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  1. I tend to lean this way also. Hanging a banner this year would be like hanging one in previous years such as 2011. UND was the best team by far that year, but got beat by Michigan in that infamous Frozen Four game. This year, UND got beat by COVID-19. The Penrose white banner is a great accomplishment.
  2. Without green glasses, what would you say the odds were that UND would have won it this year? These one and done tourneys are so unpredictable as we all know. I say they had a 50-50 shot of winning it all. Other teams I think had a great shot this year: UMD, Mankato, BC
  3. Can't wait to see the green version...
  4. I thought it was funny seeing the Midco announcers try to be "impartial" during the broadcast, and on the postgame show! They seemed pretty hurt that SD lost.
  5. Hey Gabinet, show us the replays where UND plays dirty. Then, comment on the replays of your own team chirping, taking liberties after the whistle, and pulling wrestling moves on UND guys! What a freaking whiner!
  6. Poehlings should sharpen their skates and get better pads... I think Berry and staff had enough of the husky antics on the weekend, based on the deep convo Brad was having with coach baldy at the end of the game last night. Meh, I'm over it all. SCSU: small potatoes.
  7. This just in: Huskies to raise another banner tomorrow for getting 2 of 3 points against #1 team. Seriously though, they need to reconsider those banners hanging in that high school rink...
  8. Clowns played a very solid game. UND couldn't put them away early.
  9. Poolman dumps it, makes a quick move that would clearly get around the defender, guy hip checks him to obstruct him.
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