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  1. CMSioux

    2019 Season

    I have a feeling that Beaumont's comments are going to show up just as much on Bison-swille as here . Love the passion we will be cheering double loud for your son.
  2. I think OL recruits are relating to the enthusiasm and passion of our new offensive line coach.
  3. CMSioux

    2019 Season

    What you are missing is that twice there are three weeks between home games, that just creates a gap for keeping the casual fans interest.
  4. CMSioux

    2019 Season

    I can find 7 wins in our schedule, finding 8 wins is tough.
  5. CMSioux

    2019 Season

    This year's home game schedule is wacked, you can predict that attendance will go down (although having the sixth home game could help - although that sixth game is November 23rd so the weather and the start of UND hockey will probably negate that. Only two home games during the nicest weather of August-September and two home games in late November? That basically means two games with mostly hard-core tailgaters - no casual fan is going to buy a one-game tailgate pass in November. Plus once hockey season starts walk-up attendance will take a hit - people only have so many dollars to spend. I get the "Just win and they will come" mantra but the reality is this year's schedule is not very casual fan friendly. Is it because we are basically an independent and had to take what we can get?
  6. Higher salaries for staff was probably part of the hiring negotiations.
  7. Dom is also the one who did a hot take on "Why are all the UND coaches leaving" with no insights into both coaches going back to their home states and alluding to being willing to give up head coaching time comittment for wanting more time with family. JK is the one who seems trigger happy to tweet about bad news at UND>
  8. Fargo media seems to be concerned about our student-athletes so I wonder how long it will take them to tweet about this?
  9. Yes, yes, yes! The bottom line is you are committing to a place that will provide you with a great education, life experience, team mates - it's the program, not a coach. Lots of respect for a kid who takes a look around and realizes this.
  10. CMSioux

    Moo U Thread

    It is like the trash can, every so often you have to clean it out.
  11. It's not like it's in the middle of the season - the guy was just hired last week. History has shown there will be plenty of access.
  12. CMSioux

    The Herald

    Swimsuit issue is also more enjoyable in print. Regarding print magazines going digital Money Magazine just announced that they are no longer printing the magazine, they gave out two addresses to a blog and website that will be taking its place, not sure how that is going to work as far as my subscription.
  13. CMSioux

    Shaw's gone.

    Has the hawk logo ever been worn by a hockey coach on the UND bench? Karl might be the guy to start that.
  14. CMSioux

    2019 Season

    Thanks for caring but I believe he only played 4 games last year so technically red shirted.
  15. CMSioux

    The Herald

    And we all know the best defense of any troll is that the other people are "thin-skinned".
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