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  1. My Apple TV just started working after I e-mailed Sidearm and copied the NCHC.TV. The change in the app still sucks and does not leave me a lot of confidence.
  2. My new Apple TV using the NCHC App does not work for the live game. I click the game and the archive of this afternoons comes up. I watched it on my Ipad and not the Apple TV this afternoon, so I am not sure what is going on. Sidearm is a real disaster that should have been done away with. I have been an all-league pass holder form the beginning and they always have an excuse that does not play very well with being a good source for streaming.
  3. There was a NCHC App Update today that I downloaded and it still did not work. The App on Apple TV was changed and it was horrible the last couple of days to move around the site. I also have had to use my computer.
  4. Sidearm is responsible. I always copy the NCHC so they know the issues that everyone is having. I really doubt Sidearm is being transparent with all the billing problems. They updated the Apple TV app and actually made it worse. The movement around using that is sketchy at best now.
  5. The game is listed as being on ESPN3 and not ESPN+ on their website. That means you do not have to have a subscription to watch the game, should be free online for those wanting to see it. Unless I missed something. Let's have a good start to the season!
  6. This is what happened to my subscription. They said the current subscription did not auto-renew when they had listed (early October, I believe October 3rd), so I had to re-subscribe. They said that was the only way to keep my subscription up to date. I paid for that, and they said it would be at the lowered rate. It was not and now the other subscription auto-renewed at the right rate. I e-mailed them and they verified this. They also sent me five emails saying my subscription was cancelled. When I responded back to say that I just wanted my money back for the early subscription at the
  7. I would suggest that you make sure that your NCHC pass was billed correctly by Sidearm. I was just double billed by Sidearm sports for the service. I had an issue watching in early October, so I contacted them and they said I needed to renew to continue pulling up the archived games that I wanted to watch. They billed me then, and just billed me again for the all-access pass (at two different rates as well??). I have had an all-access pass ever since this started and this is the second time that this has happened. Their site is extremely poor for billing and does not auto-renew the w
  8. I am hopeful for the season to start as expected. Hopefully with fans, but Nascar is starting mid-May without fans. We will see how that goes. If there are fans at NCAA fall/winter sports, I would expect face coverings to be mandatory at least through the end of 2020. In regards to that, why is the Sioux Shop not selling face coverings/masks with a Dakotah Legacy logo or Fighting Hawk logo? If fans have to go to a game with face coverings, it would be awesome to at least wear it with some pride. Also, they could make a special face covering/mask for the Nashville game. If we would have
  9. I believe the player of the year award(s) are all out after the ballots have been in for the Hobey by the real voters. That trend I do believe does hold for the Hobey, as too regional focused by voters and not taking into account the season rather than career numbers.
  10. I want to start out by saying that I really do not care a great deal about the Hobey, because the voters have been too regional about their viewpoints and not followed the standards for the award which are a combination of character and hockey IN THAT SEASON. I have been to all but one frozen four in the last 32 years and enjoy all of the conversations that I have had with folks over the years regarding games and Hobey candidates. There are many players that are deserving of the Hobey that have not won. Since it is a seasonal achievement of hockey/character, I do believe it should no doubt
  11. For those who thought the NCAA would "fight back" against the states, they just folded. No matter what the NCAA tries to say, it is pay to play. Kids will get agents to get paid for signing autographs and their imagery while attending college. I assume the NCAA will try to set up some guidelines on this, but good luck with that. Colleges will now likely hire folks to help the athletes navigate this course of action. You can find this on your preferred news channel, but here is the official info from the NCAA via this link: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/board-g
  12. I loved what one of the Russians were quoted about Comtois (before the tourney), comparing him to a soccer player rather than a hockey player. He is too good of a talent to do what he is doing, and even the Canadian announcers were a little tongue tied on a couple of his antics. I think you will see a different Comtois in the quarters, and it will be interesting to see how focused they are. If the US gets both Hughes brothers going, and stop the D Hughes from trying to do too much, it will be a great Canada- US game for the gold.
  13. KSSioux


    Thanks for your comments on the bidding owl auction. I was lucky enough to win the first Morelli that was put up for auction a while back, and will definitely say the quality was exceptional. Not sure if this is the second or third of the extras that they have offered for auction, but the winner will be satisfied. Watching the game Saturday, I agree the sweaters did not look as high of quality, but still obviously awesome sweaters. You will notice that the Saturday sweaters did not have the "Sammy Sioux" logo. There were also some other differences that you will see comparing the bidding
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