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  1. I had him lined up for Ted Turner, but wasn't quite right. TOTALLY EDDIE!!!
  2. Nick Cagnetto 21 Jump Street Greico
  3. Mike Markett, QB, Drake Bulldogs Gee Grenoille, QB, South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs
  4. From the priapism problem Sic mentioned in another thread...THE VALLEY seems to cause issues with that...
  5. Wait til UND is in THE VALLEY...according to what I've seen from some other fan bases, you may need to be calling your doc after 4 hours...
  6. Oh yeah, the NCHC is a meat grinder obviously. But, here are the records the other years. Just would like them to get a little closer to this. We shall see. 2013-14: 24-15-9 NCHC runner up 2014-15: 16-6-2 NCHC Champs 2015-16: 19-4-1 NCHC Champs and Natty Champs
  7. I like the optimism by some on here, but honestly, I'm hopeful that this team is above .500 in the NCHC and they can make the NCAA playoffs. This is a program with all the advantages, including the best fans/facility in college hockey, we should be seeing better results than what is listed below. UND's record in conference play after Berry's 1st year and the "natty": 2016-17: 11-12-1 2017-18: 8-10-6 2018-19: 12-11-1
  8. Wow Marlins win on a HR. Ouch.
  9. Love the Drake! (game for our first test of the season)
  10. Any idea when University Ave will be open? I assume everything will be done before welcome weekend at UND, which I believe is Aug 24...
  11. I like the look of the hawk at midfield.
  12. This needs to get done immediately.
  13. Same ol stuff. REA/UND caving to NCAA "bullies". #fightingsiouxforever
  14. Wow, made the mistake of reading some of the social media comments!
  15. New banners look sweet! I like the location.
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