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  1. We were there with our 16 month old grandson. His second Sioux hockey game. He made it on the big screen. He's 11 now and possibly a bigger fan than me. Good times, good memories.
  2. I'm looking for a puck from New York College Hockey Showdown '16. Have one from every F5, Frozen Faceoff, Frozen 4 and destination game I've been to. Don't know why I didn't get one there. I would make it worth your while if anyone has one.
  3. Better check the date on that article.
  4. Let it happen. NHL could buy out entire hotels. Players only. Food delivered. Chartered flights in and out. Huge exposure and $$$$ for UND. We might have to quarantine Pierre McGuire in an undisclosed location though.
  5. As someone stated here before: What do you call alternative medicine that works?..... Medicine.
  6. I don't think anyone else started for 3 years. He holds the consecutive game record. Eddy Belfour didn't have a start before 1986- 1987 either.
  7. Exactly. Can't believe the difference. Plus- no reviews on every goal,penalty. The fact that there was only one referee made a big difference also. Do you think goal judges made any difference on goal reviews, or is it all technology?
  8. Jordan will have his jersey on a pedestal, in the main lobby of the Ralph.
  9. Correct. Perunovich signed, Guch is coming back.
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