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  1. I’m not sure on this but I’ve heard Minot is getting another high school. If so the West will become even more weaker as far as sports go
  2. sioux rube


    Do not like where this is heading
  3. Damn I just saw this. Stayed there every year for state high school tourney in the late 70’s. Some crazy stories from there
  4. Saints scored on their first possession and made it look easy but that was it. Great atmosphere at Rollie Greeno Field tonight. Final 20-7
  5. Big one in Jamestown tomorrow night. Number 1 St Mary’s vs the number 2 Jays. Expect a packed house at the newly revamped stadium
  6. Doesn’t bode well for any team in the west to win a title with Legacy now on board. Obviously weakens Century and BHS. Minot keeps losing players to juniors. Title is definitely staying in the East for foreseeable future which I know is not going out on a limb
  7. West: Jamestown Bismarck Bismarck Century Minot East: RR Central Davies South/Shanley
  8. Jays will play the first game tomorrow night at the newly redone Greeno Field against Turtle Mountain
  9. Ernie Gates Field. It was and still is a very nice grass field
  10. US Women taking on Canada on NHL Network starting now. Bismarck’s Britta Curl on Team USA
  11. Not mention Erstad Field. This is a multi sport field which besides football it will be used for soccer and softball. Located at the high school
  12. Thanks. Hopefully it will help with recruiting for the Jimmies. Football team has been brutal for awhile now. 150 on the team this year with 121 of those either freshman or sophomores
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