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  1. Scheel and the team came back and answered tonight.
  2. Incredibly awful performance by Scheel. 3 bad games in a row. Fair?
  3. NCHC power. I figured St Cloud would get better as year went on.
  4. WOW, a couple of d bag comments on that young man's twitter feed. Losers.
  5. Noticed that right away this morning. Well done, indeed.
  6. Grew up watching his hated UMN teams go up against the Sioux. Loved when he played Blais in bubble hockey at the Ralph, he was a great sport doing that. Woog was the opposite of the arrogant A-hole, Don Lucia. Woog and "the Rug" Frank Mazzaco were always fun to listen to, as you mentioned.
  7. Too cold for that. Cattle will be in the barns tonight. Translation: if you are in a Fargo bar, careful on the slippery floors!
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