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  1. After over 50+ pages of "discussion" on this issue, I wanted to find out how UND compares with other universities regarding the sports revenues. Do other schools actually make money on the sports they provide? I was tired of seeing the trashing of donors, other people wanting to tell them how the money is spent, and the biggest joke that the university would be a better steward of that money. What I found out was not surprising. There are very few of the universities in the NCAA system that are making money off of sports, which looks like around 20 schools out of the more than 1000 colleges and universities that are part of the NCAA. Here is a link to the Politifact article to back that up: http://www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2014/dec/22/jim-moran/moran-says-only-20-colleges-make-profit-sports/ The NCAA pulls in right at $1Billion dollars in revenue and a great deal of that revenue goes to P5 schools. They do not allocate funding evenly across the board to all schools. A better picture of the issues with college athletics is in the following Washington Post article which also verifies that very few schools "profit" from athletics. They spend more money on athletics than they take in from athletics. These large schools can pull in $125 - 200 million dollars in sports revenue, but spend it as fast as they make it. That also did not surprise me, as I do not think UND would be any different. http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/sports/wp/2015/11/23/running-up-the-bills/?utm_term=.7800ce2592cc You can look further and find out that a large portion of money comes from sales of merchandise. That obviously varies from school to school. If you have a program like hockey at UND that drives a big part of merchandise sales. Ticket sales are not the prominent driver of revenue for any school. We should be glad to have donors that fund athletics, as that is not the purpose for colleges and universities, but are a benefit to those universities and help to drive the attendance and passion for the school. There may be some issues with the contract, and contracts can be negotiated, but the university needs to understand the value of donors. Other sports do benefit from the status of hockey at UND by merchandise sales along with keeping donors excited. A large donor should have more say in how their money is spent. The Engelstad's have given money beyond athletics to UND, and that should be appreciated. I know any donations that I make now to the university are going to be very specific, as they have in recent years.
  2. KSSioux

    former players

    This shutout must have gotten him a contract with the Flyers. He is the backup for one of the Flyers split squad games against the Islanders. Very surprised to see this.
  3. KSSioux

    2017-2018 NHL Season

    Check the game Lyon is starting in goal for Philly. Check the team stats and Matej is listed as the backup. Click his name and his picture will pop up. It is definitely him in the picture.
  4. KSSioux

    2017-2018 NHL Season

    I assumed he is signed by Philly since they drafted him. Then I do not believe he could play in another pro league while under their contract. Could be wrong on that.
  5. KSSioux

    2017-2018 NHL Season

    You cannot. He is definitely the backup in one of Phily's games tonight (playing split squads against the Islanders). There are only a few international spots available in major junior, so he will have to go to the ECHL or AHL, if he does not get one of those exemptions. Pretty young kid to do that. Very surprised.
  6. KSSioux

    2017-2018 NHL Season

    Did I miss Tomek signing a pro contract? He is the backup for Phily tonight playing against the Islanders. I am really surprised at this being how young he is. Thought he would go to the USHL this year and another school would pick him up for next year.
  7. KSSioux


    Here it is, and the tweet came from UND Football as a gamer.
  8. KSSioux


    It is the old font and has nothing to do with "stretching". It is not the font associated with "North Dakota" in the "Fighting Hawks" rollout. Not even close. It is an old North Dakota font.
  9. KSSioux


    I just saw the football game jersey on twitter. With all the outrage regarding the hockey usage of the logo, why does the football team use a different font for "North Dakota", than what was built around the Fighting Hawks branding? I would think those on here would be "outraged" at the noncompliance.
  10. KSSioux

    What do you think of the logo now??

    The truly honest answer to the original question is that in the Brien logo era, the football team had a 1" logo on the collar of the jersey (bottom of the neckline) and NEVER had that logo at midfield. It is true that the basketball team had the logo on the side of their shorts a few years, but also NEVER had that logo at center court. It will also be true that the hockey sweaters this year will have the Hawk logo on their shoulders, and will likely be similar size to the logo that was on the side of the basketball shorts, So being honest, the hockey team this year will have a larger Hawk logo than the football team ever wore during the Brien logo era. I will also guess that on the ice (maybe not this year, but quickly) you will see the Hawk logo appear in the same area, and near the same size, as was at the Scheel arena regional ice this March. You can decide for yourself the real "outrage" of some people.
  11. KSSioux

    Sioux Survivor Game #3 2016-2017

    Tucker Poolman
  12. KSSioux

    Sioux Survivor Game #2

  13. KSSioux

    Nchctv stream problems

    You can tell by the responses on here that the NCHC.TV is extremely variable. This year is much worse than last year. Some times it works great and other times it does not. When it first started there was not Apple product streaming, so I ran through Internet Explorer on a very fast WiFi system and it was choppy. They said to use Google Chrome, so I did and it was not much better. Definitely not HD, but I really had very few streaming issues of it syncing. When they started streaming through Apple products, I bought an Apple TV (third generation, which I still use) and streamed on our TV with that and both an IPad II and now a newer Air2. That worked very well last year. This year with the same system (faster internet WiFi than years past), I had numerous errors getting it to stream to the Apple TV. I can stream many other live programs/shows on our Apple TV without problems and they do so flawlessly. I cannot replicate the error that the NCHC.TV streaming shows. I still get the error initially, but after several attempts it works. The NCHC.TV is just not consistent and is in fact getting far worse this year. I am assuming the issue with my Apple TV has something to do with the 4th generation Apple TV setup that you can get the NCHC.TV App loaded into without having to stream it from your Apple device. That is the only thing that I can come up with, since I had no issues last year.
  14. KSSioux

    Nchctv stream problems

    After the finally have "some" of the bugs worked out with the Airplay, the feed got very choppy in the third period. Using same system as last year, I had few issues. This is a Neulion issue with the feed. I understand some of the audio issues come from Midco, but the streaming is on them. Not many folks hardware their internet, nor should it be expected. I have extremely fast internet feeds, and have no issues with other live feeds. Extremely disappointing, and Neulion is not good at fixing things.
  15. We just went from the "BOY" line, to the "SOS" line. Lots of changes.