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  1. Berry, regarding national championship: "we want that thing bad". Hell yes.
  2. Denver has played a very very good game. UND is up 4-1. This is what championship teams look like.
  3. DU had a great period. They are a top 4 or 5 team in country. NCHC is a hell of a conference.
  4. So agree. It was a fluke play, but turned out bad for him. DU is not really a diving team. Duluth takes the cake on that.
  5. Yep I watched replay and deleted post. Bad bend.
  6. I have a feeling that the team will come out on fire in this one.
  7. It's that snoooowcat trail in the ditch next to I-29 dontchaknow.
  8. A few of those Duluth fans on twitter have passed the threshold of good natured ribbing and are in scary, obsessed, stalker mode.
  9. They must purify themselves in the water of Lake Superior...or maybe they are taught to dive by Sandelin and company.
  10. Camera person is simply awful. Missing a lot.
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