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  1. So apparently if you need a penalty just push an opposing player into your goalie. That call on Point was a complete joke
  2. Don’t think Grubauer is the guy to get it done for them though
  3. Congrats to Vegas. To come back down 2 games to none and then win 4 straight against a team like the Avs who I picked to win it all is nothing short of impressive. I give Montreal a 10% chance because of Price who will have to steal any game they win in my opinion
  4. Send the whiny coach from Boston to the golf course. Yes!!!!!
  5. They have been the better team since after game 1
  6. That was some uninspired play from them. Glad that series is over
  7. That was one hell of a hockey game
  8. No denying he’s clutch but I still don’t like him although I’d take him on my team in a heartbeat
  9. Who knows what the league will do. With that said I’m going under just for the fact that Scheifele has never been suspended before. I’ll say 3 games but knowing the NHL it could be just a fine to done for the remainder of the playoffs
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