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  1. Why is it that so many people are so bad at their jobs. I deal with it every single day and am sick of it.
  2. Back...but f’ing in and out. I am sick of paying for garbage
  3. USA is a better team with Kleven playing.
  4. Pretty much a must win tonight for USA....path gets a lot harder to medal if we face Canada or Finland in the quarters.
  5. Tie-breaking in IIHF is head to head if two teams are tied. if more than two teams are tied, it goes to points earned among the tied teams. If still tied, like the case right now with CZE, RUS, and USA, then it goes to goal differential.
  6. All of that is true, and concur they are better than their record. All teams face adversity though...we were down half of our regular D corps...DU cannot be happy with their pod performance.
  7. Biggest surprises from the bubble: SCSU and UNO on the positive and DU on the negative. The bubble can’t make someone’s season, but it probably can wreck someone’s season. biggest surprise for UND: Gaber...he introduced himself to the NCHC in a big way. Kid puts the puck in the net.
  8. Like the top 9 too. Pinto will likely be gone next year. Gaber going to be a Cagguila.
  9. Assuming another win vs Miami, we come out of the pod in great shape. In first with nobody winning PWR against us. 1-0-1 vs UMD 1-1-0 vs Denver 1-1-0 vs SCSU cant ask for better considering the MASH unit and surprise WJC call-up.
  10. Letting these teams beat on each other for a week before you get in the fight helps too
  11. So who all is dinged up now? yesterday was the first disappointment loss of the season. Turn the page.
  12. I think there is something to the ice conditions that was mentioned before. Boys all night need to check their hollows.
  13. 3 of the Top 5 teams in the country...all playing each other to ties or 1 goal wins...that’s just flat out good hockey played by 3 good teams
  14. The landing page on NCHC.tv shows Western winning 3-0...scared me
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