are fans so it is okay to be optimistic. There is a reason the ball is oblong, you never know how it will bounce. Upsets happen every week.
  9. Small AM station is St Cloud just picked up bizon football, sometimes stations just need to fill broadcast space.
  10. CMSioux

    UND @ ISU

    Pregame meal in Idaho. Go Hawks!
  11. CMSioux

    UND @ ISU

    Leave no doubt, we are a 10 point favorite - we are the returning MVFC champions, everyone here should be just as confident as they are over at the Idaho State board.
  12. This is the 2021-22 team not a team from the past and certainly not the team that traveled through a blizzard and got little sleep the night before the last game in Pocatello. It's also a team with much more talent and different game schemes (and some new coaches). I believe what I see - I say it's UND by at least 2 scores. 24 - 13 (and I'll be in the stand to see it happen).
  13. Went with James Madison, probably not as big of a move up as those who were whispering in his ear were promising.
  14. We'll find out I guess.
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