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  1. People actually watch the NBA? It’s a look at me league and has been since Jordan retired pretty much. Cannot stomach it
  2. Put it this way. He didn’t bully that kid anymore
  3. This was back in 79’. I was applauded for it
  4. I’m with you on this. I too did many dumbass things growing up that I’m not real proud of. With that said I learned from them. In fact when I was a senior in high school I came across a guy bullying a special needs student. It didn’t go well for the bully. People do change and I’m a firm believer in second chances
  5. Unfortunately I feel the same. Damn I hope we are wrong
  6. Getting there is cheap but not coming back
  7. I was told there is now a direct flight from Fargo to Nashville. Cheap cheap rates too
  8. Beats the hell out of a shootout. I love it myself
  9. That’s about what it is here in Jamestown too
  10. Well she is a deranged dingbat so it’s understandable
  11. No surprise with the wcha breaking up. Sucks but you could see this coming
  12. Got it https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/6497191-College-hockey-teams-are-beginning-to-cancel-nonconference-flight-trips#.XsRBv5eJm9w.link
  13. Yes. It use to work all the time for me. Not sure wth is going on
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