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  1. Can’t get any worse can it?
  2. 169 points in 63 games. Wow
  3. Rauhauser signs with Florida https://bismarcktribune.com/sports/hockey/bismarck-native-century-grad-rauhauser-earns-nhl-contract-with-florida/article_955feee6-c18a-5077-89fd-72a0f3dc5fc2.html
  4. Has UND contacted you yet? I kid of course but good for your son. Maybe someday we will see him in a UND Jersey
  5. With no school and rinks closed my puck shooting range will be busy
  6. At least they got the Penrose Cup. Not an easy task. With that said it does suck that this is it. Gotta feel for those seniors.
  7. That one got out of hand in a hurry
  8. sioux rube

    Best bar...

    Franks Lounge. End of discussion
  9. That’s exactly what it did
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