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  1. Too cold for that. Cattle will be in the barns tonight. Translation: if you are in a Fargo bar, careful on the slippery floors!
  2. I was thinking wind knocked out and the helpless feeling.
  3. I cant believe the refs blew that call! Should be a 9-7 game.
  4. Wow, look at all of those empty seats at the Fargodome. Student section?
  5. Griz up 7-0 on Weber after 7 play 80 yd drive that took just under 3 minutes.
  6. ChrisUND1

    2019 Season

    Consistency is something that the UND football program has been missing since they moved up. You watch some of the top teams in FCS, and you see a professional, consistent performance for the most part, game after game.
  7. ChrisUND1

    2019 Season

    I think we saw this all season long. Slow starts, poor performances against weaker teams, great performance against Weber. Something is up, and we can all see it. Sure hope it gets fixed.
  8. ChrisUND1


    Fighting Sioux Forever Snowflakes
  9. Their crap was very evident on the webcast.
  10. Well, all weekend long you watch WMU dive, chirp, get 5s for various reasons, listen to Grandpa Murray incessantly whine...light them up on the scoreboard and assert your dominance.
  11. Pinto snipes one, pops jersey and stares and fist pumps towards Lunatics. After all of their chirps during the game...love it!
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