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  1. Building that line...let's go!
  2. ChrisUND1

    2019 Season

    Stoked for the season. I want to see what a new OC will do with this team. Incredibly tough schedule, but I'm optimistic.
  3. Enrollment is down big time nationally, and will keep going that way unless schools put more courses and majors online, which UND is doing more and more each semester.
  4. Perhaps they meant hockey, back to back sub .500 seasons in the NCHC could be seen as failing. (I have no doubt they will be back soon though!)
  5. Dr. Wynne is a great choice for interim president. Good job UND.
  6. Delusional folks? I used to yell it too...
  7. As we noted on page one of this thread, way back in January, the part from the old scoreboard shouldn't be on the new scoreboard. However...it will be.
  8. C'mon now, you are smart enough to know what is really going on here with the hockey program/REA. The silence speaks for itself with these people. Brad Berry/REA: UNITE THE FAN BASE!
  9. Thanks for the feedback. It's nice to know that you and @stoneysioux have my well-being on your mind. (I'm sure that is it, right? ) You, and the other "Siouxzis" (thank you for the inspiration for that term, one that works on several levels that I won't get into at this point) are, of course, free to have and express opinions. How scary it would be if we couldn't? (#america) You can call UND's sports teams Fighting Sioux, Flickertails, Glorious Trumps, Magnificent Clintons, Rainbow Unicorns, whatever. You should take some of your own advice though, and accept the opinion of people who have moved on and embrace reality. Remember this: we are 100%, unequivocally, the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks. Hard to accept for you, isn't it? GO HAWKS!
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