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  1. I think Mismash's only shot is to try and become a Matt Cullen type player. He is not going to light up the NHL. He needs to find something he can excel at. Not saying he isn't a really nice player, but Danny Kristo didn't make it...Mash needs to look at how he can become a specialty situation player- a pk specialist or something. Otherwise he is just another one of many that is better than 98% of hockey players, but not in the NHL. He should find that part of his game at UND...not in the AHL...
  2. Kierstad- might strike while the iron is hot...JBD to me is in the Oshie spot after year 2 (probably could go and succeed, but not screaming I'm too good for college hockey)...MIsmash- not ready, but Nashville will likely want to sign him to avoid the risk of him becoming a free agent next year...
  3. Pooly and Smith will be missed, but with what is coming and with this news...re-loading
  4. Once upon a time this thread was all about the corny. We had insiders in healthcare from various hotspots. I’d like to return to those days. The saddest thing I’m seeing in CA right now is that PPE exists but isn’t getting to the front line staff that need it. Not sure where the breakdowns are happening. We have a wide range of situations across greater LA, with some hospitals full of Corny patients and others with few or none.
  5. Finishing league then, how about that? I just don’t see it as developmental the same way as say college or the CHL.
  6. Wow...that’s just an irrational partisan rant.
  7. I think it’s always about money. Asset inflation has made older Americans wealthy and left younger Americans staring at a huge chasm to afford what they considered a nice middle class life. That’s the genesis. They were also sold a bill of goods on “do what you love” and go to your “dream school”...then they realize that the life they wanted in NY or Boston or SF or LA meant they have to make $300k per year...Remember $117k is poverty line in San Francisco... so I agree it’s a generation war. There is no solution though without destroying a ton of “wealth”
  8. Does anyone really care that much about who is President and what party they belong to? Sadly, it appears so. Appearance is the key word though, because to me it appears that no matter who is the head of the executive branch, nothing really changes but appearances. I mean we all have philosophical bias, but how philosophy becomes policy....well... I guess if you are on the government dole it might matter, but to the rest of us, it doesn’t really make a difference...my daily life doesn’t change...maybe everyone’s life has become so easy that the only thing to bitch about is the federal government. Just do yourselves a favor and don’t watch your entertainment news all day. It only makes things worse.
  9. Back to the corny...going to be a long April. The thing with the markets, money is like a drunk teenage sailor on shore leave- it’s looking for any action it can find, and it will find it. Once business starts opening up again, the markets will have a huge rally as that money sitting on the sidelines will be looking for action. If businesses can survive the next 2-3 months...just survive...things will turn. Positive thoughts for the day!
  10. Agree, and If JBD wants to skate next to Chabot, he needs another year of seasoning. Pinto’s game totally translates to NHL too...that punishing style though will take a toll on the body over 82+ games...better to build it up in college another year. It is not a race, it’s a process, and the NHL and AHL are not development leagues. They are finished product leagues.
  11. Totally agree. The best athletes don’t need all those reps early. It is too much. I already see it with my 9 year old’s peers. After a major tryout a dad asked me in private how many hours per week we trained. I said structured we did 2 hours of team practice, 1/2 hour of on ice group skills, 1/2 hour of on-ice individual skills, and 1 hour of off-ice quickness and agility training (non- hockey specific)/ week during the season plus whatever game(s) is on the calendar. Then he screws around with buddies or in the garage on his own, but I don’t count unstructured, as that is truly playtime. He shook his head realizing the error of his ways and said “well that’s why my kid didn’t show as well, the child is exhausted. We have him doing 15+ hours/week structured.” My jaw dropped. gotta keep it fun and keep them from burning out.
  12. I heard R Kelly is scared of it...he was cool with covid 15 or 16 though
  13. This isn’t about the Chinaman, dude
  14. In all seriousness, this !@#!$ time for Sioux hockey and for the economy and for people’s health...glad I’ve been able to bs with all of you or at least most of you. We’ll get through this.
  15. I feel like our family is closer and we’re at 20 days...
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