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  1. The Twins became the first team in the history of major league baseball to have five games with five or more home runs before June 1.
  2. Difference in this series besides Rask. The powerplay. Bruins is red hot and the Canes is non existent
  3. Obviously not good for recruiting when it’s a year to year basis.
  4. Just really hate seeing an illegal play like that decide a game, not to mention in the Western Conference finals. Like in football where every touchdown is reviewed I feel any overtime goal should be reviewed too
  5. Had a couple teams from Williston play in our 30 and over tourney here in Jamestown a couple weeks ago. Sounds like they are building a new main rink that will seat over 2000 and 2 other rinks attached to main one
  6. Couture is en fuego. 2 quick goals to tie this bitch up, first one being a shorty. I believe that gives him 12 for the playoffs
  7. 3 and half minutes in and it’s already 1-1
  8. That overtime was crazy. Hell it can go to a third if it’s anything like the first ot. No work for me tomorrow so it can go on forever
  9. Overtime in St Lou. Blues have dominated since the start of period 2 but can’t beat Bishop. I can see the Stars winning this on a fluke goal but I hope not
  10. Jost puts the Avs up 1-0 in the second
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