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  1. Denver=Region of Death. Except BC won't be there.
  2. Barry said in the postgame he hopes to see Pooly back next weekend against Duluth.
  3. Baseball stadium in Omaha, baseball stadium in Mpls. There were a ton of fans in Omaha. It's not that far from mpls.
  4. We did that already in Omaha. Not that cool.
  5. It would be a setback, but not a season killer like last year. Our records too good. Of course it depends on what they do the rest of the season. I don't see this team collapsing.
  6. Canadian announcers unable to contain their glee.
  7. Or- https://www.pscp.tv/HDB413_WJC/1YqxodpnRVaKv
  8. http://123tvnow.com/watch/nhl-network/
  9. If DU finishes as a #1 seed,which they currently are, and UND finishes as #1 seed, which they currently are.. UND will not be in Loveland.
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