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  1. Shaming for anything disgusts me. Mob mentality. Gutless. Extremely easy behind a computer keyboard too... it amazes me how many people’s mindsets have never left junior high. The social media movement simply encouraged that. wish the iPhone had never been invented...
  2. Just read 81% of Canada’s deaths have been nursing home residents
  3. Totally. It’s The immediate discounting of the message based on a bias against the messenger. Left: nothing you say matters because you are a heartless bigot that doesn’t share my values! Which are the correct values! You only think about yourself! Right: nothing you say matters because you are a mindless crybaby that doesn’t share my values! Which are the correct values! Stop worrying about everybody else and worry about yourself!
  4. I’m just tired. 80+...give me a bottle of good scotch and a triple dose of ketamine. Honsestly. I don’t wish Ill upon anyone, but what would you do? Hold on for one more Christmas? Stop the world for one. Ire trip to Walmart or the fair?
  5. Shame is an equal sword...I cast shame on everyone that donates less than $5k/ year to charity. I cast shame on people who haven’t saved a million bucks. Lots of ways to cast shame
  6. same thing with guns. I have them, I hunt with them, I don’t have a round chambered until I’m ready for business. Yet they are dangerous.
  7. Reasonable standards are fine, same with covid. Driving drunk implies you’ve been drinking. I am known to have two drinks and drive home, with my family in the car. I’ve been known to have more than that with no driving involved. I dont pound a half rack and drive. Same should apply to Covid. I have no reason to believe I am impaired, therefore I will go about my business.
  8. We will never agree, because I don’t believe it is the responsibility of the government nor the citizens to do everything in our power to protect people at all costs. If I believed that, I would ban guns, ban cars, ban alcohol, ban tobacco, ban fire, ban knives, ban swimming pools, ban bears, ban sharks. start the sunscreen police next. Don’t eat meat. Etc. its a cruel world and some people lose and some people die.
  9. Many a Patriot has sacrificed their life for liberty. Some are in history books, some in distant fields and deserts and on beaches. Some are names on walls or embodied in triangular folded flags on mantels and in dens. With their sacrifice in mind, I believe that civil liberties and economic freedom is more important than any individual’s illness or death.
  10. I think if the entire economy is in shambles, the only thing you can hang your hat on is the health outcomes. Even if we do open up tomorrow, the damage is done. It would give people hope, but the economy is wrecked for a couple years.
  11. I believe that almost all believe life is superordinate to the economy and they don’t want to be wrong and have 10% of their citizens die. It’s foolish to think that way, but they are weighing worst case. Some of the Dems might get added pleasure by tanking Trump in the process. They might also believe that the economy is already tanked, so why worry about a lost cause.
  12. We’ve seen the individually tragic stories dominate certain types of thinking. Think about drunk driving. The odds of causing a wreck that kills people doesn’t go up noticeably until you are over 0.15 BAC, yet our law is at 0.08. Individually tragic events garner sympathy and ignore rational thought.
  13. No rational person let’s the ship sink when you can seal 2% of the crew behind the hatch and stay seaworthy.
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