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  1. And.... the healthcare system did NOT collapse under the weight of Covid. Medical staff have learned what works better than alternatives (aka ventilators are not the answer). No rational person ever believed that controlling cases was the answer.
  2. The narcissist who wears no mask, the fascist that demands all comply with mask wearing... Both are extreme positions...
  3. It’s a biological world filled with bad stuff. We’ve just gotten soft as a society and narcissistic enough to think we’re smarter than nature. I still love how the goal posts moved. In CA right now if you are healthy today under 50, your odds of contracting and dying from the virus are 1 in 100,000. Under 18, 1 in 10,000,000.
  4. You cannot generically refer to ACA as good or bad. It is complicated legislation with good and bad components. Certain elements were more important in different States too. Actuarially you need the mandate in order to keep costs somewhat contained. If all the young, healthy, invincible non-utilizers opted out of the pool, premiums would be even higher than they already are. All the minimum benefits, etc also increased the premium. insurer admin expense and margin is capped via the MLR requirement. The increased costs aren’t going to insurers as profit.
  5. Healthcare reform has always targeted the wrong animal. Insurance was never the issue. It was the scapegoat.
  6. Feels like a fantasy world some days...amazing what hard work, talent and focusing on the right priorities yields. Not a scheme. Many years of school, doing things that suck, delaying gratification, tough calls in opacity, correct analysis, logic and conclusions. Treating people fairly. Doing business honestly. Nurturing relationships, keeping a cool head. It works! America works!
  7. Or is it okay to dislike the poorly educated if they happen to disagree with you and meet certain qualifications of ethnicity?
  8. In fact, if you favor the woke crowd, poorly educated is primarily a function of underfunded, underprivileged schools in the inner cities. These schools are disproportionate in their minority enrollment. To dislike the poorly educated would therefore be systemic racism. Certainly white privilege.
  9. Brother I’m in CA...half the economy is fully dependent on undocumented workers.
  10. Why I really wanted Biden to go for the middle.
  11. The immigration thing drives me bananas for example. There is an incredibly compelling argument to: 1. Establish strong border security and control immigration. 2. Devise a path to citizenship via public or military service for those here legally or illegally at a set point in time. 3. Deport criminals and those unwilling to follow the path to citizenship. 4. Effectively manage work and school visas also tied to paths to citizenship or deportation depending on choices.
  12. Among McCain and Lewis’ collective eulogies as well as messages and appearances by Clinton, W, and Obama, I Have found myself nostalgic for a leader that at least on the surface appears to respect the office and speaks to and for all Americans. The thing is, I do favor many policy moves by Trump, but the why and how the message is delivered masks it over.
  13. I will agree with you on being un-remorsefully divisive. While it can be argued that W and Obama were also divisive, that was a result of policy rather than rhetoric. Trump might be the first President to ever take the rhetorical position of constituents over country. Certainly policy has always favored constituents in political history, but the surrounding rhetoric was at least attempting to (if not unite) at least explain and attempt to convince.
  14. Victory in the Cold War and curbing inflation on one hand. Economic devastation to the working class, manufacturing, mining, farming on the other. I blame the Fed for almost all our economic woes.
  15. I’m just writing away this morning... Here are some other things that have really degraded opportunity in the USA that have nothing to do with social justice: 1. Corporations outsourcing jobs overseas to save a buck. Inflated earnings, but at the expense of product quality (pharma great example) and US jobs. 2. The elimination of defined benefit pensions. Again, really improved the balance sheets of Corporations, but at the cost of security. Do not confuse this with the underfunded pensions in the public sector. Those would be fine too if they were properly managed. 3. Corporate tax law. If you look at the effective rates actually paid, well, let’s just say we all wish we paid so little. 4. Housing. I’ve said it a million times. All people want is a job, a family, and a home they own. When a house in CA costs $700k as a starting point, there is no hope for the masses. im losing steam...too much posting for a Sunday morning.
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