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  1. I did. It only took a few minutes to create an account and upload everything.
  2. J & J is available in Bismarck this weekend.
  3. Pfizer only requires 3 weeks between shots. J&J is one and done. There's plenty of time.
  4. My wife and I are vaccinated so it doesn't make a difference to us. LFG!
  5. Luckily all of my reservations are fully refundable and I hadn't purchased Frozen Four tickets yet.
  6. There are a few inexpensive hotels within easy walking distance of PPG Paints Arena.
  7. I'm using a Roku Ultra and have had a few audio drops but the picture looks really good. I get some buffering but I think that's caused by Starlink.
  8. I bought tickets in the 200 level and the prices haven't changed.
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