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  1. Great letter by a great man: https://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/letters/5003172-Joshua-Wynne-Short-term-pain-for-long-term-gain
  2. Yep. Most people are right in the middle, thankfully.
  3. US is 7 to 10 days away from where Italy is. Have heard some accounts from healthcare team members there that are very upsetting.
  4. If you don't have to go out right now, don't. If you need life necessities, go get them. Sports and entertainment are on hold right now. This isn't about living in a bubble. This is a basic public health strategy that someone who works in healthcare should understand. As geauxsioux mentioned above, we are fortunate to live in a less densely populated area. I'd hate to live in a larger city when the numbers get up there.
  5. You know that's not what we are talking about. That said, sanitize when you get home, dont touch your face while there, etc. Easy steps.
  6. Flatten the curve. Avoid large gatherings. As mentioned in this thread, don't go to the ER for fever and cough, don't call an ambulance for routine issues. Call your healthcare facility's hotline if you have questions. There are some people like Oxbow out there who are going to choose to "live their life" and ignore the pleadings of the experts. Fortunately, there are many more people who are choosing to listen to the national public health experts, and are staying home right now. Healthcare professionals across the nation thank you for helping to flatten the curve.
  7. I tend to lean this way also. Hanging a banner this year would be like hanging one in previous years such as 2011. UND was the best team by far that year, but got beat by Michigan in that infamous Frozen Four game. This year, UND got beat by COVID-19. The Penrose white banner is a great accomplishment.
  8. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-coronavirus-rally-remark/
  9. Without green glasses, what would you say the odds were that UND would have won it this year? These one and done tourneys are so unpredictable as we all know. I say they had a 50-50 shot of winning it all. Other teams I think had a great shot this year: UMD, Mankato, BC
  10. Release from UND: On March 9, in close coordination with the Grand Forks and North Dakota Departments of Health, a University of North Dakota student was tested for the possibility of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. Test results are still pending. The student has agreed to be self-quarantined apart from general populations, pending confirmation of test results. The University plans to issue updates on this evolving situation as more information develops. Students with concerns about their health or symptoms they are experiencing are urged to call ahead to UND Student Health Services, at 701.777.4500, before coming into the facility. Student Health professionals can advise students on next steps. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact their primary health care provider.
  11. Can't wait to see the green version...
  12. I thought it was funny seeing the Midco announcers try to be "impartial" during the broadcast, and on the postgame show! They seemed pretty hurt that SD lost.
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