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  1. CMSioux

    The Nickel Trophy

    That works except what made the Nickle trophy special was that at one time there was an actual US coin with a bison on one side and a native american on the other so it does lose some of its uniqueness - still a coin works and perhaps the schools could mint a smaller version as something we could buy.
  2. CMSioux

    2018 and a Look Ahead

    We had the player talent to make the playoffs this year.
  3. CMSioux

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    If UND beats NA that would have been us in Fargo, with likely a similar result. Still would have helped the program grow I feel.
  4. CMSioux

    2019 Attendance

    I don't think casual fans follow the program close enough that a change in the OC would impact their ticket purchase decision. A 6-5 season is going to lose some bandwagoners and it will take a good year to get their excitement back. That would also coincide with joining the MVFC and having some opponents that people care about on the schedule. So a decent year next year (with a tough schedule) sets the table to sell more season tickets in 2020.
  5. CMSioux

    2018 Season

    Love it, always felt that missing out on individual conference awards was a tough sacrifice for our guys, I know it is a team game but this helps.
  6. CMSioux

    Time For Some New Blood

    Next steps in ranting: Process is not visible I do not trust they tried to get strong candidates Process was too visible so really good candidates in established programs were afraid to apply Process was too internally focused to get good candidates from outside Process was too externally focused we didn't give current staff with potential a chance Process took too long we need staff now Process went too quickly we should have at least known who was out there. Chaves needs to make the decisions he has connections Bubba needs to make the decisions it is his staff (and neck on the line).
  7. CMSioux

    Bill Chaves on Sunday morning, November 18, 2018

    So other than Chaves saying "Just as we do at the end of every season we sit down with the head coach and review what needs to be addressed" what do you expect him to say?
  8. CMSioux

    Time For Some New Blood

    So there are some that believe UND can afford to eat 3 years of the head football coach's salary? We are not Notre Dame. And do we really need to continue with all the "then you are settling for mediocrity, etc". UND has been slashing budgets in every EDUCATIONAL department at the U - which is their primary mission. Hopefully changes will be made - but you gotta believe they will be made within a constrained budget.
  9. CMSioux

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Remind me about the time anyone said they were satisfied with our offence against Portland State.
  10. CMSioux

    Time For Some New Blood

    From the Department of Repetition Department: I think we get it that there are some here who want Bubba gone - but what they don't get is that it is not going to happen after this season for numerous reasons. There are a few on this staff where a legitimate case could be made for making changes. The reality is we are on the verge of making the playoffs with a good chance to host that game. The other reality is there are some on here that hope that doesn't happen.
  11. CMSioux

    2018-19 Season

    The Adidas screw up makes sense but how long does it take to make 15 umiforms?
  12. CMSioux

    2018-19 Season

    It was said during broadcast that this is the onky uniforms they have right now. Really! Budget issue, poor planning, they make it so easy to pit the luxuries afforded the hockey team to every other program.
  13. CMSioux

    FCS Football Polls

    Nope, there are no toe to toe points even for UNI.
  14. CMSioux

    FCS Football Polls

    Painful to remember how the committee moved the bar depending on which teams they wanted to be able to justify over UND - for some it was quality losses, for others it was strength of schedule, for others it was injured players. On the other hand when the decision to leave UND out was put under the microscope UND and its fans weren't the only ones that were able to see and admit that we got the shaft (except for the Scream Yellow Trolls).
  15. CMSioux

    FCS Football Polls

    Pretty sure all the other 7-4 teams will have similar resumes, UND just won't have any supporters in the decision room.