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  1. A split would be great right now after last nights fiasco
  2. Need a 60 minute game tonight. No excuses
  3. Word on the street is he's having girlfriend problems which I have always hated that excuse.
  4. Sioux rank 53 out of 60 teams for goals allowed since 1-1-20. Ouch
  5. They don’t pull it off tomorrow night then it’s time to get concerned. Right now it looks bad though
  6. Hard to believe it was 3-1 at one time
  7. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and we put 2 or more in
  8. I suppose Berry is thinking if I pull him it will ruin his confidence moving forward and he will start having doubts when put in again. Kind of a double edged sword
  9. Definitely not all on Scheel but come up big on occasion
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