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  1. MC s Dugout is a nice gathering spot for Friday, in downtown St. Cloud with good food and the famous Hairy Buffalo drink. They lost The Press Bar nearby to a big fire last week but all cleaned up. Go Sioux.
  2. Wasn't that long ago that we lost numerous games due to our free throw shooting, this year we have won a couple due to our free throw shooting. I think we are going to see our defense improve in the coming years - Dave Gunther's mantra was "hustle and defense win" - it worked for his teams.
  3. Sorry - I thought the Sacramento info was out there - what I meant was it's easy to understand his move.
  4. Grand Forks vs Sacramento, if you do not have ND ties it is easy to understand.
  5. When did Rebraca get hurt - thought I heard Alex say something about "finding out just before the game"?
  6. CMSioux

    The Herald

    With my limited clicks I am not going to waste one on that story (or Port or McFeely ever).
  7. Just passing this on - according to Hero Sports, UND is ranked 10th out of 11 in MVFS for their 2020 recruiting class. USD is #1. https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2020-recruiting-mvfc-missouri-valley-rankings-ajaj?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Link
  8. It would be nice if UND could get the basketball highlights posted as fast as the hockey highlights - basketball was home, hockey was on the road.
  9. Pretty common that rivals enjoy pouring it on.
  10. Wow you got all that from a highlight video? He's a 19-20 year old student athlete with a little passion. I'm don't have the skills or knowledge to judge him on a couple minutes of video.
  11. Thanks for the annual "we are bad but you are only a little bit better" post.
  12. We "pissed away" two last year IS and Weber. The only teams that don't "piss away" at least one game a year are playing in late December and January. I would say that Montana State fans could say they "pissed one" away this past year - so it can be overcome.
  13. What happened was SLI got the love for being MVFC despite playing an easier schedule than us. And every reason given just does not hold up and they certainly have not "earned it" from previous years. Just politics and bias.
  14. Southern Illinois was a pretender last year. They got brownie points for "keeping it close" against su in a game that they needed to win. Their SOS was weak. At home there is your #7.
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