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  1. Buh bye... I’ll leave $20 on the counter Christ I’ll leave $200 for real just to never think about you again just give me an address
  2. What’s that degee in from the special underwear school? How many years you been out? Higher ed? Btw...Carlson is much higher ranked thank BYU...as a. Executive,BYU doesn’t even make me look at resume...what’s your degree in, global studies? How about that masters? How about working for 20 years? get off the board. We hate you. Your parents hate you. Your girlfriend slept with half the guys in here...or at least would given the opportunity. when I get up in my home tomorrow, I honestly hope you realize how ignorant you are- note- not stupid.
  3. What have you ever contributed...you have no idea what some of us do, lose sleep over. You can just go away. Nobody cares, you are certainly a disappointment to your mother and father. If you are t,they are disappointments to their parents. Why do you get up in the morning? Ever had a girlfriend? Got any real friends? Did cool kids in school make fun of you? Nice education you laid out. i don’t usually get this mean,but you shoulda gotten the crap kicked outta you on the playground.
  4. Is that Le Cordon Bleu? if you have no credible education,then your opinion is garbage.cleRly you do t, you are likely jerking off to Greta. Grow up. Get laid. Win at something (unlikely) or just ho away. I don’t want to pay your tab.
  5. Hurry up,’ mom is going to shut off pornhub!!
  6. Say all you want. Good jobs out here in LA. You’d get $5bucks to park and pick up my car for me...it’s only an M5, so only “Kinda” fancy
  7. That’s a school you need a 32 ACT to get into for undergrad btw
  8. Degrees, qualifications please.. for the record I’m Carlson school BSB1998, MBA 2007
  9. I’m just curious what your degee(s) are in? and from where?
  10. These people succeeded in making people afraid of air...has there ever been a worse lie?
  11. There are just people who can’t be reasoned with. Some old friends on here probably Rene bet when I told a Gopher fan At the X to shut up repeatedly. Then I gave him $50 to shut up. He did. He raised his voice once. I pointed at him. He sat down. Guess 6’1 220 of ex jr hockey player meant more than the $50
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