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  1. They knew exactly what they were doing. Now I really hope the boys can somehow win a couple this weekend. Bush league move
  2. Sano and Kepler back in the lineup
  3. They need Eddie to go on one of his patented hot streaks now. It's been awhile
  4. You are more confident than me. I’ll be happy with 1 win. Anything else is gravy
  5. “Got some new hardware in there so I don’t think this one is going to be breaking anytime soon, knock on wood,” Oshie said. “I am all good. Ready to go.” The popular Capitals forward was asked what he meant by “new hardware.” “It’s just the whole thing is metal now,” Oshie said, presumably meaning his new collarbone. “I got a lot of metal in my body. I needed a plate for the whole thing, so she’s strong. Bunch of screws, so I am good. Ready to go. I was able to do all the testing and strength testing. I actually did better than I thought I would so I am happy https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2019/09/12/tj-oshie-is-basically-iron-man-now-i-got-a-lot-of-metal-in-my-body/
  6. They are bound and determined to get this thing in tonight. I’m guessing around 8-8;30 we will see ball.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/twinscave/status/1171607675836260361
  8. If they make it. Far from over
  9. Injuries are piling up at the wrong time
  10. I’d be shocked if they didn’t. I’m thinking 37-20 NDSU
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