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  1. You are correct, he picked against us in 2016 and picked Michigan that year as well. It is a tough challenge to win four in a row and you need a combination of talent and a little "puck luck" along the way.
  2. Dell starting in goal for New Jersey in Travis Zajac's 1000th game. Obviously Oshie is in the lineup for Washington, so a good UND contingent in this matchup.
  3. Based on the end of the game I would sit a couple of players for their safety on Friday in Omaha. Neither team has anything really to play for other than record. Omaha is pretty well cemented into the 4 spot. The slash on Jammer during the faceoff was a trigger and it was a cross check that he did, but the slash by the Omaha player was not even called. A couple of cross checks by Denver in the last home games were not even called while our players were on the ice, and they were worse. I would let Pinto rest and keep Mismash out to make sure he is OK for the home finale. I would start Tho
  4. This is a huge message game for the boys. Needing 6 points in four games against Omaha, getting 3 points in the first game would take the air out of Omaha for the remaining games. The odds of them winning the next three would not be good, so I hope they come out firing on all cylinders for this game. I know Omaha will want to push the start, so I expect a pretty intense, high octane, first period. Let's get this going to keep the Penna Rosa!!
  5. Austin Poganski playing for the Blues this afternoon. Has seen some good action in the first period. Hopefully he will find a good fit there.
  6. They must have seen something in practice to swap Jammer away from Hain and Senden. That was a great line, and Weatherby has not been where I expected him to be so far this year. He is better on the dot than Jammer, so maybe they wanted to get that line zone time against the big line of Denver. Also, you know we are loaded on D when we sit the Defensemen of the week in the NCHC. I would have thought he would have been the extra skater tonight, but Keane is a great option as well. No worries, let's go boys!!
  7. Cam Johnson penciled in as the backup for Columbus today. Doubt he will make it into the game, but he is dressed for the Blue Jackets.
  8. These are absolutely horrible. I saw them play the Islanders and I doubt that they will wear these very often. The three stars have to have some significance, because they included them on the pants as well. They are so ugly that I do not care to do the research into that question myself.
  9. I hope Liberty is the next college team to go to D1 status. For those that have not heard about them, they are a real good club team and I think would love to be part of a D1 conference. They have better facilities than a few D1 teams now. Would not surprise me for them to beat LIU again tonight.
  10. I am putting the NCAA rule book definition for "Charging" into this post for reference. Why they would call this charging when he did not take strides, or traveled a "great distance", or leave his feet is the reason I question the call. It was a two minute goaltender interference penalty. Period. Once again, because he got hurt due to an uncoordinated flop, the NCHC took action that was not fitting the crime. They need to stop the flops, but I do not see this happening. The Pionk hit was far worse as there was no defensemen pushing him into the goalie, and he led with the forearm while s
  11. How did Midco's coverage of the game not be effected by the "Internet" outage? I do not doubt that you are right, but the Midco service not being effected is a question mark. That you rely on feeding 1000's of customers from one internet source is highly questionable. If this is the case there should be back up plans in place to maintain service.
  12. Take a look at this link when you think that athletics are not important fundraisers for the universities, while most still are not positive on the balance sheet. It is very interesting to see from this article what effect Covid had on the P5 and why they decided to play the games to try to get some money coming in without losing billions. It is also interesting to note that there were NO FCS teams that were profitable, while only a third of the FBS teams were. The NCAA is run by the P5 conferences, make no mistake about that. Do Colleges Make Money From Athletics? | BestColleges
  13. I have not called, but have a string of e-mails that I have sent. I always copy info@nchchockey.com in my e-mails to sidearm. The frustrating part is that it never seems to be their problem when they respond, and all of a sudden they find a problem and things change. Sometimes they never seem to read the e-mails and I have actually sent screen shots to them to show them the problems. Whoever redid the NCHC-TV App for the Apple TV this winter did a very poor job. It was better before their redo of the App. Amazingly I never had any problems with any other of the Apps on Apple TV. I am a
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