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  1. Need to take a deep breath, there are hundreds of student athletes going into the portal, we will have scholarship money to spend. We want student athletes that are all in. It's not pretty but it's the new normal.
  2. We have a nice stable of running backs in place. Really hope that Otis gets his life straightened out and isn't listening to empty promises.
  3. Wasn't it reported last year that there were hundreds, even thousands, more going into the portal than received scholarship offers?
  4. Doesn't seem like they learned much, if you look at the most recent hiring for WBB.
  5. With their unbalanced schedule it's tough to gauge, it's not a given, but Vigen walked into a football first school with great facilities, all he has to do is not screw it up.
  6. You're stirring the pot right? N Iowa was last in, finished sixth in MVFC and held EW (third in BS) to 25 points below season average, weren't both Missouri State (which played another MVFC team) and SD the lower seed? SDSU pummeling UCD was impressive.
  7. Talk about an emotionally exhausting situation for coaches. You invest years in a player, develop a relationship with them, become their life advisor and in some cases like a parent and then after a couple of years they walk away from you. And if you are a position coach you think you have finally recruited and developed a solid core group and someone jumps the ship. I can give a pass to some grad transfers, if they have finished their undergrad and UND doesn't offer what they need at the next level.
  8. If UND was hosting a football playoff game this Saturday wouldn't there be hand-wringing about low attendance and justification that "everyone is focused on the hockey game and has to choose"?
  9. What about the other 45 plays in those games?
  10. Several starting QBs in MVFC came in through the portal, amazing how many teams went all in with transfers. UND has gotten some, but not the number that other schools have. Jury still out on whether the portal is the way to build for the future - maybe it is the new normal.
  11. Actually there were several times the crowd noise was pretty loud, no off side created but still a good atmosphere. There were some recruits there.
  12. You really believe one play can change a season?
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