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  1. So sorry to hear this. My family's thoughts and prayers are with you Ice Arena Man.
  2. spot on...and what about the signing bonuses...not CHL $1500 to get an apartment, I'm talking about the NHL signing bonuses...first round picks in the CHL sign, they get the $300k and 99% go back to their CHL teams...those guys would obviously be ineligible for NCAA, so there goes all the first rounders... Having been close to both, I will advise my kid (if he develops all the way) to play college...even if people blow him telling him he's a first rounder for sure if he goes CHL at 16. Too big a risk...I think most people are savvy of this now. You're crazy to bet it all...and by the way, hey, Coxy, whyd ya want to play cawlidge hawkey
  3. yzerman19

    Shaw's gone.

    Just what I was thinking, and he knows the conference and actively watched film on our systems looking for ways to beat it.
  4. yzerman19

    Shaw's gone.

    Blasi is unemployed
  5. We like to recruit out there, but Alberta is a bit of a haul
  6. Yes and yes and yes... we have not landed one of the NHL stud prospects since Jost. Happens. It hurts. As I watched Makor play I kept thinking about Toews. Top 4 birth year talent. That's tough to land. There are what? 30 super studs by birth year 15-20 that are the real deal. Toews and Oshie and Nelson were Regional guys...like BU getting Eichel, we got Toews. Parise and Boeser were coups...unbelievable job by Blaiser and Hak/Berry. guys drafted after second round are marginally different than undrafted guys. Its not "skills" it's what role will you play. Even in NHL, after the Uber elite, it's really about how well you can do a couple tasks. we need an elite offensive player.
  7. Maybe our disagreement is on the definition of skills. I'm thinking about skating and stick skills when I use that term. If you look at USA Hockey's windows of development, what you see at that age is really all about strength. Clearly you hone and refine your whole life, but you aren't really developing skill in the sense that I think about it. Yes, there are occasional late bloomers, but I contend that most of that is also a result of improved strength.
  8. That 2 goal stat is glaring, and is the reason this is even a conversation. now to address your rationale- 1. Have we "missed" on blue chippas that are college bound? More than usual? I think we've missed on some guys that ended up 1 and done...mostly out East...wonder if post Jost, if Berry is asking guys to commit for at least 2 years. Building on top of a foundation, not starting from soil... 2. Lack of development- could be the case, but how? Physical? All I've ever heard is Pooly excels at that aspect. Skills? 18-20 year olds aren't developing skills anymore. 200 foot game? Maybe we are over-developing that aspect, which is leading to better all around hockey players, but sacrificing the offense of previously offensively dominant players... 3. Systems? The predominant system is puck control- it's also the predominant system in the NHL. Logic is if you have the puck, other team can't score. The system is working as intended with our CORSI and other advanced stats as evidence. Now, Powerplay is its own animal and has definitely been an issue, so I give that a thumbs up. 4. Possibly, but I ask develop into what? Scoring machines? You aren't going to manufacture that at this age. 5. Plan? I think the answer is yes. I do think we are getting guys. I think we'd do well to look at more guys with offensive upside rather than sick current offense.
  9. It takes a few games to adjust...Donovan's far from my boyfriend, but almost everyone needs an adjust from high school to USHL.
  10. The loss of Sprig has made me reflect on something that I never reflected on. We all live our lives in the real world, and contribute or degenerate in the virtual world. My only online persona is this forum. I have always disassociated the two. However, the loss of a man that I interacted with online and had respect for... fun interactions, passionate interactions, some I'm proud of, some I'm less proud of...it causes me to pause. I have focused on always making a positive impact in my life, but I have often used this forum to vent- without filter..somehow feeling it wasn't "real". I am changed by Sprig's passing in terms of this reality. God Bless you Sprig. In Heaven there aint no beer, but I gotta believe that there's a big TV for Sioux hockey. And, yes, there is much more to life than Sioux hockey, and I wish your family the comfort of beautiful memories and joy of a life well-lived.
  11. Sounds more employable than recreation studies
  12. he could go ntdp like his bro before arriving here...lots of potential
  13. Saddened by this news. Peace and love to his family. He was an institution on here. I will miss him.
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