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  1. Tailgating should be free this year.
  2. Could be some interesting road trips.
  3. I hear the puppy bowl is looking for opponents.
  4. Or you could say it took them longer to discover what other schools had already figured out.
  5. Wonder if any local bars in GF would consider putting up a big screen up in their parking lot, renting out spaces for tailgating and showing a best of series of UND football games on a few Saturday afternoons. Desperate times/desperate measures.
  6. Sister in law who is a trumplican and constantly bitching about MN governor overstepping has all the symptoms and is going in for a test - karma baby.
  7. I'm envisioning a team that wins the conference and starters all average in low double figures and the team averages less than 10 turnovers a game (in a year or two).
  8. Are these options for the season: No fans, piped in sound Player parents only Parents and top level Champions Club members only Tailgating - Yes or No?
  9. Idiotic to cherry pick when teachers have become the scapegoat. So you think being a teacher in this situation is easy?
  10. They had 2 weeks to prepare that material and plan. Speaking from experience they have been working all summer to develop Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for the fall. Here is another myth I can bust: "teachers have the summer off" not this summer, not any summer.
  11. Do you think developing virtual learning or a hybrid style takes less of a teachers time?
  12. He has referred to himself as a "transitional candidate" in several instances.
  13. There are at least 20 countries where higher education is free.
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