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  1. 1. The summary page on USCHO pairwise is wrong. DU is currently 4 and BC 5. 56 and 55 comparisons respectively. 2. They will NOT make an 8 and 5 switch. That is a big time screw job on the #1 overrall seed.
  2. You really think that they will artificially place BC into Worcester? I know they'd love that to happen, but I don't think they do that artificially.
  3. Latest natural bracketelogy: Allentown: UND vs Sacred Heart Clarkson vs Penn State Worcester: Mankato vs Quinnipiac Ohio State vs Providence Albany: Cornell vs Northeastern UMass vs ASU Denver: DU vs Lowell BC vs UMD Committee has to like Cornell in Albany, Penn State in Allentown, DU in Denver. They are probably less than thrilled with 4 Mass teams in, but none naturally landing in Worcester. The only reasonable attendance switch would seem to be Lowell and Quinnipiac- swapping the #13 and #15 overall seeds to put a Mass team in Worcester. Can’t swap #14 and #15 without setting up a first round intra conference game. Providence and Lowell in Worcester should be enough attendance boost.
  4. So this was our worst pk weekend of the year...Pooly not on the ice...coincidence? I think not.
  5. just finished watching the game. Miami has one very good line and they are clearly well-coached. They created space and burried their chances...same as last night. It did look like we were struggling a little with the on ice conditions. seemed that bounces and pucks were just off. Not having Pooly hurt us tremendously all weekend in terms of calm and structure. Our best players are better than theirs and that is what made the difference in the end. Their tendy played a great game. Ours played good enough to win.
  6. He’s definitely net positive on the year.
  7. Poor Scheel responsible for consecutive mimosa free Sundays
  8. Agree. Solid post. Scheel was the man first half, but he’s had two bad starts now that really hurt the team. He needs to get dialed back in, but not tonight
  9. Exactly. Hyperbolic comment on a fan forum. for the record Cratter, I’m “the type” of hockey dad that anonymously pays the fees for kids that need scholarships to play hockey and flies all over the US and Canada to support my kid telling him after 6 point gold medal wins in Tier 1 elite and 0 point 5 goal losses in league play the same thing: I love watching you play.
  10. I’m fine with shootouts when the games don’t matter. I do have a beef with a “sudden death” format. Should be at least 3 shooters each. now when games matter aka medal games in the world juniors, shootouts should be banned! Play until it’s over. Play 5x5
  11. Again with the “people like you” You have no idea.
  12. People like me? You don’t know me. Seems kinda like a personal attack...
  13. almost exactly what I was going to say. he whiffed at it and it went in off his stick,
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