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  1. MLB Wild Card Series Prices Tampa Bay Rays (1) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (8) Rays Odds -210 [Bet Now] Blue Jays Odds +170 [Bet Now] Oakland Athletics (2) vs. Chicago White Sox (7) Athletics Odds -135 [Bet Now] White Sox Odds +110 [Bet Now] Minnesota Twins (3) vs. Houston Astros (6) Twins Odds -120 [Bet Now] Astros Odds +100 [Bet Now] Cleveland Indians (4) vs. New York Yankees (5) Indians Odds +110 [Bet Now] Yankees Odds -135 [Bet Now] Los Angeles Dodgers (1) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (8) Dodgers Odds -300 [Bet Now] Brewers Odds +240 [Bet Now] Atlanta Braves (2) vs. Cincinnati Reds (7) Braves Odds -125 [Bet Now] Reds Odds +105 [Bet Now] Chicago Cubs (3) vs. Miami Marlins (6) Cubs Odds -190 [Bet Now] Marlins Odds +160 [Bet Now] San Diego Padres (4) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (5) Padres Odds -175 [Bet Now] Cardinals Odds +145 [Bet Now]
  2. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas on Sunday exposed how mass voter fraud takes place in Minneapolis, helping Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar defeat her opponents. The bombshell video was done with the aid of insider Omar Jamal, who revealed mass voter fraud and shared with Project Veritas investigators details of the sophisticated planning that goes behind the pay-for-vote scheme. https://thepostmillennial.com/project-veritas-exposes-ilhan-omar-cash-for-votes-ballot-harvesting-fraud
  3. I’ll admit I was wrong. I was sure it wouldn’t get this far with the way games we’re getting postponed the first 2-3 weeks of the season. Kudos to them indeed
  4. More than likely a 4 year player which is usually always good
  5. Overtime it is. Pavelski tied it up for the Stars and now becomes the USA born player with the most goals in the playoffs with 61
  6. Possible overtime coming up. Tied at 2 with 2 minutes to go
  7. Boy to Point get hosed on that embellishment call. Terrible call
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